Advanced tips and tricks – Squad

Advanced tips and tricks – Squad 1 -
Advanced tips and tricks – Squad 1 -

A listing of advanced tips and tricks, gathered from hundreds of hours of Squad gameplay and related research.


Below are tips and tricks that mainly concern infantry gameplay.

All infantry


  • Impossible to aim accurately past 10 meters
  • No stamina
  • Pulsing screen
  • Might be better off respawning, if no medic nearby

Squad leader


  • Available on Insurgents and Irregular militia
  • Commander a*set
  • Use handheld drone (10 min cooldown)
  • Place IEDs (max 5) on drone with sapper (highly advisable to be in the same squad with the sapper for communication)
  • Fly the drone next to a high value target (vehicles, emplacements, large groups of infantry, etc.)
  • Tell Sapper to blow up IED (takes 5 seconds after detonation command)

Anti-Tank rocket launcher


  • Ranging only up to 200m
  • Sight can be confusing



Below are all tips and tricks that mainly concern vehicle gameplay.

All vehicles


  • Generally faster acceleration on road than off road
  • Slower acceleration while turning
  • Slower acceleration after losing grip with surface (jumping, driving on 2 wheels, driving on very bumpy terrain)
  • Slower acceleration uphill
  • Faster acceleration downhill
  • Shooting with vehicles (MBT cannon, IFV autocannon) accelerates the vehicle in the direction

Armored vehicles / vehicle combat


  • All vehicle armor can bounce incoming shots off of it, with the likelihood of bouncing depending on the angle of attack between the shot and the armor, and the thickness of the armor compared to the kinetic energy of the incoming shot
  • BMP-1 main cannon cannot meaningfully penetrate MBT armor, despite its caliber
  • ATGMs always do good damage, regardless of ATGM type, regardless of range to target
  • MBT AP rounds are by far the easiest to use, but they are by far less damaging to light vehicles compared to MBT HE rounds
  • BMP-1 HE rounds are many times weaker than MBT HE rounds, despite the caliber
  • AP rounds deal significantly less damage the further away the target is
  • HE rounds deal the same damage regardless of range
  • M2A3 has the highest dps out of any vehicle, and will win every engagement, a*suming it starts the fight with 2 TOW missiles
  • M1A1 and M1A2 have by far highest main cannon dps compared to any other MBT (25% faster fire rate)
  • The only MBT with ATGMs is the T72-B
  • Ramming into enemy APCs easily tips them over

Vehicle engagement table

Tiers, and ranks within tiers. A higher tier vehicle always wins an engagement against a lower tier vehicle. Vehicles within a tier have mostly fair matchups against each other, but weighted based on rank. Smaller tier and/or rank number is better than larger tier and/or rank number. A vehicle’s capacity to do anything else but win a single engagement is not taken into account for this table. Also, a high level of driver and gunner skill and no one-manning are a*sumed.

Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4Rank 5Rank 6Rank 7Rank 8
Tier 1T-72B3M2A3M1A1M1A2T-72S2A6MFV4034T-62
Tier 2FV520 CTAS
Tier 3BMP-2ASLAV-25LAV 6.0FV510 UAFV510
Tier 4BMP-1BTR-82
Tier 5M1126 M2 HBFV107MT-LBM 6MBBRDM-2 SpandrelBTR-80MT-LBM 6MABRDM-2
Tier 6Anything with covered .50 caliber weapon system and no windows
Tier 7M-ATV TOWSimir KornetAnything with covered .50 caliber weapon system and windowsAnything with 7.62 mm covered weapon system
Tier 8Anything with SPG-9Anything with AA-weapon systemAnything with open top .50 caliber weaponAnything with any weapon
Tier 9Every other vehicle



Below are tips and tricks relating mainly to game-wide features of Squad.



  • Opened either via custom keybind, or by default by using for example the ‘J’-key, and erasing any existing text
  • Respawn-command allows suicide without outside help

Graphics card settings


  • Accessible for example through NVIDIA Control Panel -> Adjust desktop colour settings
  • Turns dark maps into normal maps
  • Turns misty maps into clear maps
  • See further regardless of map (extremely strong for MBT and IFV gameplay)

Third party websites



This is all we can share for Advanced tips and tricks – Squad for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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