A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) – Space Bob vs. The Replicons

A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) – Space Bob vs. The Replicons 1 - steamclue.com
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) – Space Bob vs. The Replicons 1 - steamclue.com

This is a simple guide to earning all the Achievements required for Space Bob. There will be spoilers for some of these mysteries.

General Survival Tips and Normal Gameplay Achievements

Survival Tips
Boots. Boots are life. Move above mobs like Space Mario to save energy. If you tread on them like Space Mario, the mobs will fly towards you.
Dropships cannot spawn new Spiders until the ones they place are dead. You can use the Lander Canon if needed. The energy aboard it is almost ineligible for anything else.
Replicons cannot smash the Lander if it's down. You can use it for blocking cave entrances to keep Replicons away.
Some bees can be very destructive. You can hold them down to the ground and keep them away. This will work with Spiders as well, but they can escape after some time.
Repliccons are everywhere and there is enough spawn available to slowly rebuild your Energy, Fuel, and, from that, your Jump fuel. You can still progress if your patience is good. However, don't get killed or trapped in jump-pack suppressing caverns without any energy.
Always, ALWAYS, get to the Upgrade Platforms. Although the permanent boosters are not huge, they slowly add up to easier game later.
The plot-based achievements will slowly be unlocked, but if the score for Achievements is not high enough, you can still move around Salvaging all you can. The score will not increase, but the multiplier will. Progress will slow down again, so don't pass the final mothership. I spent about 9 hours on Survival to reach 11m and unlock my highest achievement. You should work the Campaign ones in the same time.
The main mystery in the game is how the balls are used. They can be used to unlock doors and get to familiars. However, I believe that they are only used to unlock the Upgrades and provide resources.
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) - Space Bob vs. The Replicons - General Survival Tips And Normal Gameplay Achievements: - A964154
If I understand correctly, the small-sized hemisphere machine will fill a ball with the same color resource as the small lights (and the circle you see in the centre of the ball when zooming right in), while the machine above will fill it the colour of all the dots on its own, including the silver or yellow resources.
You can also use the Companions achievement. Please refer to elsewhere. You won't need an unfilled ball if you do it correctly. They are however handy.
I did find a machine that had two empty boxes and a generator like the one above, but it wasn't what I was looking for. Please comment below if the machine has any use.



Any Act.
This one is a slugger. You will need to scan your map to find a Spider Dropship without being tethered to it. This means that there is no cable running from the center to the terrain. It should have both arms at the horizontal and ideally, all the way to the bottom. You will need to upgrade the thrusters for this. To attach the Lander to it, grab both ends of the Lander and lock it in position. Fly it up to ship and drop it sideways into the Salvage holes. The Lander won't fit in any other angle and the arms will not extend far enough. You can then use a grapple on it to tilt it so that it lies normal side down on the conveyor belt. Now move it to your left and under Salvager. It is still too large to automatically lifet. Move your Lander onto the Starship roof directly above the Salvager and grapple left-and-right of the Lander to Dropship. Before you move from one to other, expand the grapple outwards (E Key). Once this is done, lift your Lander into space and pull it the last few inches.
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) - Space Bob vs. The Replicons - Logistics: - 7884353

It's easy:

Any Act.
It is. Grab the Rask and take it with you to your ship. You don't need a jetpack to do this.

Pied Piper


Any Act.

The Dart's red circle in the middle indicates where it is and what it is doing. If it is central, it is ignoring you. If it points in the direction it wants, that's when it's moving in your direction. When it becomes brighter and larger, it's ready to charge in that direction.
It's easiest to get it on your ship by luring them under the Starship. After that, fly it in your Lander below the Dart and get it charging and balanced on your Lander nose. Once it is red and locked onto the Starship, thrust hard upwards, lifting it high above the Starship and then it will jump out of the Lander. Then lure it into the Salvaging area, then get out of the way so it charges into the Salvager. It can chew through even the strongest armor so you won't have many attempts.

Thinking Inside the Box

Any Act.
It's actually quite simple. You can't grab the cactusball because it explodes if it tries. I suspect that the achievement title hint is that you should seek out a desert land with open metal to try in, then put the ball inside and lift it. They don't spawn very often unfortunately. You can push the lander on top of a Spider Dropship. Then, place the Lander on top. This will allow you to achieve the Logistics achievement. But you'll need both thruster upgrade. I found that the easiest way to land was to place it on the left side of the Spider Dropship, rotate the lander so it is facing right, lift the nose and push the ball inside. Next, lower the nose to trap the ball inside and then fly it back to your ship.
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) - Space Bob vs. The Replicons - Thinking Inside The Box: - D1E4C9D

It's not a secret. Shhh…:

Any Act.
After the pink balls has been fired, grapple them. It is easiest to do this in a cave where the ball doesn’t have too much space to fly. It just explodes, so you can't grapple with it.


Any Act, Easy.
This one is a complete nightmare. You can kill Small Worms by using the rocket gun. They will explode in a volley. If you look for the two small pieces on the sand planets next to each other, one will pop up. However, the achievement doesn't include the small ones you kill. The Huge ones are needed. But they will not succumb to rockets or cactus toxicity/explosion.
Explosives that may occasionally spawn on the Map
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) - Space Bob vs. The Replicons - Huntsman: - CBA92A7
These will explode and, if you aren’t fully armoured they could cause your game to end immediately. They can be shot, or nudged too hard using your space ship, a Replicon bites or if they are just plain funny. They rarely spawn anywhere near the Huge Worms. If they do, you need to get it to hit a Worm in its centre as it rises. It doesn't seem that it will die otherwise. And sometimes, even if they do, it doesn’t drop loot.
If they run out on the exact same planet, you'll need to find them both. There is no way to tell where they are. You just need to look around, wait for one to come out, and then mark it on your map.
When I finally got it done, I cleared as much of the map as possible to remove as many Repliccons as I could. However, don't destroy any drop ships as they will bring new Spiderspawn. I used the Large Familiar for gentle transport of the bomb behind. He seemed to be able handle it fairly well.
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) - Space Bob vs. The Replicons - Huntsman: - BEB6186
Then, when he goes BOOM, take all of the brown chunks he has dropped. They will look identical to smaller worm chunks but they are the ones you should count.
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) - Space Bob vs. The Replicons - Huntsman: - 8D8F33F
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) - Space Bob vs. The Replicons - Huntsman: - 378AC87

If you are going to do a job…

Act 3, Easy Mode
On the final Battleship you'll need to collect two red key's right at start. Then, leave them on the first trapdoor until it opens to the right. Later you'll unlock another trapdoor leading you to Steve. Continue unlocking the rest the map until the door by your red keys opens. Move the keys to the machine down and you'll destroy that gun. Next, go back to Steve and complete the level.

Decked Out

Any Act.
You will need to upgrade both the suit, boots, jetpack, Lander Armors, Lander Thrusters as well as the Lander Gun for all the Crafting Window items.
Fusion Cores are the hardest resource to obtain. Make sure to grab the metallic textures boxes if you spot them on the map. Carbon, which is mostly found in organic items like berries and balloons, as well as cacti, will also be required.
The small technology gifting box that can give you random upgrades, count towards the achievement. They don't have be crafted.

If You Want To Do A Job …:

Act 3, Easy Mode
You will find two red balls-keys at the end of the Battleship. Use them to unlock the next trapdoor. A trapdoor to the right will open. Steve will then be free. Instead, continue to unlock the rest. Once the door with the red key opens, move the keys to the machine below. You'll destroy your gun. You can then return to Steve and complete the level.


Any Act, Easy
This one is more delicate than others. You can accidentally recycle them, and if they get lost or too far away from the Spaceship during warp, they will stay where they are. Then you have to return to find them… with no easy ways to find their location.
To complete this task, you must go from Galostea 1 to Galostea 2. Then, Galostea 3 to Galostea 4. To enter Galostea 1's cave you will need the Triangle Key. Also, do not lose the Small Familiar. I normally wrestle them to the roof, so they don’t come out when I change systems. After that, I return them to my Lander to grab them again when I go the next door.
Galostea II is open to the Large Familiar. You will need the Small Familiar beside you. Keep an eye on your energy as salvaging the enormous rewards from these caves can quickly exhaust it. Even though the Familiars can lift small items, the big ones are difficult to get out of the caves. If you are desperate for the goodies, you can make multiple trips to the cave.
Now go to Galostea 3 (with the Large) to open the door. You will see a blue ball next to Familiar Jail at the end. This is the only location that has these.
A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) - Space Bob vs. The Replicons - Companions: - DD2B7F5
It's fine to leave it as is and click the Upgrade button. The Upgrade will deactivate when you take it off. If you have empty balls you can put them on here to make more Blue. To reach the final planet machine you need at most one, so you can carry as many as you need back to your spaceship.
Galostea IV – Use the Familiars for the blue balls. They will save you energy grappling them around. Drop one on a machine next to the last Upgrade machine to power it again as in this shot. The Upgrade will then light up green. You can now press it to complete this achievement. Phew!

Master Bob

Act 1, Easy
You can take your sweet time with this one. But, DO NOT pass through the gate. After defeating the defence station outside the gate, the station in Act 2 will be on the map. To make it easier, collect the 4 cubes. You can also harvest until the armor is obtained. You don't have the weapons to destroy yourself. Steve will finish it for you.

Official Speed Runner

Act 3, Easy Mode.
You can progress to the final acts without needing to complete Acts 1 or 2.
You don’t have to get all 4 Cubes in one run to defeat the Mothership. Instead, collect each cube, go the Gate, and save your progress until all four are on the ship. Start with enough fuel to get to Mothership. You'll likely need enough materials to make the first Lander and Bob armor upgrade. You'll likely find the Boots useful, too.
Then, head to the Mothership. Complete the puzzle before it expires at 1hr 30,m. If you're unsure what to do next, you can use your Lander to fly around. It doesn’t get slowed down or slowed down by cold air vents. It moves a little faster and will fit through all the doors.
To unlock the doors at each end of the lines, destroy the red fuseboxes (they are on the top two floors above where Steve is stuck). Place the shaped items into the holes to unlock all the others. If you have upgraded your boots, you can also stand on the shield and break it if energy runs out. Practice will help you master the placement.
You don't have the Gun to yourself. Save Steve, and then wait to see if the 1hr30 requirement is met.

Grand Master Bob

Act 3, Hard.
Do not worry about beating the game on Hard. Treat it like Official Speed Runner. You can save the Cubes if you get through the gate before the final push.

Grand Master Bob (Doof Woz 'ere).

Act 1, Hard
Do you want to do it all in one day, on the hardest difficulty level? Ooof, let alone doof. I'll let my readers know if I find any special tricks once I've done it!


Written by Titler

This is all we can share for A Full Achievements Guide (Spoilers Inside) – Space Bob vs. The Replicons for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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