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100% Achievement Guide For One More Dungeon 2 (MADE EASY!)


This is a work in progress guide for One More Dungeon 2. It is not difficult to get all the items you want. There's a good chance you'll unlock them all naturally while you play. If you don't, this guide will help. I've reviewed a few other guides and decided to list all achievements alphabetically, instead of having them all bundled under one huge section. This lets you quickly find what you need without spending time on unnecessary searches.
Consider the following:
How long does it take you to complete this task?
It all depends on how skilled you are at video games. But it should take around 4-6 hours.
How difficult can it be?
It's okay if you're just starting out with rogue-lites. Anyone who has ever played Ziggurat
Curse of the Dead Gods This is likely to be very straightforward.
Which cla*s should i be?
3 Runes are required to unlock). It's very powerful. While melee-focused characters can get away with it, hit detection and determining when you're close enough for an opponent to strike you is often a challenge. All bosses are going to be a bane of your existence. I highly recommend ranged attacks. This game can be magical by stockpiling as much magic as possible and having a few relics.
Are any of these achievements worthless?
Enjoy the game, and please leave comments if you have any queries. I'll continue to tweak the game to refine the explanations and wording.

All Together

Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - All Together - 3CD6AA3All TogetherClear all cla*s statues
A "wing of the castle" opens up when you defeat a boss. There will be human statues scattered around. All that is required to unlock the cla*s is runes to get rid of the blight. Once you have removed all the cla*s statues, this achievement is visible.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Creature - 3AC2F5FCreatureDestroy the Creature
Second to last boss, but last boss of actual dungeon levels. Attack the eyes when they are visible. Hide when the pupil changes from a round to a diamond-shaped, similar a cat's. You will take damage if you don't. You will not be able to attack the eye after it has done the red beam attack. The boss will sometimes summon tendril enemies. These enemies stay in place and fire purple goo at the boss. Sometimes, part of the arena may fall. If you are playing a range-based character, you shouldn’t have too many problems.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Demonologist - 064AEC6DemonologistSummon the Demon to your aid
You might find "special rooms" that require you to take certain actions for the event to be activated. His room requires you to light all of the candles using any weapon that deals fire damage. Once all of the candles are lit, the demon can summoned. It is a melee-focused enemy. It can do a lot of damage, doing many attacks repeatedly in front it, moves with each attack. It is a slow opponent, so it is easy to backpedal away. It's a slow opponent, so I have encountered it as early at Level 1.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Detective - A42C2EDDetectiveReturn the shell.
As you clear bosses periodically, the hub area will open up to exploration. Aristocrat, a snail known as, can be found sticking out of a ledge and asking you to locate its shell. You can find him by heading to the king’s throne room. Instead of entering, head left and hang another left. After clearing out the next boss and getting rid of some of the blight you'll find the trophy on a pedestal. To unlock the achievement simply pick it off and return it.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Experienced - 88FFDFAExperiencedAttain the tenth rank
It's easiest to run from one level to the next. To speed it up, I recommend you destroy everything, kill everyone, and collect all the EXP-boosting relics you can. I would also recommend unlocking every EXP booster shrine.

First Blood

Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - First Blood - 154B29EFirst BloodDo you want to die for the very first time?
It'll happen eventually. Kudos for you if it happens last!


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Flower - 5E29977FlowerBeware of the Third Boss
This boss can be quite a pain. It is a ferocious attacker that shoots ice balls at you. Periodically, it will burrow to a different location. Sometimes it will glow and become invulnerable. Just wait and then jump in the water to avoid the shockwave. It doesn't have any minions, so once you are able to dance it down, it will be easy.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Ifrit - 03DEDBBIfritDefeat the Fourth Boss
Ifrit's primary method of dealing damage to the floor is to summon homingfire balls that have a very wide radius. If you've been practicing your kitty skills, you can easily avoid them. Ifrit may teleport to another location and, more often, teleport away from the floor to make it hostile. Once you have stepped onto the parts that aren't glowing red, you can continue your beating down.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Leprechaun - 580BF80LeprechaunFind the Leprechaun
This barrel-shaped object appears randomly in the Dungeon. Click on the barrel with eyes to unlock the achievement.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Merchant - 15068FDMerchantExplore the dungeon for 500 gold
It must be completed in one session. If you start at level 1, then you should be able unlock it around the third and fourth zones. You should sell all items you don’t need to the snail displaying the gold coin sign over it in the dungeons. Be aware of any relics or aids in gold accumulation.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Metamorphosis - D2E054CMetamorphosisChange character cla*s
You can unlock a number of cla*ses quickly, without having to defeat the boss. Once you have the priest's permission, you can find the statues in a chamber near the dungeon exit. Click on one to unlock the achievement.

Monster Slayer

Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Monster Slayer - B12661FMonster Slayer100 monsters can be destroyed in one run of the Dungeon
Self explanatory. Start at level 1, and it'll unlock.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Persistence - 57E8925PersistenceDonate 50 gold
Near the king and the Dungeon entrance is a priest with a donation box. Each donation is worth 5 gold. So donate 10 times. It doesn't accomplish anything, but it unlocks achievement.

Ready for Battle

Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Ready for Battle - CE01716Ready for BattleClear all skill statues
Like the cla*s statues that are covered in blight you will need to find and remove all skill statues. They look like huge chess blocks, with eight in total. You'll be able to unlock more of these pieces the more bosses are defeated.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Revolution - 14C1DBDRevolutionOverthrown the Snail King
You can escape from the last boss. His flying saucer may change in color to indicate the type and frequency of his attack. Blue is for bombs and blue for iceballs. Green is for poisonous mortar, purple is laser beam. To throw the switches, stand close to the ice walls and blow them up. Just dodge. For purple, stand under an overhang. You can try to get lucky by bringing extra bombs, keys, and bombs from the seller. The closer you are to him, the more likely he will use bombs. Once you throw three switches, he'll crash down. This will give you some time to attack or defeat him.

Royal Beetle

Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Royal Beetle - 3500998Royal BeetleDestroy King Beetle
You'll see little beetles crawling around the dungeons. One of these little beetles will spawn if you step on too many. Kite around and destroy him to earn loot, and an achievement.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Scull - D8C384EScullDefeat the First Boss
The first boss is a lesson about why range attacks work so well. He will track you and predict your movements. He can even shoot fireballs at you while standing still. You can easily sidestep him if you are completely still and shoot at range. You may occasionally be pushed to the side by your boss.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Spider - D126287SpiderBeware of the Second Boss
Periodically shoots three poison bullets at you and moves around the arena occasionally. Three spiderlings will appear, forcing you to retreat into the ceiling. To defeat them, you can bring back the boss.

Start of the Path

Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Start of the Path - 077A50C
Start to the PathComplete the first stage of the dungeon
This is a simple, straightforward design that is easy to miss. The enemies at level 1 are very basic. While they can do serious injury, their attacks are slow. However, you can circle-strafe and get them into a jam and attack them with ease enough.


Achievement Guide - One More Dungeon 2 - Unlucky - AE8F8E9UnluckyGet five curses
Surprisingly you won't get this naturally because there are so many ways you can make it impossible. You can forcefully get this by equipping a cursed gun and attacking with it. It doesn't matter if your attacking anything or not, you will quickly unlock this weapon.


Written by nothrik

I hope you enjoy the Achievement Guide – One More Dungeon 2 guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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