5 Ultimate Builds – Battle Brothers

5 Ultimate Builds – Battle Brothers 1 - steamclue.com
5 Ultimate Builds – Battle Brothers 1 - steamclue.com

This guide will help you to find the most luxurious bros.

1. The penultimate Tank

5 Ultimate Builds - Battle Brothers - 1. The pen-ultimate Tank - 8C00067
These are ideal candidates for this position: Gladiator Origin Bear, and Gladiator Peddlers.
This " ultimate Tank", a Bear from the gladiator source, doesn’t even require talent in melee defense.
Every good mdef roll. Every good HP roll. Every good INI roll should be taken. Fat rolls every now & again.
The perks are designed so that you can take unlimited hits and rarely get hit.
Nimble forged combines several defensive perks in one wall of unkillable, synergizing power.
You can easily get 5-15 mdef with dodge by going Nimbleforged. Steel Brow allows you to wear ultra-light headgear because it doesn't require any head movement.
Recovery to keep you fighting and keep dodge alive. There are no more important things than shield spec, underdog or taunt.
Your omega tank can have 46% Nimble Defense DR and BF 23% Armor DR with the right gear
Iron Jaw and Deathwish for occasional hits that don't faze this guy, are their best traits.
Double Shield to switch to the 1st. Smoke Bomb for the 11% Chance of things getting dicy.
This guy can hold 6 for long turns and won't let go.

2. The Horrifying Cripple-Sergant

5 Ultimate Builds - Battle Brothers - 2. The Horrifying Cripple Gun-Sergant - 477AB9E
This Seagant Design combines High Resolve and the Gun's AoE Nature.
Crippling strikes, Overwhelm and Fearsome allow you to spread 20 debuffs simultaneously, winning some fights in one go.
General Seargant build another, Steelbrow and dodge to benefit from light armour.
Resolve, Ranged attack roll, and every good INI.

3. The Desert Whirlwind Hybrid

5 Ultimate Builds - Battle Brothers - 3. The Desert Whirlwind Hybrid - 941DDB0
Ranged Nomad is the best candidate for this position
Take all the good Atk & Ratk rolls as well as all the good INI Rolls.
Dodge, Overwhelm Collossus Nimble obvious synergy
He keeps his Iron lungs in good shape by being relentlessly active.
Crippling Strikes or Sword Mastery to make him a beast-slayer, gashin even Lindwurmer.

4. The Cleaver duelist DPS Lord

5 Ultimate Builds - Battle Brothers - 4. The Cleaver duelist DPS God - 9BF9D6E
Ideal backgrounds: Wildmen, Hedgeknights, Barbarians.
All the mdef- and matk rolls. All the HP, Resolve, good fatigue and HP rolls.
He needs brawny to compensate for his huge trait.
Cleaver duelist Whip utility
Berserk-Recover KF Executioner DPS synergy.

5. The Vanguard Hammer

5 Ultimate Builds - Battle Brothers - 5. The Vanguard Hammer - 79AAAE3
The Vanguard Hammer does NOT look to DPS as the Cleaver duelist.
He is safe to put in dangerous positions and can inflict serious damage.
Mdef, Matk or Fat & HP?
Reach Advantage, Underdog and other perks are what you get. Rotation dog in dire situations
Pathfinder to remain fat-neutral QH for obvious utility.


Here we come to an end for the 5 Ultimate Builds – Battle Brothers guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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