All promo codes in Geometry Dash? – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

All promo codes in Geometry Dash? – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1 -
All promo codes in Geometry Dash? – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1 -

Vault No. 1

After collecting 10 user currency, the first storage will become available. These are special user tokens that can be used for unlocking different levels of artifacts. To access the storage you need to go back to the main menu. Click the gear icon, then go to the settings. The lock that you have already unlocked will appear in the upper-right corner. Click on this icon to enter one the secret codes. Click on the character of a dark demon to withdraw any of the codes.
Lenny can get the cube.
Neverending – N.O.
8; 16: 30; 32, 46; 84; (enter strictly by order) Get a wave
Here is an analogue of that one.
Blockbite can be used to refer to N.L.O.
Mule can be described as a ship.
Spooky – cube
Robotop refers to a robot.
Sparky is the secret coin
Gandalfpotter- Tail (trail), for your character in the game.

Vault No. 2

The second storage can be disguised as the "Creat” button (upper right corner). It will only become accessible after you have accumulated 50 diamonds. The card opens for 50 crystals at the upper right corner.
Thechickenisonfire: Custom color setting.
Seven – Extracting the cube.
Octocube is another cube.
Brainpower – An Analogue to the Previous One.
The Challenge – Challenge from guardian (you will be able to open it for at the least 200 crystals).
Gimmiethecolor – custom color change.
Glubfub: First, we get "Sparky" coins from the old vault. We go back to the old vault experience, and wait until the dialogue gets to the word "Sparky". We go back to our old guard and have a conversation until he says "Glubfub". Only then will you be able to enter the code.

Time room

An ominous, fiery-eyed lion's face will greet you at the door. Not only is the guard wearing horns and a ring around his nose, but he also has horns. The chest in the corner contains an orange key. The basement is the location of the room, just behind the orange castle.
Volcano – Wave.
Silence – Cube
Darkness – Similar to the previous one.
River – Custom color change.

Vault of Secrets

This is a repository full of secrets. The second largest repository of Geometry Dash. Hidden under the "Create” button. Visits cost 50 Crystals. This is where you will find a key-keeper who acts as a guard. A second entrance leads into the basement.
Secret codes:
The challenge.
Brain power.
Cod3breaker: After entering the code, several numbers will be returned to you. We subtract the first digit of the second digit and the second of the third. We keep going until we get to the final.

Chamber of Time

This is the "room of time". This is the last vault. Geometry Dash 2.0 may bring more secret rooms. The Gatekeeper, who guards the level, is the guard. This guard is also a giant lion's head that has eyes that are lit by fire.


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