All Items Guide – Crab Game

All Items Guide – Crab Game 1 -
All Items Guide – Crab Game 1 -

An overall guide to crates, rags and rarities in Crab Game!

Crab Boxes Basic Info

All Items Guide - Crab Game - Crab Boxes Basic Info - 577EDB3D2
Each day you can get up to 3 crates and an additional crate after finishing and claiming your daily task.
There are 4 different crates each containing items for one equip slot.
They have 5 different possible predominant rarities and are as follows:
On top of this there are some possible other rarity effects which are:

Crab Box #1

All Items Guide - Crab Game - Crab Box #1 - A26115B55
Contains Haircuts and these have a couple unique colors only available for hair: Blond and Brown.
The contents of this crate are generally fetch the lowest prices but the more unique hair colors fetch the high values; Red, Blue, Green.
Some of these hairstyles are especially not worth as much due to their compatibility with hats.
The most useable hairstyle for meshing well with hats is Baldo as it removes almost all of your hair except for a small strand that is almost unnoticeable.

Crab Box #2

All Items Guide - Crab Game - Crab Box #2 - B30DB1858
Contains hats as well as the unique rarer trait of YIKE.
Some of these hats are just items that sit on your head while others fit a lot more nicely on your characters head.

Crab Box #3

All Items Guide - Crab Game - Crab Box #3 - 1ED431F16
Contains all the facial equipable items.
These range from masks to a clown nose, there’s a lot of unique possibilities with these items.

Crab Box #4

All Items Guide - Crab Game - Crab Box #4 - C1C4E5390
Contains footwear.
These are all items that cover most of your foot except for the sandals (not the socks with sandals) those still show your feet.

Christmas Crab Box and Present

All Items Guide - Crab Game - Christmas Crab Box and Present - 94CBB22D8The Christmas Box was an event-exclusive item for Christmas where you could get holiday themed cosmetics like elf shoes and pumpkin heads.
The present was a gift given to all players that gave a random coloured Party Hat.


All Items Guide - Crab Game - Rags - 29213C384
You get rags by discarding items you don’t want and the rarity of the item depends on the amount of rags you get, Common gave 1, Uncommon 3, Rare 6 etc.
With 20 rags, you can make another Crab Box.


Items come in a few predominant rarities:
On top of this there are rarities for the colors that an item can have as well:
The rarities for the colors are:
Light Blue
Creme (Hair Exempt)
Blond (Hair only)
Brown (Hair only)
These items also have a rarity number that they are a*signed based on their color and rarity.
Each rarity has a “weight” and shininess and branding can also add “weight”:
Common – 1
Uncommon – 2
Rare – 3
Extraordinary – 4
Legendary – 6
YIKE – 6
Shiny – 11 (TBD – not sure about shiny grade effects)
The item you have will always have a minimum of 2 rarity as they have both their predominant rarity and their color rarity values combined.
Ex. A Rare hat with Blue coloring would be a 5 rarity as it has values of 3 and 2 combined to 5.
These rarity values are indicative of exactly how rare each item is comparatively.
The exact calculations of drop rarity aren’t public but it can be a*sumed through the steam market the relative rarities
Common – 80%*
Uncommon – 16.5%*
Rare – 2.3%*
Extraordinary – 1%*
Legendary – 0.2%*
Common – 78%*
Uncommon – 17%*
Rare – 4%*
Legendary 1%*
Note: * – Estimated from steam market listings.
My estimates are that it’s another 0.2% chance to get YIKE on top of whatever item you get if its available, and then another 0.04% chance for a shiny*

The End

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Written by MrSpaghetti

I hope you enjoy the All Items Guide – Crab Game guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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