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A Barebones Guide to Lairs – Temtem 1 - steamclue.com
A Barebones Guide to Lairs – Temtem 1 - steamclue.com

Here is a quick guide on clearing out clutter and what not to do.


A Barebones Guide to Lairs - Temtem - Introduction - EB6EFD7
Note: While the Anak Lair will be the framework for my guide's information, most of the information here can also be applied to the Sacred Lake Lair.
Cipanku released the new 5-man dungeon content called Lairs. While the game is quite simple once you know what to do, many players make their teammates' runs difficult or impossible to complete while they learn the ropes. These tips will give you an overview of what to expect and what to avoid.
This guide's short version number is as follows.
– If you fail to obtain 18+/18 Blue Gems, you get nothing. do not revive will tell you if it will increase the total amount that you and your team can acquire from a Run below 18.
– Synstars must be shared by all players. Don't forget to give some to your fellow players if you are struggling!
– Pay close attention to your game map and your team’s performance! You'll be able to determine when you're likely to get a run that has a surplus in gems. Also, you'll be able tell if someone else can afford a revive, or if they have the funds to buy more gems.
Ensure you have at least two items before you start your run! It is difficult (, sometimes even impossible), to get past the first battle with no full front line.
Below is a more complete description of the lair.

The Lair

After unlocking the (dungeon, by taking a piece of the appropriate type to each altar in Anak Volcano and two from the fire shrine), you will most likely have found a space that looks like this.
A Barebones Guide to Lairs - Temtem - Entering the Lair - 025907A
Once you have met the unlock conditions, the braziers at each side will bring you to this screen:
A Barebones Guide to Lairs - Temtem - Entering the Lair - 39E460F
The party ID located at the bottom of the page is your lair's entry number. You can advertise in LFG and local groups to host a lair. Alternately click the tab and enter an ID you see in chat.
To enter the lair (which can hold up five people per party), you'll need to have 2500 pansuns. Once all party members click the button, they will be teleported into this dungeon.
These are some important points to remember:
1: The warning at top is there for a reason. It is statistically impossible not to clear the lair if you have less than three people. Your chances of success are lowered the fewer people that you have. The RNG isn't very good at the moment. There are also non-trivial probabilities that at most one player will get screwed in the early stages of the run. If you're able to run with five people, especially if it's new content, then do so.
2: No confirmation prompt is given to the host for everyone who hits "ready". You're allowed to enter the room once everyone has ticked it. It's better for everyone to be in the lobby, than to hit Z and go.
3: Local chat can also be useful for advertising runs or communicating with your groups.

Clearing the Gauntlet

Upon entry, you'll find something similar to the one in the intro. Each player is a*signed a lane. Each player must clear a series if battles with different tradeoffs and rewards. Heals are generally spread out, so if you're not careful you might end up type-walled in one encounter or facing multiple battles back to back against a sub-optimal party. You must be in the middle of the group so that you can see the lanes and other members of your group.
Before you set out on your run, you should know a few things.
A Barebones Guide to Lairs - Temtem - Clearing the Gauntlet - 67CC1E4
1: Gems. The blue gems are the most valuable resource in the lair. To clear the run(and get any reward for, the run) requires 18 (17 at the Sacred Lake Lair). It doesn't really matter how many people clear your lanes if you have less. You won’t be able reach the boss. They can also be used as the revive currency in case you lose a combat. You should note that they are shared among all players in the party. Keep an eye on your gem counter at all time and be very cautious with revives. It is better to forfeit a race so your teammates can clear it than to revive the entire team and throw the whole thing.
2: Stars You earn them by winning battles. Like the gems they can be shared between members of your party. The archways with three floating bottles represent the shops where you spend them. Once they are gone, these shops disappear. If you're doing well financially, consider skipping the shops so that others in your party can buy what they need.
3: Perks. This is the number and type of perks that a party has. These perks are a mix of trivial and extraordinary and can be found in chests as well as the twin orbs. They are a good choice if your party is confident that you can heal all the party members. However, survival should always be prioritized over perk accrual.
Tems is the black clouds. These can be purchased from chests, post-battle rewards, or by purchasing them. If possible, always get 2 tems at each start of the run . If you don't, your chances of failing are almost certain. Tems come complete with every egg move and technique they can learn. As soon as you acquire them, you'll be required set up their movesets. They are capable of reproducing TV spreads.
Chests Can yield perks, items and gear. A run's content can make or ruin it. You might find what you need to push on to the end or something completely unimportant. RNGesus's fickle nature makes it unpredictable.
Orbs. The twin orbs may yield either a gift or a perk). To get a decent reward, you will need to give up a lot of tems, gear, and squad health. These offer can lead to a reduction in your squad's health, or the addition of random tems that could impact your chances of clearing the instance.
Shops It is only for a single use.
Full party heals is the large floating tumescence containers.
Tamers is available in 3 types, each with an overhead orb. These orbs signify their difficulty and how many synstars you get from beating them. Higher-difficulty Tamers are generally not worth fighting. They don't offer enough payoff to be worth the risk of losing your party or becoming incapacitated. You have the option of taking a gem or perk as secondary reward for defeating the tamer. The tems you find early in the gauntlet will be much weaker that those found later in the (range between 80-100. This means that you may only be able to pick one or two gems or perks, but you should stack gems and other perks if it is possible without sabotaging your own progress.
Some parties prefer stacking perks before the run, as certain perks may make it easier to advance in a run. Others prefer stacking gems early so that party members don't get nuked if someone fails clear their lane. Pay attention to your team’s progress as they move through their lane. You can then choose your strategy based upon what you feel is appropriate for the current run.
It takes planning, team monitoring, and luck to win the battle. To ensure that as many people as possible reach the end, you can use the (Me17Yap). If you feel the need to, Communicate with your colleagues. . Even if you have to wait for them to leave a battle, it's worth it. It's better not to a*sume someone is good enough to use the 2-4 gems as a revive, then to go ahead and fight them.


Assuming your party has cleared your lane and accrued at most 18 gems, and that you've taken a final portal, you will be able to interact the pillar at end. By doing so, you will be able access the boss arena and enter into battle against Tyranak. Our local dinosaur has 4-5 health bar depending on the perks acquired along the gauntlet and is fire/nature typing, spams plague between hold move. If you have one, be prepared to face a poisonous or flying type. Anything that can bring down Tyranak is useful if you have an abundance of items or a complete team with minimal type disadvantage. If not go for damage and stack attack ups to take it down in a few turns. Tyranak is also well-versed in extinction and will use that as a punishment for taking too long to defeat it.
After clearing the fight, you will be teleported in a single-exit area with a chest. Once a week, you'll be teleported to a single-exit room with a chest.
That's it. Have fun, and good luck!


Written by Wolfguarde

This is all we can share for today’s A Barebones Guide to Lairs – Temtem. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something, please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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