All Achievements – House Party

All Achievements – House Party 1 -
All Achievements – House Party 1 -

In this guide I’ll be documenting and explaining how to get all of the achievements in House Party, step by step.


Guide is still a massive WIP, for now achievements are organized from globally most gotten to least gotten. I will reorganize them after I’ve found which achievements coincide. Any feedback and criticism is appreciated.
I’m trying to create the most comprehensive guide, covering all the achievements, in a standardized way across the whole guide. I’m also making every text line completely match up, so that you wont have to guess what line you’re supposed to be saying because they havent been updated.


“Complete Katherine’s story and help her get back at her boyfriend”
Start a new game
Collect the cell phone jammer from the garage (on the counter behind the orange box of screws and knuts), mysterious key from the living room (on the very left side of the mantle), cucumber from fridge (in the kitchen), camera from Madison’s room (upstairs first room on the right, on the vanity), and the SD card from the office (upstairs last door on the right side of the hall, on the desk to the right of the laptop). Press I, click on the SD card, click [use with…], click on the camera.
Talk to Katherine
> I feel like we use the word ‘need’ outside of its intended purpose.
> I notice you keep looking at your phone. Is everything ok?
> Who would ever be a ♥♥♥♥ to you, ever?
> I could use a drink. Want me to grab you one?
> Cool, I’ll see what I can do.
Talk to Katherine again
> What kind of drinks do you like?
> Always a pleasure, Katherine.
Talk to Frank
> I’m completely sober!
> Right, sure it does. I’m gonna go, uh…over there.
Talk to Frank again
> So you’re just gonna sit here and guard all the alcohol, huh?
> What do you think about Katherine?
> I’m gonna go drink some orange juice. See you later, Frank.
Talk to Katherine
> I think Frank has a crush on you.
> Frank’s guarding all of the alcohol.
> Always a pleasure, Katherine.
Talk to Frank
> Hey, I’ve been chatting it up with Katherine. Want me to put in a good word for you?
> Sounds like a deal! I’m in!
Talk to Katherine
> So Frank says I can grab some booze if I get a topless pic of you.
> I knew you were gonna say n-wait, does that mean you’ll do it?
> I’ll have you know that I have seen the internet, and I’m sure it’s denizens will welcome you.
Staying near Katherine, press I, click on the cell phone jammer, click [turn on]. When she complains about having no service, say
> Yeah I have no bars either.
Follow Katherine until you’re alone in a room with her. Close the door, and turn off the cell phone jammer the same way you turned it on.
Talk to Katherine
> So how about taking that topless pic for me now?
> Hot damn!
Talk to Katherine again
> How about taking your top off?
Talk to Katherine again
> I don’t think this is what Frank meant when he said ‘topless’.
> ♥♥♥♥ yes!
Talk to Katherine again
> Let’s try a pose.
choose any pose you’d like.
Press I, click on the camera, click [take photo], click to take a photo, and then exit camera mode.
Click on Frank, click [give]
> Fair enough.
Open the cabinet on the right of Frank, click on the Granadi 12 on the bottom shelf, click [take]. Click on the Empty Vodka Bottle, click [inspect].
Talk to Frank
> Hey, that Vodka bottle is completely empty. Mind if I take it?
> Duly noted, Frank.
Go to the sink in the kitchen, click [use with…], and click on the Empty Vodka Bottle
Click on Katherine, click [give], click Rum
> Wow, talk about direct…
Talk to Katherine
> So how can I ensure a 100 percent chance of getting in your pants?
> Hmm. Humiliate myself, or turn down s*x? I guess I have no choice. I’ll do it!
Press P, and then go near everybody in the house.
Everyone you need to flash:
– Amy
– Ashley
– Brittney
– Derek
– Frank
– Kathrine
– Madison
– Patrick
– Rachael
– Stephanie
After you’ve gotten a response from everyone, press P. You should have gotten the “First Impressions” achievement as well.
Achievement Unlocked!
Talk to Katherine
> I did it! I flashed every single person here!
> Well if it’s any consolation, I think I’ll remember this experience for the rest of my life.
Talk to Katherine again
> So hey, wanna go somewhere more private?
> I heard ‘s*x’, but not much else after that. Let’s go!
Follow Katherine, and make sure the room she leads you to is empty. When it is, click on the door, click [close], click the door again, and click [lock].
Talk to Katherine
> I’ll see what I can muster up.
> Sorry, I’m just…amazed that someone might be touching me soon. Erm-yes, I mean. Yes!
Click on Katherine, click [give], click on the Cucumber
> You sure I can’t stay and watch?
> ♥♥♥♥, okay.
Click on Katherine, click [give], click on the Bottle of Water
> It’s about ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥…I mean uh. Great!
Leave the room. You can click on the door, click [listen…], if it says “oooohhh yeah. Sounds pretty warm to me! I think it’s time to mosey on in…”, you can click on the door, click [open…] and the scene will progress.
> You may have a problem, but doesn’t matter had s*x.
(if you continue on this save, remember to put your clothes back on by pressing Y, clicking [put on everything])
Achievement Unlocked!

Smooth Operator: Madison

“Sweet talk your way into unlocking Madison’s special social ability”
Start a new game
Collect Madison’s phone from the master bathroom (on the left side of the sink)
Talk to Madison
> Thanks for letting me come!
> Ah. So I’m a total afterthought?
> You’re doing fine!
> It’s how bakers keep score!
> Yeah, most definitely.
Give Madison her phone
> No problem!
Talk to Brittney
> Hey are you ok? There’s a party going on out there you know.
> Are you kidding? That top looks great on you!
> Anytime!
Talk to Brittney again
> Oh look, here you are all by yourself again.
> Ciao Bella!
Talk to everyone else at the party:
– Amy
– Ashley
– Derek
– Frank
– Kathrine
– Patrick
– Rachael
– Stephanie
When you’ve talked to everyone, go near Madison and she will approach you.
> Sky animal? What’s that?
> I have so, so, so many questions.
> Who taught you about sky animals?
> So, what happened?
> And did he teach you?
> What’s your sky animal?
> I think I hear Derek calling me. Talk to you later, Madison.
Talk to Madison again
> What’s Frank’s problem?
> Brittney won’t come out of the study.
> You seem to be free. Care to show me around the place, or just head elsewhere?
> Uh, forget the tour. I just remembered that Ashley said she wants to talk to you.
> No sweat!
Follow Madison to to Ashley, and when they’re nearby go behind Ashley and untie her top.
> Whoops…
Madison will approach you
> Hey, I do what I can!
Talk to Ashley
> So about Madison’s sky animal…
> Why’d you let her fall for his ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥?
> *listen*
> Patrick, even you’re skeptical of all this?
> Does he now?
> Madison just wants to be unique, you know?
> Let’s keep our voices down…
> Oh, heh, hey Madison…
> Wait, Madison!
> We didn’t mean it!
> What the ♥♥♥♥?
> What am I gonna say?
> Take the deal, Pat.
> Thanks, I guess.
Knock on Madison’s bathroom door
> Come on Madison, let me come in.
> Madison?
> Here I come.
Talk to Madison
> It wasn’t like that, Madison. We were all just trying to understand you better.
> Madison, I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, really, but this whole sky animal thing…Comes off as a bit silly.
> You’ve put yourself in a stupid position now because people think you’re superficial!
> Just be you. People like real you.
> That’s what all of us are trying to do. Everybody on the planet is trying to figure their ♥♥♥♥ out. It’ll happen.
> Yeah. Crazy. Definitely crazy.
> Hey, that sounds pretty good! Thanks!
Achievement Unlocked!

Caught in the Act

“Get caught by another character in the middle of some sexy time!”

The Brahdyssey

“Politely listen to all of Patrick’s epic back-story.”
Start a new game
Collect the painkillers from the master bathroom (on a shelf behind the door)
Wait by Patrick, until Rachael arrives.
> *listen*
> *listen*
Talk to Patrick
> You got the ♥♥♥♥ slapped out of you! What was that about?
> What’s the problem with you two?
> Hmm…Maybe I could help you out.
> You’re wrong on all counts. But I’ll help you.
Give the Painkillers to Patrick
> See you around Patrick.
Talk to Patrick
> So maybe it’s time to tell me what’s up with you and Rachael?
> I’ve got nothing but time, friend.
> *strap in*
> Ooooh boy…Okay, I’m listening.
> Off to a strong start Pat. Continue…
> Wow. Tubes. What a Brah indeed.
> Uh huh, go on…
> What did the-
> -Wow, okay. You really know your audience. Continue…
> Not surprised, for multiple reasons. Truly amazing, Patrick.
> So did you ever learn to um…Read, and other basic stuff?
> I…Could see Rachael being offended by that. Is that her beef with you?
> Let’s just say I haven’t.
> I can see where this is going…
> And Rachael’s on the site, I’m guessing?
> So what does she want from you, in terms of the site?
> Ok, I’m listening…
> It means to bribe them.
> Do you mean…a judge?
> Riiiiight
> You sure that’s gonna work?
> Buuutttt
> Alright, I guess.
> Will do!
Achievement Unlocked!

If at First You Don’t Succeed

“Throw a dildo at it. Obviously. Do we have to tell you everything?”
Start a new game
Reach for the MP3 Player on the chandelier
Achievement Unlocked!

Newcomer: Vickie

“Get Vickie Vixen to show up at the party.”

The Muse: Madison

“Show off your artistic skills and ruin a friendship to get a reward from Madison!”

Social Butterfly

“Meet all of the characters at the party in one playthrough”


“Complete Amy’s story and win her affection”


“Outside of ‘Derek Smash!’, get Patrick beaten up 5 times in one playthrough.”


“Help Stephanie discover her true calling in life.”


“Inspect at least 30 items in one play-through.”


“Complete Rachael’s story and win her affection”


“Complete Ashley’s story and help her prank her sister!”


“Complete Vickie’s story for a ‘hot’ ending.”

Drunk and Disorderly: Ashley

“Get Ashley drunk and get her to start some trouble!”

Te Amo Lety

“Complete the Opportunity ‘Viva La Lety’.”

The Muse: Derek

“Take the high road by not sleeping with Madison and experience the wonders of friendship with Derek.”

IRL Let’s Player

“Watch the Game Grumps cause a scene 8 times in one playthrough. Don’t forget to subscribe, thumbs up, rate me, updoot, etc…”

Rule 34

“Yeah I mean…you can, but why would you?”

Drunk and Disorderly: Stephanie

“See what Stephanie REALLY thinks of her boss by completing her DnD.”

Do You Smell Blood?

“Give Frank a concussion, then take advantage of the situation and free the booze!”

Amy: Scavenger Hunt

“Complete Amy’s Scavenger Hunt path”

Smooth Operator: Ashley

“Smooth talk your way to Ashley’s affection without completing her story-line.”


“Reach a… climactic moment with four ladies in one playthrough.”

Duck n’ Weave

“Avoid Frank’s AND Derek’s fists for at least a minute”

Drunk and Disorderly: Madison

“Give Madison a few and see what happens when she takes on the persona of her favorite reality TV star.”

Benedict Brahrnold

“Give Patrick Rachael’s ‘Death Mix’, and do what it takes to shut down his site!”

I’ll Be Back

“Unlock Compubrah, learn about Patrick’s businesses, and maybe, just maybe, stop a Skynet situation from playing out.”


“They’re smarter than they look! Experience the Easter Egg ending of Lety’s content.”

The Elder Brahs

“Reverse pickpocket an item into Patrick’s pants during ‘Disrupt the Disruptor’.”

Party Pooper

“Experience a better life through chemistry, and shed six pounds at the same time! Thanks Laxapas!”

First Impressions

“S*rip at the door, make your first Impression to everyone in the n*de”
You can get this achievement through the “Katherine” achievement as well
Start a new game
Press P, and then go near everybody in the house.
Everyone you need to flash:
– Amy
– Ashley
– Brittney
– Derek
– Frank
– Kathrine
– Madison
– Patrick
– Rachael
– Stephanie
After you’ve gotten a response from everyone, press P. You should have gotten the “First Impressions” achievement
Achievement Unlocked!

The Bride

“Help Leah bring the serpent to a swift end, and reap the rewards…”

A Striking Resemblance

“Get to the bottom of Patrick and Rachael’s drama, and help Pat win her over!”

Howz it Goin Dood

“Experience a magical, non-violent, artistic moment with Frank.”

Do Not Burn

“Do the opposite of this, and get onto their noble steed! Yeehaw, and stuff.”

Good Ol’ Days

“Complete ‘Memory Lane’ and convince Derek you take your past as seriously as he does.”

Ice Bath

“Get on the ‘sh*t list’ of every person at the party.”

Notice Me, Sensei

“Provide a little inspiration, a bit of fitness guidance, and a nutritional treat to increase Leah’s power level.”

La Coochadora

“Stoke the fires of rivalry within Brittney by giving her an extremely fishy gift.”

Money Shot

“Peg Frank with a s*x toy while he is dancing on the roof. Not peg…hit. You get it.”

Now It’s a Party!

“Liven up the scenery by getting three or more partygoers to enjoy the rest of the night while showing varying amounts of skin.”

The Harder They Fall…Dood

“Defeat Frank 1 on 1 without any sparring or combat training.”


“Convince Leah to abandon her lawful ways…and survive!”

I Know Grump-Fu

“Help the Game Grumps leave the party using the magic of virtual reality!”

D-Club Certified

“Get Frank to join the D-Club”


“Reach a… climactic moment with two men in one playthrough.”

Simple Geometry

“Successfully interrupt Leah and Let’s conversation with a popper, from very long range.”


“Uncover the fate of Purgalicious and present the evidence to Derek.”

Beyond the Call of Dude-y

“Really give Frank something to cherish…for instance, a fully nak*d picture of Katherine.”

Sucker Punch

“Punch Frank, Derek, and Patrick when they’re not looking and not in combat, all in one playthrough.”

Good Riddance!

“Crush Frank’s self-esteem and his notions about manhood to the point where he can’t take it anymore! Buh bye, dude!”

Against All Odds

“For once, make love, not war with Frank”

The Magic Number

“Cumplete Vickie’s ‘Good Guests Gone Bad’ Opportunity with Vickie and another lover.”

Written by Vuyrix

I hope you enjoy the All Achievements – House Party guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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