All Achievement Guide – Football Manager 2013

All Achievement Guide – Football Manager 2013 1 -
All Achievement Guide – Football Manager 2013 1 -

A guide to unlock all FM 2013 Achievements.

How to unlock the Achievements

Attack! Attack!
Back Of The Net Your team scored one goal
Beating Expectations
Best In Europe Your player was awarded the European Player award
You have won the Best in the Business Manager of The Month award ten times
Best in The World Your player won World Player Of The Year
Brazilian Hero You were promoted from the lowest league to the highest in Brazil
Cash To Burn: You sold a PS30 million player
Champions Streak: You won 5 different leagues
Champions! You won the best league in a country
Childhood Dream Get the chance of managing your favourite team
Clean Sheet A match was played without conceding a goal
Club Legend You have been at one club for 20 years
Comeback King You won a match after being two or more goals behind at half-time
Confederations Cup Winner
Cup Glory You won the top domestic cup
Cup Streak 5 Cup Competitions Won
Do The Double You was able to win a national cup competition and a league title in the same year.
Domination You won 3 consecutive top division league championships
Double Hat Trick Your player scored 6 goals or more in one competitive match
English Hero You got promoted from the lowest to most elite league in England
Fantastic Five 5 players were selected as Team Of The Year
First Victory You steered your team to victory in a competition fixture
Flexibility Your team is well-versed in 3 tactics currently being used
Freedom Of The Country
French Hero You was promoted from a low to a high ranking league in France
Full Faith You have attained 90% overall board confidence
Goal Machine Your player was a top league goalscorer for the entire season
Going Places: Your board decides to build new stadium
Golden Boot Your player was top scorer in a World Cup
Hat-trick Your team scored a Hat-trick
He’s Signed! You signed a team player
He’s Sold! You sold a player for another team
Headhunted Your manager was offered a job with a larger team.
Highlight Reel Players received 10 goal-of-the-month awards
How’s that! Use the “how do” system to ask a question
I’m The Boss You fined one player from your club
Icon You was awarded 10 Manager of The Year Awards
You have been awarded the 20th Manager of The Year award for Immortality
Immovable Obj Your team hasn’t conceded any goal in 30 consecutive competitive games
Injury Crisis Challenge Completed: Injury Crisis
International Superstar Your player was selected in World Cup Best XI
Invincible! Your team won the entire season without losing any league games
Iron Curtain Your league team conceded the most league goals during an entire season
Irresistible force Your team scored a goal at 30 consecutive competitive matches
Italian Hero You were promoted to the highest league of Italy
Learning the Ropes: Complete one of our tutorials
Legend You won the Manager of The Year award five times
Loyalty Cards You stayed in one club for 5 years
National Service You were invited to a job at the top of international management
On A Roll You team hasn’t lost 20 matches in a row
You have been crowned the World Cup champion
Outstanding Defence Your team has not conceded a goal in 20 consecutive competitive matches
Overachiever! Your team was chosen to be the league’s overachieving team
Parked the bus Your team did not concede a goal in five consecutive matches
Parked the tank Your team didn’t concede a goal during 10 consecutive competitive matches
Part Of The Furniture
Practice makes perfect. Achieve a 5-star rating across all training categories
Record Sale You broke the club’s record transfer fees received for a players
Record signing You broke the club record transfer fee you spent on a new player
Scoring Streak Your team scored in ten consecutive competitive matches
Scottish Hero You was promoted from a low to a high league in Scotland
You are a savvy spender. The board has 90% confidence in your ability to manage the club’s wage bill.
Spanish Hero You were promoted from the lowest league to the highest in Spain
Splashing The Money You bought a PS30million or more player
Spread The News
Squad Depth Wins two consecutive matches with a completely new starting line-up each match
Star Man A player from your team was selected for Team Of The Year
Super Cup Glory You have won a continental cup contest
Superb Strike A goal of the season award was received by your player.
Takeover Survival You stayed at your job after a club takingover
Team Performance Five of you players were named in the team of the week
The Manager of The Year award went to The Big Boss You
The Greatest you have become the greatest manager in history!
The Invincibles Challenge Completed – The Invincibles
The Saviour Cometh Mission Completed: The Saviour Cometh
Thumping Your match was won by at least 5 goals
Top Division Underdog Challenge Completed: Top Division Underdog
Top Form Your team hasn’t lost a single match in the last 30 matches
Top of the Cla*s You were awarded Manager of the Month
Tremendous Trio 3. Three of your players were chosen in the Team Of The Year
Trophy Hoarder: You have won 20 cup competitions
Tutorial Master Completed all the tutorials
Unbeatable! Your team was unbeaten during 10 consecutive competitive matches
Undercover Agents: Agent fees exceeding 10 million pounds
Unlock All Players Interest You have unlocked all players who are interested
Unlock Foreign Iflux
Unlock High Visibility
Unlock National Management You unlocked national management
Unlock No Loan Restrictions
Unlock No Sacking You unlocked no sacking
Unlock No Transfer Windows You unlocked no transfer windows
Unlock no Work Permits
Unlock the Son Generated
Unlock Unlimited Scouting You unlocked unlimited scouting
Unstoppable Force Your league scored the most goals in a single season
Valuable for Money! You have played Football Manager for over 30 seasons
Video Director
We Trust You You won the trust of our board to select a feeder program team
You were well traveled and won five top league contests
What A Goal! Your player was awarded the goal of month award
World Renowned
Completed: The You Can’t Lose Anything with Kids Challenge: You Can’t Lose Anything With Kids
You’re on fire!
You’re Up! Guide your team towards promotion in a domestic league


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