A guide for new solo players – Deep Rock Galactic

A guide for new solo players – Deep Rock Galactic 1 - steamclue.com
A guide for new solo players – Deep Rock Galactic 1 - steamclue.com

Bosco is far more useful than you know!


For all the Greenbeards new to the game, welcome! This is an extremely welcoming and friendly community and you can feel very comfortable joining into random pickup games and find dwarves of all experience levels willing to help you learn. But sometimes you just want to go it “alone” and be able to pause the game and step away for a second. For those times there is Bosco and he is far more helpful than most new players realize!
If you are playing solo and Bosco isn’t actively doing something, you’re wasting a wonderful ally! So here are all of the things Bosco can do and discussion on his skill tree.


Right between the Equipment terminal and the drop pod is the easily missed Drone Modification terminal. Here you can purchase modifications for Bosco as well as change his appearance.
Tier 1: Extra shooting damage, extra revive or faster digging. For me, faster digging is by far the best choice. Once you get into a groove, you will constantly have Bosco mining hard to reach minerals or compacted dirt while you multi-task something else. Doubling his mining speed is a boon.
Tier 2: Might I suggest the rockets? I don’t use them too much which feeds the rest of my build, but it’s a freebie. Don’t forget to use them since they regenerate and can be quite useful.
Tier 3: Light intensity, extra revive, or extra rocket. I suggest extra lighting because unless you’re a scout, it helps a ton to be able to light up those big rooms looking for those hard to see minerals and Cave Leeches. Depending on hazard level, I could see taking the extra revive. There have been times that I have had to use every single Bosco revive to make it out of an Elite Deep Dive. But for the most part I always go lighting.
Tier 4: Choose your extra flavor of rocket! Fear, armor break, or Cryo. Cryo is the no brainer to me. Almost every cla*s has some weapon that does significant armor break if you want it and fear isn’t that helpful IMO. But two Cryo rockets can kill a Naedocyte Breeder from across the map. You can also use a rocket on a Glyphid Brood Nexus to kill it while frozen to avoid the huge glyphid spawn explosion (or any on-death action as long as the enemy is frozen when you kill them). It also gives cla*ses like Engineer and Gunner access to an affect that they have no other means of producing. Go Cryo, you won’t regret it.
Tier 5: Rocket AoE, Rocket recharge speed, or electric bullets. Again, this is a no brainer for electric bullets. Electricity as a status effect slows enemies by 75% and inflicts a modest amount of DoT. This happens all the time. This is fantastic for locking down Bulk Detonators who were already slow to begin with, but become downright immobile while electrocuted. If you play scout, your properly modded NUK17s will also do an extra 30% damage to anything electrocuted which happens to be anything Bosco is shooting too. That electrocution status effect also triggers the extra 30% damage for the Bullets of Mercy GK2 overclock. Again, no brainer for me.
Appearance: There is only one answer, Cyber Ninja with Dark Future. Anything else is for leaf lovers, jk, it’s personal preference, just choose whatever you like.


Attack: The default setting. Bosco will aimlessly follow you around until bugs get within shooting distance and immediately start attacking. You can also proactively tell Bosco to attack any target by pinging it with your laser pointer. You can ping a Spitballer you see +200m away and he will dutifully float across the entire map to shoot your enemy of choice.
Rockets: Once unlocked you can manually ping (LB+LT on controller, no idea MnK) a target or a spot on the map and Bosco will let rip with one of the rockets. Perfect for Cryo rocketing those Naedocyte Breeders from across the map to get rid of them before they create too much trouble.
Mining: Point to anything that can be mined (minerals or dirt) and let him have at it. This is invaluable for Point Extractions and Egg Hunts! That blue shimmering light in the ceiling that would be a complete pain in the butt to get as your current cla*s? Send Bosco! He will dig into the wall and bring it back to you. If he’s close enough, a tap of the laser button will have him toss it directly to you, what a guy! This works for all minerals and items that hide in walls e.g. Jadiz and even mini-Mule legs!
Lighting: Point to any point of the environment that isn’t a thing (i.e. enemy or mineral) and Bosco will float over and shine his light on it. With the tier 3 modification, it can be a very large, bright area. Perfect for searching high up places when you aren’t a scout.
Escort Doretta: Ping Dotty and Bosco will stick with her and defend against anything he sees. That’s an important distinction because he’s not that great at seeing an enemy on the other side of the dozer from him while Dotty is stationary. Best used while Dotty is on the move.
Mine Oilshale: Kind of a repeat, but it bears repeating and fits with these Escort related tasks. Works great for the hard to reach ones and he mines it far faster than any dwarf. While you’re zapping the low shale, have him mining the high ones and you’ll be done refueling in a couple minutes.
Destroy Ommoran Beamers: There are always way too many of these things when you’re solo it seems. Let Bosco carry the load! Ping the beamer and he will float over and mine them until they stop beaming. He will mine wherever you ping, so pinging near the top of the crystals will allow him to destroy them faster than the base. Now, you just stand on top of Dotty and defend while you send him to do all that Beamer destruction!
Build Pipelines: The most often missed super helpful Bosco task! After you have connected a pipeline to a pump jack, ping the first wrench icon you see on the pipe and Bosco will a*semble the entirety of the pipeline. This frees you up to start making the next one!
Repair Pipelines: As soon as the pumping starts, those pesky bugs are gonna try and ruin your day. When a pipeline breaks, you can ping the flashing red lights at the break and Bosco will go fix it. Now you can go fix other other pipes, teamwork!
Revive: And finally, the other default Bosco setting. He will revive you anywhere from 2-4 times depending on your modifications. When he floats in, he will fear away any surrounding enemies to give you some space and if you have the Breathing Room armor modification, 6 seconds of invulnerability.
Well that’s everything I can think of. If I’ve forgotten anything or you have some additional Bosco tips you’d like to share for the Greenbeards, leave them in the comments below. ROCK N’ STONE

Rock and Stone!

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Written by Badger

I hope you enjoy the A guide for new solo players – Deep Rock Galactic guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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