All Around Enhancement Mod Description And Info – Call of Duty: Black Ops III

All Around Enhancement Mod Description And Info – Call of Duty: Black Ops III 1 -
All Around Enhancement Mod Description And Info – Call of Duty: Black Ops III 1 -

A list of gameplay changes, base game fixes, quality of life improvements, new options, and new weapons offered by the All Around Enhancement mod. Put into this guide because it wouldn’t fit in the mod’s description.


Join the discord here to submit feedback and bugs! – [] 
Welcome to the all-encompa*sing Zombies All-Around Enhancement mod. This mod aims to add in optional quality of life features present in newer COD zombies games, put several fixes for common vanilla Black Ops 3 issues into one mod, and adds in a whole bunch of customizable new weapons and options to make this the definitive zombies mod.
All this while adding as few resources to the game as possible to make the mod useable on as many custom maps as possible.

Mod made largely by k7Ysh5A_4.1. – [] 


This mod may not be compatible with some custom maps, either because the map may already have too many weapons and adding more through this mod will make the game crash, or because a script in the map will conflict with the mod. If you notice a conflict, please report it!


Menu Options And General Additions

Thanks to help from TescoFresco, his TF main menu has been integrated into the mod, meaning all the following new features can be toggled on or off before a match, along with all the options that were originally present in his mod!
Weapon Restore

  • When you are disconnected from the current host, they will store your weapons, perks and points. After reconnecting, you will regain what you lost.
  • Regain weapons after respawn and re-gain Mule Kick weapon after re-buying the perk

Weapon kits extended

  • Adds new camo from other Call of Duty games, such as Diamond in Infinite Warfare, Dark Aether in Cold War Zombies, and X-ray in Advanced Warfare
  • All weapons are unlocked by default, and every camo (including Blackmarket camos) will be under the Extra tab
  • When using the suppressor to kill the zombies, there is a higher chance of getting Power-Up drops, similar to Cold-War
  • All attachments are unlocked and have their Black Market variants unlocked too. It will show as locked on the menu but you will still be able to select and use it
  • The attachment limit for all weapons has been increased to 5

WeaponLocker and Bank (Thanks JariK for the savedata script)

  • WeaponLocker and Banks from Black Ops 2 can store your weapons and points between matches.(The WeaponLocker and the Bank are in different locations on each official map, and are at the spawn point for custom maps)
  • The following mod options will lock the bank and weapon locker with an “Illegal Scores” message so that they cannot be abused: Starting points higher than default, Kill bonus points higher than default, Improved nuke, Starting points for a custom map are above 500, Modifying scores through external programs

Drop Points For Friends

  • Drop 1000 of your points as a Power-Up, will need an extra 10 points to pay the drop tax 😉
  • After competing 20 official map main easter eggs in total, you can unlock unlimited bank usage and share points with no extra cost

Box Weapon Sharing When Knifed

  • Knife the box to share the weapon with teammates like in Black Ops 4

Weapon Trading

  • Trade weapons with your teammates! Walk up to each other and look at each other’s weapons. You will see a prompt trade, you must both hold that prompt until the bar is full and then the weapons will be traded.

Unlimited and Random Gobblegums

  • ALL gobblegums are available and unlimited
  • You can enable random gobblegums
  • You can limit the amount of gobblegums that can be bought per match, or completely disable them
  • Always Done Swiftly, Arms Grace, Armamental Accomplishment, Firing On All Cylinders, and Arsenal Accelerator are removed as their effects have already been added back in other forms throughout this mod

Brand New Hitmarkers

  • Dynamic hitmarkers have been implemented, with options for Black Ops 4, Modern Warfare 2019, or Cold War hitmarker sound effects

Cold War Zombies Score Events

  • Like in Cold War Zombies, score events will show how you got the score next to the crosshair

Timed-based Perk Loss From Black ops 4/Advanced Warfare

  • Perks will not all be lost when entering last stand, but will gradually be lost one by one.
  • When you hold more perks, your loss speed will increase, and when you hold fewer perks, the loss speed will decrease. The perk that will be lost next will flash.

Health Options

  • Adds options to change your health value

Report Your Status In Subtitles (Thanks to Sphynx’s subtitle scripts)

  • Your actions will be shown in subtitles to all players, such as:
    Buying or picking up a weapon, Trading a weapon with another player, Buying a door, perk, gobblegum, Killing the last zombie, etc.

Mystery Box Filter

  • Allows you to disable weapons added to custom maps from other COD games, so that only Black Ops 3 weapons appear. This does NOT add weapons from other games into the box.

End the Game With C4

  • With the newly added C4 grenade, if you use it while you have 150,000 points and are past round 34, the game will end. This gives an option to finish the map in a similar method to a buyable ending, instead of having to die. Can be disabled.


  • Integrates the Roamer mod by Markgasus, which allows you to specify a rest period in between each round so you can do anything you need to before the next round starts. The length in-between each round can be customized, and the next round can be manually started before the length is over by following the prompt in-game.


  • Spawns a floating Lucky 8 ball at the player spawn location which can be interacted with for 1000 points to have a random effect happen. Some are good, some are bad, some are in-between, it’s a gamble! Can only be bought once per round.

8 player zombies

  • Enables 8 players to play a game together
  • Gobblegums get disabled due to Black Ops 3 engine limits
  • All zombie chronicles maps are fully working and able to have their easter eggs completed
  • Der Eisendrache is less stable, but able to have it easter egg completed
  • All other official maps not mentioned are unplayable
  • Not tested on all custom maps, bit of a crapshoot

Developer Console Support

  • Allows you to open and use the console in-game with the ~ key


  • Very basic bot support is available. You can find commands for it in the “Additional Commands” section. You will need to use the console to type the commands, which you can open with the ~ key.

Added Cabcon’s GSC modmenu from his github (requires Advanced Features On)
Option to enable exo-movement
Enable Time-based gameplay where zombies spawn nonstop
Enable several different Friendly Fire options
Perk limit can be changed above 4
Shadows Of Evil easter egg can be completed solo

General Gameplay Changes

  • Custom Walk and Jump Animations
  • Toggleable flashlight which casts full shadows
  • Toggleable night vision from the campaign
  • HD Shell Ejects from MW2CR
  • New Perk Drinking Animation
  • Explosion sound effect updated to Black Ops 4 version
  • New hint string style
  • Added stylized loading movie subtitles to all official maps
  • Tranzit sprinters and Black Ops 4 Super Sprinters will spawn beginning at round 40. Can be disabled.
  • Added weapon raise animation when first starting a match
  • Ranked Game will be permanently turned on (only affects Der Eisendrache)


Fixes and Quality-Of-Life Improvements

  • Revelations Easter Egg RK5 Unlocked. Can be disabled.
  • Out of bounds will no longer force the player to be killed, but will be teleported back to the map (not 100% working on all maps)
  • When the zombie’s health is higher than 2000 and is damaged by a frag grenade, the zombie’s health will be changed to 30. This makes grenades still useful on high rounds.
  • You will be temporarily invulnerable when drinking perks or eating a gobblegum
  • You can sprint or slide while interacting with Pack a Punch, Perk machine, or the gobblegum machine
  • Fix the invisible zombie glitch of the GKZ-45 MK3 in the base game
  • Implements john dog’s Bloodsplatter mod to cause blood to appear on your hands and gun when damaging a zombie up close
  • Implements the XModelAlias Fix by ApesxSPG to fix the zombie randomizer system Treyarch broke and never fixed
  • Implements the weapon soundfix from ModMe attempting to fix broken sounds for some guns on custom maps such as the PPSH, GKZ-45 MK3, etc
  • Improved the rendering quality of long distance models without losing performance with the /r_modellodbias 10 command (thanks NikkMann)
  • Add Black Ops 4 broken shield sound effect
  • Perks can be removed by knifing the perk machine while holding the interact key (returns 100 points)
  • Removes the camera rotation limit when prone
  • Gorod Krovi game timer for all maps
  • Mulekick indicator for mulekick weapon
  • BO4 Max ammo (refills clip as well)
  • BO4 Carpenter (In order to ensure maximum compatibility, the shield will be repaired after carpenter is over)
  • BO4 Wallbuy ammo refill (refills clip as well)
  • BO4 Style Coop Pause (No vote needed, there is an option in the Host’s pause menu).
  • Free Perk power up as a standard power up drop from zombies. Can be disabled.
  • Improved Nuke, which gives you points per zombie killed by the nuke rather than just a flat 400 points. Will never give you less than 400 points. Can be disabled.
  • Option to Restart the current map
  • Players will be auto revived at the end of round and will gain full health. Can be disabled.
  • Option to have dead spectating players auto revived every 5 minutes
  • Added Pack-A-Punch to official maps that did not have them
  • Added Widows Wine to official maps that did not have them, except Shi No Numa due to issues with perks spawning
  • Zombie Counter (Thanks DuaLVII)
  • Adds the ability to change the vertical and horizontal Safe Areas of the HUD (so its closer/farther towards the screen edges). Normally not available on PC.


Additional Perk Enhancements

Speed Cola: Speed up the purchase of perks and gobblegums, ADS, switching weapons, melee speed, and removes the “first raise” animation when grabbing a new weapon
Stamin-Up: Raise your weapon after sprinting much quicker, shoot and throw grenades while running, and unlimited sprint
Double Tap Root Beer:Special Weapon charges faster
Widow’s Wine:Gives PhD Flopper explosive resistance (only works when there is only one damage protection perk on the map). Buying Widow’s Wine and the Bowie Knife will give the Ripper blade specialist weapon from multiplayer (can be disabled).
Mule Kick:The extra weapon will be saved and restored on next Mule Kick Perk purchase. If your third weapon is a staff on Origins and you go down, the staff will be removed to avoid possible issues with the EE and placed back on the stand.[/

New Weapons

DLC Weapons Added To Weapon Kits

  • AK-74U, HG 40, Peacekeeper Mk2, XR-2, MX Garand, FFAR, Galil, M14, M16, Banshii, RPK, P-06, Rift E9, 1911, NX ShadowClaw, L4 Siege, Blackcell

Riot Shield

  • Adds the riot shield from campaign to the box that works as a zombie shield. Useful on maps that do not have a buildable shield on them, will use the normal zombie shield slot

Spike Launcher

  • From campaign, launch spikes that impale zombies, melee to detonate

Path of Sorrows

  • Used the weapon animation from Infinite Warfare.
  • After PAP, similar to Merciless Dash in BO4, you can use ammo to charge forward and kill all enemies in front of you instantly (unlimited damage)

War Machine

  • From multiplayer specialists, the grenade will split into 2 after impact. Same damage as a frag grenade
  • After PAP, damage will be the same as Death & Taxes, the grenade will split into 7

Micro-Missile Launcher(Thanks Zeroy)

  • From campaign, you can lock on up to 5 zombies while aiming, and you can free-fire while hip firing
  • After PAP, increase ammo stock

Ballistic Knife

  • When PAP’d, shooting can revive downed teammates similar to BO1

Purifier (Power-Up Weapon)

  • From multiplayer specialists, can be used to revive teammates


  • From multiplayer, 3-round auto-burst a*sault rifle, burst cycles automatically by holding the trigger
  • After PAP, increase fire rate


  • From multiplayer, Charge Burst Sniper Rifle, up to a 3 round burst
  • After PAP, fires in 6 round burst, burst cycles automatically by holding the trigger

Thermite Grenade

  • From multiplayer, explodes on contact and direct hits can deal more damage


  • From multiplayer uplink mode, direct hit and melee damage is 900
  • After PAP, it becomes a bomb that explodes, dealing 8000 damage

Concussion Grenade

  • From multiplayer, zombies will be stunned and have greatly reduced movement speed until they die

Combat Axe

  • Can be thrown at power ups to absorb them and send them back to your location


  • From multiplayer, has a scope to help player aim
  • After PAP, increase damage and damage range, decrease self damage, increase ammo stock

Ray Gun Mark III

  • Single right hand GKZ-45 MK3 from Gorod Krovi with increased fire rate
  • After PAP, increase ammo stock to be the same as the original version

C4 Grenade

  • From multiplayer, it will end the game if desired, as stated earlier


Existing Weapon Changes


  • Changed some weapon names back to their beta counterparts
  • Wonderweapons can be re-PAP’d to get AATs and increase damage
  • Added an option to allow copies of the wonderweapon in the box for all players
  • Make the PAP’d ray gun mark 1 and Thundergun dual wield, with an option to disable the dual wield

Ray Gun Mark 1

  • Adds the Improved Ray Gun by Smurphy from the ModMe forums
  • Animation additions, model changes, and damage increase to be more like the ColdWar raygun


  • Can be manually reloaded like in older games


  • Firing animation changed to the one from Advanced Warfare, looks alot better


  • Unlimited firerate
  • Increase damage

XM-53(PAP version only)

  • increase damage and damage range, decrease self damage
  • change ammo stock to 48

Tuna Can Shotgun Argus

  • Increase firerate
  • PAP will give full auto

RK5/L-CAR9/Ray Gun/Thunder Gun

  • PAP’ing these will make them dual wield (Ray Gun and Thundergun dual wield can be disabled)

Monkey bomb/Li’l Arnie

  • When you are using it but have not thrown yet, switching weapons will put it back

Apothicon Servant

  • Added the ability to PAP on Shadows of Evil


Shortcut Keys

These will also be shown at the start of every match
Flashlight: Hold {Melee} + {Special Action 4} in that order
Drop Points: Hold {Sprint/Hold Breath} + {Special Action 4} in that order
Campaign Night Vision: Hold {Jump} + {Special Action 4} in that order
Remove Perk (Get 100 Points Back): Face the perk machine for the perk you want to remove and hold {Interact} + {Melee} in that order
Mod Menu (Advanced features On):Hold {Crouch} + {Reload} in that order

Additional Commands: Intro

You can change the perk limit, zombie limit, zombie spawn delay, etc. in real time by using additional commands. The bot commands are also here.
Make sure that the commands you enter have “/” at the start of them.
In game, press ~ to open and close the console.

Some commands need to enable Advanced Features

Additional Commands: General

AF = Advanced Features. True means AF MUST be enabled for that command to register

CommandValueDescriptionRequire AF?
gumplayer name + Space + gumball nameGive a gobblegum for player(You need to replace the space in   the gobblegum name with underscore)TRUE
sbanythingSpawn 1 useless botTRUE
zombie1~60How many additional zombies need to respawn before the round   endsTRUE
round1~255Set current roundTRUE
ddvarname + Space + dvarvalueForcibly change the var value (eg.sv_cheats)TRUE
tpPlayer1 Number + Space + Player2 NumberPlayer1 teleporter to Player2TRUE
name1Show all player name and thier numberFALSE
poweron/offTurn power on/offTRUE
ez1~3Change difficultyTRUE
spawn0.01~60Zombie spawning interval per secondFALSE
zm_player1~1000Additional zombie modifier for each player in the gameTRUE
zm_limit1~64The total number of zombies that can be seen on the mapFALSE
zm_share1~10000000Points Drop ValueFALSE
zm_tex1~10000000Points drop extra cost valueFALSE
perk0~100Perk limitFALSE
cheat0~1Cheat commandsTRUE
tp2Player’s NumblerTeleport everyone to this player’s locationTRUE
bgb0~1Enable or disable GobbleGum machineFALSE
hitmarker0~1Enable or disable hitmarkerFALSE
hitmarker_sound0~2Choose hitmarker sound, 0 is Modern Warfare 2019 + Infinite   Warfare ,1 is Black Ops 4, 2 is ColdWarFALSE
zm_speed0~100Zombie movement speedTRUE
se0~1Enable or disable ColdWar ScoreevensFALSE
vVideo FilenamePlay fullscreen in-game video to everyoneFALSE
fz1Remove all movement restrictionsFALSE
og1Show everyone their own coordinatesFALSE
wp1Show everyone their current weapon IDFALSE


Additional Commands: Bots

These commands can control your bot
The commands must have “/botc” at the start of them, for example: /botc tp
Bots will only receive commands when no zombies are around

tpTeleporter bots on your location
meBot goes to your current location
scoreSet all bots score to 233333
ungodCancel bot’s god mode
godActivate bot’s god mode
gun + Space + WeaponIDGive the bot a weapon
lookSet the view direction of the bots to be the same as yours
tapBots press use button
stopBots stop moving
meleeBots press melee button
fireBots firing once
firelBots keep firing
killBots start kill zombies
kickKick bot


Additional Commands: Weapon IDs

NOTE: Giving yourself weapons will require enabling advanced features
You can use command give or gg to get a weapon
/give weaponid
/gg+space+playername+weapon id
/give raygun
/gg lamia raygun
/gg all raygun


You can find a list of official Weapon IDs for the default weapons in this guide: – [] 


Weapon IDs for new weapons added by the mod:


Path of Sorrowsmelee_katana
War Machinelauncher_warmachinemp
Micro-Missile Launchermicromissile_launcher
Ray Gun Mark IIIk7_raygun_mark3


Additional Commands: AATs (Alternate Ammo Types)

These will REQUIRE enabling Advanced Features
To use these commands, follow this format: /aat playername(or all) aatid
For example:
/aat JasonBlundell dead_wire – gives the player named JasonBlundell the Dead Wire AAT
/aat all turned – gives all players the Turned AAT

blast_furnaceBlast Furnace
dead_wireDead Wire
fire_worksFire Works
thunder_wallThunder Wall


Additional Commands: Camos

This does NOT require Advanced Features
To use these commands, follow this format: /camo playername(or all) camo#
For example:
/camo DavidVonderhaar 16 – gives the player named DavidVonderhaar camo 16
/camo all 16 – gives all players camo 16

1Jungle tech
4Heat Stroke
5Snow Job
86 speed
17Dark Matter
25Red Hex
27Black Ops 3
28Weaponized 115
30True Vet
31Snow Job
326 speed
34Unknown name
41Unknow name
45Jungle Cat
46Jungle Party
67Unknow name
69Unknow name
70Unknow name
71Unknow name
72Unknow name
73Unknow name
82Blood Valentine
84Dragon fire
85Glacies fire
86Atomic fire
87Everlasting fire
88Arcane fire
90CWL Champions
91CWL Champions
92CWL Champions
98Tainted Minds
99Epsilon eSports
100CWL Champions
101CWL Champions
102CWL Champions
103Team Infused
104Team LDLC
108CWL Champions
110CWL Champions
112Team EnVy
113Faze Clan
114CWL Champions
115CWL Champions
116Optic Gaming
117Rise Nation
118Rage Quit
120CWL Champions
124Into the Void
131Luck of the Irish
132Circuit board
134Cherry Fizz


Additional Commands: Songs

These do NOTrequire advanced features
You can stop the song anytime by typing/stop 1 in console
Format: /song songid
Example: /song 115

Song NameSong IDSong From
A World Upside Downcoalescence_themeCampaign
Black Opsprologue_battleCampaign
Burn Rescueburn_rescueCampaign
Chasing Secretsnew_world_chaseCampaign
Ego Vivoinfection_churchCampaign
From the Brink of Deathfrom_the_brink_of_deathCampaign
Horrors in the Silohorrors_in_the_siloCampaign
I Live (Orchestral)i_live_orchestralCampaign
In Darknessblackstaion_themeCampaign
Into the Q Zoneinto_the_q_zoneCampaign
Lotus Towerslotus_themeCampaign
Riding the Tempestriding_the_tempestCampaign
Sand Castleaquifer_comm_towerCampaign
The Frozen Forestthe_frozen_forestCampaign
Vengeance Battlevengeance_alertedCampaign
115 Riddles115_riddle_oneshotDead Ops Arcade
Abra Macabreabra_macabreDead Ops Arcade
Clockwork Squaredclockwork_squared_onshotDead Ops Arcade
Laughing CorpseslaughcorpseDead Ops Arcade
Posion Mushroomposion_mushroom_oneshotDead Ops Arcade
Jade Helmcod_bitesMultiplayer
I live (Electronic)title_screenCampaign
Damned 3zm_lobbyZombies
Through The Treesthrough_the_treesZombies
Abra Cadavreabra_cadavreZombies
Always Runningalways runningZombies
Archangel (Theatrical Mix)archangel_theatrical_mixZombies
Beauty Of AnnihilationBeauty_of_annihilationZombies
Beauty Of Annihilation (Giant   Mix)Beauty_the_giant_mixZombies
Blood of Stalingradblood_of stalingradZombies
Blood Red Moonblood_red_moonZombies
Blood Red Moonblood_red_moonZombies
Cold Hard Cashcold_hard_cashZombies
Coming Homecoming_homeZombies
Damned 100AEdamned_2Zombies
Damned 3 (Instrumental)damned_25Zombies
Dead againdead_againZombies
Dead Again (Theatrical Mix)dead_again_theatrical_mixZombies
Dead Endeddead_endedZombies
Dead Flowersdead_flowersZombies
Death Belldeath_bellZombies
Hign Noonhign_noonZombies
King of the Hillkill_of_the hillZombies
Lullaby For a Dead Manlullaby_for_a_dead_manZombies
Mask WalkmaskwalkZombies
Not Ready To Dienot_ready_to_dieZombies
Platform of Dreamsplatform_of_dreamsZombies
Quest Noirquest_noirZombies
Richtofen’s Delightrichtofans_delightZombies
Samantha’s Desiresamanthas_desireZombies
Samantha’s Lullaby (Magic   Mix)samanthas_lullaby_magicmixZombies
Samantha’s Sorrowsamanthas_sorrowZombies
Shepherd of Fireshepherd_of_fireZombies
Short Arm of the Lawshort_arm_of_the_lawZombies
Skulls of the Damnedskulls_of_the_damnedZombies
Snake Skin Bottssnake_skin_bootsZombies
Snake Skin Boots   (Instrumental)snake_skin_instrumentalZombies
The Giftthe_giftZombies
The Gift (Theatrical Mix)the_gift_theatricalZombies
The Onethe_oneZombies
Buried (Theme)theme_from_buriedZombies
We All Fall Downwe_all_fall_downZombies
Where Are We Goingwhere_are_we_goingZombies
Zetsubout No Shimazetsubou_no_shimaZombies
Zombies Chronicles: A Rising Powera_rising_powerZombies
Zombies Chronicles: CryptcryptZombies
Zombies Chronicles: Flesh and Boneflesh_and_boneZombies
Zombies Chronicles: One Way Outone_way_outZombies
Zombies Chronicles: Remember Foreverremember_foreverZombies
Zombies Chronicles: Samantha’s Journeysam_journeyZombies
Zombies Chronicles: The End Is Nearthe_end_is_nearZombies


Frequently Asked Questions

When we start a game, one of us gets kicked with a server error

  • Make sure everyone is on the same version of the mod. Sometimes steam workshop does not properly update files, so you may need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to get it to fully update

I am missing a few gobblegums

  • Always Done Swiftly, Arms Grace, Armamental Accomplishment, Firing On All Cylinders, and Arsenal Accelerator are removed as their effects have already been added back in other forms throughout this mod, and having the same script effect twice could cause issues

Custom PAP camos are not applying

  • Make sure the “Use Your Own Camo” option is disabled, as it will override all PAP camos

I am getting an “Illegal Scores” message for the bank and weapons locker

  • The following mod options will lock the bank and weapon locker with an “Illegal Scores” message so that they cannot be abused: Starting points higher than default, Kill bonus points higher than default, Improved nuke, Starting points for a custom map are above 500, Modifying scores through external programs

I am getting a weird homing knife instead of the Bowie Knife

  • When you have both the Bowie Knife and Widow’s Wine, the Bowie Knife will be upgraded to the Ripper blade from multiplayer, which homes in on enemies and has higher damage. You can choose to disable this in the options.

The Mystery Box filter options don’t seem to actually be adding all those weapons listed to the box

  • The Mystery Box filter allows you to disable those weapons if they are used on custom maps. It does NOT add all the weapons listed from those COD games to the box.

The purifier will randomly not damage enemies and can’t hurt the flying bugs

  • This is a known issue. For now, if it is not damaging enemies you can move it off and back onto them and that will usually fix it. Otherwise, you can disable the purifier in the options until it gets fixed.

Using C4 ended my game!

  • When you have 150,000 points and are past round 34, using C4 will end the game. This gives an option to finish the map in a similar method to a buyable ending. You can disable this in the options.

Other players are able to hurt me and push me around when they shoot me

  • Make sure the host does not have Grief Mode or any of the Friendly Fire options enabled

The zombies became crazy fast!

  • All zombies will spawn as BO2 Tranzit Sprinters and BO4 Super Sprinters after round 40, meaning they can run as fast as your sprint when you don’t have stamin-up. This can be disabled in the options.
  • If it happened before round 40, make sure Horror Zombies is not enabled, as that will double the speed of all zombie actions, including running.

I can’t rejoin my friend’s game after I disconnected

  • Make sure you and your friend do not have “Disable Hot Join” enabled, as that stops players from joining games mid-match

Can you add X weapon to the box?

  • The goal of this version of the mod is to ensure maximum compatibility with custom maps. Adding more weapons will cause some custom maps to go over the weapon limit and crash, since they already have their boxes filled to the limit with new weapons. In the future, a “less compatible” version of the mod will be released which adds more new weapons to the box. We already have fully working files for some wonder weapons from newer games as well, such as the BO4 Winter’s Howl and ColdWar Ray-K47.

Can you add X custom perk?

  • For the same reason as the weapons, adding custom perks can cause script instabilities for custom maps so they are not planned to be added.

Can you add X power up?

  • Probably not, for the same reason as new perks. They tend to cause scripting errors on custom maps.

I get some weird music when I have the Shopping Free gobblegum

  • This can be disabled in the options

How did you do all this?

  • Kysha (k7Ysh5A_4.1.) has done almost all the coding for the mod, and alot of it is his own custom code. However, you can find many good zombies modding intro videos on youtube, a*sets shared by other modders for free use on Devraw ( – [] , and scripts shared by other modders for free use on the Steam Workshop and the ModMe archives – []  (choose “Game Asset Reversing Releases” for ready-made scripts for zombies)



Scobalula: Geryhound,HydraX
Sphynx: Subtitle scripts, console commands
JariK:Savedata scripts, LuaDissa*sembler
lilrifa: ColdWar Round Counter
MakeCents:Player weapon trade scripts
HarryBO21: FX library
Cabcon:GSC Modmenu release
TescoFresco:Integrating TF’s zombie options – [] 
Markgasus: Roamer Mod – [] 
John Dog: Bloodsplatter mod – [] 
ApesxSPG: XModelAlias Fix – [] 
MikeyRay:ModMe Weapon Sound Fixes – [] 
Smurphy: ModMe Improved Ray Gun – [] 
Zeroy: Devraw Micro-Missile Launcher, tutorials – [] 
HUMANS: Initial Mod Workshop Description
NikkMann: New Mod Workshop Description And Guide


If you appreciate k7Ysh5A_4.1.’s work, you can support him through Paypal HERE – [] 
Like and Favorite the mod!

This is all we can share for All Around Enhancement Mod Description And Info – Call of Duty: Black Ops III for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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