15 Scroll Builds You Want In Your Runs – Gunfire Reborn

15 Scroll Builds You Want In Your Runs – Gunfire Reborn 1 - steamclue.com
15 Scroll Builds You Want In Your Runs – Gunfire Reborn 1 - steamclue.com

15 combinations of scrolls with good synergy that exist within Gunfire Reborn.


Welcome to my guide! I’m Frenchcoke/Sea, I’ve got about 120 hours in-game, and I’ve got 100/102 of the achievements in this game so I like to think I’m pretty qualified. This guide is comprised of 15 groups of scrolls that I think would be interesting/work well together. The order doesn’t really matter, but I tried to put the less obvious ones lower down on the list i.e. the Shield Regen Build. DISCLAIMER: this guide is mostly based off of this youtube video I made:

If you want to just watch a video of this info you can just watch that, but we’ll be going into more detail in this written guide. Anyways that’s it for intro hope you enjoy the guide!

15. Elemental Build

Scrolls that work well with the elements. They have affects ranging from more elemental damage, more elemental applying, and various other elemental synergistic effects. I imagine getting all these scrolls at once would be super fun to play.

  • Corrosion Enthusiast – Not very good on it’s own in my opinion, but combined with corrosion shard it becomes much better. It gives you free damage reduction and helps increase the corrosion damage buff on corrosion shard.
  • Decay Driver – Free movement speed for applying corrosion. What’s not to like?
  • Elemental Bestowment – Free health and ammo for killing enemies that are elemented up. Nice.
  • Elemental Torment – Free lucky shot chance against enemies that are elemented up. Double nice.
  • Fire Enthusiast – Slightly better than Corrosion Enthusiast when it’s by itself. It’s power lies in it being combined with Flame Shard which turns you into a drain tank when using a fire weapon.
  • Lightning Enthusiast – I think the best enthusiast scroll. If you can dodge attacks the downside of being shocked in non-existent, and you can reap the benefits of increased lightning damage. Once again even better combined with Lightning Shard.
  • Thunder Screen – Gives you the ability to apply lightning with a broken shield. Even more lightning synergy.


  • Corrosion Shard – Free corrosion damage, made even better with Corrosion Enthusiast
  • Elemental Convergence – Free elemental damage. Good.
  • Elemental Cube – Free elemental damage randomly. Good.
  • Elemental Relic – Whaddya know, more free elemental damage. Good.
  • Flame Shard – Free fire damage, again improved by having Fire Enthusiast.
  • Lightning Shard – Free lightning damage, once again improved by having Lightning Enthusiast.
  • Thorny Carapace – Gives the ability to apply some more corrosion. Nice to have.


  • Blazing Hoop/Magnetic Coil/Realm of Corrosion – More elemental damage applying effects.
  • Elemental Magazine – More benefits for using elemental.
  • Elemental Weave – More elemental effect application.


14. Gunner Build

Here, we’ve got scrolls focused on shooting alot of bullets, and doing more damage due to shooting more bullets. Scrolls like Against The Flow help keep bullets flying, and scrolls like Perfect Sixth increase the damage dealt with these bullets. Extra fun when used with Ao Bai/Dog.

  • Against The Flow – With a large enough magazine size, you can shoot infinitely. Very powerful in the right situations.
  • Bullet Bank – Helps feed the automatic weapons. Works especially well with Improved Clip as ammo will always go straight into the magazine.
  • Improved Clip – Killing enemies sometimes drops ammo, and you use ammo to kill enemies. This puts that dropped ammo straight into the magazine to keep the cycle of death going.
  • Long Shot – You’re gonna have to shoot at enemies from far away sometimes. Long shot will help increase that long-range bullet damage.
  • Perfect Sixth – As long as many bullets are flying this scroll will get lots of value, more damage.
  • Preemptive Strike – Not as useful with automatic weapons, but still not a bad scroll to have. It usually ends up dealing more damage just after a reload. However, an interesting combo to note is getting a Deft Hands proc and having your magazine be filled to the max, essentially giving you a +50% weapon damage buff during the duration.


  • Arms Dealer – More damage and damage reduction just from shooting a lot. Very good in this build.
  • Deft Hands – Infinite bullets for two seconds on a kill. If you’ve got high damage weapons that burn through a lot of ammo, this scroll is nuts.
  • Dormant Bullet – As you burn through bullets, more damage gets dealt. A 75% weapon damage increase is a lot of damage.
  • Genesis – Helps feed the bullet train. I don’t know the exact maths behind it, but it should theoretically increase magazine size by about 20%.
  • Magic Magazine – Helps conserve ammo, and helps deal more damage.
  • Merciless Combo – Has potential for a lot of damage. With two illusions hitting the enemy a lot, merciless combo will potentially deal a lot of damage.


  • Penetration Bullet – Sometimes enemies have more shield than health. In these cases you can skip having to break those shields by having this scroll.


13. Lucky Shot Build

Very straightforward build. All these scrolls just increase lucky shot chance. Good with any build, and helps get those sweet red lucky shots.

  • Bullet Light – More lucky shot. When using this, you better hope you have enough lucky shot chance or else you burn through your ammo quicker.
  • Casual Gunmanship – More lucky shot, reduces your damage dealt if you don’t get that lucky shot, which is unfortunate.
  • Elemental Torment – More lucky shot if shooting an enemy affected by the elements. Most guns have elemental properties so it shouldn’t be too hard to fulfil this condition.
  • Good and Evil – More lucky shot if you don’t have a cursed scroll. Free lucky shot most of the time.


  • Coin Shot – You get more lucky shot, but the risk is greater. Not having enough lucky shot can completely drain your money, so be careful when using this one.
  • Fast loader – When you swap weapons you get free lucky shot. Personally I don’t swap weapons often so this isn’t the greatest for me, but it does give lucky shot.
  • Lone Ranger – Free lucky shot when you’re far.
  • Ninja’s Discipline – Free lucky shot until you get a luck shot.


  • Merciless Strike – If you can aim well, you can get some good value out of this scroll.
  • Reasonable Luck – Improves lucky shot chance by a large amount, but now reduces the lucky shot cap to %150. To use this effectively you’ve gotta do some math to determine whether it’s worth it to keep this. Otherwise recycle it or share it.
  • Speedy Pursuit – Lucky shot chance from dashing. There’s a lot of stuff to dodge so there’ll be a lot of dashing meaning a lot of lucky shot chance being spread around.


12. Money Build

Some scrolls centred around making as much money as possible and using the wealth to make you stronger.

  • Devil’s Covenant – Very nice to have, 50% more copper just from losing half your max hp. As long as you don’t lose this item has potential for a lot of value.
  • Extra Surprise – More copper from killing enemies. Devil’s covenant synergy here.
  • Hidden Treasure – If you’re willing to look around and smash some jars, you can further increase your copper gains. Even more synergy with Devil’s Covenant.
  • On The House – A free purchase from every peddler is quite good. Even if you don’t want the guns or ammo, you can still usually grab a free scroll which is almost never a bad thing to do. If you get this early enough, you can save lots of money.


  • Unfettered Will – With this scroll you can turn your large piles of copper into weapon damage. Nice.
  • Copper Miner – If you’re playing a close-range hero like bird or turtle this scrolls should prove valuable. Combined with Extra Surprise and Devil’s Covenant, it’s like a licence to print copper.
  • Hidden Transaction – If you’ve got spare money, you can spend it at the craftsman to maybe get some free upgrades out of this item. In my opinion not the greatest, but helps get more bang for your buck.


  • Premium Membership – The KING(queen?) of saving money. Every purchase you get 30% of your money back, which basically translates to everything costs 30% less. This item is very good for saving copper, and is good in any situation.
  • Rich’s Privileges – Further convert your copper into damage. Instead of weapon damage like unfettered will, you can get more skill damage instead! To my knowledge this scroll scales infinitely as well which, in my opinion, makes it stronger than unfettered will.


11. Skill Build

Build for doing more damage with your skills, and some utility surrounding skills. Capacity Overdraft could fit in here as well, but I saved it for another build later down the line 😉

  • Brutal Gloves – I don’t think skills can crit, so it should just give a flat 35% increase in skill damage which is pretty good.
  • Double Exhilaration – More skill uses! Nice.
  • Enduring Caster – The more max hp you have, the more skill damage you have. Even better with vitality.
  • Sucker Punch – Deal more skill damage to enemies with high Hp. Nice again.
  • Untold Effort – Chance to double damage at double the consumption. Double Exhilaration advised or risk running out of uses.
  • Vindictive Nature – When you get hit more skill damage. Very cool.


  • Energy Sandals – More skill damage the more you dash.
  • Skill Booster – More skill damage the more you Crit.
  • Surprise Bonus – Have a chance to deal more skill damage. Free damage.
  • Terrific Crossfire – Helps reduce your main skill cooldown through using your secondary, more abilities flying around.


  • Spirit Bible – Just a flat 120% increase in damage. Very solid, can’t go wrong with this item.


10. Anti-Cursed

Just the anti-cursed scrolls set. If you get enough cursed scrolls you can get some mad value. There’s also the added bonus of not needing to worry about cursed scroll debuffs.

  • Evil-Banishing Talisman – Nullifies cursed scrolls.
  • Evil-Devouring Sword – Gain so weapon and skill damage from collecting cursed scrolls.
  • Good and Evil – More armor for every cursed scroll.


9. Multiplayer Build


  • Field Support – More damage for you and your allies by moving around.
  • Generosity – Share buns/healing with your teammates.
  • Mutual Respect – Increase weapon damage based on the amount of Mutual Respects.


8. Dash Build

Tries to dash a lot, and get as many benefits from dashing as possible. Advanced Joggers + Propulsion Device is key.

  • Advanced Joggers – Very good scroll. Doubles the dashing you can do.
  • Propulsion Device – Also a very good scroll, combined with Advanced Joggers you’ll be dashing quite a bit.


  • Gold medal – Gain some armor from dashing.
  • Safety Measures – Gain some help when dashing after a hit.
  • Speedy Pursuit – Gain some lucky shot chance after a dash.


7. Movement Speed

Build for getting as much movement speed as possible. the only scroll benefit of moving fast is Flowing Wind, but moving fast is useful in itself.

  • Abnormal Speed – Free movement speed from being healthy.
  • Snow Boots – Prevents those darn slowing effects from slowing you and decreasing your speed.


  • Flowing Wind – Damage reduction when moving. Not sure how the scaling works, but the max of 20% is quite a bit.
  • Ostrich Rider – Very large movement speed at the cost of increasing your dash cooldown. Not too big of a problem as you should be able to dodge without dashing with all that speed.
  • Strategic Advantage – Grants you movement speed when you dash. More speed good.


6. Self-Damage Build

Build that uses self-damaging scrolls like Bloody Ammo and Capacity Overdraft to damage the player and get access to the when damaged scrolls.

  • Resilient Life – When damaged, heal some health.
  • Vindictive Nature – When damaged, deal more damage.


  • Bloody Ammo – Allows you to damage yourself when firing automatic weapons beyond whats left in the magazine.
  • Capacity Overdraft – Allows you to damage yourself when using secondary skills with no more uses left.
  • Deadly Counter – When you get damaged, make all your attacks critical hits.


  • Stone Skin – When damaged, reduce damage taken by 30%


5. Airbag Build

Airbag by itself is decent for survivability, but it can also be used to extract maximum value from Persistent and Berserk Soul. These scrolls w/o airbag are dangerous to use by themselves, but airbag makes their usage safe and easy.

  • Berserk Soul – The lower health you have, the more lucky shot chance you get.
  • Persistent – The lower health you have, the less damage you take.


  • Airbag – When shield is full, reduces health to one. When the shield breaks, heal hp to full.


4. Paranormality Build

Build centred around paranormality and using it’s effects to mitigate the downsides of other scrolls.

  • Bluff – Increases damage dealt if health is full.
  • Devil’s Covenant – No Hp reduction, more free money.


  • Paranormality – Fixes max hp at 1, but doubles armour


  • Deadly Curse – More damage but less max hp.
  • Reinforced Eggshell – Less damage taken to shield, more damage taken to health.


3. Shield Regen Build

There aren’t many scrolls made for shield-regen in the game currently, but there are a few. Abundant vitality provides most of the benefits while Silver Medal and Overwhelming Shield helps improve how often the effect is online for. Fairly difficult to use as you have to take damage and lose some shield in order for the benefits to be gained.

  • Abundant Vitality – Gives lots of weapon damage when shield is regenerating.
  • Silver Medal – Instantly starts shield recharge when you kill an enemy.


  • Overwhelming Shield – Shield doesn’t stop regenerating when below 50%.


2. Fish or Bear Paw Build

Build around using Fish or Bear Paw to it’s full potential. It makes every hit count as two hits, giving you two chances to get procs of Explosive Bullets and Giant Slayer.

  • Explosive Bullets – Has a chance to do some damage when hitting an enemy with a non-elemental weapon.
  • Giant Slayer – Has a chance to do some damage when hitting an enemy.


  • Fish or Bear Paw – Makes attacks hit twice, but 50% less weapon damage.


1. Advanced Depot + Demonlore

Advanced Depot is somewhat mediocre on it’s own. The -15% weapon damage reduction is very annoying, but it won’t matter much if you can get a demonlore. The demonlore, arguably the strongest weapon in the game gains more damage for every crit landed in one magazine. Reserve ammo gives you an infinite magazine, meaning you can easily reach the max damage of the demonlore which is +990%. Even with a low level demonlore, this combo can be game-winning. If you are lucky enough to get an Advanced Depot, the next thing you should do is get a demonlore.

  • Advanced Depot


Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading to the end! (If you did). If you have any suggestions or you think I’m wrong about something just drop it in the comments. As you can probably tell I got lazy nearing the end as the notes got less and less detailed lol. If numbers/values change I probably won’t update them unless I’m prompted to. Anyways that’s all, good luck on your runs!

Written by Frenchcoke

Here we come to an end for the 15 Scroll Builds You Want In Your Runs – Gunfire Reborn guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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