Achievement Guide – Warp Frontier

Achievement Guide – Warp Frontier 1 -
Achievement Guide – Warp Frontier 1 -

Achievement guide


This is a rough guide to Warp Frontier’s Achievements. It is the first Steam Guide I have done, so it has a very rough format and no images. These solutions are how I unlocked them over several plays, so there are probably different and shorter ways for many. I have put spoiler tags around all achievements that are not unlocked through the story, so that people can search for one without being spoiled on others. This is not a walkthrough and I usually don’t put in anything that is covered by the game’s hint system. This guide is currently incomplete as I have not gotten all of the achievements.
MAC’s reports: to get positive reports, be as friendly and helpful with everyone as you can, but especially the MAC. For negative reports, I’m told you should be a trigger-happy jerk. For neutral reports, being diplomatic and somewhat helpful will work. If you got the postive and/or negative reports, do something a bit different for the neutral.

Starting Out

Nice Work McIver — story
Just Checking In — Use the ship’s Communications to contact the Department and/or Trish after you get the antenna repaired. You may need to contact only one.
Handy — story
Big Ego — story
Bagdets — story
Welcome Back — story
They’re Slammin’ — There are two ways to get this. The simple way is to tell MAC to leave when Areela asks you to send it out. The other way is explained in the Stable Achievement.
MAC’s First Report
Stable — Be informal with Areela, agree to help her out without asking questions until you revive her, don’t taunt MAC about the magnets, convince Areela to let MAC stay. If Areela gives you the earrings this should unlock. I figured this out after reading some hints from the devs on the forum.
Reckless — Asking Areela questions before reviving her and not kicking out MAC when she asks should be enough.
Hostile — Give Areela a hard time before reviving her, taunt MAC about the magnet then kick it out of the room when Areela asks. Trying to shoot the rat may help.
Birthday Drama
Happy Birthday Dahlia — pick Dahlia’s side in their fight
Happy Birthday Trish — pick Trish’s side in their fight.
Happy Birthday Boys — pick Change the Subject.
Happy Family — Remain silent then choose to try and defuse the argument is the start of this Achievement. Be sure to go back and talk to the Family whenever you are on Rust Station to complete it.

Nebula Ventura Mine

Trapped — story
Robert Deng
Tough Bloke — Give him the piece of cake you (hopefully) took from the Birthday party. Use the Sealant on him to fix his wound.
Close Call — Give him the piece of cake you (hopefully) took from the Birthday party OR use the Sealant on him to fix his wound. Doing both gets you the other achievement
Shocked — story
Locan mine security
No Worries Mate — Be friendly then choose to tell them the whole truth. (Vince doesn’t actually tell them the whole truth).
Professional — Be non-hostile then choose to tell them a half truth.
Dirty Vince — Pull your gun on them immediately and be as hostile/crazy as possible. Later, the Locan Commander will be hostile to you, and you can miss achievements
MAC’s Second Report
Stability Improving — Heal Robert Deng completely. Be friendly and tell the truth to the Locan security.
Erratic Behaviour — Do not completely heal Robert Deng. You can do anything to Locan security except tell them the full truth, including threatening them.
Out of Control — I don’t know.
Bein’ All Handy — Pick up a fuse after you defeat the robot, then later put it in the police station heater.

The Feds and Facility 1

Meeting the Feds
Concerned — Pick the third dialogue choice twice, then choice 2 ‘whose side are you on’, then ‘MAC!’
Analytical — Pick the third dialogue choice twice, then choice 2 ‘whose side are you on’, then choice 3 (I think, I didn’t double check this)
Esalating — Pick the third dialogue choice twice, then pick ‘Threaten’, then ‘draw gun’
Leonardo — once you locate Facility 1, switch its transponder code for yours
MAC’s Third Report
Commendable — Other methods may work. I can reliably get this by talking to Titus before meeting the Feds and telling him Vince and Trish got together, by using Bishop’s ‘Concerned’ route, by giving Bishop Areela’s card during the first meeting, by giving the Feds’ computer all the info I can get and then finding Facility 1 as soon as possible
M4king 3xcu5es — There should be many ways to get this. Don’t use any of the Feds’ achievement routes, except maybe Blanka’s violent one, don’t talk to Titus before meeting the Feds.
Totally iN of control — I don’t know.

The Arcade, Bugging Nebula Ventura, Family Time

I have put these achievements together because they can be worked on at the same time. However, the Arcade scenes will unlock if you visit your family before going to the Cetus Penthouse.
Pod — When you are notified of the problem at the Arcade, go to your ship and take it to the Arcade, then solve the setpiece.
Dahlia — After getting the pod out, go through the hole into the Arcade and rescue Dahlia.
Pa*sing the Buck — Assuming you are notified of the Arcade breach while on the station, go to your ship, then pick anywhere else to go to.
Double Agent — Accept the gift from Volkov, then give it to Dorothy.
Seeing It Through — After talking to Colin about Dorothy, go back to Facility 1 and do a Search for her daughter’s name. Then tell Dorothy before going to Facility 3. The hint system may tell you how to do this, though too late to get it.
The Rust Kids
Move Along Boys — This is apparently only accessible by letting Robert Deng die. When Colin has information for you, he won’t give it until you ask the boys to leave.
Little Scraps — I don’t know
Straight To The Pool Room — During the birthday argument, choose either Change the Subject or remain silent and then ‘try to defuse’. Then remember to visit the family during the Facility search.
Family Time — Spend 10 minutes in Trish’s apartment. If you visit every time you on the Rust Station, this should be easy.
Doghouse — I don’t know.
Visiting Volkov
Whatever’s Wet — Accept a drink when offered. MAC will ignore 1 drink but not 2.
Staying Dry — Decline a drink when offered.
Special Delivery — Be as hostile as possible talking to Volkov, and rudely refuse his gift. On your second visit you should find you can’t get an appointment. Then give the bugged bottle to Denko. The devs had to explain this one.

Facility 2 and Facility 3

Raphael — once you locate Facility 2, switch its transponder code for yours
Locan security in facility
Necessary — Easiest with Facility 2. Go to other places until you get a warning the Locans could find it, (save and) visit one more place, then go to the Facility. Locan security should be there. Open fire.
Another Way — Easiest with Facility 2. Go to other places until you get a warning the Locans could find it, visit one more place, then go to the Facility. Locan security should be there. Leave to the Facility Exterior and then return. The devs had to explain this one.
MAC’s final report
This is issued only when visiting the Penthouse after securing Facility 2, so it can be missed entirely. As far as I can tell, you get the same level as the third report, perhaps unless you allow the Locans to find a Facility.
Good Behaviour
g3tt1nG tHe j0b doNe
suspension of duties nOt$ recommended
Wizards in a Whirlshell — story (?)
Michaelangelo — once you locate Facility 3, switch its transponder code for yours

The Many Endgame Achievements

Because so many of them are linked, all the achievements for the final location and the general end of the game are here
Data Dump — Save Dorothy and she will tell you Volkov’s pa*sword. Send the data to the Feds. To save her, see the Seeing It Through achievement.
The Locan commander
Diplomatic Relations — Tell her to drop her weapon because the droids respond to hostility, then pick tell the truth and tell her the droids are people. She should tell you that she will contact you later.
Old Habits — Tell her to drop her weapon because the droids respond to hostility, then try and arrest her.
Too Slow — If you don’t talk to her soon enough, splat! If you have been hostile to Locans all game, she won’t listen to you.
Droid Montage — story
Kuznetsov’s fate, MAC’s fate
That Escalated Quickly/Parting Ways — These two seem to have the same conditions. Be hostile to all the Locans you meet and if expressing opinions about them. If the Locan commander won’t listen to you, you probably have these achievements.
MAC!/Stay On — Don’t be hostile to the Locans you meet. That’s the only condition I know.
Kuznetsov Walked — If Kuznetsov lives, this should be automatic, unless you have figured out how to get him arrested.
Got Kuznetsov — Tell the full truth to the Locan commander. She should tell you she will contact you later. Then get the information from Kuznetsov’s computer, which requires his pa*sword from Dorothy.
Trish and the Family
It’s Over — You will get this if you don’t visit your family during the Facility search, regardless of other factors. Apart from that, if you don’t side with Trish or stay silent and then try and defuse the birthday argument, you should get this.
Making It Work — Siding with Trish during the Birthday argument should unlock this, if you visit your family during the Facility search. You might get this on the Happy Family route, but I couldn’t check that.
Happy Family — During the birthday argument, first pick stay silent then try and defuse the argument. Visit the family as often as possible during the Facility search.
Federal Rating
Federal Commendation — Locate and secure all Facilities before the Locans do.
Federal Service Medal — Allow the Locans to get to a Facility before you.
Certificate of Service — I don’t know.

Final Words

I hope this was useful and not too hard to sort through without images. I would appreciate any help with the achievements I am missing, which currently are the second, third and final negative reports, Doghouse, Little Scraps, and Certificate of Service.

Written by ElfSeeker

This is all we can share for Achievement Guide – Warp Frontier for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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