An introduction & advice, goalie edition (Revision 1) – Omega Strikers

An introduction & advice, goalie edition (Revision 1) – Omega Strikers 1 -
An introduction & advice, goalie edition (Revision 1) – Omega Strikers 1 -

A collection of tips and tricks to help goalies play smarter.

Things to Know Before We Start

The game is much easier than other MOBAs. However, there are many stats and interactions that you should be aware of. This section will help explain some of the official terminology and systems as well as some terminology I created on the spot.
First, you will find almost all the official terms for the game by clicking in the top-left corner. Next, scroll down and click the book. This is called the "Playbook", and it explains most things well. Before continuing with this guide, you should read the glossary.
The glossary is at the top of this bar. Clicking any striker will take you to their specific kit.
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Some new terminology

Each character is unique, and each character has their own ranges. I like to cla*sify these areas or ranges into three types.
Controlled area: Area that you can directly hit with your basic strike, (M1 –, unique always influenced and influenced only by size
Influenced area: This is the area that your skills can reach.
Denied area: An area that one or several of your abilities has rendered unaccessible.
All three are always increasing and decreasing depending if one is on cooldown.
Shoving, Invading, are terms I invented for someone who is trying to push the ball past an enemy in the Controlled area. These terms can be used in conjunction.

  • Shoving (When a player uses an Ability to push the Core through an enemy’s controlled area, whilst the enemy’s basic strike or stun is on cooldown.
  • Invading refers to when a player walks up towards an enemy. A plan to time your basic strikes right after your enemy's to force your core through them.


Preparing to be an goalie

Now that you've read the) book and are familiar with all the terminology, it's time to get ready for your match.

Your goalie job is not just to keep the goalie's goal away, but also to keep your enemy's goalie away. These are the two main principles that every goalie works with. Which one does each striker focus on? I call it their Archetype. These are Wardens or Backliners.
Wardens are skilled at controlling the area around the goal. Dubu and Asher are great examples of this kind. These three goalies are not mobile but they thrive on being larger and using their abilities to block the goal. Their ability to denial and large size makes them great at handling shoving as well as invading. They do place a lot of importance because their influenced area sizing is small.
A Backliner's specialty is to rather keep the core as far away from the goal as possible and either buffing their team-mates or debuffing/obstructing their enemies. Luna, Era and Juno are three examples of such a goalie. These three have a variety of long-range and high-area abilities. They also have a decent movement option, which allows them to quickly reposition themselves. Backliners depend more on their abilities, and therefore range or cooldown rates. Inverse to Wardens, they are much more difficult to deal with if an enemy tries to shove/invade.

Now that you understand the playstyles required to be a goalie we can move on Trainings.

Another guide provides more detailed information on trainings, so this section will be brief.
Trainings are small bonuses which you can select before the game. They can be very helpful to complement your play-style. There are five types (Yellow eyes). They include: haste/speed/speed/(greenwing). stagger/defence/(blue Shield). power/attack/attack (Red fist). and ability/(purple Blobs). They are also listed in this order: range, havete, stagger and power.
It is crucial to be aware of these categories so you can identify which ones your striker chooses. Juno, for example, has one set for ability and one for range. This information can be found for each striker individually in the playbook. Simply click on Juno and look at the top of the page, right under their name. You should also remember the icons of each ability.
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Understanding how and which trainings have an impact on your abilities is key. The icons will indicate if the training has impacted an ability. Juno has been selected in this example. "Missile Propulsion" is the range type. It affects her primary, special abilities and not her second. We can see this by the icons. The keywords in Juno’s character page can help us understand why. "Friend Fling" and “Make it rain” both have the keyword "PROJECTILE" in their names, so missile propulsion can increase the range of those abilities. Although her secondary leaves a trailing blob, it is not considered a projectile and does not affect.
An introduction & advice, goalie edition (Revision 1) - Omega Strikers - Preparing to be a goalie - 7E1045E

Your place at the arena

This will allow you to understand your place within the arena. This depends on the archetype your striker of choice falls under, but it is generally consistent.

  • You want to be in the goal arc for all goalies, but not within the area your goal gate fills. Hugging the back goal puts you at risk of being knocked unconscious, making intercepting the core very difficult if you're outside the goal line.
  • Just to be clear, as long your basic strike hits a core, the core will move in the same direction as your mouse no matter where it is located in your controlled area. Keep your mouse as close to the right as possible.
  • Avoid giving the core to enemies. The enemy shouldn't be allowed to approach the core regardless of archetype.
  • It is common to make the core bounce from one side of arena to get as far as possible from the goal. This will keep enemies away from the core.
  • Although pa*sing the core to your team-mate is great, be sure it is safe. Don't give the core to an enemy if you are not in agreement with them. It is better to shoot your enemy up-field than to risk the enemy simply shoving you back.
  • You can see the time until your teammates respawn. This is located at the top of the screen. They always respawn in the exact same spot, at the top-side your goal line. This should be taken into consideration when deciding where to place the ball.
  • Orbs should not be neglected. Orbs may spawn in either of the two places in your goal area. You can use any downtime you have to get them and level-up.

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Wardens are strong enough to carry their weight around. Here's how to do it.

  • As a warden you must keep your goal within reach and your goal arc. You will most likely have a ma*sive staggerbar, so you will be fine keeping to the back end of the goal area. But, since you don't have a lot of range and little mobility, there's no incentive to go too far ahead.
  • You can use your area denizen to prevent the core from getting trapped within your goal arc. If you are large in stature, you have the advantage when someone invades you. But still try and divert the core away.
  • You can ignore aggressive players who try to hara*s you. If the core of the arena is on the other side, you are free to use your area defense. Place at your own discretion in relation them. However, don't be surprised if you are.

Here is a suggestion for areas you should keep in mind when serving as a warden-goalie. Solid outline is the ideal area. Dashed areas are fine. This is not an exact rule, but it is a recommendation based upon my experience.
An introduction & advice, goalie edition (Revision 1) - Omega Strikers - Your place in the arena - 389237F



  • Here are some tips to help backliners influence the field.
  • As a backup liner, you'll want to stay closer to your goal arc and avoid going outside. You are likely to be extremely squishy, making the edges more dangerous.
  • Your long range ability is your bread and butter. Make use of it. As long as your ability can be used to aid your allies or disrupt the enemy, it doesn't matter much if one of your abilities is on cooldown.
  • You are extremely vulnerable to invading or shoving. It is in your best interest to keep the core of the arena on the other side.
  • Sometimes, an aggressive player will come up to you and bully your team. It doesn't matter which striker you're, there aren't many things you can do. You should hit them while focusing on getting further forward than them. Then, pray for the help of your teammates.

Here's some advice on where you should focus your efforts as a backliner goalie. Solid outline is the ideal area. However, the dashed zone is okay. This is not an exact rule, but it is a recommendation based upon my experience.
An introduction & advice, goalie edition (Revision 1) - Omega Strikers - Your place in the arena - AB27469



This was a pleasure to read. Thanks to DrDoctor, BeanSnail, and DrDoctor who proofread it for me. Any corrections of spelling or general suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to refer back to this guide or to the image of my arena that I poorly put together in your guide. But, a little credit to me would be appreciated!

"Ok, but what makes your expert?"

I am not an expert. I play the game simply because I enjoy it. Ranked to me, it's a nice way to avoid playing with characters I dislike. Despite that, I made it to mid gold after about 20 hours of play. Juno in the forward position for the record. I find her play style the most enjoyable.
My one goal is to make it fun for others. Help others get better at a game, a*sist them in getting a good game, and help them to feel good. Juliette with her heart is my favorite emote.
I am just rambling, but the point of my post is to spread positivity within this community. However, my desire to help does not have any actual reliability. You can always rely solely on your own experience. I do hope this guide can help you to get on the right track. And again Thank you for reading!

Written by Mat$Max

This is all we can share for An introduction & advice, goalie edition (Revision 1) – Omega Strikers for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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