Advanced Peeking (From A Diamond) – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Advanced Peeking (From A Diamond) – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 1 -
Advanced Peeking (From A Diamond) – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 1 -

Want to know how a Diamond player peaks?

Peeking (Aggressor)

First you need to know how to peek (properly)
There’s different kinds of peek, the main ones are:
-slow peeking (holding alt)
-fast peeking (not holding alt)
May not sound very different, but they have different purposes.
Slow peeking:
-This is for when you want to make minimal sound.
-Do not do this if the enemy know youre going to peek
-Only use this for sneaking up on an unsuspecting enemy
-Use this so you will not be heard
Fast peeking:
-You want to be moving back and forward, i will explain this in a moment.
-When you move out, the aim is to spot the enemy, keep going in and out QUICKLY until you see the enemy player.
-Once you see the enemy, and he sees you, you want to move back in.
-Now you want to go back out but pre-firing and in a different battle-position, e.g Crouching or lying down
-This will land you an almost certain kill
-The back and forward motion will give you as much of a peekers advantage as possible
Other tips:
-Change stance to suppirse your enemy, i.e. stand or crouch
-DO NOT go round a corner lying down, you will be heard and you WILL die.
-Only lie down if you are going to stay in one place, once youre laying down, dont move, you will create alot of noise and you will not be able to get away very fast if the enemy peaks you
-Peek away from the corner, if youre too close they will see your gun and they will pre-fire you before you come around
-lean as you come round the corner, they will only see your head and you will be harder to hit
-pre-dropshot around a corner if you know exactly where they are to give you the biggest advantage

Peeking (Defender)

For this part you will learn how to counter being peeked
Lying down:
-lying down is honestly the best way to counter being peeked
-peekers will be aiming at head hieght and you will have the advantage when they peek you
Peek them first:
-Bascially who ever peeks first will have the ping advantage.
-Youre going to want to be moving in and out, to try and catch them first.
-same technique as about but you want to be staying roughly in the same place and not moving too far out
Just dont engage:
-9 times out of 10, the attacking operators will have the advantage.
-Both Peekers advantage and better weapons
-the best way to beat a peeker is to just hide, and wait for them to come in.
-If you let them come to you, and then you peek them using the techniques above, you will have the advantage.
Pixel peeking
-holding a super right angle will mean the person peeking you will not see you.
-Hold a pixel peek, wait until you see them, and then move and pre-fire
-Dont give away your positioning by firing unnecessarily, wait until the peeker has false confidence and peek them when theyre not expecting it
Other tips:
-If you get droned, MOVE, you will die if you stand in the same place.
-Remember attackers have the better weapons, and will win most fire fights, as a defender you have to out think them.
-Dont get greedy
-Lying down is one of your greatest friends.
-Be unpredictable

Extra Help

-This guide barely touches the surface when it comes to peeking, theres alot more which i cant include
-If you want extra 1 to 1 help add my Uplay and send me a message, we can take a custom and I can talk you through more techniques

Written by OMiYa>,<

This is all we can share for Advanced Peeking (From A Diamond) – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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