All important Commands – Trove

All important Commands – Trove 1 -
All important Commands – Trove 1 -

All important Trove Commands


/chatlist Lists all the players who are in the same chat as you. You can modify it by adding a specific chat after the command e.g. /chatlist .
/clearcornerstone Resets your cornerstone to flat land. This also will delete everything on your cornerstone, forever. One must confirm first before this happens.
/debugtext Brings up debug information: latency, FPS and player coordinates.
/friendlist Opens up the friends list, but works also by pressing the “O” key.
/getworldid Shows the world ID the player currently is in.
/getxp Displays the currently level and how much XP must be earned to level up.
/ignore Puts a player on your ignore list. You can specify the player by typing /ignore.
/joinme Sends a request to join your world. If accepted, the player will teleport to the requester’s
/joinworld Will join world with a specific ID. To denote the world, type its ID after the command e.g.
/kick Kick a certain player from a Shadow Arena which you’ve unlocked. Specify the player name after the command e.g. /kick.
/loc Reports to the chat the current location using XYZ coordinates.
/mastery Shows the mastery rank, stats and experience level.
/quit Shuts the game down.
/respawn Forces the player character to respawn.
/showface Toggles the mask model on or off. Stats from the mask gear will stay in effect.
/showhat Toggles the hat model on or off. Stats from the hat will stay in effect.
/stats Shows the player stats
/tutorial Teleports the player to the tutorial world.
/welcome Shows the welcome screen.
/who Lists every player that is in your current world.
/1 Sends a message to Global chat
/2 Sends a message to world chat.
/join Joins or creates a chat channel.
/leave One leaves the current chat channel.
/reply Sends a reply to the last wisper.
/say Sends a message to nearby players. It can be seen within a 40 block range.
/whisper Sends a private message to a specific player. The players name must be typed after the
command e.g. /whisper .
/join adventure Access to the adventure chat to make groups for adventure portals.
/join fishing Access the fishing chat.
/join price Access the price chat.
/join recipe Access the recipe chat.
/join sa Access the Shadow Arena chat.
/join sky Access the Sky chat.
/join trade Access the trade chat to barter items with other players.
/hideplayer Hide the player model
/large_screenshot Captures and stores a 2x-sized screenshot to four separate files, each a quarter of
the total screen size.
/screenshot Captures and stores a screenshot of the current screen without UI.
/showplayer Shows your character model.
/showui Hides or removes the UI; OR use the F7 key instead.
/timelapse Captures and stores a sequence of screenshots from the position the command is
initiated. A number after the command denotes the amount of screenshots e.g. /timelapse 5. The
default is 20.
/decopreview Preview a specific cornerstone decoration, denoted by the blueprint after the command
e.g. /decopreview.
/dungeon Preview a dungeon fully a*sembled.
/facepreview Preview a specific cornerstone face decoration, denoted by the blueprint after the command e.g. /facepreview .
/floodfill Replaces all connected blocks of the type which you have your mouse over, with the one you have equipped.
/hairpreview Preview a specific hair, denoted by the blueprint after the command e.g. /hairpreview.
/hatpreview Preview a specific hat, denoted by the blueprint after the command e.g. /hatpreview.
/load Loads a specific blueprint, denoted by the file name after the command e.g. /load .
/mf Teleports the player to the Meta Forge.
/save Saves a specific blueprint, denoted by the file name after the command e.g. /save . Typing
only /save will automatically save over the last loaded blueprint.
/settime Sets the time of day, between a value of 0-24 e.g. /settime [15] sets it to 3pm.
/stoptimelapsedungeon Cancels the /timelapsedungeon command.
/timelapsedungeon Previews a dungeon being a*sembled for troubleshooting purposes. To specify a dungeon, type the filename after the command e.g. /timelapsedungeon
/weaponpreview Allows you to test how a weapon blueprint looks in-game.
/drawdistance Increase or decrease your render distance with a specific value e.g. /drawdistance <100>. The default is 128, and ranges from 32-210.
/fxenable Switches on or off special effects, including clouds.
/loddistance Increase or decrease the Level of Detail. Default is 60, and ranges between 15-96.
/msaa Switches on or off MultiSample Anti-Aliasing.
/postbloom Switches on or off Bloom.
/postdof Switches on or off Depth of Field.
/postedge Switches on or off the black borders. Sometimes may not work properly.
/postfxaa Switches on or off Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing.
/postlensflare Switches on or off Lens Flare.
/retromode Switches on or off 16-bit graphics.
/shadercomplexity Switches on or off various shader effects. Turning it off will make it harder to see in dark areas.
/supersample Determine the render strength. The default is 1 (100%); 0 is 50%, 4 is 200%, and 10 is 300%.
/vsync Switches on or off Vsync.
/gamevolume Determine the main game volume. Default is 25, ranges between 0-100.

Club Commands

/club Lists all club commands.
/club demote De-rank a specific player. Type the player name after the command e.g. /club demote .
/club invite Invite a player to your club.
/club kick Kick a player from your club.
/club leave Leave a club.
/club list List the club members
/club log Displays club edits and all club inventories.
/club makeprimary Gives a club priority over others.
/club promote Increase the rank of a player.
/zonerestrict Designates a zone that only club members can access.


/cry Causes your character to cry.
/dance Causes your character to dance.
/laugh Causes your character to laugh.
/pose Causes your character to pose in a battle stance.
/shrug Causes your character to shrug.
/sit Causes your character to sit
/wave Causes the character to wave.
/zzz Causes your character to sleep. Auto-activates if AFK for more than two minutes.

Written by BOBBY TRAPP3R

Here we come to an end for the All important Commands – Trove guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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