1997 Lockelle Storm – Teardown

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1997 Lockelle Storm – Teardown 1 - steamclue.com

A long lived and unusually violent European windstorm that struck Lockelle between October 12-17 1997


The local weather station noted a LPA southwest of Hollowrock Island, the storm was moving northeast towards Hollowrock Island then moving north towards the Marina instead, the storm then rapidly intensified after the turn before striking the Marina.
1997 Lockelle Storm - Teardown - Pre-landfall - 7CC753962
^ Reported track from the Lockelle Weather Station

Hollowrock Pa*sby

Damage in Hollowrock Island was minimal due to the storms weakness at the time and distance from Hollowrock,most of the damage was inflicted by flying debris rather then the Cyclone itself.
1997 Lockelle Storm - Teardown - Hollowrock Passby - BB4717801

Marina Landfall

The devastation that would proceed in the Marina was unprecedented.
The storm struck at peak intensity at 131MPH with 957Mbar.
The high winds allowed certain heavy objects to be lifted off the ground unlike most windstorms that have struck Lockelle in the past as reports of a hatchback was seen flying off the ground.
1997 Lockelle Storm - Teardown - Marina Landfall - A845A7B74
The planks of the local pier had come loose and caused this ^.
I could add more pictures but apparently Steam hates me that it will show the format that i used to embed the second image.

Chaos in Frustrum

The storm was just as unprecedented in Frustrum as it was in the marina.
1997 Lockelle Storm - Teardown - Chaos in Frustrum - 9DD17019C
Need I say more.


Its often believed that the storm may have provoked the Muratori insurgency even though the insurgency would not take action until almost 25 years later.
Its also often believed that the storm may have been stronger, although unconfirmed by meteorologists who tracked the storm, it was believed that the storm was strong as 161MPH and 917Mbar.

Written by Poland

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