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007 Tutorial – Temtem 1 - steamclue.com
007 Tutorial – Temtem 1 - steamclue.com

Ever wanted to be efficient and fast? Aspired to power and neutrality. Have you ever wished to be stronger, faster, more efficient, and one step ahead of your rivals? This article is worth printing.


Let's first consider a simple situation. You are one of the hundreds of newly-born turtles. Your task is to reach the water source through 50m of the beach. What determines if your survival? Luck? Obviously. Intelligence? Yeah, turtle intelligence. What are your strengths? That's it. What are the obstacles and predators? It's not your decision to make. What should you do? Concentrate.
What can you do in this game to win? You can catch all temtems, and make them glow. You can also complete a story campaign. You can participate in competitions and fight with friends or other players. Maybe you can be the best. There's only one "best" and, as you can see, other "turtles", while they may be very near water, began 6 months ago. You might try something different, something real, maybe improvised. But try to do this quickly, focused, effective, and at any cost. It's not easy but this will help you to understand this tutorial.

Knowledge era

As you likely know, we live in the age of knowledge. This game is the most excellent example of such a statement. You don’t know anything at the beginning, and your game designer is your teacher. While you will learn all the information the designer wanted, it's not easy to tell if they are good or poor teachers. You can then ask others for advice or learn things yourself. This is the most crucial part of your 007 gaming. Asking for tips from others will make you better than anyone else. You can learn by yourself. But how? You don't have to go through the in-game tutorial alone. There's a great temtem wikipedia.
Wiki – http://gamepedia.com
. However, reading Wikipedia without playing a game can be boring and stupid. For example, (one turtle is watching the other turtles from behind, learning and doing nothing. You will need to create a structure out of your knowledge.
Your main goal is to clear the game. It's not that obvious. Many people find themselves stuck in the middle, trying to find lumas, better temtems at level 20 or tips & techniques. After this, many people are left looking for legends in the middle of nowhere. Your objective is to get from A through Z as quickly and efficiently as possible, your own way.


You'll receive a starter. However, it doesn't make a difference which one you choose. The most important thing is that this game gives you the most experience so you can fight other tamers. You can only defeat each AI tamer once. But you can fight with them and gain experience. Your temtems shouldn't be changed. It is essential to know their level, their strengths and weaknesses, as well their number. Each island will have its own temtems, but most will use local ones. You must prepare for your final fight with your dojo chief during your journey to dojo. You need to know which temtems are best on this island and which ones are the worst. Additionally, you need a way to organize your team according in difficulty. It will become more difficult if you lose money at any point in the game.
AI tamers aren't equipped with medicine. They use their stamina to get them through a fight. However, if their temtems require full stamina then it's almost a forfeiting fight. You can have revive and you can heal temtems. Leaders should save your medicine. Don't think of catching temtems. You can do the story without them. Learning is what you really need. You must check every square of each map, explore every corner, find every way to open every box and fight every temtem. Through experience, you can gain knowledge.
Your knowledge will help you prepare better for when you reach a difficult obstacle or finish a story. This is the right time to fill any knowledge gaps. You will need to give everything you have and do your best.
Only under such circumstances will you be able achieve your goal on your merits.

Technical information

Let's go to the laboratory for some new toys.
Make sure you check your squad's stats and attacks after you have caught a temtem. The stats on your left will tell you the strength of your temtem relative to other temtems. If you want a stronger temtem from the same specie you should look for one with many green SV values. Check his attack types. A star sign near the attack name denotes physical attack. A "whirlwind", however, is special attack. Their strength will grow if they have the same stats as your temtem, (ATK or SpATK). Catch temtems with normal Temcards. They have a better price to effectivity ratio. You can discover new places by waiting to heal your team until the end of your last temtem, (, but before defeat). This will give your team a little more distance between each run from healing stations (. Vial). You shouldn't purchase things like medicines, scents, or some tools until your cash is safe. You'll find plenty of them on map. There are those lumatems. To know its luma you don't even need to catch it. It will shine in the wild, too. They are not easy to find, so don't look until you're bored. However, there is a much more relaxing way to get one via breeding. But that's a different topic. It might be helpful to look at TVs site in gamepedia as soon as you start, this won't really help you in the first fights. However, after Deniz, you can begin to train your temtems by using a plan.
TV Gamepedia – [gamepedia.com]
. When you can, explore the entire map. There are many times during the story when you will lose access. And after you'll finish Tucma you'll find places that resemble those temporarily lost. These places will be easier (using rope-hopping,). Side quests can be useful but may prove difficult. They are not necessary.


Although I don't have all the answers, I can give you some pointers. You can KO an opponent if your temtem is faster than the enemy. It's worth it. Fights are long and it's important to avoid hitting. Combinatorics will help you increase your chances of success in breeding. Easy progress by catching final evolutionary events with good SVs. It is important to check your traits. The fight is decided by the first hit. This means that you should look for strong attacks, and not wait. Check gamepedia for the catch rate. High catch rates can make you a lot of money. Two on two is a fight; you beat one and then the other. In most cases, it just calculates. Deniz’s swimming pool allows you to go from the lowest floor to the highest point. Gl&Hf


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