All Campaign Missions – Act of Aggression

All Campaign Missions – Act of Aggression 1 -
All Campaign Missions – Act of Aggression 1 -

Welp, the only mission guide I saw on steam was for the extremely difficult Chimera campaign finale, so here we go……
I might have to update the guide later on when I revisit some of the missions.

The Train Job



  • Don’t lose any men
  • Win without any reinforcements

You’ll start with 2 SAS and 6 FELINs. There are 6 militia units in the bank, so you’ll have to use the SAS to snipe them. Once they’re down get your FELINs in the bank and the SAS snipers nearby as the game sets up the barracks for you. A huge wave of weak militia units will a*sault your position soon, but a*suming you left the units as they are now it should be repelled, as they’re nothing but some technicals (with HMGs, so they could barely even touch your units) and militia which are gunned down easily by barricaded FELINs and SAS.
Raul Escobedo is near the northwestern corner of the map. He’s guarded by small groups of enemy infantry, either out in the open or concealed inside the train cars. Taking a shortcut on the left will help to avoid some enemy reinforcements waiting to ambush your men. The two initial SAS should handle it if you send them inside train cars for them to snipe enemies, and you’re always welcome to move some of the FELINs. As soon as they get close enough to Escobedo without his guards around the mission ends.
It’s unlikely for you to accomplish both objectives simultaneously but you can grab them in different attempts. Since there are no healing units in this mission, you’ll just have to save and load often, while also capturing enemy POWs to fund reinforcements (believe it or not I did that with only SAS because the seem better at picking things off). Winning without reinforcements is ironically also quite easy, as the FELINs have enough quantity to overwhelm enemies positioned there.

When the Wolves Howl



  • Bring all your men to safety
  • Escort all judges to safety

The Namer will be fully loaded with FELINs near the ICC. Using it as a distraction, the soldiers should get past the opposition and raid the building. Keep them there.
A Chimera repair outpost will be set up nearby, alongside a SPEAR vehicle bay and a Barracks, as well as some more FELINs, SAS, and 2 Grenadiers. The repair outpost is perhaps of great importance due to its ability to heal your Namers to make the most out of their high durability, especially considering there are NO ADDITIONAL ALUMINUM SOURCES IN THIS MISSION, which the Namers require to build. They also come with the medical upgrade by default which will greatly ease the otherwise nasty difficulty when paired with the SAS, but beware they don’t do much because their only weapon is just one HMG.
Remember to station SAS and FELINs along the way in buildings as you go, training more as you dispatch the current ones. They’ll be useful later on. Your expenses shouldn’t be a problem as the FELINs often create too many POWs for you to capture
The first judge is just to the north of the base. Do what you would normally as there are just mercs and MLRS technicals around, which may require your Namers to get close and personal, or you wouldn’t be able to hit them easily with all the rockets showering your FELINs. With this done the game will send a Dustoff to retrieve him.
On the way to the second you’ll encounter many enemy anti-armor units, similar to the Cartel Shershens. Use the SAS to take them out so your Namers can get past. If they happen to fire a rocket, Captain Harding will unlock the Iron Fist upgrade for purchase. Develop it immediately – you do not want to take any chances when it’s the difference between a Namer limping back and its destruction. The second rescue occurs similarly to the first, but expect a couple more anti-armor units on-site. SAS might be able to just outrange them, while also ignoring enemy cover (as with the US Army Sniper and Cartel Jackal) against infantry, so don’t hesitate to use them. One MiB will survive the a*sault, but he would be more of a liability due to weaker capabilities, so you could just let him walk back to your base when your units progress further.
The third will have ambushes around and Vanguards, infantry with exceptional CQC abilities and optical camouflage (meaning they are only seen for a short while when attacking, unless you have anti-stealth units around to reveal them), though they are still nothing special if you just bait them with Namers. The real problem would be just the hostiles nearby and another MLRS technical. Don’t clear the area out too early yet – prioritize clearing the buildings to the left.
The third Dustoff ends up getting shot down by some Gazelles, and at this point a somewhat overwhelming quantity of enemy a*saults will begin. Getting the judge back safely isn’t a priority and in fact isn’t even required, but we’re all aiming for completion anyway. Get him inside a Namer and stop some distance from the base – you’ll have to pull out your men. 4 more Namers with 4 FELINs each will reinforce you, which are obviously nice to have.
You’ll aim to withdraw within respites. The common glitch of soldiers refusing to enter the Namers would pester you, though you could still get them walking back there. Don’t worry too much about their health, as Namers (like Cartel Punishers/Barracks, US Army Dustoffs/Field Hospitals and Chimera Prisons) have the ability to revive allied POWs if they are merely disabled (after all, if they are killed, they won’t count against the objective) so you can continue pulling them out. You’ll want them to enter houses on occasion if they are getting overwhelmed, as they are still healed normally there. Don’t send Namers immediately without your troops defeating enemy anti-armor units, and if necessary reinforce isolated units – 1-2 SAS can’t fend for themselves, but with the help of FELINs it becomes much easier. With your defenses contracting, they’ll eventually make it to base safely. All that’s left is to get the judge into the base, and Majken Lofquist will inform you the Dutch are taking it from there.

Highway to Serbia



  • Don’t lose any of the 20 trucks
  • Destroy 20 Superhinds
  • Destroy 4 AMOS

You’ll first visit the White Wolves’ HQ where 2 enemy Superhinds are observed taking off. They are leaving in a hurry so they wouldn’t bother attacking. There are still contractors inside, and with 2 Pumas absorbing their fire your 8 FELINs should make it.
Now you’ll be given another Chimera outpost. Harvest the nearby oil with your refineries (the provided Recon UGV can help by highlighting them) for funds, so you can construct the Barracks, the SPEAR vehicle bay and eventually future units. More Pumas, SAS, FELINs and a Ninja (unarmed stealth helicopter with anti-stealth) will arrive to support you. DON’T LOSE THIS HELICOPTER.
The enemy composition around the map are generally Vextras (APC with a max capacity of 8 and a surprisingly decent auto cannon), contractors, vipers (anti-armor), and Jackals (Cartel’s Sniper equivalent vehicle with anti-stealth). You’ll encounter AMOS (artillery that fires a shower of projectiles at your units, decimating infantry and buildings with terrifying ease) and Superhinds (durable attack helicopter with a capacity of 8, has auto cannons and anti-tank missiles) later on.
Infiltrate the nearest building with the SAS, then quickly send FELINs so they can take out the reinforcements easily. Don’t worry about the Vextra as the SAS will snipe it to oblivion. Your Ninja is essentially invincible, good for recon to plan your next move, though beware there are 1-2 Jackals which can blow it from the sky. After that it’s all just running around with your troops taking out entrenched enemies. Puma is the only thing that can safely take out the Jackals.
When you’ve secured most of the highway up till the toll booths you’ll be instructed to establish a construction outpost and start harvesting aluminum so get the recon UGV to the south. Start producing more Pumas, FELINs and SAS, while also demolishing the two production buildings too far from you so you can prepare for the onslaught, which will concentrate around the toll area. If necessary, you can construct more barracks and vehicle bays for faster reinforcement during fights as the trucks stream through the highway. When supplemented with Sentinel Turrets (you’ll need outposts supplying them power and aluminum for these to work, but they can be incredibly helpful when your other units shield them, especially as it has missiles to snipe the Superhinds), it’s hard to even lose one truck. The real difficulty is a bit of luck on destroying enough Superhinds (believe it or not my record was 19), as AMOS are relatively weak and often give themselves away when firing. They’ll bring some serious pressure on your defense, but if you haven’t garrisoned your units they aren’t as threatening, and plus a pack of Pumas often can get close enough to eliminate them anyway.

Covert Ops



  • Don’t lose any of the 8 Exosoldiers
  • Destroy at least one Spectre
  • Find the concealed supply depot
  • Steal at least Superhind

You’ll begin with 8 Exosoldiers. Frankly, they are enough for the mission due to their devastating firepower in groups, high speed for infantry units, increased durability and most importantly regeneration, making them much more sustainable in a fight. Frankly, the only threats to them during the mission would be Jackals (one shots them, forcing you to save and load often if you don’t memorize their locations) and concentrated fire from things like artillery guns, vipers, AMOS, railgun turrets, and Vextras. There will be a decent amount of POWs so make sure to capture them for income.
Storm the infantry base. There will be some resistance and one AMOS. Not enough to stop your super soldiers, though, so just push through. Once at the base start producing Vipers and contractors, while putting as many exosoldiers in the bank as possible, and moving the rest elsewhere. They aren’t good at fighting inside buildings but the suppression they deliver is enough to wipe out anything they send at you unless it’s a ma*sive Spectre cluster. With the hacking done here stuff some Vipers and leave more infantry outside for defense.
You’ll be ambushed by at least 1 AMOS, contractors and vipers near the light vehicle base. Save before approach (autosave only happens when you’re entering and hacking a base, not when leaving it) Pull out the troops once in a while for recovery until they have been completely exhausted. Harding introduces you to the Scorpio (3 free ones are provided), whose railgun unleashes havoc on enemy ground vehicles but remains extremely vulnerable to anything else. Its devastation is quite limited, but will be useful when it’s needed, not to mention a slightly higher sighting range (it’s a shame that you can’t access its smoke ability during this mission, otherwise the mission could be far easier). The enemy might send some Scorpios but your exosoldiers holed up in the bank should tear them to pieces. Vipers should be stationed in nearby structures.
The stealth base isn’t too far off, being defended by one pathetic AMOS and at least 2 Vextras. You’ll encounter a Jackal on the way and more Scorpios, so it’s in your best interests to take one with you, as it will instantly tear the Jackal apart and despite its abysmally low health, it will usually survive the encounter. Might not last when additional vehicles hit them, but at this point you wouldn’t even need it anyway. Here you will be briefed on the Comanche and Scout CGS. They’re both stealth vehicles, with the Comanche having a powerful missile burst intermixed with sluggish delays, and the Scout being some decent ground transport. They cost aluminum, so don’t even build any at this point, plus they don’t help in your defense anyway – your exosoldiers, contractors and vipers often do most of the work. You can exploit the nearby resources, provided if you buy a couple of K-MAX tankers first.
Southwest to this base is a hidden supply depot with 2 Superhinds. It’s guarded by an empty Vextra and therefore an easy target. As you will technically lose your exosoldiers trying to capture the structures, it’s wise to send some contractors, preferably in the Scout CGS, and back them with exosoldiers. As for Superhinds you’ll just have to approach to convert them, and only one is required for the objective. For transport, they are good to have, but they don’t add much to the mission.
Getting past the artillery turrets would be tough. You could shield exosoldiers in structures by abusing their mobility or alternatively use helicopters after eliminating grounded support units (Vextras and possibly Jackals) as they can’t hit airborne targets (comanche), with the involvement of your other avaliable infantry units if necessary. It ultimately boils down to whichever method with the least losses as you prioritize the safety of your exosoldiers. A second standoff will occur later on and after that you’ll be confronted with the prototype base. 4 Scorpios and a ton of Grinches stashed in a nearby building will be waiting, but the exosoldiers will take them out with terrifying ease (scorpios are pathetic against infantry, and grinches can only target air). The real deal is the Jackal hidden near the building’s perimeter so you should ideally send other infantry to distract it, or have a Scorpio to a*sist. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to give them a taste of their own medicine by producing Vextras. They are arguably the most helpful unit you can acquire, but you’ll live without them anyway as exosoldiers will decimate them, Scorpios and Comanches. With data retrieval percentage at around 90% just vacate the building and revisit any of the three previous bases or the current one to check if they’re sending Spectres. Don’t be fooled by its devastating appearance as Vipers will make short work of it. With at least one destroyed, you can continue occupation and the mission concludes.

Sword of Damocles



  • Don’t lose more than 75 units (effectively 74)
  • Finish the mission within 30 minutes
  • Keep at least 4 Abrams tanks intact

The way to Base Geromino is infested with Otomatics, Scorpios, and Vextras. Shouldn’t be too hard for you, though, as your contingent initially consists of 2 Stryker ATGMs, 4 Abrams (all Abrams in this mission have Tank Urban Survival Kit 2, that means they have 50 hp and 3 HMGs for them to whittle enemies getting close and personal) and 1 Hercules. Push forward slowly. The tanks have a tendency to wander off, make sure it doesn’t happen. Hercules, being a repair vehicle, is perhaps an incredibly valuable a*set to keep around. Your strategies could fall on their faces without it, and so it should be in your interest not to include too many infantry units.
At Base Geromino, use the recon team to scout some nearby resources. Some more Stryker ATGMs and MCs (Mortar Carriers) are fighting off hostiles so you might as well as lend a hand, likely before that Vextra picks off the MG nest. From there you should try to quickly refurnish Base Geromino with Logistical Centers (for Hercules, you’ll need several of them to heal in the heat of combat, and the building itself repairs nearby structures) and refineries (Hercules and a couple of other things require aluminum, while having more resources is generally better) with that recon team. A field hospital is optional as you might not have the time for prisoners, but a bonus to your credit economy is always good. A light vehicles bay can help you to produce more strykers but I don’t think you should lose them easily at this point. As advised, you can also build an armory to obtain a CIWS upgrade for your humvess so those pesky Shershens can’t pick off your tanks, but that requires a large amount of humvees (4-8) just to be effective. You can’t access DEFCON 2 at this point, so forget about it.
For the main a*sault there will be obviously more of the Otomatics, Scorpios, Shershens, Vextras and Railgun turrets (one of them will destroy a little bird, which inevitably increases the casualty could by 1). Humvees can snipe the missiles, while the abrams should hold position. Hercules provides healing, while strykers abuse indirect fire to kill off the railgun turrets.
Halfway through the base you’ll be advised to turn right and reach Base Cochise. Break through any enemy resistance but watch your back. Around this point or later, Whittel might send you some anti-armor reinforcements including TOW-2 Humvees and more tanks. Be glad they are here as Spectres can pester you from time to time. Blazers (anti-air vehicle) and the NLOS-C can be found here, while an aluminum field is avaliable to the south. You can put the blazers in the base, while NLOS-C could be great for an a*sault (as mentioned before, the HMGs on your other strykers and Abrams might overwhelm the helis naturally in sheer quantity so you might not need blazers on your way there). The Air Control Center is likewise a powerful a*set if they start sending Superhinds at your position. Ideally, upgrade your MG nests (each needs to be done individually) with both TOWs and Stingers so they could fend for themselves. Another Logistical Center is also essential just in case Spectre and Superhind ambush it. Eventually, you will need to revisit the Damocles base and begin pushing again, using the same shelling strategy on enemy artillery (there are 6 in total) and fortified positions. ATGMs will help against any Spectre that stands in your way, while Hercules helps to cut your losses. After sufficient advances, you can actually head straight to the Damocles HQ and simply blow it to shreds with Abrams, ideally again backed by your support units if you don’t think Hercules could outpace damage from Scorpios. Or you could just deliver shells with the NLOS-C and shatter it. Once it falls, victory is at hand.

Into the Chimera’s Lair



  • Intercept at least 2 superweapon strikes
  • Guard your HQ for an extra 30 minutes
  • Evacuate at least 10 other units before the Antey-2500s

You’ll be given five minutes before the Cartel offensive which is but insufficient. Your other defenses include 2 Pumas, 3 SAS & 3 FELINs near the Eastern bank, 1 SAS & FELIN in the north and just your HQ. Try to harvest the aluminum fields quickly and occupy the western bank with many FELINs. Manage your credits and priorities carefully because aluminum can be in short supply. Train some additional SAS and upgrade them with DU Rounds, then entrench them near the Pumas and the Eastern bank for additional defense. If you have TOO much aluminum, you can consider building a support bay and sending some Metal Storms – infantry is common, and it has stealth so you might be able to one shot a spectre if a horde of them are given the chance. Alternatively, you can try the Valor (Helipad) or Rhino (SPEAR vehicle bay & SWORD Protocol) as they have extreme range, though their damage and accuracy aren’t the most impressive. Enemies will arrive in Otomatics, Spectres, Scorpios and fully occupied Vextras. Vehicles can be taken down by snipers but eventually they’ll get overwhelmed, even if you get the Puma or the Valor’s missiles. Infantry is weak to many FELINs, Metal Storm and possibly the Rhino/Tigre. Don’t have too many buildings at this point.
The first orbital strike may or may not destroy some of your buildings. There have been cases where the only thing they managed to hit is a stray FELIN and at times my HQ takes a devastating hit. If you really want to hold out for that long, you can now upgrade your outposts with repair modules at this point, so build some and accompany them with Sentinel Turrets. Suffice to say, getting the Antey-2500 there would be impractical, so ask yourself, what’s your poison? Pumas, infantry and Rhinos will be your best friends here the the 30 minutes being.
Or if you don’t bother with this tedious objective you can just head to the Anti-Ballistics Center and quickly harvest enough materials to build 3 Antey-2500s, then escort them out of the area. The best way to evacuate 10 units is with a Namer, which by itself holds 10 and everything inside counts, although due to its weak offense you would be wise to field it with something else. When they’re out of here, the Antey-2500s should follow suit. For interception it all depends on where the frequent strikes may hit, but it’s relatively straightforward otherwise (I.E. losing your HQ so they could be baited into striking the loaded interceptor missiles).

Countdown to Apocalypse



  • Don’t lose more than 1 Akula and 3 Black Eagles
  • Destroy the launch center with more than 10 minutes to spare
  • Destroy the two other enemy bases

The Russians will provide a handful of units initially, consisting of 3 Akulas and 10 Black Eagles. Use the Akulas to provoke enemies from the air, then lure them to the Black Eagles – these tanks are equipped with HMGs, so they’ll have an easy time against even enemy anti-armor units, as they are just infantry accompanied by Vextras. You’ll have to keep an eye out for grinches and move your Akulas out of the way while the Black Eagles take them out. After they have been all defeated, use the Akulas to destroy all enemy turrets – they can’t hit aerial targets and therefore essentially sitting ducks.
The Chimera forces will set up another base (including a repair outpost). Put the Russian reinforcements aside – it’s possible to win the mission mostly without their support. Start building up your forces, adding more upgraded sentinel turrets, Pantsirs and Rhinos into the fray. Further contingents of Otomatics and Vextras might arrive, but they shouldn’t be too hard to take out, either to your Russian allies or your own units. Invincible enemy fighters come once in a while, though the repair outpost helps to minimize its damage. Regardless, it is highly advisable to actually abuse this by building some prisons (in spite of the limited aluminum) and capture many pilots for additional income. Pumas, Rhinos and Pantsirs all cost something, but they’re all worth the funding – Pumas are disposable and can be upgraded for transport/anti-armor. Rhinos have extreme range for an artillery and Pantsirs snipe down any missiles coming at you when in swarms, in addition to providing fire support (even to ground targets).
With the second Chimera HQ established after destroying the air control centers, start harvesting aluminum and other resources. Try to protect your refineries against Scorpios, LOSATs and Otomatics while you ama*s them to establish some repair outposts, and try to take out the base on the left for relieving defensive pressure. It isn’t hard – just send some Pumas to scout it, then order Rhinos to shower the enemy HQ. You may have to stretch your defenses with even more outposts and sentinel turrets for the base on the right and rare earth elements, with SWORD vehicle bay being an optional addition (Fennek for stealth recon, Burratino for firepower and Terminator for general usage if you have the resources to spare). Build as many Rhinos as possible then aiming at the cosmodrome’s HQ is a valid tactic and will end the mission very quickly.

The American Civil War



  • Finish the mission in less than 40 minutes
  • Steal everything in all 4 depots
  • Don’t lose more than 7 buildings in Base Alamo
  • Capture the heavy vehicles bay to the west of the map

There are 2 Humvees, 2 Deltas, 4 Javelins and 1 Little Bird. All the infantry units have anti-armor weapons, so they can safely take out enemy vehicles by hiding into buildings and eventually reach base Alamo. Don’t take any POWs before then as they wouldn’t count for the Field Hospital’s credit generation otherwise. You can’t build anymore infrastructures, so make them count.
Due to the limited resources, you must rob them from the 4 depots, starting with the closest one on the south. Train 1 sniper, then load it into the Little Bird, alongside the Javelins and Delta. Using the Little Bird’s recon range to identify enemy presence, the Sniper can take out the Javelin hidden inside. Afterwards, get everyone inside the building and they’ll take out the remaining forces. Now the M993s can be abused to raid the depot with little to no opposition.
Harding will send you reinforcements as the onslaught begins, starting with ATGM Strykers. It is imperative for you to immediately research the NLOS guidance, due to it benefitting them, Javelins and Guardians. Train more Javelins and conceal them to ward off enemy armor. Guardians can also be used, as well as TOW-2 Humvees but beware to spare some resources for future use.
The depot on the northeast is protected by a few Guardians. As obviously as it may seem, your best choice is to abuse Stingers, or even Blazers if you have the resources to spare. 8-12 Stingers are probably enough to take them down. After that, position 4 of them inside while ordering the M993s to munch away. If your resource carriers are getting destroyed, Harding will dispatch replacements. They get lost more often than I think though, so try to look around or restart if you don’t think Harding actually sent them somewhere obvious enough.
At this point you can send a single Marine with a Humvee beyond southwestern depot. A relatively unguarded enemy base is there, and it’s imperative for you to capture the heavy vehicles bay, although the barracks should be prioritized as this allows you to produce more on the spot in order to seize the buildings. There are some aluminum and rare earth to spare, though the field generators can’t be captured.
The northern base is guarded by 8 Stingers, stryker MGS and humvees. Again, use the Sniper to take out the Stingers, then send Javelins in the buildings to take out the vehicles. The depot will have a bit of everything so grab them as much as possible. Put your own stingers in the warehouses for defense, and some more on the M993’s path so the nasty enemy Guardians can’t easily pick away at them. TOW-2 Humvees should be used to hara*s enemy vehicles due to their disposability (especially when NLOS-Cs and HIMARS show up), while Blazers and stingers could defeat B-2s and other aerial threats. You might discover a TUSK 1 upgrade (and for some reason, Harding gives you a TUSK 2 Abrams soon) so research it quickly, along with other miscellaneous ones.
For the last base there are a couple of options, such as Stryker ATGMs/Artillery + Abrams + Hercules. Take out the enemy armor and MG nests first (speaking of them, upgrade your own only if you have the resources to spare) to access them.
There are 2 Peacekeeper missile silos but due to the loaded patriots, they are easily a huge waste of your resources. You’ll have to blow up these defenses (watch out for any Javelins hidden near Whittel’s bases) if you ever want to try these, and even then they are obviously not as helpful given access to NLOS-C and HIMARS (the latter having enough range to obliterate enemy structures from a great distance – provided if you can guard them well and only if the Phanlax CIWS sentries are destroyed). Other than that, you can’t rush if you need to steal all the resources. Eventually, you’ll push to and eliminate the enemy HQ.

Mexican Stand-Off



  • Destroy at least 750 enemy units
  • Own superweapons from all 3 factions (just the structures are enough)
  • Have all three HQs as the mission concludes
  • Destroy the two secondary bases

The main threat in this stage is the resource shortage. You’ll have to develop your base early enough while managing them, so you can ward off the a*saults and push to victory.
Provided initially are 6 Abrams (TUSK 2), 4 fully upgraded Terminators, 1 Hercules, 8 Deltas, 8 Exosoldiers and 4 Pumas. Just put the infantry in the buildings and let the vehicles advance. There will be Vextras, Shershens, Otomatics and Scorpios, which the Hercules will greatly aid in eliminating as it counters damage inflicted on allied vehicles, while Terminators snipe the missiles. Then a US Army and Chimera HQ will be established around 6 fully upgraded MG Nests. That’s all you’ll have in the beginning.
Build a refinery from each faction for the initial resources. For taking out the bank on the right you’ll need 2 SAS (aluminum is precious after all) to snipe the punishers inside, and there’s a Jackal hidden in the alley (though any of the initial vehicles could as well as neutralize it). After that deploy your exosoldiers and deltas inside, preferably with medical support such as the Chimera Prison/Namer or the US Dustoff. You can put your SAS aside in other structures.
Initial a*saults consist of Scorpios and Otomatics, maybe intermingling with enemy infantry. Get a repair outpost on the right to prevent them from neutralizing these turrets. Javelins are helpful but you could also use the starting exosoldiers if necessary. You could use a logistical depot on the left due to the scarcity of aluminum, but outposts come with the ability to heal vehicles, too. Field Hospitals and Prisons will be the basis of your early income, as the easily defeated enemy vehicles can generate numerous pilots for you to capture. However, to trade for aluminum from the Field Hospital, you need DEFCON 2, and for rare earth elements, you need DEFCON 1, SHIELD and SWORD Protocol. To sustain these depots, get a Chimera refinery on the left, and guard it with your initial units.
Now your main objective is to obtain a ma*sive aerial squadron and the Rhino. Huge armies of choppers can destroy ground units sent at your base quickly, and with the repair outposts they are easy to maintain. With this in mind, you’ll have the Tigre and Guardian, depending on your economy. At least 10 of them is the bare minimum. As for the Rhino, its extreme range can be useful for sniping enemy bases, while its weapons platform detection allows you to pinpoint oncoming Koalitsiyas and AMOS. Of course, by the time you need this upgrade, Harding would have advised you the importance of rare earth elements. Chimera Prisons have the best POW trade value, with 10 for 3500 (that’s 1 for 350, as opposed to 250 in the US Field Hospital where you can instead get more Aluminum). The rare earth elements will be useful for constructing and upgrading the Antey-2500, a reliable helper for intercepting enemy tactical superweapons. It wouldn’t stop aircraft flying at your base, but when paired with stingers and pantsirs, enemy jets will barely even make it, only for the repair outpost to fully recover them from any damage dealt.
With your resources flowing well (depots bank them, so you don’t need to build too many dedicated storage facilities), focus on important buildings and projects (guardians and tigres aren’t very effective if you don’t have them), most notably upgrades from various research facilities. Generators will keep them as well as any resource production facilities like the syntech lab up and running. Destroy any single Koalitsiya before they get too close via the helicopters.
If you want a steady source of rare earth elements, primarily for building those superweapon structures and their munitions, you can grab an underground stock market. While produced from a cartel HQ, you can just get a captured vehicles bay to build one near your initial base (remember to defend the skycrane on its way there), then from it you can access all the cartel tech and by extension, everything they have to offer.
For the final a*sault, you can use stealth recon units like the Metal Storm, Ninja and Fennek (take note of hostile railgun turrets), paired with artillery units like HIMARS, Rhino, NLOS-C, Burratino. Attack aircraft are useful, but superweapons might actually yield great value as well by revealing the base layout, regardless if they get sniped or not. Even if you have just one each, you can store 11 shots in total (1 peacekeeper, 6 laser salvos, 4 orbital strikes) which is beyond compensation (especially since you have more than enough rare earth elements to spend). Repair depots are again critical for pushing through the middle area, where you can harvest some additional rare earth for advanced units. Ultimately it boils down to what’s the best option for you when enemy artillery are rendered utterly pathetic.

Written by SUPER-TANK

This is all we can share for All Campaign Missions – Act of Aggression for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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