A guide explaining how to survive playing the Legacy of Bhaal difficulty – Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

A guide explaining how to survive playing the Legacy of Bhaal difficulty – Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition 1 - steamclue.com
A guide explaining how to survive playing the Legacy of Bhaal difficulty – Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition 1 - steamclue.com

A guide to how to survive the Legacy of Bhaal difficulty.

This guide is designed to help you understand the purpose of it.

Legacy of Bhaal is a difficult game if you don’t know what to do. This is why I prepared this guide to show you how to beat Legacy of Bhaal.

Key Strategies


Enemies have higher levels and a substantial bonus to thaco. They can hit hard and will land their attacks almost everytime. They also have an AC bonus and large amounts of HP. This means that if you try tanking them with one your characters, you will almost certainly die before they kill you. Your summons have many bonuses like enemies, and will survive much longer against you, making them the best tanks on LoB difficulty.

Disabling Enemies

If they don’t make an attempt to save themselves, they will be unable to attack you. Every attack will hit them. Free Actions are very useful as they allow one character to enter a Web and attack disabled opponents without being caught.

Easy experience

BGII offers experience. This will help you to level up quickly in the first part of the game. Jan Jansen, a part member of your character who is not a mage or thief, can help you gain experience.
Remember that NPCs can only become hostile when you open a box, not if the chest is opened or unlocked.

Main character cla*s


Strong cla*s as they can summon monsters and don’t need spell scrolls.
Mage: Conjurer  
A mage who is skilled in summoning powerful monsters. You will still need to find the scrolls needed to summon the strongest creatures.
Mage: Illusionist  
A mage that is skilled at summoning illusions. They can also learn more spells than a wizard. You will still need to find the scrolls needed to summon the most powerful monsters. Gnomes can gain an additional +1 to intelligence.


Fighter: Berserker  
A Berserker with a specialisation in Flail, Scimitar, Flail and 2-Wave Fighting can use the most powerful weapons and do a lot more damage. Half-Orcs get +1 Strength & Constitution.
Bard: Blade  
The Bard kit acts as a fighter/mage. They have a lower level of THAC0, so they are not as powerful unless you give them strength boosting items. They don’t have the temporary weakness from dualing a Fighter and then having to level-up their mage cla*s in order to regain the Fighter’s abilities. They can also increase their level faster than mages and gain the Rogue high ability Use AnyItem which allows them wear any armour or weapon.

Duel cla*s

I would recommend against duel cla*sing. You will have a difficult time until your skills are regained.
I recommend these options if you want to duel cla*s:
Berserker / Mage
Fighter / Mage
A gnome and a human can combine cla*ses into the following:
Fighter / Illusionist
Dual at level 9/13 All will have a greater number of spells and greater durability than a normal mage.
If you are looking for a Fighter/Mage/Thief type character, this is the right place.
They can be paired at level 9 or 12.

Recommended Party

You should create new characters in the start menu, with all the skills required. I recommend several wizards who can summon an army full of monsters. These are my recommendations if your wish to use existing characters.


They can summon creatures and all creatures have the same abilities.
Edwin Odesseiron – As a pure wizard, he has more spell slot access and higher level spells. This gives him the ability to summon heavy hitters earlier than any other companions. Although he can only been recruited after completing a Shadow Guild Quest.
Imoen/Nalia, both thieves that have duelled to a Mage. Even though they are weaker mages that Edwin, they can become powerful. The problem is that Nalia’s quest must be completed to recruit them. Imoen is absent throughout the game so you will not have enough level to know all of her spells.
Jan Jansen: a multicla*s mage/thief. Due to his multicla*sing, Jan Jansen will always be a lower level mage than the other characters. However he can be easily recruited into the Government district. He can also unlock chests, and disarm traps for bonus experiences.
Aerie is a multicla*s mage/cleric. Due to her multicla*sing, she will always be a lower level mage then the other characters. However, she is easily recruitable in the Circus Tent on the Promenade. She can also heal party members.


They can summon some monsters. Monsters also benefit from the improved abilities given to all creatures in this game. They can also heal.
Anomen is a fighter who duelled with an cleric to gain access to a wide variety of cleric magicks. He can also be easily enlisted in the Copper Coronet (Slums District).
Viconia: Viconia can be described as a pure cleric and has many cleric magicks. She can also be easily recruited in Government District (near jail), but doesn’t work well together with Keldorn.
Jaheira: Jaheira is a multicla*s Fighter/Druid. Because she is multicla*sed, she will always be a lower level of cleric than the other characters. However she can be quite easily recruited in Irenicus’s Dungeon Circus Tent.


The enemy can inflict some damage while they are attacking a beast or incapacitated. A thief’s backstab is very effective at dealing large amounts devastation.
Keldorn, a Paladin that starts with armour giving him free action (can move though web and grease without being impaired) and can cast dispelling magic. He can be easily recruited by going to the Sewers below Temple District.
Minsc: Minsc can be easily recruited as a ranger at Irenicus’s Dungeon. Edwin is not a good match for him.
Korgan: Korgan is a dwarf berseker, who can also be easily recruited in Copper Coronet’s Slums District. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like Aerie.
They are less useful or more difficult to recruit than the characters mentioned.


Written by uanime5

I hope you enjoy the A guide explaining how to survive playing the Legacy of Bhaal difficulty – Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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