All Research Stations – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

All Research Stations – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered 1 -
All Research Stations – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered 1 -

Research Stations are citywide activities found throughout the map in Marvel’s Spider-Man. These are short missions that often use traversal mechanics and reward players with Research Tokens when they are completed. Harry Osborn was trying to fulfill the dreams his late mother. After completing Harry’s Pa*sion Project, players have access to these stations. Some of the missions available at these stations are only available when there is a specific forecast or when they require specific upgrades.
Researchers stations allow players to manually change time after they have completed the main story. Players can choose between "Day", Sunset, and Night. Each Research Station can also be used to quickly travel between destinations once they are accessed. For completing any Research Station you receive +100 XP as well as x2 Research Tokes.
The game includes seventeen Research Station missions that are required to unlock R&D achievement.
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Smog Alert

This station monitors air quality. It's far more precise than anything currently in place. If these could be widely adopted, it would make a huge difference in the quality and life of the entire city.

Locate Description Requirement
Chinatown There are several areas of dense, smog within the city. These areas will be marked in your mini-map using a green cloud. This is especially helpful when you're doing the mission at nights. Spider-Man can identify the source of each vehicle type once you have swung past eight clouds. Swing to the nearest vehicle and take a photo. None


Under Pressure

This station monitors water pressure at nearby buildings. Any problem – such as pipe bursts, or clogs- is detected and an alert sent to maintenance teams. If Oscorp had ever asked the city for approval, that's what would have happened.

Locate Description Requirement
Chinatown Check the pipes. They appear to be fine up there. The problem seems to be located at ground level. Look down into the alley to locate the valve. Turn the valve and a water tank will begin to leak. Move up to the tower and fix the leakage with your webs. You will need to do the same for other towers. Spider-Man is able to see that the problem is not resolved when all the towers stop leaking. To check for blockages, swing towards the outlet pipe. You will see that it is blocked. Let the water run. None


Cell Tower Frequency

Although it sounds a little odd, this station monitors and reports on the city's mobile tower network for potential vulnerabilities. It's all about those cell phones we all have in our pockets. It's pretty easy for a rogue to weaponize them, provided we're careful.

Locate Description Requirement
Financial District There is an error in the cell tower systems. It only affects sensitive equipment such that Spider-Man's suit. You will see flat, blue-sparkling areas in the sky. These are the interference zones. Spider-Man can take in damage if he is within the interference zone. It is important to get out of this area as soon possible. Swing, webzip, and climb across to each of these rooftops to reset your towers. Unlock Electric Web in Story mission: Wheels within Wheels


Bacteria Buddies

Ok, the stuff in that station? Revolutionary. If we can make it work. Engineered bacteria to dissolve plastics into harmless parts. We are hopeful that we will be able to iron out all the kinks.

Locate Description Requirement
Financial District Spider-Man puts bacteria in his web liquid. ESU contains the chemicals he requires to kill the bacteria. Because he has the bacteria in the web cartridges, it will dissolve any web he attempts to swing. Spider-Man must get to ESU by swinging. You can swing but the web will break before you get too far. Instead, climb, jump, and web-zip your way to ESU. Once you are there, check the trash for any chemicals. Now, you need to travel further without swinging. To further the research, go to Dr. Otto Octavius’s Lab. Grab the bonding compound behind the spectrograph in the lab. Use the spectrograph in order to separate the bacteria and the web fluid. Once the experiment is completed, exit the lab. Then swing back to the station and test the bacteria on the plastic containers. None


Hiding in the Crowd

This station is kinda my answer to Oscorp's (hopefully soon-to-be-discontinued…) chemical weapons research: systematized counter-agents to some of the world's most dangerous chemical agents. For that an*lysis to be successful, we must keep some samples of these chemical agents on hand…

Locate Description Requirement
Greenwich Leakage is occurring from a stolen rocket propellant. Drop below and Spider-Man uses his Spider-bot. The bot can be moved to the chemical spills that will provide a bonus to you and take you to a thief. In a matter of seconds, you will find a crowd. Disperse the crowd with harmless subsonic sound. The thief is the third victim of this subsonic blast. You can chase the thief and web him. Spider-Man arrives to retrieve the stolen item after the thief is captured. Return the item to the station to complete your mission. Spider-Man claims he increased station security and sent Yuri camera footage of the incident in order to convict. None


Snapping up Smog

This is another air quality station, which monitors pollutants in the environment. This is vital for the citizens of the city, but certain corporate overlords do not like the prospect that their pollution output will be publicly reported.

Locate Description Requirement
Hell's Kitchen There is a lot in the area. The minimap shows areas with high levels of smog. Swing or fall through clouds to get a sample. Spider-Man was able to collect eight samples and determine that the smog came from two types of vehicles and a faulty smoking stack. Move to the smoke stack, and then to the cars to take pictures. None


Vaccinate Fish

It's kind of funny to have a Marine Research Station all the way up there, but it's got great views to the River. Any health issues that might arise can be easily addressed by aerial dispersal – once that system is operational.

Locate Description Requirement
Hell's Kitchen You will find some very ugly barrels under the water. Grab it from the water and toss it. Spider-Man will be able to vaccinate after the barrels have been empty. Check out the mini-map to see more arts of green. Swing or Web-zip over the area to distribute the vaccine. Once the area has cleared, move on to the next dock and continue the process. The last step is to find a marker and scan for fish to confirm that there has been no outbreak. None


Data Chain

Data backup. It is often the least important aspect in a project until it becomes the greatest. This station allows us to manage overflow data of all the other stations: back-up for backup.

Locate Description Requirement
Hell's Kitchen Spider-Man plans use of the ESU server to reduce the load on the research station. This will only work when he realigns all the dishes. Move from tower 1 to tower 2 to connect orange-red beams. Each time you align an individual portion, more time is added. There are eight towers to align. Spider-Man is able to initiate data transfer at ESU after the towers have been aligned. Drop down to complete a circuit minigame. None


Chemical Leak

One of the biggest challenges in improving air quality is finding the source of high-particle-count, toxic pollutants. It is only a matter of a few grams that can cause illness. This station specializes by removing specific particulate toxins.

Locate Description Requirement
Midtown The roof's steam vent is leaking chemicals. The steam vent on the roof is leaking. You can inspect it and then solve a puzzle using spectrographs. Follow the pipes to locate the next chemical problem. Spider-Man will then follow the pipes to find two more leaks. After inspecting the last leak site, climb up to the construction. The concrete will be perfect for detoxifying the chemicals leaking from the roof. Grab the concrete bags, and then jump into the air. Chemicals can cause damage if you touch the ground. Repeat the process with each barrel (a total 5). To prevent any further problems from happening, make sure the leaks are drained. None


Pigeon Vaccine

Who looks after New York’s pigeons? Harry Osborn or Oscorp? Seriously though, pigeons represent the number one vector for a multitude of communicable illnesses. This station helps us keep track of our winged friends before they become potential health hazards.

Locate Description Requirement
Midtown The number in the meter on left side of screen shows how far you are from your target. This number indicates how far from your target you are. The circle that surrounds the number shows the direction you should go. Once you are at the park, swing across the three sites to disperse vaccine. If the green area of the minimap disappears after dispersal, it is a success. It will need some air between Spider-Man, the ground, in order to make it work. There are two more places to vaccinate. After the last section of the pigeons has been vaccinated, you can go down and scan the rest of the group. None


Reboot Times Square

Just installed new, energy-saving LED billboards in Times Square. They are stunning, but extremely complex. They will require regular maintenance. Oscorp, however, is not good at maintaining anything routinely unless it turns profit.

Locate Description Requirement
Midtown The mission starts with a timer set at twenty seconds on either side of the screen. The goal is to swing past the Times Square screens and shoot electric webs at their screens. The web shooter is already set up to shoot electric webs. Swing and hit the screens. Each screen that is hit successfully will add a little extra time to the countdown. There are 20 screens you need to fix. Each screen is marked on the mini-map. None



It is not glamorous but wildlife tracking can be very important in a city such as New York. To find a bird in this urban jungle, you will need to use high-quality location triangulation.

Locate Description Requirement
Upper West Side Spider-Man could use the GPS tech in this station to help him locate his missing Spider-bot. After dropping down into the park you can take over his other Spiderbot. Locate the orange-colored remnants that look like a Spiderbot and move to the marker. Follow the path until you find the spider-bot's steps. The bot will be picked by a pigeon, which will fly it to its nest to find the other bot. Spider-Man comes down and rescues both bots. None


Lightning Rod

For a long period, accurate storm tracking was a key component of meteorology. The problem is the large data set. To accurately monitor weather phenomena, you need a lot processing power. It is best to use a distributed network.
This station is only accessible after you have completed all Research Station missions.

Locate Description Requirement
Upper West Side Your task will be to jump on antennas and direct the signal towards the next transmitting towers. After a while the electrical lightning will be focused on the location where you are currently located. Spider-Man is capable of taking up to three strikes by lightning. A green circle will appear on the minimap prior to the impact. To avoid injury, move out of the circle. Move to the next tower to avoid lightning strikes.
Finally, you must climb to top of the skyscraper. The antenna will redirect the signal to previous towers. Lightning can be dangerous. Connect all points together to complete your mission.
All Research Stations missions completed


Dive and Dash

New York is famous for its clean drinking waters, but it takes a lot more work to make it happen. This station monitors smaller bodies with connections to the city’s main waterline.

Locate Description Requirement
Upper East Side Drop down towards the lake. Move to the marker, and collect an alga sample. You will need a tall building to jump from. Oscorp can be found nearby. Swing up to the Oscorp building's top and jump off. As you freefall, look at the meter on left side of screen. Once the meter has read at least 100 meters, swing. Go back up the Oscorp building. Do not begin your swing until the dive distance reaches 250 meters. Spread the algae cure across the lake by going over to it. Complete all Research Stations' missions


Ventilate the problem

Steam heat is the best method of in-home heating. However, the required pressure poses safety risks. This station monitors all pressure levels and ensures they are within tolerance.

Locate Description Requirement
Harlem To prevent building explosion, swing toward the marker and remove the vents to the side. There are 15 vents. It takes you 45 seconds each to get rid of all of them. More time is added to your time when you destroy a vent. As Spider-Man swings towards a vent to shoot, aim and fire at it. To complete the mission, climb up to the top and turn off the valve. None


Shaking Harlem

Mom set it up: seismic monitoring station, located on the fault line below Central Park. I really hope Oscorp won't decide not to remove this station. It holds a lot of sentimental value to me.

Locate Description Requirement
Harlem Swing off the structure and perform a Ground Strike. The shock wave will reveal the location for the pressure trouble spot. After exiting the satellite view, swing to the trouble spot. There are three high spots that require attention. Once you are at one, smash it again to relieve the pressure. Once you have completed the task, you can move on to the next. Unlock Ground Strike Move


Visibly Shaken

This one is not for you: Cloaking tech is intended for military purposes. We're testing it using armed drones. This was my concession to Dad. I'm hoping that he will be more relaxed about funding the other stations.

Locate Description Requirement
Harlem During this mission, Spider-Man becomes invisible to the drones if you press a special button. Your task is simply to enter the drone operation field and then press L1 to close them down. If you are invisible, it is impossible to pa*s through drones' power fields. Camouflage can make it impossible to use your web. To destroy drones, you must constantly switch between invisible and visible. None


Written by XEALEEN

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