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A Loner’s Guide – The Blackout Club 1 - steamclue.com

What if you want to continue playing the game even though there aren't any other players? Don't be discouraged, this guide is there to help.

Before We Begin…

There's a lot of information here. The information can vary greatly depending on the situation. One thing I want to emphasize is:
This guide is only for solo players
Most of this information is relevant to multiplayer groups. However, due to the very low population of the game at the time this guide was written, everything will be presented just as if you were a single player.

What Tools Should I Use?

You can choose from three hero cards (of the which you can only use one), four major power decks, of which you may use one at time, and six minor powers (ofwhich your can use up to four at once). The right power or tool can make a huge difference in a mission. Let's review them one at a time.

Major Powers

This is the most universally useful power. Allows you to effectively deal, pins one enemy at a given time, and has virtually no cooldown. It also has four tiers which means you have more power point to spare. If you are fast, you can grab enemies before they grab your body. This can greatly increase your survival chances.
This power can be used for practical purposes by those who love to be quiet. This power is able to temporarily disable most of the hazards in the game. However it has a long cooldown.
Do not use this power. Seriously, it's bad. It has a Tier that will not have any effect. Apart from the damage reduction, which is helpful but not amazing, the main power requires damage to be charged. It can only be used if your are barreling through loudly, which is what you want to avoid.
A very meh power. It can be useful if used properly. However the main purpose of this power is to skip bonus evidence detours. Until level 6, when the recording upgrade becomes available, it is almost useless.

Minor Powers

This sounds like a small effect, but it is actually a useful minor power for convenience. This allows for you to hide your bodies better and complete canceller tasks much faster.
Start with a keypad lockpick to help you more easily complete your phone recovery mission, enter the maze in the gla*s case without relying solely on luck, and eliminate the luck aspect of finding the lockpick. This can prove very useful for shortcuts.
Improved Stamina
While more stamina is always a good thing, incoming damages do not scale based off max stamina. This means that your max health has been increased and you can take greater damage at one time. Bandages do can be more effective if they are based upon max stamina.
Lucky Loot
This one costs you two power points, and it's a good deal. There is a chance to get a standard item twice as often as you buy it. This means that if a tranq dat is picked up, there is a 10% chance you will get two. This is a great way to have more stuff, even though it's not reliable. This power can allow for you to carry one more than your normal maximum if the last one you picked up is doubled.
A free bandage provides insurance in case the mission is not successful, or if there are circumstances where you need to take fall damage. Unless things go very badly, you'll likely be limited on these by the end most missions.
Meh. A free energy-bar is a energy bar. However, they will likely be capped by the end.

Hero Items

Stun Gun
Infinite escape item, can stun enemies, but has a cooldown. If you find yourself being grabbed often, this is a useful item.
Grapple Hook
It's great for quick trips, but it doesn't mean you can't get to any other destination. Most detours aren’t that long. Despite this, they are very convenient and can make missions more efficient and faster because of the variety of routes you can take. Low levels of utility are not very useful.
Allows you to use your Tranq Darts from Range and gives you an extra Tranq Dart. You get free tranq dats, and the crossbow makes this an excellent hero item.

What should I do?

It depends. I recommend the hacker powers with the stun guns and the Medic Locksmith Lucky Loot and Improved Stamina minor power. It's a good, catch-all build that won’t leave any one behind while you learn about the game mechanics.
If you are looking to get the best stuff, I enjoy running Brawler, with the crossbow and Improved Stamina.
If you enjoy the drone power, you might be able to succeed with the grapple hook (Little Loot), Lucky Loot and Atlas.
If you really want Unstoppable for any reason take Medic. Improved Stamina. Nutritionist. Lucky Loot. Use the stun gun.

Important Point to Remember

You won't be granted all the powers.
You can only obtain one full major power set. You cannot get four minor powers (including Lucky Loot). There aren't enough power point to get everything. You can respec at anytime at the altar. However, this also resets you level.

What Missions Should I Pay Attention To?

You won't be able choose your missions. The region you start from will also have an impact on the missions and objectives that you get.
Most missions can be completed in a few minutes. There are three important missions that you should pay attention to: Stealing Fire; To Carry a Tune; and Collect Cancellers. These are the first steps in achieving their respective objectives.

Stealing Fire

This objective requires you grab a unique item from the maze and bring it to a dropoff point. You can't use other equipment while you have this item. Your lights will always be on. This objective is visible during Steal missions.
If you are below level 3,
Keep calm and continue to play. Nothing is different. Keep calm and keep going.
If you're at level 3 and above…
Keep an extra eye out for Lucids. To ensure they can see you, make sure your lights are on. If you see a lot Lucids, you can find the drop-off location (a trashcan that has a glowing, blue boxcar painted on its lid) and ask any Lucids nearby.

To Carry a Song

Another very difficult one. This one is almost identical to Stealing Fire. Grab something from the surface and move the item to a drop in the maze. The sound makes a loud hum and you can't move any other items while the item is still in your hands. This also appears in Steal missions.
Dropping the item is a good strategy. Follow the path a little further ahead to pin or tranq nearby enemies. Then grab the item and sprint. This is where the Brawler major ability is most useful. It allows you to sustainly take down enemies as they come up. It's okay to sprint with the item in your hand, as you already make a lot of noise while you are moving.
You can also throw the item, and enemies will respond to it like a noisemaker. It bounces around a bit so be careful not throw it off any edges. Or you'll have it back at the beginning and grab again.
You can still move if you tap the movement keys. It is extremely slow and should only be used in an emergency (I.E. Moving out of the patrolling Sleeper's path.

Collect Cancellers

This mission is also known simply as "Canceller" objectives. While it can be challenging, it is also well-known for the huge amount of exp you can earn. You should not attempt to complete the objective if the Atlas power is not available. However, if the Atlas power is available, you can still get all the exp you want. This can be seen during Search missions.
Here's the way it works: The mission's objective is to get three target sleepers into a destination room after they have been neutralized. Every additional enemy who enters the destination room is considered bonus evidence. This award a fixed amount.
Tranquilize the enemies who are currently in the target home, and then move onwards. You should be able to run anywhere you want without being heard. To stop the bodies being found, kill all lucids and place a sleep trap outside of the room. This is where you should buy as many tranq dats and as many sleep traps as possible, and clear the entire area of enemies.
Before you add the bonus evidence, make sure that you bring the targets back. You want to be able, scram right away if the Shape shows up.
It's not worth the effort if you don’t possess the Atlas power. The distances required to travel makes it not worth it.

How can I deal avec threats?

Sleepers, Lucids

Be cautious around them. You shouldn't go into areas where you have never been before. Don't be reckless. Walk before running – literally. If you don't feel the need to sneak more, walk for a couple of seconds before you start running. You will be more attractive to the sound and speed of running than walking so if something goes wrong or you are caught out, it won't cause you any problems.
Remember that creeping is more quiet than crouching (C), on hard floors like concrete, rock or wood. ).
Keep an ear on your eyes. Make sure your flashlight is not on when possible. As your flashlight is constantly lighting you up, don't use it unless absolutely necessary. You should keep an eye out for lucids. Try tranquilizing as many as you can, but keep a tranq dart/sleep trap in case of an emergency.
Lucids won’t find them far away if you store bodies in an area that is not lit.

Speed traps

You should not run near them. It sets them off almost immediately. When you hear the charge, stop moving. While you can crawl about halfway across the area without being zapped, crouching won't be detected.
They can be disarmed by moving up towards them and holding F. Throwing a foam container at them will permanently shut them off. You'll need three seconds to disarm the trap if it has been triggered.

Acoustic Mines

Very dangerous threats. They cannot be disabled by hand, so don't even try. Remember that the mines will not make any noise for you for at least three seconds. You can foam them like speed traps. You can also flashbang them to temporarily disable them, or blow them up using a tranq Dart or humble rock (one of only two uses for a humblerock).
If necessary, you may be able to cross the area without setting off any alarms if you simply walk through them. It's important that you walk, because creeping and crouching are too slow, and running sets them off immediately. If you feel slowed down, this will not work.


Avoid the green light. If it turns green, you should try to move beyond the line of vision. If you can't, try to get as far away as possible. The camera will follow your movements if it sees you. If this happens, it will notify you. The foam canister will temporarily disable them if you can hit them.
Cameras don’t care if you’re in shadow. Their cone of light emits light.
All cameras have a fixed rotating pattern. Before trying to get through, you should observe it.

How does the Shape Work?

The Shape is the most dangerous threat to you in the game.
If you do enough wrong things, the Shape can enter play and start hunting.
The following actions will increase your sin.

  • Being heard (low)
  • Prank calling an infidel (Hacker power) (high).
  • Remote disarming cameras (Hacker power) (medium)
  • Being seen by Lucids (medium)
  • Breaking free of an enemy's grasp (low).
  • Fully detected by security cameras (low).
  • Use the Takedown power (brawler power). (medium).
  • Another enemy (medium), can find an enemy affected with Sustained Takedown (brawler-power).
  • An enemy (lower), will find a kicked in door.
  • A tranquilized enemy can be found by another enemy (high).

Once your sin reaches a high enough level, the Shape will appear. The Shape will not appear in the map after this point, and will not leave unless there is one objective.
Note: "High" can only be used in relative terms. It takes about 8 prank phone calls to summon the form
The shape is able to see and hear by himself but can also see and hear through any other enemies (where applicable). The Shape can see and hear through any sleepers, even if they are on the opposite side. The Shape can't see through Sleepers' eyes so don’t worry.
The Shape uses the red door to quickly move around a map. The Shape is just a few seconds away and can ruin your day. It can also see in dark places and is persistent. It is possible, but only temporarily, to escape from the shape.
The Shape has the ability to "beckon" you to its position if it isn't able to reach it. To avoid being subdued, you have to move horizontally. So be careful when climbing up ladders that the Shape is following.
Most items will work on the Shape with the exception of tranq darts/sleeptraps. Any effect that would tranquilize or stun the Shape instead. It's temporary but can still be beneficial.
Close your eyes to see the Shape. If your eyes are not closed, you can get a good idea of the Shape's location by listening for the loud noise and paying attention to its screen warping effect.
If the Shape catches up to you, it's game over. No tricks, no escapes, no second chances, you lose. It's crucial to avoid summoning Shape, and to make quick exits whenever it does.

When should I use the items?

Foam Canisters
Falls onto foam canisters are not considered to be fall-related. While this can be helpful for minor injuries, it is not recommended for serious acoustic issues. Do not waste them on sleeping pills, the stun is just too expensive.
It is useful to escape from groups or enemies. Use only if they are alerted. Keep a few in case they are grabbed.
Energy Bars
Use whenever. You can only carry two. If you do find you need one, be sure to keep them in your pocket. You might want one just in case you have to escape the Shape without enough stamina.
Sleep Traps
If you own a crossbow, it is worth prioritizing this weapon over shooting enemies. If multiple enemies are grouped together, you can tranq them all using one trap. You should place your traps in areas where you fear a patrolling enemy will cause you problems (example: outside the destination area for Canceller missions or near a poorly hidden corpse).
You could also try placing one outside of a locked doors, so that anyone coming through from the other direction will be tranquilized before closing the door. If an enemy approaches from the other side, this will not work.
Use this technique to distract enemies from the goal areas (or to your direction if necessary). Use to distract enemies who are attempting to corner you. Use whenever possible, but try not to throw them at the feet.
Tranq darts
Use sparingly. It is best to use Lucids. You should not use these on normal sleeping people unless absolutely necessary.
Use them to get to places you can't reach without them. If you have more, you can use them for entry to the school. Don't waste them on the back or front doors unless you absolutely need.

What are my options for finding bonus evidence?

Bonus evidence can spawn in many places around the map so it's difficult to find them all, especially if you are at higher levels.
It is worth taking a detour in order to search the most common bonus evidence-spawn points throughout the map. Which ones?
– Under Hoadly’s jump (a red briefcase).
– On the tree next to 921 Hoadly. (The house with the scaffold).
– In the back, behind the three upper Hoadly house (1001-1003 1005 – ), near the firepit (red duffel bag in a chair).
These places tends to spawn bonus evidence much more often than others. Other than that, it's worth not combing the map to find bonus evidence, except at very low level.
Red is the most common colour for bonus evidence. It always has a filter on it. To take a picture, you simply need to be close enough.

What about Cursed Ciphers.

If you care about any special cosmetics obtained through The Place Between, you should only be concerned about collecting cursed cryptograms. If you don’t care enough about your own appearance (and your shadow almost never changes), then you can ignore them unless the challenge is important to you.

Curse of Paper Angels

This is the easiest curse. It has no discernible effects on gameplay unless Shape activation is occurring, which you should avoid. This one is very easy to deal. There is no strategy.

Curse of Hunger

This one is harder. While you will be constantly being damaged, you will heal fully when you jump on the back of an enemy and get infinite stamina. You will only lose about 20% of the maximum stamina you have, but the damage over time won’t kill you.
This cipher is a double-edged sword. It can make bandages obsolete, as you can heal 100% just by jumping on foes. The Shape will come out if you do this enough.

Curse of the Call

Your phone will start buzzing about every 10-30 seconds. After about five seconds, the phone will make a very loud hum. You can stop the sound by pressing the right-click to'reset phone'.
The faster you begin the reset, the quicker it will go. If your reaction time slows down, you might just want to hold right click. You cannot reset while you are doing anything else. So be ready to stop what you're doing, and just reset at a moment's notice. This is the most annoying curse.

Curse to the Gorgon

A bright light is created when you look at your enemies. This does not make them visible but slowly damages you. This effect is not caused if you are far enough away from enemies or have poor peripheral vision. This effect can also not be caused by being pinned, grabbed or tranquilized.
This is probably the most difficult cipher. Keep away from enemies and keep a bandage nearby to reduce the damage.

Curse of No More Shadows

Curse of Hunger has a double edged sword. You take damage over the course of time and are slowed considerably in darkness. However, you heal over time and can move significantly faster when in light.
Just turn on the flashlight . Seriously. Turn on your flashlight and press T to deal effectively with Lucids. In return, you receive substantial regen as well as a significant speed boost. This is probably one of the easiest curses.

What do Ciphers do?

No matter how many ciphers are collected, you will receive 5% more exp or 10% more snacks for collecting any of them. You'll also receive two extra gestures. The total amount of ciphers you have collected will be added. These gestures can then be used to enter The Place Between, and to claim cosmetics. You can check the wiki for a list.

What am I seeing/hearing now?

A strange square of static-ywhite, with silhouettes representing hands


Ominous music that fades in and outside as I move

That's the Cursed Cipher.

A circle of oranges adorning the ground

This is a place to sleep.

Distinct Music

Some areas of the maze have special background music, such as the white space in Dream Therapy and Subliminal Media.

Weird breathy noises

The Plexus makes it.
But I'm in the Plexus, not me?
It can also be heard behind the school, as well as in some of its nearby rooms.

Strange buzzy noises

The vibration disc at the top is the Nerve Center.
But I'm still not near the Nerve Center.
You could then be listening to a speed trap.

Weird Beepy noises

Acoustic mine

Loud echoing musical-esque guitar-like noises

Sleepers can make these sounds by pulling on the strings. It is cosmetic.

A slide-whistle like noise

That's what Acoustic mines sound like when they're diabled.
But I didn’t disable any audio mines?
Sometimes, sleepers can place an acoustic mine. They can only have one mine at a time. If they place another one, it makes that noise.

Wind-like sounds that fade in and out as I move

This is the entrance of the Place Between.

What else do I need?

  • Fall damage can be negated by a ledge grab. You can use this to fall from high peaks without taking damage.
  • Falling on soft terrain will make less noise if you're crouching. Soft terrain will make falling less audible.
  • You won't be able to fall if your energy bar is on.
  • Close your eyes. Seriously. Do it whenever your mind is wandering, whenever you feel like you need to go somewhere.
  • Do not spend your Lights of Rebellion. If you are fortunate enough not to have one, don’t spend them. You won’t get a reply. If you save them, Humble Rocks can be obtained instead. Although not very useful, they are still usable.
  • You can climb into a treehouse by standing on a fence and spamming F.
  • When they go off, the sleep traps will apply a transq dart to everything.
  • …This includes speedtraps and acousticmines, which are destroyed (although they won't trigger any traps).
  • Humble rocks are also able to disarm sleep traps, acoustic miners, and more.


Written by derpykat5

Here we come to an end for the A Loner’s Guide – The Blackout Club guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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