Achievement Hunters Guide List – Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ Remastered

Achievement Hunters Guide List – Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ Remastered 1 -
Achievement Hunters Guide List – Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ Remastered 1 -

This guide is just a help for people that in the end want to get all achievements but do not know where to start or what to focus on. Just my advise to help you prioritize.


This guide is just a help for people that in the end want to get all achievements but do not know where to start or what to focus on. If you need help with a particular achievement, check out other guides or even youtube videos, there are great ones out there. For all achievements, I needed about 80 hours but I did not rush it, explored alot on my own without help of guides. I will not mention unmissable achievements. If an achievement is not listed here, I a*sume you will pick it up on the way. So here my advise:

Achievements and how to deal with them

Guildering the Lily – Awarded for ama*sing a fortune of half a million guilders.
I would not bother too much about money. So the easiest way to make money is to play platoon (there are guides for it that make this game really easy) and sell the items you can get with chips. Having completed the game, in the end I noticed this was a waste of time since I ended with a million guilders. So just play and if you REALLY need the money in the end just sell your rich inventory afterwards, that should absolutely suffice.
Man of Steal – Awarded for successfully stealing 50 times.
Do not bother about this, you WILL get this achievement while getting the mats for alchemizing.
Glim Reaper – Awarded for gathering 2,000 glims. and Little Battler Experience – Awarded for winning 1,000 battles.
I would not bother about these 2 achievements. They popped up for me in post-game.
Super Hero – Awarded for collecting all the merit awards.
Will happen post game. Just keep up with the errands and bounty hunts in your normal playthrough and the end will not be too tedious.
Treasure Hunter – Awarded for finding all hidden treasure chests.
Do not bother for this achievement until you have tengri (to fly) and the spell to detect the chests on the overworld. If you have them, it’s not very tedious.
Overfamiliar – Awarded for maximizing a familiar’s familiarity. and Pedigree Breeder – Awarded for training a familiar to its full potential.
So this DOES take a while. Do not underestimate this. At some point in the midgame (I did when I got tengri) choose a familiar you think might be powerful until the end game (in my case this was Dinoceros) and feed it with all the cookies it loves. This will take hundreds of treats if you use the low-level ones but is sped up significantly with higher tier treats. When you reach familiarity 5 (awarding this achievement) you can feed other treats (getting levels with those will be significantly faster) and nothing goes to waste.
Familiarologist – Awarded for taming 250 different species.
So several tips for this one, since obviously this takes alot of your time:
1. Tame everything that is occasionally tameable – at least twice. If you get the chance and don’t know if you have it twice – tame it. It’s free. You will have to backtrack anyway and get some familiars you missed on.
2. Always level up familiars in your 3rd slot. You do really not need more than 2 familiars on every character. Use the 3rd slot to level up familiars you don’t want to fight with at least to tier 2. You can even go further and level up until it is possible to metamorph it to tier 3 – but DON’T DO IT YET. You will encounter tier 3 familiars later and you will occasionally be able to tame them for free. This saves you alot of time since every familiar has 2 tier 3 forms and both count. So once you catch one, you can metamoprh the other.
3. While playing the game you will get tickets. These tickets can be traded in for unique familiars and golden familiars at the temple of trials. These golden familiars count seperately from the normal ones – so bringing a mite to tier 3 and a golden mite to tier 3 counts as 6 familiars. Since these familiars are easy to get, you will have alot of familiars to pa*s on in the end.
Mad Scientist – Awarded for alchemizing 120 different items.
So this is the big one. This achievement will need alot of planning, gathering and grinding and will keep you busy from the late early game when you get the cauldron to the very end. Here my tips:
1. Make a list. What did you already craft and what ingredients will you need in the future? Keeping track of what you need and ideally check before entering and playing through areas what you can get there. Without a list, you will be lost and waste alot of time.
2. You will need to steal alot. In the beginning, stealing is a waste of time, but in the later areas most enemies will have some useful alchemical ingredient. Especially noteworthy areas to steal from while playing through are Miasma Marshes (Bougie-Woogie), Billy Goat’s Bluff (Hackrabbots, Thunderbyrds, Gobspeed) and Nazcaä (Nightcaps, Relixx). You will have to grind some other places but these were places I regularly had to come back to.
3. Gather every shiny object on the world map if it’s not miles away. Still, you will have to come back for some.
4. You will not have to create every item there is. There are 134 items, you need 120. On the list there are 14 lategame-items with ingredients that are extremely arduous to farm (Ice Crystal Claws, Brilliant Armor, Blessed Helm, Mystical Shield, Blossom of the Bard, Riddle Rivet and some others). The only one of them you have to get is the Demon’s Axe since this is an errand. You will have to grind some Kaleidostones and Scrolls of Truth – both drop only lategame. Also, there drop some along the way so you don’t have to farm all 5 each. To not have to grind more of this ulgy stuff you will have to get every single other item that is somewhat decent to craft. In the end you can get to 120 without farming more Scrolls of Truth, Kaleidostones or any Troll’s Tears, All-seeing Eyes, etc.
High Roller – Awarded for collecting all of the tickets for the Mem-O-Vision by winning big at the casino.
Check out for guides for platoon (google “ni no kuni platoon exploit”) and this is easily done. Also, if you need money, this is a way.
King of the World – Awarded for defeating the Guardian of Worlds.
This is the end of a quite tedious and long questline where you basically need to defeat all major bosses of the game again and need to walk through all dungeons again. When reaching post-game, one of the first things you should do is accepting this questline. I did not and had to backtrack into all of the dungeons I farmed and grinded before for mats for alchemizing. Spare yourself this time and just accept it early. You can get the quest as soon as you reach the post-game and getting this ASAP will save you time.
Solosseum Supremo – Awarded for becoming the champion of the Solosseum Series.
So the fights on S-Tier are some of the hardest in the game. But since you will end up at level 90 anyway, just wait with it until the very end. At this point, it should be quite easy. I did it after the king of the world at level 95-ish at which point I had no problems whatsoever.

Written by BluKa | Exelloco

This is all we can share for Achievement Hunters Guide List – Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch™ Remastered for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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