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A strategy Guide – Super Auto Pets 1 - steamclue.com
A strategy Guide – Super Auto Pets 1 - steamclue.com

A strategy I found with which I have a high winrate.

Just for base game

There’s a base (Standard) game and Expansion 1 now. I only have the base game so this guide will be just for that.

Turn by turn.

On turn 1 and 2 you’ll only have Tier 1 animals.
Good Tier 1 animals (turns 1 and 2)
There’s no animal from the Tier 1 that is good late game (horse attack bonus is temporary so it is not a permanent scaling) so best choice is to buy animals that have bonus on sell (Pig ~ Duck > Beaver), buff friends on faint (Ant) or on level-up (Fish) or make your shop better (Duck).
Turn 1
Buy 3 of the good ones (mentioned above). You can have 1 reroll. If you don’t come across a good ones, buy even bad ones. If you come across a Fish that you can’t buy anymore after reroll, freeze it. If you come across a beehive, freeze it for the next turn.
Turn 2
Buy 2 more good animals and preferably put a beehive on an Ant.
Good Tier 2 animals (from turn 3)
Dodo – great
If you see a Swan, buy it, unless you already have one LVL3. It gives you bonus gold which is extremely valuable since you can do more rerolls and find better animals and food that way.
Dodo offers great scaling to the late game.
Turns 3 and 4
Buy Swans. If you get some Swans or Dodos in the shop, sell your Tier 1 animals (or faint them with Pill).
Good Tier 3 animals (from turn 5)
Turtle – just for Melon armor (explained below)
Ox – for midgame, can be somewhat useful in the lategame as well
Kangaroo – just for midgame
Giraffe – midgame scaling
Turtle is great with the Pill because if you make it faint, it gives permanent Melon armor (Tier 6 buff) to the animal behind it. If I get this early, I usually put it on a Swan because I’m sure that Swan will stay until the late game.
Other ones are usually just fillers to not lose and wait for Tier 4.
Good Tier 4 animals (from turn 7)
>>>Rooster<<< God Tier. Just put it in front of a Dodo and give it Melon Armor by fainting a Turtle with a Pill in front of it and you have a great combo
Penguin – Good mid to late game scaling
Monkey – Good midgame scaling
Deer – Good for midgame so you don’t lose
Good Tier 5 animals (from turn 9)
>>>Shark<<< God Tier. Combos with Rooster very well. Give it Melon armor as well
Cow – Buy it if you can sell one of your animals for buffing. Don’t bother if you already have a Penguin buffing all of your other animals.
Good Tier 5 food
Buy Chocolate – It’s yummy!
Good Tier 6 animals
Fly – I buy it instead of a Penguin for last win or 2 wins. It buffs the Shark so much it’s not even funny.
Good Tier 6 food
Melon Armor – Give everyone Melon armor.
Steak – Put the Steak on Penguin or a Fly if they don’t have Melon Armor yet.
Try to get every animal except Fly and Penguin to Level 3. Win. Ideal combo should look something like:
Shark | Dodo | Rooster | Swan | Penguin
or for the last few rounds swap Penguin for a Fly like this:
Shark | Fly | Dodo | Rooster | Swan

Written by vavanade

This is all we can share for A strategy Guide – Super Auto Pets for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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