Advanced tactics, and things you wish you would of known before you started – Trailer Shop Simulator

Advanced tactics, and things you wish you would of known before you started – Trailer Shop Simulator 1 -
Advanced tactics, and things you wish you would of known before you started – Trailer Shop Simulator 1 -

A list of ah ha moments and other non obvious things that can make your experience with the game a bit less frustrating.


You know those little ah ha moment you have you you make an not so obvious discovery well here are some you may come across.

1.) Extra cash at the start of the game.

You can sell your fridge at the start of the game on the scales in jacks shop for extra cash on hand.

2.) Bare minimum requests.

Customers will ask for just bread and kavass when you have noting in the store.

3.) What displaying items in the window really means.

There only needs to be 1 product of a type needs to be displayed in the windows shelves even if it is expired for it to appear on the consumers list of demands. This includes stuff you would normally put in the fridge if you stock up on say ice cream but do not have a display unit in the windows the costumers will never ask for it.
Also when restocking the distributor consider removing the display item from the window to prevent a backed up line due to one of them standing around waiting for something you only have in the window but not in the distributor. Keeping the line moving is more important then a stubborn customer remember if the customers do not see it in the window they will not ask for it you can put your display unit back in the window after you finish restocking.

4.) Keep it in the crate.

You do not have to stock shelves this are already organized in crates past your display unit and most stuff you would put in a fridge does not need it so long as you do not overbuy.

5.) Ketchup.

When buying ketchup make sure it is the only thing you are buying during the trip back and forth otherwise it will mess up your order when buying lots of crates.

6.) 8 to a crate.

When buying product get 8 at a time. 8 is the max that can be delivered in a crate so best practice is to buy in multiples of 8. Buying in off amounts can and will mess up your organization so if you can’t afford a full crate just wait.

7.) Feeding the distributor.

You do not need to hand feed every item into you distributor just pass your crate over a opened distributor and the items will automatically be added to the distributor without needing to load them all in 1 by 1.

8.) Why your wraps are not working.

When making wraps the chopped ingredients and cooked meats need to be in your inventory hot bar with the v take key then placed on the rolling plate by having the preview turn green.

9.) Do you have the meats?

When dealing with beef/chicken you have to cut it into chunks 1st then fry the chunks the meat needs to be placed on the cutting board from your hot bar inventory to where it turns green over the cutting board then you can hut it to make the process a bit less time consuming as you will also need to pick up and place all the chunks for frying do this with your chopping board on the stove then when you are done cutting move the chopping board this will not make the chunks ready but they will be on the stove at least meaning you will not need to move around as much when you place the chunks from your inventory with a v pickup back on the stove.

10.) Cooking times.

Frying time for meats and wraps takes about 10-15 seconds Set your timer to start the cooking process.

10.) Stove limits.

There is a limit to how much the stove can cook at one time best not to go over the amount of meat chunks you get from 4 full pieces of meat or 8 wraps at a time.

11.) That old spray bottle is worth money.

If you have a spray bottle, but no glass it is kind of useless to you so sell it on the scales in jacks shop. Glass is very expensive early on to replace once it is gone it may be better to just keep it gone and with no glass means there is no reason to keep the spray bottle when the funds you get for it can be used for your other ventures like staying alive. Holding on to it can be the difference between having enough money to buy bullets to survive an attack or not.

12.) Empty crates do have some value.

You can reuse use a empty crate to load up on more items that may not come in crates like ammo painkillers and wraps. Until you can afford more then 1 cutting board empty crates can also store your cut wrap ingredients for better organizing and transport.

13.) Know when you have been beaten.

You can not wait out the mafia by just sitting in your basement eating food drinking water and taking painkillers just hoping they will go away after a few days They will not. If you are broke/out of ammo you did not win you just found another way that does not work Just take the death and try again.
Once you die your save is erased. it is unknown if the developer may add in a save states system at some point in the future so unless that happens just know that at the time of writing this yes this game is hardcore like that.

14.) Insurance.

Insurance increases by 500 in cost every time you take it if you do take insurance make sure to get shot otherwise it will be a waste as it will expire remember you need to actually sign or make a scribble on the document for your policy to take effect.

15.) Don’t forget your retail markup.

Usually you can get away with at least a 25% increase in prices without launching an advertising campaign before your customers really start to complain, and refuse to buy. Do not forget to set this up at the start of the game.

16.) Distributor maintenance.

While there is a limit on how much you can put into your distributor around 100-120 before it will not take anymore items.
if you stock too much or on top of old stock the expiration dates on all the items are still ticking and customers may go what a rotten mess and throw it back in your face and not buy.
Remember to empty it out every 2 days and throw away the old unsold stock. Also even when using the distributor you still need to have 1 item of that type in your display window shelves for customers to buy it.
It is a good idea not to load in more then 2 crates worth of the same product at a time to keep your products fresh.
When you have to clean out have a empty crate ready to catch what gets spit back out at you so you can quickly throw multiple items it away without having to manually load the crate.
The distributor will burn through fuel if you leave it on.Turing it on only when you have a long line of costumers, and off during dead hours or down time while you are off restocking or doing other things can save you some fuel.

17.) Keeping yourself fed and hydrated.

Buy a case of roast beef and a case of water to keep for yourself every day. You could just think about water and roast beef as just food for you and never display them in the window so you will always have them on hand for your personal food and water source.

18.) You do not have to be a full service shopping center.

As mentioned previously what the costumer will ask for in the bare minimum section is really all you ever have to carry but you can use the more expensive round bread instead of just bread and it will replace the bread. Only specializing in carrying a few items (kavass, round bread, and grape leaves) can really help you get through the early game.
Trying to have 1 of everything at all times is a huge myth that will only cause you to have more expired products on hand due to not being able to sell all of 1 items stock faster then other items can go bad.

19.) Working in darkness.

By having your lights off you can save on those electric bills. sure you can get a flashlight and batteries to help as well but when working in total darkness it is a good idea to have a system in place to manage you stock of items start by keeping the same item type in the same space in the shop. also if you are limiting yourself to just a few products then outline of kavass, round bread, and a can of grape leaves are distinct enough to easily tell them apart.

20.) Do not rush building pc’s for your server side gig.

PC’s are just to expensive early to make then a viable option until you have survived for a long time and know what you need to survive the mob and can budget out the parts on an ala cart basis over several weeks it is best to avoid them. yes you can build up to them but getting your gun and having it at a maintained working order is way more valuable so only buy parts for your pc building and server rental business when you do not need to get a new gun that week, and know about how much ammo you need to set aside to survive.

End of guide.

This is the end of the guide on ah ha tips and tricks epiphany moments you will encounter during this game if any more should come across my mind when playing I will be sure to add them in later.

Written by japanaman2

I hope you enjoy the Advanced tactics, and things you wish you would of known before you started – Trailer Shop Simulator guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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