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A Hints Based Guide – Obversion 1 - steamclue.com
A Hints Based Guide – Obversion 1 - steamclue.com

Are you struggling with Obversion’s challenging puzzles? Have the optional yin-yangs got you stumped? Then this hints-based guide might be of help. Note that for now, this guide only covers worlds 1 and 2 (of 4).

General Tips



  • WASD to move
  • Q, E: undo, redo
  • F: auto-walk
  • C: toggle autojump
  • Shift: sprint



  • At even level, the jump can cross a gap of exactly 3 tiles.
  • If you want to jump up by one tile, the jump can cross a gap of 2 tiles.
  • If you want to jump down by one tile, the jump can cross a gap of 4 tiles.


World 1

1-1 Tutorial

Yin-yang hints:
There’s a spot where you can climb to the ceiling.
It’s directly before the exit.

1-2 Tower

Yin-yang hints:
Can you see the yin-yang? Try falling below the level.
This yields two important pieces of information:
1) The yin-yang can be reached through a hole in the tower.
2) There’s an 8 Creation pickup next to the yin-yang.
This means that 8 Creation must be enough to climb back up the tower, so the entrance to the tower can’t be particularly high up.
The entrance to the tower can be seen from below.
Look out over the railing at the 1 Creation pickup which floats in empty space, then turn around.


Yin-yang hints:
Can you see the yin-yang? Try falling below the level.
How to reach the yin-yang: Carefully scan the ground floor of this level.
There’s a window outside, but it can’t be reached from the ground floor.
There’s also a suggestive hole in the floor.
Once I reach the yin-yang, how do I get back? There’s an extra 1 Destruction pickup outside. That’s all you get to climb back inside.
Bonus challenge:
There’s a second route to the yin-yang which does not involve using any abilities on the ground floor. Can you find it?

1-4 Maze

Regular hints:
Mazes sure are tedious in first-person. If only there was a way to get a bird’s-eye view…
You can climb the tower you start in to observe the level from above.
You can also see the level from above from its level select screen.
Yin-yang hints:
Where is the yin-yang? You can see it by jumping from the top-left corner of the tower.
How to reach the exit after obtaining the yin-yang: Reaching the yin-yang requires 2 Destruction, so you must find a way to solve the rest of the level with just 2 Destruction.

1-5 Wall

Yin-yang hints:
To reach the yin-yang, you must not waste a single pickup.
There is no way to pick up the 2 Destruction pickup without spending at least 1 Creation on backtracking.
Do you need another hint? You already have it. Recall the official in-game hint. It’s also helpful for reaching the yin-yang.

1-6 Columns

Yin-yang hints:
Where is the yin-yang? You can see it from the level select screen.
It’s below the stage.
To get the yin-yang, you must spend 2 Destruction.
So you must solve the rest of the level with just 2 Creation and 1 Destruction.
What’s the first step of the yin-yang solution? Stand on the column of height 1.
What’s the second step? There is a way to reach both the 1 Creation to the left, and the pillar of height 3 to the right, by expending just 2 resources.

1-7 Pyramid

Regular hints:
Consult the official hint: “The central tunnel requires 10 Destruction to clear.”
What does that imply?
You will have to be judicious in how you use your resources.
You will have to find extra resources.
If you just find the pickups outside and in the central chamber, those amount to less than 10 Destruction.
So you’ll have to find resources elsewhere.
Yin-yang hints:
How many resources are needed to reach the yin-yang plus the exit? 11 Destruction and 6 Creation.

World 2


Yin-yang hints:
How can you reach the yin-yang? Reaching it by destroying the blocks in front is too expensive.
But you can reach it via the roof.
You can climb the roof by spending 2 Creation and 2 Destruction.
If you reach the roof with 2 Destruction remaining, that’s enough to get the yin-yang and reach the exit.
There is one extra free Destruction obtainable via the roof.


The level consists of 3 platforms and 3 black towers.
Minimal amount of resources required to pa*s each stage:
Platform 1: 1 Destruction
Tower 1: 1 Destruction
Platform 2: 4 Destruction (more precisely, you can get at most +6 Destruction from this platform)
Tower 2: 1 Destruction
Platform 3: 5 Destruction (more precisely, you can get at most +10 Destruction from this platform)
Tower 3: 1 Destruction
Yin-yang hints:
Red herring: Technically, one of the numbers above is off by 1, i.e. there’s a way to save 1 Destruction somewhere. But that’s not required to solve the level or obtain the yin-yang.
How many resources are required to reach the yin-yang? 10 Destruction.
How can you find those? You already have.

2-3 Four Towers

Regular hints:
The exit is 9 tiles higher than the regular towers.
So you must build a structure that’s at least 8 tiles higher than a tower.
Yin-yang hints:
There is no way to pick up the yin-yang while dodging the -999 Creation pickup.
So you must build a route which allows backtracking, all the way from bottom to top.
The level barely contains enough resources to do this.

2-4 Gold-Digging

Regular hints:
This level can be solved by tedious brute force, but that’s not the intended solution.
If you don’t understand how the level is meant to be solved, the official level hint is extremely valuable.
But this official hint only talks about the colored cubes in the wall.
Maybe something else in each level section provides even more information?
Yin-yang hints:
You can beat the final puzzle section (the one after the -42 Creation) with 2 Destruction leftover. One is enough to reach the exit, so what can you do with the second one?
You can climb the ceiling.
That’s enough to reach the yin-yang, but to reach the exit from there, you need 1 extra Creation or Destruction. Where can you find that?
It’s probably buried somewhere in the level, right? But where?
Maybe you can find a hint from the roof?
From above, you can see something weird about one of the puzzle sections.
The walls of the final section (after the -42 Creation pickup) are different from the rest.
There seem to be instructions on the outer walls of that section.
Note: I personally could not find the yin-yang based on these hints, and resorted to brute-force instead.

2-5 Stairs

Yin-yang hints:
Where could the yin-yang be? You can catch a glimpse of it when you solve the level in the regular way.
What does that mean? When you finish a level, you ascend by a few tiles.
If you see the yin-yang in that situation, that must mean that it’s a few tiles above the exit.
The yin-yang is inside the interactable block directly above the exit.


Regular hints:
The level contains six positive pickups: 2×1 Destruction and 3×1+2 Creation.
Yin-yang hints:
You can only jump orthogonally between adjacent blocks. Unless you use your abilities, of course.

2-7 Mountain

Regular hints:
The minimal amount of Destruction required to climb the mountain is 2.
Yin-yang hints:
Where is the yin-yang? You can see it through a window next to a Destruction pickup.
How many resources are required to obtain the yin-yang and reach the exit? The solution requires having 11 Destruction at once.

World 3 (Incomplete)


Yin-yang hints:
You need 2 Creation to reach the yin-yang from the start.
And you must somehow be able to backtrack to the start without expending tons of extra resources.

3-2 to 3-7


World 4 (Incomplete)

4-1 to 4-7


Closing Thoughts

This is a hints-based guide, and an incomplete one at that. If you don’t understand a hint, or wish a section were more detailed, or would in fact personally benefit from hints for a level in world 3 or 4, please mention that in the comments.
Note that I try hard not to outright spoil the solutions for each level – in a pure puzzle game like this, that would amount to spoiling all that makes it interesting.

Written by mondsemmel

This is all we can share for A Hints Based Guide – Obversion for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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