Achievement Guide – Soda Dungeon

Achievement Guide – Soda Dungeon 1 -
Achievement Guide – Soda Dungeon 1 -

A brief guide on how to get all the achievements for this game.

A+ for Effort

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - A+ for Effort - 4B8CE4180

Complete your first dungeon trip.

– You get this achievement automatically as soon as you finish the tutorial.

Fork in the Road

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Fork in the Road - 31DCF579C

Discover and explore an alternate path in the dungeon.

– You will unlock this achievement when you encounter an alternate path. Automatically unlocked. An alternate path always has two doors.
– One door would lead you to a Trap. There are several forms of Traps:

  • Drowsy Trap – inflict Sleep randomly to 1-2 members of your party. Sleeping members cannot use any skills or evade attacks.
  • Poison Trap – inflict Poison randomly to 1-2 members of your party. Poisoned members take damage each turn.
  • Flame Trap – inflict Burn randomly to 1-2 members of your party. Burned members take damage each turn.

– One door would lead you to a Treasure. There are several forms of Treasures:

  • Bonus Treasure – a bonus chest that gives you a random reward, similar to the one you get at the end of every 10 levels.
  • Warp Portal – a portal that takes you forward a few levels. Capable of skipping through minibosses.
  • Fountain – restore your party’s mana, fully heal your party, and cure all members of any status effect.



Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Gladiator - 9010105C3

Enter a battle in the Arena.

– Extremely easy. Pick a team of 3 members, fight in the Arena and you got it.

Boss Buster

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Boss Buster - D28189DB5

Slay 10 bosses.

– Bosses appear at every 10 levels.
– This achievement does not require you to defeat 10 bosses in one run. You will unlock this achievement very easily over time.


Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Exterminator - 6C7320F76

Slay 500 enemies.

– “Enemies” are cla*sified as anything you can fight, be it in the Dungeon, Lair of Despair or Arena.
– Again, you will unlock this automatically over time.


Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Dealmaker - 37E42B08E

Sell 100 items.

– Again, another free achievement.
– On your first run, you will have to redo the dungeon plenty of time before gathering enough resources to defeat Julius for the first time. As a result, you will receive a lot of bad items, like Wooden Sword, Wooden Shield, Iron Sword, Iron Armor, etc. Don’t be afraid to sell these items, because they are abundant and can be earned easily.

The Next Dimension

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - The Next Dimension - FCC2120F7

Complete dungeon level 100.

– This achievement requires you to defeat your first boss, Julius. His special skill is Fugue, which would make your party confused for a turn. Aside from that, he is a relatively easy boss and goes down quickly.
– It is recommended that you have at least 1 Healer in your party, in order to heal allies as well as get rid of the Confused status effect.
– After defeating this boss, talk to the Wizard in the tavern, and he will open the portal that takes you to the next dimension.

More Items Please

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - More Items Please - B1769CE45

Complete dungeon level 250.

– You will get this achievement after reaching halfway in Dimension 3. No special strategy is required.

Halfway There

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Halfway There - B7867469B

Complete dungeon level 500.

– By completing Dimension 5, you will unlock this achievement.
– However, the boss of Dimension 5 is Demora, a very annoying one that would require a team of at least 3 Healers to defeat. This is because she does not take damage from normal physical or magical attacks, but will suffer damage from Healer’s Therapy. (2 mana single-target healing skill)
– Therapy will deal damage to Demora equal to the Healer’s maximum health, so it is recommended to give your Healers as much health as possible through relics and items.
– Demora will periodically summon Skeletons that can be treated as normal enemies, so have 1 Darkmage and 1 Knight to deal with them, while the 3 Healers deal with Demora.

Dungeon Pro

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Dungeon Pro - 9F891C359

Complete dungeon level 750.

– Before completing this achievement, you must encounter Tengen – the boss of Dimension 7 – at level 700.
– His “Fighting Spirit” will forces all non-Fighters to flee, and you will instantly lose if you have no party members left. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a team of at least 3 Fighters in order to defeat him.
– Equip your fighters with items that increase physical damage and well as boost health.
– Upgrade your Relic of Fighter to as high as you can get them.
– Do not use Piledriver too often, but use Dropkick instead.

True Warrior

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - True Warrior - 9F891C359

Complete dungeon level 1000.

– In order to unlock this achievement, you must defeat the game’s final boss, Ornos.
– He takes 500 damage per turn when Burned or Poisoned, so Darkmages and Dhronen are useful against him.
– He will use all skills from the previous bosses that you have encountered.
– Use your skills and healing properly and you will pull through.
– Example team:

  • Healer
  • Darkmage
  • Darkmage
  • Healer
  • Knight

– You can use auto-equip if you wish, but manually setting your items will be much better.
– Good luck!

Rare Find

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Rare Find - 524EE8556

Find a rare item.

– This achievement is slightly luck-based. You will start earning rare items in Dimension 2 and 3, but it is still a bit difficult to find one.
– The best team to increase your chances of finding a rare item is 2 Healers and 3 Thieves. Thieves have an innate skill that increase the chances of better items dropping, so they will make this achievement much easier to get. 2 Healers are needed to keep the Thieves alive.
– Items don’t really matter that much – auto-equip will get most of the job done. But if you have the item “Vaan’s Magnet“, equip as many of them as possible.

Legend Has It

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Legend Has It - 379875968

Find a legendary item.

– This achievement is, in fact, quite easy. You can start finding Legendary items in Dimension 4-5. Use a team with many Thieves to increase your odds of finding a Legendary.


Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Explorer - 4B40465D3

Complete 50% of the bestiary.

– Again, another achievement that you will earn over time. The entire dungeon is just a looping 100 levels, so it’s not that difficult to encounter rare enemies, as long as you play the game a lot.

Me and Steve

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Me and Steve - 4506A5EE4

Complete 100% of the bestiary.

– You need to play the dungeon a lot to unlock this achievement. Since some enemies are rarer than others, this seems to be the only way to do it.
– You are required to defeat all dungeon bosses in order to complete the bestiary.

Sugar High

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Sugar High - D17F7991B

Purchase all basic sodas.

– Like the description said, you just have to purchase all basic sodas.
– Sodas from the VIP section – Fury X-Treme and Void Cola – are not required to unlock this achievement.

Doesn’t Make Sense

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Doesn't Make Sense - 6C08FD94C

Steal essence from an enemy.

– In order to do this, use a Thief and Pickpocket (Thief’s first skill) an enemy with a glowing purple outline. You are guaranteed to steal 1 Essence from them.
– Essence starts spawning from Dimension 2.

Status: Poor

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Status: Poor - 7A9DAF053

Inflict burn, sleep, poison, and confusion on one enemy.

– In order to unlock this achievement, you need:

  • At least 1 Darkmage. (3 recommended)
  • At least 3 Dhronen. Equip them to non-Darkmages first, then to 1 of the Darkmages. If you have 5, give them to all members of your party.
  • You will begin finding Dhronen from Dimension 3.

– Darkmages’ Noxin skill (4 mana AoE damage) will have a chance to Confuse or Poison enemies.
– Dhronen is guaranteed to either inflict Burn or Sleep on an enemy.
– You can do this on any enemy, but I recommend fighting minibosses (bosses at the 5th level of every 10 level), as they take more hits and will be less likely to die before getting inflicted with all 4 status effects.
– You will get the achievement if your last hit, which would inflict the last status effect on an enemy already inflicted with 3 status effects, is fatal.

  • This means that if an enemy is inflicted with Poison, Confused, Burn, and you kill them with a Dhronen hit that would inflict Sleep, you would get the achievement.


Endurance Test

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Endurance Test - 8187BE4B6

Complete 100 levels in one trip.

– This achievement gets easier the farther you get into the game.
– It’s almost impossible in Dimension 1, and will get easier in Dimension 2 and 3.
– In Dimension 4, you are almost guaranteed to get this achievement with a decent team comp (2 Healers + any combination of Knights, Thieves or Darkmages) and good items.
– Upgraded relics will help immensely as well.

Take the High Road

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Take the High Road - C5FA11133

Win a battle only by defending.

– A tricky one, but can easily be done.
– You can use items listed in the “Back at ya” achievement in order to complete this achievement as well.
– Soda Junkies CANNOT DEFEND. Do not use them for this achievement.

Back at ya

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - Back at ya - 7BC0A7439

Reflect 100 damage from a single attack.

– A difficult one to complete.
– In order to do this, you need a Spike Shield, preferably level 4+. Other cheaper items can work as well, such as the Shark Shield, but Spike Shield is the easiest to obtain and most reliable.
– It is recommended that you do this with bosses that can deal area-of-effect damage, and a full party using Spike Shields. This is because the will take all reflected damage from the AoE skill at once.

For Honor

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - For Honor - 9B3634AD7

Have one Knight defend for another Knight.

– Knights will take damage for a teammate when they suffer a hit that would be fatal.
– To get this achievement as easy as possible, run a team full of Knights with no healing effect. You are almost guaranteed to get this achievement, even on auto-pilot.

All you Need is Soda

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - All you Need is Soda - 3FD13B725

Complete 50 levels with only one Soda Junkie.

– This is a tricky achievement – not too difficult, just tricky – to unlock.
– It gets easier the farther you get into the game.
– In order to complete this, I recommend:

  • Ninja Suit (the higher its level is, the better)
  • Assa*sin’s Dagger (the higher its level is, the better)
  • Potion of Evasion (I forgot, but it’s the white potion that you can hold)
  • Vacation Lobster’s Sungla*ses
  • etc.

– If you still find this achievement to be difficult, grind more and upgrade your Health Regeneration and Health Relics. Good luck!

The Legend of Dinner Boy

Achievement Guide - Soda Dungeon - The Legend of Dinner Boy - 822BA74B6

Hope you’re hungry.

– You must:

  • Have the Kitchen upgrade at Level 7 or higher.
  • Be at Dimension 2 or higher
  • Have Auto-Equip turned OFF in the Settings menu. (Must be OFF)

– This can be done as soon as you reach Dimension 2, given that you have a Level 7 Kitchen already.
– This is most easily done when you HAVE NOT PURCHASED ANY SODA in a new dimension.
– Check out any Soda Junkie near tables with food, and click on each of them to check. Pay attention to their names; Dinner Boys will be aptly named “Dinner Boy” instead of “Soda Junkie”.
– When you find a Dinner Boy, hire him and enter a dungeon with him. Dinner Boys comes pre-equipped with a Fork and Bib, decent items.
– You will get the achievement after you finish a dungeon run with him.

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