All achievements and dialogue options. – Vegas Tales

All achievements and dialogue options. – Vegas Tales 1 -
All achievements and dialogue options. – Vegas Tales 1 -

How to make sure that you get every bit of dialogue, all endings and all achievements.


-Welcome to the guide.
-This should be a very short explanation.
-By following it, you will be able to secure the full experience with the game, unlocking all achievements, endings and possible dialogues.
-You are required to play the game four times, but you can skip most of the cutscenes .

How to avoid abrupt endings to the conversations.

This will be spoiler-free:
One thing that needs to be understood, is that once the protagonist makes a shocking discovery that results in a paradigm shift over the issue at end, the conversation will abruptly end, and you will be unable to keep talking to that person or group.
Now, if you are looking to take the quickest route or to speedrun the game – even though the concept of trying to speedrun a dialogue based game that requires no skill is a puzzling wonder to me – you can apply reverse logic and try to find the quick route to the shortest dialogue prior to the big revelation.
But this is not the intention of this guide. In here, you will be getting directions on how to get all of the dialogue.
The strategy is simple: Avoid touching on the particular subject that will put an end to the interview. Leave it for last, when no other dialogue options are available, and you have exhausted the conversation.
After talking with all 4 possible candidates, report back to your boss. When asked about your own opinion, select your candidate, then pick the first option. Then select the same candidate, but this time, the second otion, to get the ending for that particular candidate.
You will have to choose all four candidates, in 4 separate runs, to see all endings and get all achievements.
You can let the dialogue flow in whatever direction you like. Just avoid inquiring about this particular subject with each candidate:
Becca & Todd: Gymnastics?
Ashley: Reunions?
Mallory: Thank the skydiver?
Sara Goodly: Sara´s parents?
And this is it. You can now enjoy all of the funny dialogue from this crazy game. By the time you finish watching the fourth ending, you will have all achievements.

Written by AlfaGamer80BR

Here we come to an end for the All achievements and dialogue options. – Vegas Tales guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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