A “What to do?” guide for daily lost Tyrians – Guild Wars 2

A “What to do?” guide for daily lost Tyrians – Guild Wars 2 1 - steamclue.com
A “What to do?” guide for daily lost Tyrians – Guild Wars 2 1 - steamclue.com

Welcoming you to my guide!

I often see technical guides on how you can maximize your DPS or complete a collection. But, I rarely see practical guidance for new players on how to stock up on their resources effectively.
Let me give you an example of a few low-intensity and quick tricks that will help you long-term and allow you to have gold and resources.


Introduction and things that you should know

Before you dive into this guide, please remember that these tips are meant for high-level players who are still new to the game.
These minimal farming/gathering tools require some time to unlock if a new player. Once you have unlocked them, you can continue to use them every day for 10 to 15 mins.
These will help you improve the quality of your general material stacks. They will also give you some gold! These aren't what i consider "content", but rather secondary tasks that are common to MMOs. Not necessary but still worth doing while you wait for something else.
These tasks are simple enough to do, and require only a few clicks.

Player House

You will have full access to your Tyria Adventures during your adventure.
Home Instance — [guildwars2.com]
Depending on how far you have gotten certain collections or achievements, you can unlock farming nodes in your own personal area.
Some unlocked Nodes are more valuable than others.
These are my top 2 favorites:
Krait Obelisk [guildwars2.com]
Garden Plots – [guildwars2.com]
Let's start with the basics.
Every race has its capital city, and each one has a Player's Home instance. It doesn't really matter if your character comes from another race; you can still enter it as though it were yours.
For example, my main character (a Human Elementalist) finds the Asuran's House Instance the most inviting and easy place to do my deeds.
It is located here:
The Krait Obelisk can be used to yeld rare and valuable materials for many purposes.
Charged Quartz Crystal
It is an Account Bound (material, meaning that you can't trade it in the Trading Post). You need it for a lot of high level exotic and ascension gear and legendary collection items like the Skyscale mount. It can only be made one per day, so it's very valuable.
You must collect 25 "normal", to be eligible for one of these Charged crystals
Quartz Crystals – [guildwars2.com]
These are very rare in a
Couple of maps – [guildwars2.com]
Directly bought from the Trading Post
This general observation is valid in many situations. It is better for you to earn gold doing any activity and then spend it on any needed mats in your TP than actively gathering/collecting material.
Sometimes, the effort you put into searching for a specific gathering point is worth it if you can just play the game and use any gold you earn by other means.
It depends on the situation.
This is how click
HERE – [gw2efficiency.com]
If you're interested, here are some popular gathering farm routes.
Although they can be a bit more difficult to get, gardening plots are very easy to obtain. Once you have it, your high-level food needs and utilities will be met.
After reaching a
Chef Skill – [guildwars2.com]
At level 425, your character is eligible to begin the journey toward becoming a
Gourmet Chef – [guildwars2.com]
Follow the Wiki to unlock the collection items. This will give you access to your personal Garden Plot. (You can buy 2 more with gems from Black Lion Trading Company. Item Shop).
These will give you the opportunity to plant rare or unusual plants and vegetables. This will be especially useful if Fractal/Dungeon/Raid frequenter.
It can be difficult to prepare the platters that require these types of ingredients. But, if you're looking for more gold, it can also be profitable.
This is a major step in using your Home Instance. Do not feel pressured to do this.
You can plant and gather materials once per day, just click (.

Ascended Crafting

You will eventually be able access to Ascended materials when you reach level 400 with your newly acquired Crafting Skill.
These are very rare, costly and highly valuable.
These four should be made daily if you have the time.
They can only be made once a day, as per usual.
Remember the Charged Quartz Quartz Crystal?
They are very useful for many recipes. But if you aren’t interested in the ones you need or have completed them and just want some gold, craft is the way to go.
Grow Lamp – [guildwars2.com]
It required a skill of 400 in jeweler crafting, and also had to be unlocked
This recipe is from [guildwars2.com]
Available from a seller in
Dry Top – [guildwars2.com]
During a particular occasion.
The cost of crafting it is high, but the selling price is low. However, you will make a good profit if all your crafting materials are gathered.


A Guild is a great way of socializing with other players and can also be a pa*sive benefit.
You can join multiple Guilds at once. Only one guild can be represented at a moment. However, you can get from each guild's farming nodes daily to gather!
This is not an incentive for you to lurk your guilds, but a nice little trick which can give you an advantage.
To enter your Guild Hall, press the G key and click here
Each Guild Hall (has a different type depending on the expansion made by the Guild Leader.) also has a tiny area where some gathering points are located.
This depends on the current guild's level. Newly created guilds do not have those because they need them to unlock them. This is a wonderful feat for your guildmates.
Do not forget that every Guild Hall contains a kind of "bar", where an NPC from the Innkeeper can grant a grant to you.
Permanent passive bonus of your choice – [guildwars2.com]
. It's free. Talk to the NPC to select the one you desire. It can be exchanged with another bonus for a lifetime.
This is another guild unlock, which is unavailable from the beginning.

Time gated vendors

Many vendors offer daily goods that can be used to store up or for convenience.
Here are a few of my favorite places to buy:
Agent Pact Supply Network Agent – [guildwars2.com]
Offers useful recipes. The vendor travels to different places every single day.
Dragonfall’s Volatile Magic Vendor – [guildwars2.com]
When you reach this map (you must own Living World 4 chapter 6, and very close to the starting Waypoint, there is a vendor who sells a variety other tokens as well as materials for Volatile Magic. You can purchase up to 5 of these daily. I tend to go here to stockpile them since they are useful for other Chapter's recipes or collections.
Faction Provisioner [guildwars2.com]
These are rare vendors who require you to bring specific crafted and/or bought items to trade with. They trade a very valuable token that is used for Legendary crafting: The Provisioner's Tokens. Only useful if one wishes to make Legendary gear.

Daily chests

Jumping Puzzle and other content are included in the game! You can either love them or hate them.
I don't do them myself, but they are useful if there is a spare character you want to use as an "alt".
You will find a daily treasure chest at the end each JP. It resets each day and, the best thing, you don’t have to do the JP over again!
So, you can put one of the least used characters there and collect from the chest each morning!
Two of the Jumping puzzles that i like to find in this way are
Wind through the Walls — [guildwars2.com]

Sanctum Nabkha [guildwars2.com]
The End of Dragons Jumping Puzzle is the most rewarding.
Unusual Coins – [guildwars2.com]
These are used to, among other things.
Antique Summoning Stones – [guildwars2.com]
This is used in crafting Aurene's Legendary arms and can only been purchased once per week,).


It may seem difficult to believe, but once you reach this point in unlocks, collections, these tasks will take around 10 to fifteen minutes each day!
Unlocking them can be the most time-consuming and costly activity. However, you will reap the benefits over time.
Remember that there is a whole Daily Achievement tab for when you have run out of tasks and cannot figure out what to do next.
Perhaps you'll enjoy doing them enough to make your next goal in this game!
The game gives you many options, and sometimes being 360deg open can make it difficult to find your way.
I hope you will find your own path again, and that my guide has been a pleasure!
We'll see each other in Tyria!


Written by Heretiko

This is all we can share for A “What to do?” guide for today’s daily lost Tyrians – Guild Wars 2. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or if we forget something, please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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