A Fun Fact For Each Operator – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

A Fun Fact For Each Operator – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 1 - steamclue.com
A Fun Fact For Each Operator – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 1 - steamclue.com

This guide was made to simply give a fun-fact about each operator in the game. Some have not as many fun facts, others with large stories, so I apologize if they aren’t all that interesting.
I hope you enjoy!

– Pathfinder Operators –

Thatcher feels betrayed hat Smoke left Rainbow for Nighthaven, as he saw him as a brother. He took part in “Operation Nimrod” (Name of his Elite Skin) better known as the Iranian Emba*sy Siege in 1980. This is where he got his name ‘Thatcher’ from Margaret Thatcher. He thinks people rely too much on technology. After he retires he plans to sail his boat, “The Iron Maggie”, to Corsica.
Sledge loves talking about politics. He also goes on family trips with Maestro and their families. His hammer is called ‘The Caber’. Thatchers uncle helped him perfect it, and they even together nicknamed it “Brucie”. Sledge also has the record for the S.A.S.’s speed and strength test. In 1988, one year before the creation of rainbow, Sledge was caught in a firefight with three Taliban soldiers. His pistol had failed and jammed which led him to grab the closest weapon, which was a sledgehammer. He then proceeded to bludgeon those soldiers using it. He then walked out the caves covered in blood of himself and the Taliban soldiers.
He is a skilled boxer.
He has the highest IQ of all the operators, yes even higher than IQ herself. He is also the youngest operator.
Ash would become director if Harry were to die. She is also fluent in 5 languages. Ash and Caveira often play a game called ‘Hunter’ where Cav would sneak and find Ash as Ash would try to get away.
Thermite feels responsible for the dismemberment of Aruni’s arm.
Pulse likes to mess with other operators gadgets as a joke, such as IQ’s RED MK III Spectre.
Castle is the most diplomatic and socially friendly of all the operators. He also used to be a NFL player and often volunteers to rescue abused dogs. He is also fluent in English, Spanish, Korean, and Latin. Castle has not had luck talking to Oryx however.
Twitch has developed or contributed to over half of the gadgets within the team.
He fought in the 1979 Prise de La Grand Mosque at the age of 11.
Doc hates Lion, and blames him for the death of his best friend. He is also Finka’s personal doctor and makes sure she is stable during operations.
Rook prevented a fight between the GIGN and S.A.S. after Lion punched Thatcher in the face, by dragging Lion away.
The scar on his eye was given to him by rifle-kickback. His name means “Eye”. He is also a skilled painter. Glaz is best friends with Fuze.
Fuze had a brother go missing, which the reason is cla*sified. Fuze is the only Spetsnaz operator who was not born in Russia. Every mission Fuze went on with the Spetsnaz is cla*sified. Every mention of the cla*sification made by Harry is quickly shut down and ignored. He called off his marriage with his two year fiance.
Kapkan has had a broken rib and nose, given to him by Finka after the knife incident.
Tachanka often flirts with Finka while having drinking contest. He is also divorced with 2 kids, and has once been declared dead for 2 minutes. He makes fun of Capitão and Glaz’s eyesight.
IQ is very smart, however extremely shy and reserved which makes her appear awkward.
Blitz tends to joke around in serious situations, this is mostly entertained by Mozzie.
He has PTSD (From Outbreak) & Aspergers. He is also very awkward with social queues. Jäger has mommy-issues and loves dinosaurs and space. After never really seeing his mother, and living with a careless uncle, he treats all of the team members as family, and often checks up on them all and genuinely cares for them.
He has a twin brother that has his own wife & children.

– Year 1 Operators –

Black Ice:
Buck specializes in hostage rescue, and he loves puzzles. He often does them with Harry, and frequently designs them. Harry still cannot defeat the puzzle. Buck is also very interesting on learning about the Mohawk Native America tribe and their language. He also participated in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He bonds with Tachanka due to the simplicity of their gadgets.
Frost often bonds with Kapkan about hunting and trapping.
Dust Line:
He was the trainer during Valkyrie’s hell week in the Navy Seals. He has a wife and kids. He is good friends with Vigil.
Valkyrie took part in Operation Orange Sky along with Ela, where they both went undercover and infiltrated a warlord and took them down without harming a single civilian. Valkyrie hates Caveira.
Skull Rain:
He lost his eye through torture after intruders broke into his home and took him hostage for 3 months. He often bonds with Glaz about their faulty eyesight.
She is the seventh of ten siblings, and the only girl; to a poor single mother from São Paulo. She is also anti-social. She is also slightly psychopathic. Caveira was arrested at age 16 for theft and burglary which led to her joining the BOPE. In 2019, one of Caveira’s brothers went missing while undercover in the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. She went AWOL and went to Bolivia to rescue him. She ended up going missing too which led the Rainbow dispatching specialists Twitch and Valkyrie to go after her along with Ghost Recon to rescue her. (Operation Archangel)
Red Crow:
Hibana is in a relationship with Pulse. Her name translates to “Fire Flower”, which her gadget is technically. She is also fluent in SEVEN languages.
He was in a relationship with Ying for about a year. He doesn’t take feedback well and is very self-centered. This led him to not being ranked up in the SAT.

– Year 2 Operators –

Velvet Shell:
He is a chronic insomniac who also suffers from survivor’s guilt. He is considered the most unstable
operator within Rainbow because of this. He is obsessed with not letting a target escape ever since the murder of his brother, this led to the creation of his EYENOX goggles. He was separated from his brother for years and put in multiple adoptive families. When his brother turned 19 he took him out of foster care and became his legal guardian. In 1985 he woke up beside his brothers dead body with no trace of what had happened. He is still trying to break this case 34 years later, with not a single lead on it whatsoever.
Miras black mirror was based on military truck windows and how they could be hydraulically ejected if they were too damaged to see through. She would be the Director of rainbow based on hierarchy if Ash & Harry were to die or resign. She is also the Director of Rainbow’s Research & Development Program. She is seen as an older sister like sentiment to Caveira.
Blood Orchid:
Ying still does not forgive Echo from the breakup.
Lesion is required to be with Smoke on missions in case his compound Z8 grenade has a mishap. He fell into an oil tank when he was 10, which led to him ingesting a significant amount of chemicals when trying to escape the tank. His body formed an immunity to many chemicals after this.
Ela is a rebel. She also dyed her hair green simply because she wasn’t supposed to. She also used to be an artist. Ela was disliked by her father, with Zofia being the preferred one. She was bullied at the Polish Grom Military School due to her father being the commander. Ela walked around the streets of her home town with food and blankets for homeless people.
White Noise:
She is very hard headed and arrogant and wishes for people to challenge her. She joined Rainbow behind her superiors back.
He was forced to join Rainbow simply to spy on Dokkaebi for a higher rank who despised her and wished for her to be removed from Rainbow. The only person who knows of that is the former Six, Aurelia Arnot. He watched his brother drown when crossing the border of North to South Korea, later on his mother fell ill and pa*sed away. Due to the prior deaths, his father threw himself in front of a train and committed suicide.
She was almost drowned by three of her cla*smate bullies when she was younger. She has had trust issues since that event. During an operation in Mali, she came into contact with a man holding a gun. They both fired at each other not realizing they were on the same side. The man was an undercover operative working on the same case as her, this man eventually became her husband and they now have a kid.

– Year 3 Operators –

During a Yellow Fever outbreak in Sudan, while protecting a field investigation team, his loud voice scared a frightened mob back and he gained the nickname “Lion” from the locals. He also has a kid that sadly does not call him dad.
The scar through the direct middle of her face was given to her by Kapkan after a training excercise where she fell and cut her face on his knife. Finka also has an incurable disease she got from Chernobyl, which led to her creating her nanites. She also out drinks Tachanka when they have alcohol together. She despises Kapkan because of that scar.
Para Bellum:
He is a skilled boxer. Maestro hates being in team rainbow. He often boxes Smoke with smoke saying “you can leave Rainbow when you beat me.” He has not yet beat Smoke. The scar over his right eye was given to him by an IED in Afghanistan on a tour with Specialist Alibi.
Alibi gets along well with the S.A.S. and is not afraid to take someones life. Alibi was undercover for a couple years internally within the Vinciguerra Crime Family. She then took it down from the inside over that time.
Grim Sky:
He is ranked top 2% in intelligence from his city. He was held captive and his captors identities and location was given to his unit by Nøkk to rescue him.
Clash once messed with Pulse’s scanner to rig it to slightly electrocute him as revenge for him tampering with other peoples gadget.
Wind Bastion:
She is missing two fingers on her right hand. Her middle + ring finger. She lost them to frostbite while also having hypothermia. She was rescued from that expedition by Thunderbird. She is also rich and ambidextrous.
Kaid is by blood the commander of the GIGR, and owns the Fortress in Morocco.

– Year 4 Operators –

Burnt Horizon:
She often has lunch with Dokkaebi & Flores.
He was a middle-child which led him to do crazy stunts to stand out. He is also married to Nøkk with two twins.
Phantom Sight:
She has twins with and is married to Mozzie. She is also a skilled fencer, and was an accidental pregnancy.
He hates the look of his gla*ses and bugs Mira to fix it. He also collects watches and is a ladies man. He developed his gadget when the US Secretary of State was almost a*sa*sinated by terroist using stun and smoke grenades.
Ember Rise:
She is Goyo’s legal guardian despite being 17 years older.
The scar on the right of his head was given to him by a bomb that killed his parents.
Shifting Tides:
She has a gunshot wound on her right shoulder. She is not allowed to be seen at Hereford Base or with any Rainbow Operator in public.
He has the longest freediving record in the world due to his extreme lung-capacity. He got this due to his hobby of shark hunting on the coast of his home country, Kenya.

– Year 5 Operators –

Void Edge:
She is albino and wears contacts to suppress her reaction to light. You can see this on the left and right of your screen when playing her.
He is 6’4″. Oryx went off the grid for 15 years. He never talks about it. He was taken from his family and thrown in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was not allowed to see his family, and was regularly beaten when he tried to prove his innocence. He is also second in command of the GIGR’s Fortress in Morocco. His first time entering the fortress, he sat outside the gate for days in hopes of someone to rescue him. Kaid would be the one to open the gate, and Oryx quickly climbed through ranks from Recruit to Co-Leader.
Steel Wave:
Ace is the only operator known to have a public social-media presence.
She is loved by elephants.
Shadow Legacy:
He is the oldest operator in the game. He is also from prior Rainbow Six games such as Splinter Cell.
Zero is also friends with Finka’s father and has been since she was a little girl.
Neon Dawn:
She lost her arm on a mission with Jordan Trace, better known as Thermite. She also has a pet rat named Hero.

– Year 6 Operators –

Crimson Heist:
He is married and is the only openly g*y operator in the team. His father was a political activist, and was killed for it. He does not remember his father and was raised by his single-mother who was very sick from an unknown disease. Flores often stole from the rich crimelords and gave to the poor. Because of this they found his identity, and tracked + killed his mother in Retaliation. After being hunted he was offered Asylum in the USA by Eliza Cohen, better known as ‘Ash’ in return for him giving intel on crimelords she was tracking in Argentina. He started a food-truck in Los Angeles. He was recruited by Castle & Goyo. He follows Mira like a puppy dog
North Star:
She once fought of a bear to protect Nomad after extracting her from an expedition.
Crystal Guard:
Osa is transgender. She also developed the bullet that killed Azami’s VIP. Her favorite movie is the fictional 1967 science fiction film, Empress of the Plutomatons.
High Calibre:
She grew up on a farm.

– Year 7 Operators –

Demon Veil:
She refuses to take of her mask until she reclaims her honor. She plans to do that through Rainbow.

Written by Vyrxs-

This is all we can share for A Fun Fact For Each Operator – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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