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All Resource Information Guide – Wizards and Warlords 1 -
All Resource Information Guide – Wizards and Warlords 1 -

I love this game, but the resources are like a microcosm of the game itself: there’s a billion of them, they are bewildering, and no one will tell you what any of them are for. Except for me, because I kind of know, for some of them. I’ll update as I get feedback and knowledge.

The Weird Three

These three don’t act like the other resources. You can’t sell them and they are not gained in a similar manner to other resources.
Gold: Like most games, you use some for basically everything. Building stuff, maintaining armies, research, diplomatic actions, etc. It comes from towns and fortresses you control, but in this game a shocking amount of it will also come from automatically selling resources you either don’t need or have overstock of.
Influence: This is used for hiring workers, which is going to be a critical growth limiter at first, and later for purchasing buildings. It comes from certain buildings mostly. The prison you can build in your tower, which you’ll probably want to demolish later, and the tavern in town. A few others but those are the common ones. This is likely going to be a key resource at the beginning of the game, and something you totally forget about later because you’re always at the cap. It is also part of the cost of a few summons, like troglodytes.
Mana: Mana is almost like a parallel primary resource to gold in this game. It is used for everything magical. Maintaining summoned troops, buying summoned troops, research, spells (both in initial cost and in some cases maintenance), leveling up your tower, and of course binding mana nodes so you can get more mana. If you have the transmutation ability mana can also turn into various other resources at a relatively slow rate. It comes from your own magic paths (IE: as you grow in the ‘arcane’ path you’ll get more mana per turn, along with many, but not all other paths), your tower, and bound mana nodes. You’re going to want to build a wisp of some kind to go around screwing with mana nodes – they have an ability that gives you a 5% discount per experience level, and that’s going to eventually be an enormous amount of mana.

The Rest, Part I

All other resources are mostly obtained in a similar way: you build a thing in a tile, and that thing has a yield, and you get that much every turn. There are a few that are also generated by buildings.
Food: Comes from farms, fishing villages, and towns. You use it to maintain troops and upgrade outposts to settlements (which costs 2000, so you’ll want a storage cap of at least 2000). You’ll almost certainly always have too much of it and thus sell the extra for gold automatically as it has a relatively low storage cap. Sells for a very low price individually, but is easy to produce a lot of.
Tools: This one does not have any map built resource that yields it. It comes from towns based on industry, and from your tower based on workers working there with the ‘smith’ skill. It is used to build certain buildings, and sells at a reasonable price.
Spices: Comes from the ‘spices’ special appearing on the map that kind of looks like a red pile. The description in game appears to be wrong. You’ll have to build a hunter’s hut on top of this to get any spices. It is used as far as I know only to build golems out of filth, and sells at a fairly high price.
Wine: Comes from vineyards built on the map. Fairly low yield, but fairly high price. Mostly going to be used as a money crop, but also used to maintain a few buildings. Can only be built in specific hexes. A great use for a fertile soil special if it appears in hills.
Bronze: As far as I’ve discovered the only way to get bronze is to transmute it. I do not think it has a map yield which makes sense as it is not a naturally occurring metal (unlike mithril =P). Used to maintain and summon one pretty powerful summon in the chaos line, and that’s it as far as I know.
Relics: I’ve only ever gotten them from exploring dungeons, although I expect they can also come from archaeology, which is not something I’ve ever gotten to do. Also, I don’t know what they are for. Hard to obtain, sells for a high price.
Furs: Comes from hunter’s huts. Fur yield is pretty much inverse to food yield for a hunter’s hut location, but more desirable in terms of price. Also used to build some buildings, more common for more primitive societies as a requirement. A good ‘money crop’ candidate that you can find pretty much anywhere.
Bone: Comes from tiles with the ‘bone’ special yield, gathered by anything that produces a yield on that tile but doubled by hunter’s huts. Used for some necromancy summons, and you can build bad golems out of it.
Platinum: Comes from mines built on a platinum special. As far as I know totally useless except for the enormous amount of gold it sells for. Truly, a gold mine by any other name would smell as sweet.
Granite: Used to build a lot of buildings, and you can also make nice basic golems out of it. You can get this almost anywhere you build a quarry, but higher yields in mountains, probably the only places really worth building quarries for this. Sells for a low enough price that selling it is pretty meh, even at mountain yields.
Ichor: Comes from loot when you kill certain monsters, and building a hunter’s hut on the insect hives special. Used for building golems out of filth, and also for maintaining and building certain poison golem parts and summons. Pestilence line wants this.
Chitin: Comes from loot when you kill certain monsters, and building a hunter’s hut on the insect hives special. As far as I know, it’s useless except for selling at a low price.
Silk: Comes from building a farm on a silk special (maybe also a fae garden?). Low yield, high price. As far as I know, just a money crop.
Necrotite: Comes from a mine built on the necrotite special. Used for ‘forging’ which means you can add specials to recruited troops once you research the forging of it. Can also be ‘cleansed’ into silver once you have done the research. I’ve never done this, but it better cleanse into balls of a lot of silver as necrotite is very valuable on the market comparatively.
Ancient tomes: Comes from random events or from you buying it from the market. Good for holding for a library, or doing certain types of research (notably lore research into ancient evil). Expensive.
Jade: Comes from a mine built on the jade special. You can build decent golems out of it. It’s also reasonably valuable.
Eternal Fire: AFAIK only comes from mystic forges in your tower, so you’re going to be limited to a few a turn. This is a great golem power source, and also necessary for certain pretty nice summons. Sells for quite a bit if you aren’t using it (200ish each).
Silver: Comes from a mine built on a silver special. You can build okayish golems out of it, and it is used rarely in summons. It’s worth a decent amount on the market.
Gemstones: Comes from a mine built on a gemstones special, or from the ‘tunnel network’ tower slot build (only 1 a turn, but better than nothing). Used to build monuments and temples and also used to build high end weapons (beams) onto golems. Also very valuable in the market.
Copper: Comes from a mine built on a copper special. As far as I know, just used for money, like platinum’s crappy little brother. Still better than any non-special hex as a source of cash.
Iron: Comes from a mine built on an iron special. Used to build some buildings. Probably the best relatively easily available golem material. Sells at a decent price.
Faerie Dust: Comes from fae gardens, and murdering the fae. Pretty good golem power source, and used to bind and maintain some fae troops.Very expensive to buy on the market, and there’s not much available, but relatively crappy to sell.
Adamantite: Comes from a mine built on an adamantite special. Low yield. High cost, both for buying and selling. A very good golem material, and a very good forging material for equipment for recruited troops once you’ve done the research.
Ectoplasm: Comes from killing monsters occasionally, not sure if it has any other source. Also don’t know what it is used for, possibly some necromancy. Expensive.
Lumber: Necessary in vast quantities to build pretty much every hex improvement and building. Stockpile loads of it and prioritize getting some sources, or you’ll be buying it all the time. Best source is the primal forest special, second best is heavy forest/jungle by rivers. You can also build really crappy golems out of it.
Marble: Builds some buildings, most importantly the mason’s guild. Also used in large quantities for temples and monuments. Very low yield and quite expensive, so you’ll want to have a source, develop it, and stockpile it.
Herbs: Comes from fae gardens and workers in hunter’s huts with the ‘herbalism’ skill. Used for some summons, for some nature spells, and for the nature line of marks.
Nectar: Not sure how to get it. Used for some nature spells.
Ambrosia: Not sure how to get it. Used for some nature spells.
Salt: Comes from a mine built on a salt special. Sells at a pretty good price.
Wyrdstone: Comes from a mine built on a wyrdstone special. Relatively low yield, relatively high price. Don’t know of any uses for it, but I’m a*suming somewhere in high end chaos magic.
Coal: Comes from a mine built on a coal special. Medium yield, medium price. Is used to build buildings, notably the foundry which is important for heavy troops. This takes a lot of coal. Also can be used as the worst power source for golems. It amuses me greatly though to imagine my coal powered golems, so thank you for this developer.
Crystals: I don’t know how to get this or what it is for. Pretty expensive on the market. Can transmute to mana.

The Rest, Part II

Jewelry: Comes from jeweler’s guild that can be built in towns that are cultured. Used for the ‘arcane trinkets’ unit option, and also for certain enchant items, maybe just amulet of protection. Fairly expensive on the market.
Mithril: Comes from a mine built on a mithril special. You can make nice golems out of it, or you can have some good options for recruited troops once you’ve researched mithril forging. Very expensive.
Oricalchum: One tower special gets tiny amounts, and some spells can get you tiny amounts. Absurdly expensive to buy. I’m sure this has a purpose in one of the paths I haven’t trod.
Obsidian: This comes from quarrying in the magma plains. I don’t know what use it is, but it’s garbage money so it’s definitely not a money crop.
Trade good, underworld goods: Trade goods come from towns, buildings in towns, and fishing villages. Underworld only come from the pa*sage to the underworld tower special. I’m pretty sure both are just for selling.
Dye, gla*s, perfume: I don’t know what any of these do or where they come from.

Written by Cow

This is all we can share for All Resource Information Guide – Wizards and Warlords for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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