Achievement List Guide – Avadon 3: The Warborn

Achievement List Guide – Avadon 3: The Warborn 1 -
Achievement List Guide – Avadon 3: The Warborn 1 -

Achievements categorized so you don’t miss out!
Also hints at how to get them.
This is not a walkthrough or a puzzle guide, support the devs by buying theirs!

Introduction and Notes

Oddly enough, most of the achievements are very similar to Avadon 2 which I played earlier this year.
if you don’t want to replay the game, start on Torment difficulty and never use resurrection scrolls but don’t sell them, wait until you get that achievement, then you can use them for harder battles.
Once you have the torment medal achievement, you can change the difficulty for the other achievements, for example, downgrade to Hard then do the Kill a God one, after that, downgrade to Normal and do the Redbeard/Dragon ones.
At the end, you have a choice to help or betray Redbeard, each of the choices will give you a different achievement. It is recommended to flatter and stay on Redbeard’s good side but still get the stuff from his enemies to kill him. In the end, make a save, do it one way then the other.
There are solo parts to the game and a lot of forum users agree, making a DEX tinkerer build with razordisks and charged weapons is OP.
Khalida is great as a tank with lots of parry and elemental resistances and at higher levels, it can give everyone battle frenzy, upgrade her blessings effectiveness to make her blessings last super long and you’ll be able to attack twice for a dozen turns in battles.
There is a retrainer, but not until you have played through half the game and reach Herve in Goldcrag, it’s free though.
Unlike previous games, most hidden switches are in pots/vases or even crates/hay cubes.
If an item has a value number, you can sell it, if it doesn’t have one, you cant.
All merchants buy items for the same price but they might sell for different prices.
You should read this forum thread, it has spoilers but it will help minimize your time at completing the game with 100% achievements, if that’s your playstyle. – [] 
this thread also helped me bunches: – [] 
The highest lockpick level in the party counts and can not be combined with others. A blademaster or shaman will need to buy lockpicks or skip opening some doors and containers in camps and Avadon where you are solo.
Unlike Avadon 2, Mines can no longer be attacked, you need plot armor.
Even if you arent melee, having shield/weapon equipped will give you its bonuses.
You can only end a fight if there no enemies in your party’s field of vision.
Your party will resurrect if you end the battle.
This means, in some battles, if you are having a hard fight, you can stay and fight with two characters while the 3rd flees, when the 2 characters left behind die, the 3rd will no longer see enemies and you can end the battle, resurrecting the others. You can use this to kill enemies one by one if they are in a big group, for example, in Kirik-Tor.
This method will remove some of your max vitality every time your characters die, though, but you can recuperate when you get back to camp.
You can also end the battle if the character whose turn is on, cant see enemies.
Your characters get XP after you kill enemies even if they die during battle.
You will be alone in Black Fortress/Avadon, make sure you equip the right scarabs and equipment for the job. Near the end of the game, you will need to infiltrate the invitation location by yourself as well.
You can teleport even if tied down by immobility.
Some traps trigger negative effects on start of the round or on a boss’s turn, so you can cure someone before the effect is reapplied before then.
Most NPCs you can talk to say things while moving around to help them stand out from other less important NPCs but not all.
Blessings and Training you buy apply to your full group, you can read about the effects if you open the journal and look under special items.

Item/Craft Info

Check out this thread for more detailed info on all quests – [] 
It also tells you what your reward is according to your choices, its a great post!
Things to keep for Quests, you know?
1 Blanket for Prisoner @ Starting Camp
4 Alchemical Equipment (any type) for Quartermaster @ Starting Camp
20 Fruit for Headwoman Amelie @ Vanatok’s Stead
1 Potted plant for Antal @ Kirik-Tor Meeting Hall
1 Gold necklace for Antal @ Kirik-Tor Meeting Hall
1 Long bow for Antal @ Kirik-Tor Meeting Hall
6 Drake skins for crafting items @ SE New Woodhome @ Beraza Woods
— Oak Pitch – Oak Vanguard Shield (+32% armor, +5% melee damage protection, +5% melee damage,+5% parry) – Room with crystals that spew acid.
— Sapphire Power – Frozen Chalice (Charm: +10% cold resistance, +4% to magical damage) – SE room in the Khemerian Council/Shaman School Dungeon, in a chest close to the portal.
— Powdered Demon Horn – Flaming Chalice (Charm: +10% fire resistance, +5% to vitality recovery)
– End of Corrupted Labyrinth @ Green Refuge
— Powdered Demon Larvae – Sustenance Amber (Charm: +10% less time for abilities to recharge, +5% to healing) – Infernal Bullrush Room, North from center @ Monitor Base C
— Dragon’s Claw – Dragonfang Wand (Charm: +3% to magical damage, +1 Endurance)
– Tower of Trials, 2nd Floor @ Black Fortress
— Gold Nugget – Blackguard’s Braid (+10% to critical hit chance, +10% to blessings/curses you cause) – Goldcrag Vault, past golem (its immune to magic and hits really hard)
— Jar of Gold Powder – Orb of Farsight (Charm: +5% to blessings/curses you cause, +10% to missile damage) – Warborn Arena Underground, Filth Shaft, press mushroom to open secret room.
— Iron Meteor – Blessed Starstone (Charm: +5% Hostile Effect Resistance, +5% less time for abilities to recharge) – Beraza Woods Underground, inside a nest guarded by corruption horrors on your way back where the Holkland camp is.

Point of No Return

On Chapter 4, after you deliver the invitation to Redbeard you will be sent on a solo infiltration mission to Antita Ruins, that is the point of no return.
Make sure you did everything you wanted, if you will need all your teammates against redbeard, make sure you finished their loyalty missions. Crafted most of Nico’s charms, are close to level 30.
Use your gold, buy blessings/training or buy potions.
Also retrain at Goldcrag, you shouldnt need Level 4 lockpicks/open locks anymore.
Enchant your gear, equip every teammate with the best things you can get for them.
Make a hard save before going to Antita and try not to overwrite it
If you are playing torment and have not defeated the dragon or the god, this might be a good time to go ahead and finish the game first, get the achievement on not using any resurrection scrolls, then do both redbeard endings.
After you are done, reload before the point of no return and go kill the dragon and the god and use the resurrection scrolls if needed.

Storyline Achievements

Shown in order as acquired.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 713592071
Out of the Nest
Complete the tutorial.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - C84FC0596
Wayward Son
Report Geert’s fate, good or bad.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 3C4E4E3ED
The First Meeting
Drive Dheless out of Khemeria.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - CA653F431
The Hard Way
On the Corruption border, fight all six Farlanders at once.
This is missable.
When you are in the corruption zone, you will meet some shades.
You have the option to chose to fight “fairly” or be defiant and tell them that you will fight any foe. If you choose fair, you will only fight 3 farlanders, choose the last option: “any foe” to fight all six. Win and get this achievement.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - C4A2A44FB
The Second Meeting
Find a route to peace with the Wyldrylm rebels.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 0E46FD1CF
Corruption Calmed
Find the irritant that is expanding The Corruption. Remove it.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - C4B027A1B
The Black Fortress
Recover from Avadon everything that you need.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - C6823D976
You’re Making Bad Choices
Cement your alliance with the ogres.
This is missable.
When you get to Goldcrag, you will need to deal with two of the three warband leaders.
You can either kill two leaders or make a pact with one and kill another.
To get this achievement, make a pact with the Ogre leader.
The problem is that, the ogres are so dumb, they will attack you as soon as you get close to their camp, however, if you manage to run/fight your way to the ogre leader, the leader will not be hostile to you. The leader is in a cave, southwest of the west camp entrance. This fight is easy even in Torment, you can start the fight through the north entrance and go into the nearby rat building to rest/save when needed. The ogre leader himself, is a tough fight.
Unfortunately, you wont trigger the achievement until the quest is complete and you report to Redbeard so you still need to kill one leader before you go for this one.
After you get the achievo, you can go reload an earlier save and try to kill him if you want. You can speak to him to trigger the fight then run to the rat building to the NE, making sure he follows. In there, save, rest up, buff if you want then go out and fight, since he is away from his magic circle, the beasts he summons will take several turns to come with the exception of the sky drakes. He drops a nice +1AP spear.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - CA9D70A63
Liberating Goldcrag
Deal with the brutal stalemate in The Kva.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 1BFB0F4FC
The Third Meeting
Establish your dominance over the Warborn.
If Chapter 4, you will need to steal an invitation to proceed the storyline, you have two ways to do it, each one gives you an achievement, you can steal both, one is way harder than the other.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 527DF3FB5
The Tawon Priest
Steal the invitation from the servant of a living god.
You might need to fight an army to get this one, but not all at once.
At the temple of Velusa, when you make everyone hostile, only the enemies in your surrounding areas will come to attack you, the rest of the patrols in the temple are still patrolling. So you can fight in the throne room, then go to up, fight your way to the invitation then fight your way out little by little.
The boss fight isnt hard if you can focus on the protector and kill him quickly.
Velusa himself will remain non-hostile even if you kill everyone else.
Note that you wont be able to buy blessings anymore if you decide to do this.

Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - D947F9FD0
The Kellem Traitor
Recover the great traitor’s invitation.
In Beraza Forest, you can find this guy, the fight is not as hard as you might think, his wand powers are powerful as he can fully heal its allies or stun your teammates for 2 turns and do area damage, like the game says, it has limited uses, I focused my fire on him and killed him quickly. Having curing skills/scarabs to remove the stuns/immobility helped a lot. Once you click on the chest the invite and the achievement will be yours.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 793C17A21
The Final Meeting
Infiltrate. Learn. Escape.
When you return to Avadon with Redbeard, you will experience a lot of dialogue but then you will have a small moment to save your game (and the game autosaves too) and then you will have this decision:
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - BD0A8B37D
The first choice and a few obvious others will lead to:
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 25A91AB20
Loyal to the End
Restore Redbeard to his rightful place. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
The second choice will start a fight and its and endboss fight.
To weaken Redbeard you must have done the following, doing this will still enable to get both achievements in the end, so dont worry:
1) After getting the vial for Redbeard, give it to Protus so he can poison it.
2)When you get to Zethron’s Keep, You can get some of Redbeard’s hair from his room, you need to open a secret door nearby to get in and in Ch4, after you give the invitation to Redbeard, Envoy Dirran will contact you and then you can give her the hair, it will help in the fight against Redbeard.
During the fight, kill his soldiers first while he isnt fighting that seriously because once you make him angry, he gets tough. Send summons to tie him down so he stays away from the main fight.
When he does his kage no jutsu, look for the clone that is the most damaged, although, if you kill his other clones, he wont heal back as much.
When the infernals come, you have to go a corner and keep as many of them as far away from your group as possible, if they gang up on you and start spamming their AOE skills, you’ll lose fast.
Once you kill him, you will get:
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 36D692F36
Retirement Plan
Take the throne. (Normal difficulty or higher.)

Difficulty Achievements

All the following achievements stack, meaning finishing on Torment will give you all 3 achievements at once. You should not change difficulty until you get the achievements or they will be invalidated.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 3EA743861Hand of Avadon
Complete Avadon on any difficulty.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 01855BBCEEye of Avadon
Complete Avadon on Hard difficulty or higher.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Storyline Achievements - 694FC12A7Heart of Avadon
Complete Avadon on Torment difficulty.

Sidequest Achievements

Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Sidequest Achievements - E867D846B
Liberated At Last
Free the Eternal Prisoner.
When you get to Avadon/Black Fortress, in the area near where you find Eye Laria, inside a prison, lies the eternal prisoner.
Talk to him and ask why he is here, after a while he will ask you to free him.
Accept, survive waves of enemies and when you win, get this achievo.
Tip: You can quickly run outside, use the lever to close the door/portcullis and then shoot from behind its safety.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Sidequest Achievements - 047A091DA
Tireless Scholar
Bring Avadon knowledge of three libraries.
Eye Tamsin in the Avadon Library hands out this side quest when you ask her about the library.
The 3 library locations are:
1) Underneath Zethron’s Keep
2) Natalie’s Loyalty Quest in Svar’s Peninsula (dont tell Tamsin until you complete it but you can if you want)
3)Velusa Temple Library (You need to go down through NE secret door in servant’s quarters then up the center into it to the last upper floor)
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Sidequest Achievements - 4A3DA31E6
Struggle For Peace
Bring peace to the Beraza Woods with minimal bloodshed.
Peace in Beraza Sidequest given by Eye Leora @ Fort Foresight
Once you find the camps, intimidate them into leaving without a fight by telling you are a Hand and its either leave or die. After you make them both leave, you’ll get this.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Sidequest Achievements - F7D764CC6
Partnership Over
Kill a dragon. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Sidequest Achievements - 65355D4F0
Humiliate the Tawon
Kill a god. Not an old, feeble god. One of the tough ones. (Hard difficulty or higher.)

Codex Achievement

Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Codex Achievement - D10B364C7
Sage of Lynaeus
Read 30 codexes.
Here is a list of all 30 codexs.. codices? as I found them.
They look like books on white pedestals or like the icon above, they give you 50XP the first time you activate them.
2)Age of Chaos
3)The Pact
Nightshade Information Center
5)The Farlands
Commander’s Office
6)Protus Letter
Nightshade Quartermaster
7)First Age
8)Black Age
Vanatok’s Stead Fortress: 2nd Floor
9)Eyes, hands and hearts
11)Report – Dheless
Keeper’s Quarters @ Nightshade
12)Wyldrylm Rebellion
Main Meeting Hall @ Kirik-Tor
13)Hanvar’s Council
Warrior’s Tower, 2nd Floor @ Kirik-Tor
14)The Wyldrym
15)The Corruption
17)Keepers of Avadon
Keeper’s Quarters @ Green Refuge
18)The monitor bases
Commander’s Courtyard @ Green Refuge
19)The Sack of Avadon
Dungeons, Security Barracks, North of Imre’s cell@ Black Fortress
20)End of the Black Age
Dungeons, South from Eternal Prisoner @ Black Fortress
Dungeons, room if you go east then north from last codex @ Black Fortress
23)The Third Age
Library, Main Level @ Black Fortress
Library, Upper Level @ Black Fortress
26)Contested Lands
27)Beraza Woods
Protus’ Audience Hall/Throne, Upper Level @ Black Fortress
Zethron’s Keep, Eye Records @ Titan Lands
29)The Kva
Redbeard’s Audience Room @ Zethron’s Keep
30)Wretch Lands
Underground Library @ Zethron’s Keep
31)Titan Peaks
North Guardhouse by East Entrance @ Zethron’s Keep
32)The Tawon Empire
Eye Gable Room, West of the Trader’s Shop @ Fort Foresight
Locked room, Commander’s Quarters @ Fort Foresight


Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Other - 16B1B5E20
I Can Use This?
Open a secret door.
Push the button man.
There are tons of secret doors in the game, you’ll get this without trying.
The first one is by touching a pot/vase in the storage building to the north once you finish talking to Torch at the start of the game.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Other - 43D1F5B5D
Needy Underlings
Win a Hand’s loyalty.
Complete and side with one your companions in their personal quest.
I believe the first one is for Khalida after you get the mission to go to Avadon (Black Fortress).
They will come speak to you when in camp, then you need to talk to them after.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Other - C8D847691
Hands Are Sneaky
Put on your own magical disguise.
Drink a potion of disguise.
The first one I found was after I completed Khalida’s quest and got the key from the main target’s corpse, the pot was on the floor in a locked room in the first floor east of the throne room. There are 3 more potions you can get later, one at the warborn arena and two on ch4.
I dont know the story use of these potions.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Other - 1ADA93371Flawless Efficiency
Complete the entire game without ever using a Resurrection scroll. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
The achievement will pop when the ending starts, you can choose to stay loyal to Redbeard to avoid the final fight, get this, reload, then try to kill the endboss AND use the scrolls you accumulated.
Achievement List Guide - Avadon 3: The Warborn - Other - 769DBECDD
Master of the Anvil
Augment 20 items.
There are a lot of rune orbs in the game, you need to use 20 of them on the anvil.
Meaning, you need to enchant 20 different items.
Its called Enchantment, not augment in the game, its weird.

Written by Shindragan

This is all we can share for Achievement List Guide – Avadon 3: The Warborn for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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