Achievement Guide – Bartlow’s Dread Machine

Achievement Guide – Bartlow’s Dread Machine 1 -
Achievement Guide – Bartlow’s Dread Machine 1 -

I say! You're strong enough to save the president! Bully for me!

Before you start

  • All levels can easily be replayed
  • Achievements don't get in the way of difficulty
  • You can change difficulty at any moment
  • The checkpoints can be identified by the big red stars
  • Roosevelt has his own palindrome, "A man. A plan. A can*l – Panama!"


Story Achievements

All of these are irresistible

  • Bad meeting with The Boss. – Defeat Master of Station
  • Not-So-Fast, But Furious – Drive a car
  • The earth will shake – Defeat Orm God
  • I Forgot My Heart… — Stop the Waterfront Riot
  • To The Sea!– Captain a vessel
  • An Iron-Clad Deal — Defeat Leviathan
  • Can*l Zone Hero – Rescue President Roosevelt
    To the Sky!: Fly an Airship
  • and This time, STAY Dead– Defeat Werewolf McCKinley


Shopping Achievements

Before you can start the 2nd and subsequent levels (and), you will be able buy and modify equipment

  • A Sensible Investment– Purchase any weapon
  • So Fancy A – Have a jacket, coat, and pants that can be worn simultaneously
  • Hat Collector– Unlock all hats in the Outfitter. This will be your last achievement. These hats cost pricey!


In level Achievements

Power ups

  • I'll Have This To Go – Refill ammunition during a level. Get past the ammo box. Available at the first level
  • In The Pink: Gain health while you are leveling up – move past the elixir boxes. Available on the first level


  • Untouchable! is a way to get through an entire level without taking damage. This is the easiest level to do with an unlocked characters. (I used Roosevelt)
  • Sharp Shooter – Complete a level while 80% of your shots hit enemies.
  • Bracers of Defense– Deflect 10 shots in one level. The easiest to do at the second level
  • Death and Taxes Lose all lives in a Level


Agent Achievement

Full Party – Unlock all Agents. Agents can only be unlocked by walking across the cameos found in game (.
Agents in the order that they appear

  • Zombie Custer (Gatling Gun and 300 shots): Level 3: New York: The Station House.
  • Ba*s Reeves Dual Pistols (, 150 Shots e17Y: Level 2-2 Into The West: The Town of Malfeasance – A must-see.
  • Annie Oakley (Rifle and 100 Shots) – Level 2-4: In The West: Orm God The Rockies. Do not hesitate to continue on the 2nd path when the worm appears. Alternativly, if the first track was taken, go to the left.
  • Pearl Hart (, 90 Shots) – Level 3-2: Pacific Coast – Paris of The West II : This level has you "running" from one side of the screen. You will be inside a structure in the second half of the level. You'll need to run again after the checkpoint. As you progress forward, doors will open. The Portrait will be found in the middle of the third door.
  • Marie Curie (Radium Excpulser, 150 shots,): Level 4-2, To Sea: Below Decks. Don't rush. Instead keep your eyes on the doors. The Portrait is behind the door that opens. This is before any enemies are encountered.
  • Mary Fields: (rocket launcher, 150 shots): Level 5. The Can*l Zone: A Jungle of the Mind
    About halfway through this level you will reach a checkpoint. Immediately after the view changes to Top/down, you will reach a wall where skulls are shooting at you from above the screen. The Portrait is behind this wall, upper right side
  • Nikola Tesla: (Teslacoil Gun aka Lightning Gun and 150 Shots,): Level 5-3. The Can*l Zone: The Peculiar Rubins: The view will zoom in at the end of level 5. You'll pa*s an ammo box immediately followed by a security checkpoint. The Tesla cameo will be behind the wall to right. (Afterword you will be confronted by the Necromancer.)
  • Teddy Roosevelt (dual machine gun, 300 shots), Level.7-5 – Showdown in The Capitol: The People's House : Not in level. Given for completing this game

WARNING: After I completed the game, the achievement didn't pop. Instead, I had the option to "Change Character" and choose Teddy Roosevelt.
Agent portraits in order they appear on the character selection screen:
Row 1
1. Marie Curie – Level 4-2: To Sea: Below Decks.
2. Ba*s Reeves – Into The West Level 2-2: The Town of Malfeasance
3. Annie Oakley – Level 2-4 Into The West — Orm God of The Rockies
4. Pearl Hart – Level 3: Pacific Coast, Paris of The West II
Row 2
5. Zombie Custer: Level 1-3 New York City: The Station House
6. Nikola Tesla – Level 5-3. The Can*l Zone, Peculiar Ruins
7. Teddy Roosevelt – For winning the game
8. Mary Fields – Level 5-2 : The Can*l Zone, A Jungle of the Mind
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Written by Gentleman John

I hope you enjoy the Achievement Guide – Bartlow’s Dread Machine guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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