Achievement list due to them not being on pc for some reason – Overlord: Raising Hell

Achievement list due to them not being on pc for some reason – Overlord: Raising Hell 1 -
Achievement list due to them not being on pc for some reason – Overlord: Raising Hell 1 -

this may seem dumb(sorry i just have a lot of selth loathing.) but it’s more of a checklist than a true guide for players to do things also because achievements dont list themselves with guides. So more of a replacement and shoving of the achievements from console into a guide section due to the company’s laziness.
Just shove em in a notepad and add a tick next to em when you are done.(i hope this idea is fun enough or interesting enough for me to not be hated.) It’s something we missed out on on pc for some bizzare reason.
Hope you at least consider this idea for something to do just marking off achievements from console.

Base game

Power up the Tower. – Obtain the tower heart simple enough one of your first quests the game should lead you through this easily. (Retrieve the Tower Heart to power up the Tower)
Rebuild the tower. – Obtain the crane (Retrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower)
congratulations.. that’s as far as you can get in the overlord demo.
Obtain a mistress – Get yourself a little company and some help spending your money
Retrieve the food – Retrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?
Defeat Melvin – Puncture a Hero
Defeat Oberon – Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.
Defeat Sir William – Cure a Hero of life
Defeat Goldo – End a Hero’s obsession
Defeat Jewel – Steal a Hero
Defeat Kahn – Get angry with a Hero
Defeat the wizard – Defeat the 7th hero
Full corruption – Win with the blackest heart (Get 100% corruption and beat the game with it)
Zero corruption – Win with the clearest conscience (Be pure 0% corruption and beat the game with it)
Red minions – Retrieve the Red Hive
Green minions – Retrieve the Green Hive
Blue minions – Retrieve the Blue Hive
Steel smelter – Retrieve a Smelter (Obtain a steel smelter)
Durium smelter – Retrieve a powerful Smelter (Obtain a stronger durium smelter)
Arcanium smelter – Retrieve the most Powerful Smelter (Obtain the best smelter Arcanium)
Full durium – Forge a full durium set aka weapon armour and helmet
Full Arcanium – Forge a full arcanium set
Ultimate steel – Obtain an ultimately imbued steel set(aka all items of this type at maximum minions shoved in them)
Ultimate durium – Obtain an ultimately imbued durium set
Ultimate Arcanium – Obtain an ultimately imbued Arcanium set
Minion harvester – 10 lifeforce
Ama*s minions – 250 lifeforce
Minion hoarder – 1000 lifeforce
Minion multitude – 10000 lifeforce obtained
Tower master – Collect all the tower objects
Ultimate horde – Get a full horde fully equipped (aka that rating at 400%)
Dungeon dabbler – Defeat half the dungeon creatures
Dungeon Overlord – Defeat all of the dungeon creatures
Mistress master – Fulfill all of your mistress’ wishes Aka buy all the tower stuff for her.
Survivor – Last for 5 minutes on survival mode (co-op or online works)
Superior survivor – last for 10 minutes on survival mode (co-op or online works)
Ultimate survivor – last for 30 minutes on survival mode (co-op or online works)
Complete in pillage – Play a ranked pillage match (just play one i dont think the ranked matches are made anymore??)
win in pillage – win a ranked pillage match
10 wins in pillage – win 10 ranked pillage matches
50 wins in pillage – win 50 ranked pillage matches
Complete in Slaughter – Play a ranked slaughter match (see complete in pillage for why i dont think its possible)
Win in slaughter – win a ranked slaughter match
10 wins in slaughter – win 10 ranked slaughter matches
50 wins in slaughter win 50 ranked slaughter matches
I may update it later but considering there are already guides for the console achievements out there..

Raising Hell yeah baby

Dungeon legend – Defeat all the dungeon expansion creatures
Hell raider – Conquer the mellow hills abyss
Soulblighter – Conquer the evernight forest abyss
Demon master – Conquer the heavens peak abyss
Infernal lord – Conquer the golden hills abyss
Lord of the abyss – Conquer the ruborian desert abyss

Challenge pack Simply Legendary.

Legendary overlord – Defeat the 7th hero in legendary mode
Extended survivor – Last for 45 mins in an expansion survival map
Extended pillager – win 25 ranked expansion pillage maps
Extended slayer – win 25 ranked expansion slayer maps.
Thank you for reading and not hating something thats just a list of the console achievements.

Written by tzer

I hope you enjoy the Achievement list due to them not being on pc for some reason – Overlord: Raising Hell guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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