Actually effective Pacifist quide – POSTAL 2

Actually effective Pacifist quide – POSTAL 2 1 -
Actually effective Pacifist quide – POSTAL 2 1 -

you probably are one of the few people who arent blood hungry or dont feel any emotional pain, and want to complete postal2/paradise lost as a pacifist.
This quide goes a bit deeper than “haha dont shoot gun”


For your own sake, dont do your first playthroughs in both games as pacifist, because the game wont award you with the “pacifist” prize.
in your first playthrough, just go postal and complete the game, get the achievement for completing the game, then you can do the pacifist run.
This applies to paradise lost.

The basics

to put it simply, you must complete the game without killing anybody.
So, never hang around to wait until your opponents die, you can always run past them and tank the damage.

All of the important information (p2)

Basically, you dont have to act Legal to complete the game on pacifist.
you can rob the bank every day and you still are a pacifist.
If you want to get rid of somebody, acquire a dog (that will consume the opponent) via feeding it with either dog treats or Fast food.
You can find the Shocker and a police outfit at the police station, making the run a bit smoother.
The shocker can stun, and if used longer on a single enemy, make them pa*s out.
You should go rob the bank every day to keep up with your crack addiction.
You can also put Weed plants on fire, creating healing smoke that can overheal you to 200 hp.
Act like you are iron man during gun fights, and run through the bullet fire with enough crack to kill the average citizen.
nothing else to mention here, if you try hard enough you can complete the game as a pacifist in 2 hours.

Important information (Paradise Lost)

you can buy stun grenades from vending machines to “disable” groups of enemies without a shocker.
Buy catnip.
Do not let the brain damaged monkeys out , you will get called an animal murderer at the end of the game.
gather crack like Civvie from postal4
Dont murder anything, and if there is anything that doesnt get stunned via stun grenades, piss on em and run.
Run past all of the bosses that appear in the game, before meeting champ.
to avoid instant death against bosses, use crack and catnip.
the final bosses that arrive when you find champ, can be freely shot with your ma*sive arsenal, as the game feels that it can reward you for being pacifist and allowing you to release some tension.
dont kill anything that appears to be undead, you will still kill them, including skeletons.

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