Agility points farming – Dying Light

Agility points farming – Dying Light 1 -
Agility points farming – Dying Light 1 -

Hi there! Have you ever been troubled by not being able to get agility points in Dying Light faster? No? Welp, I don’t care. In this guide here I am going to explain you how to farm Agility points in Dying Light using a really fast method! This is the second part in the XP farm series, however this one is going to be much easier, so let’s go!

Necessary things

So, what do we need to be able to do this method? Not much, really. All you need is:
– Slide skill unlocked (one of the earliest skills, necessary for the method),
And that’s it!

Where to now?

So, where to now?
First, we need to go to the point indicated on the map. It is on the far left of the Tower (represented by the objective mark in the screenshot), and a bit up. You can easily find it due to the spot being close to two safehouses in relative vicinity (waypoint in the screenshot being the exact spot).
Agility points farming - Dying Light - Where to now? - C188BE528
Now the safehouse we need is the bottom one, located near the two Goons standing in the electrified water (easily found on the map due to the package mark, if the loot wasn’t picked before).
Agility points farming - Dying Light - Where to now? - 506CE192A
It would be also good if you unlock this safehouse, as we will need it to increase the points production of the method (which you will see in a second). The safehouse is simple to clear, and it houses a merchant.
Agility points farming - Dying Light - Where to now? - B06B574EC

Precise location

Now, what you want to do is go to the upper left corner of the safehouse wall (looking from the point of the picture above, where we have the goons behind our back). You should be able to see an entrance to a sewer pipe in the distance. That is the place where we want to go.
Agility points farming - Dying Light - Precise location - 366FA152B
Once you are in front of the entrance, go in and we are ready!

The method

Now, the farm is actually really simple, to be honest. All you gotta do is go in the pipe (I recommend using your flashlight), and start moving forward and spamming slide ability. Every time you slide, you should get 30 points if done right (try sprinting and spamming the crouch button). Just spam the slide until you reach the end, then turn back and repeat again, and again, and again…
Agility points farming - Dying Light - The method - DA67BD31A
And that is pretty much it! You got yourself a fully functional farm!

Useful tricks and details

First thing people may ask is, why here? Why not spam this on the regular ground? Well, regular slides don’t give skill points, but for some reason (probably due to terrain geometry of the pipe), the game thinks you aren’t just sliding, but doing another movements which actually give you 30 agility points (if you can find the precise reason/movement, please tell me in the comments of the guide).
Now, for some useful tricks to speed up the process:
– Do this method during the night, as it will double the amount of points you get for each slide (doubling the speed of the method). Don’t worry about the volatiles or virals, as they won’t aggro on you while you are in the pipe (although they can enter and attack you in it, so be aware when you are on the ends of it). Their pathfinding will almost never allow them to enter the pipe without you aggroing them.
– Use other movements to speed up the slides. I have found that jumping can speed up the slides, as it cancels them faster, allowing for better spamming.

Some recommendations and helpful things

First of all, even though you gain much less points here than in the Survivor points method, I still don’t recommend it for early game, as it kills the progress and the Agility tree is fairly easy to max out quickly.
Secondly, this method can also be extremely boring, so either automate it somehow or prepare yourself for a boring grind. However, this method is fairly fast, so it won’t take too much time. However, for those who crave even faster methods, I have some…
You can check out this amazing video, which shows an alternative easy method to grind Agility points! (video isn’t mine, if that’s wasn’t obvious, but give this kind gentleman a like and sub if you like his method 😀 )


Final words

So we reached the end of the guide.
First, thank you Techland for making this wonderful game and supporting it’s community for over 7 years!
Secondly, if you find anything that is wrong in this guide, or you have some additional things to say, feel free to say it in comments of this guide, it really helps.
I hope you liked this guide, I never really planned on making a second one regarding the points farming, but I was bored and remembered this method from my first ever playthrough. And who knows, I maybe even continue this ,,guide series” soon!

Written by USSR

This is all we can share for Agility points farming – Dying Light for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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