An Introduction Guide – BIGFOOT

An Introduction Guide – BIGFOOT 1 -
An Introduction Guide – BIGFOOT 1 -

Wondering what the best ways to defeat Bigfoot or the general mechanics? You might also be interested in these other things. How to defeat Bigfoot without dying. This guide aims to provide a general overview of how to play Bigfoot.

A basic overview

Bigfoot, welcome!

This guide is likely to be read by you in order to get an idea of the safest and most secure ways to capture and subdue Bigfoot.
This guide will provide a basic overview of the best ways to defeat Bigfoot. It may take some time to get him down but these tactics will help you win every time.

Choose your character

Your approach against Bigfoot will be heavily influenced by your choice of Player character

Play online with a character that suits your playstyle.
An Introduction Guide - BIGFOOT - Choose your Character - E8051B1


Description: Rick was six years old when he went camping. It changed his life. He hasn’t stopped talking about Bigfoot since then. Eventually, everyone who knew him said he was insane. Rick didn’t let that stop him. He became a professional hunter and mastered the art of stealth. He was the founder and chief of the Bigfoot Research Association. He is focused on one goal in his life: to find the truth. He did he actually meet Bigfoot that day?
Bonus: +10% Damage to Firearms, +10% Damage to Melee
Strategy: Rick will be your primary source for damage. While 10% may seem small, it is crucial when it comes down to fighting Bigfoot. This means Rick should have your strongest firearms so that he can unload Bigfoot’s attacks. To do the most damage, give Rick the Remington 870 or M4 rifles.


Description: Jessica is a primate expert and one of the youngest experts in her field. She is eager to be the first person to discover a new species and hopes to win the Nobel Prize for Cryptozoology. She just needs proof that Bigfoot exists, and the BRA will help her.
Bonus: +10% Run Speed, +15% Healing Efficiency
Strategy: Jessica is the team’s support. She has faster movement and better healing. Players who choose her should avoid Bigfoot. The Remington 870 and AWM are her best weapons. She may need to get close to heal, but it is better for her to keep her distance from Bigfoot. Her fast running speed makes it easy for her to quickly explore the map during the day and find inventory for her team.
Jessica should be running from one location to another, setting up traps and cameras, and gathering resources to give to the other members of the team. She should keep her distance when it comes to fighting, and only get in close to help if someone is hurt.


Description: “Tom was a policeman who had courage and strength. But this power didn’t save his loved ones. Bigfoot proved to be stronger. After resigning, he decides that he will join the Bigfoot Research Association team to prevent more deaths. Tom has been a brave and strong policeman, but that wasn’t enough to stop the Bigfoot. Tom resigned from police after losing his family members to the beast and turned to the BRA. He believes that he can find Bigfoot with them and end the killings.
Bonus: +15% Vitality, +15% Explosive Damage
Strategy: Thomas is the best character to fight Bigfoot, aside from Rick. He is healthier than the other Hunters so allowing him the ability to tank is generally a better strategy. However, the explosive damage boost is his greatest benefit.
Explosive weapons inflict the most damage to Bigfoot and also stagger him. Therefore, Thomas should have access to the Dynamite or any other explosives. Explosives cannot be reused so Thomas can no longer use them.


Description: Will is a college student who lives and breathes programming and computer games. His dream? His dream? To create the first game about Bigfoot hunting. Will is eager to be on the front lines of Bigfoot hunting and learn as much as he can in order to make it the best Bigfoot game. Will joins BRA eager to learn more and see Bigfoot up-close.
Bonus: +15% Blind/Stagger Duration and +20% Reload Speed
Strategy: Always give a Flare gun to Will if you are playing in a team. It will be your preferred weapon if you are playing solo. Will’s ability stagger Bigfoot for a bit more is great when he is teamed up with Rick or Thomas. This allows them to load their weapons into Bigfoot while Bigfoot cannot move. He is also a faster reloader, which makes him ideal for the Remington 700 and AWM, which allow for faster damage and reloading from a distance.

Team Synergy

If you are playing alone, it is important to remember that you don’t have anyone to share your items with. However, when you play online, you will need to share your resources with others. It is generally accepted that certain characters have priority over others when it comes to weapons and items.
ANYONE – Remington 700 7.62 Ammo Glock, 9mm Ammo Traps and Meats, Cameras, Drones, Totems
Rick – M4, 5.56 Ammo, Remington 870, 12 Gauge Ammo, AWM, 7.62 Ammo, Baseball Bat, Pipe Wrench, Crowbar, Cleaver, Axe Big
Jessica – Remington870, 12 Gauge Ammo. AWM, 7.62 Ammo. Med*kit, Traps, Meat, Cameras
Thomas – Dynamite, Propane Tank, Gas Tank, Car Battery, Fireworks
William – AWM, 7.62 Ammo, Flare Gun, Flare Gun Ammo, Signal Flare, Fireworks

Choose your Weapon – Melee

Selecting the right tool

The weapons available in Bigfoot vary in their utility and power. It is important to know which weapons are best for each situation and to pick the weapons that increase in value.
You’ll find a Hunting Knife at the camp from the beginning. There are also Flare Guns, Glocks, Remington 700s and Flare Guns in the Camper. You can also use traps to fight Bigfoot. Without further delay:


Melee weapons are not recommended as Bigfoot could grab you for ma*sive damage. It is only recommended to use them if Bigfoot is stumbling from a flare or explosion.
To deal damage at close range, you can throw Melee weapons at Bigfoot. However, the downside to this is that you will lose your Melee Weapon if the weapon hits Bigfoot as it will be stuck in his body. You can’t recover them if they land on the ground, unless it is the GTS Tracker.

Hunting Knife

Description: A basic hunter’s knife. This weapon is automatically equipped on all players at the beginning. A few can be found throughout the map. This weapon is not recommended or reliable. It allows you to kill animals for meat.
Damage: 2 per swing. (Rick deals 3 damage)

Baseball bat

Description: A standard wooden bat that is used for the game of Baseball but can also be used to bludgeon unsuspecting people or aggressive Monkey men.
Damage: 3 damage per swing, and 3 damage if thrown. (Rick deals 4 damage)


Description: A meat cleaver is a tool used to cut large amounts of meat. If necessary, can be used as a larger knife.
Damage: 2 damage per swing, 2 damages if thrown. (Rick deals 3 damage)

Pipe Wrench

Description: Also known by the Monkey Wrench, this tool is designed to work with large pipes. Its heavy weight makes it an excellent choice for bludgeoning objects.
Damage: 2 damage per swing, 2 damages if thrown. (Rick deals 3 damage)

Axe Big

Desciption: A large, woodcutters axe that is used for cutting wood. It can also be used to hatchet against threats at a crucial moment.
Damage: 3 damage per swing, and 3 damage if thrown. (Rick deals 4 damage)


Description: This is the Thief’s best friend and a masterkey to all locked doors. It also doubles up as a great bludgeoning Weapon for dangerous threats.
Damage: 4 damage per swing, 4 damage when thrown (Rick deals 5 damages).

Signal Flare

Description: An emergency flare to notify people of your location. If necessary, it can be used to scare or startle enemies.
Damage: Per swing, 0
Use: The Signal Flare is unique, unlike other Melee Weapons. Once you have it equipped, activate the flare and then throw it at your enemies. It will scare or stagger wildlife (Wolfs, Bears, etc.) but it won’t work for Bigfoot.

GTS Tracker

Description: A long pole with a sharp tip that can be tracked by satellite. This device will help you avoid being lost and can also be used to track any object if it is possible to put it in the device.
Damage: 0 damage per swing, and 0 damage if you throw.
Use: The GTS will glow red on the radar if it is thrown. This is useless if it misses, so make sure you hit your target accurately. However, if you do hit Bigfoot, you’ll be in a position to track him for several seconds. It will eventually stop working so you can use them during the day to track Bigfoot more easily.

Choose your weapon – Firearms

An Introduction Guide - BIGFOOT - Choose your Weapon - Firearms - 54E6A89

Firearms basics

Weapons in Bigfoot will do more damage if they are aimed down scope. Hip firing will cause less damage. It is recommended that you aim down the sight before you shoot.
A Headshot is more powerful than a bodyshot, at least against wildlife. This does not affect damage calculations for Bigfoot (except for the Shotgun, which uses pellets hit). To ensure you hit Bigfoot, you should shoot for his body if you see him.

Glock 17

Description: A standard issue pistol for basic use. Overall, it is ineffective but a good sidearm for animals… Not recommended against Bigfoot.
Ammo type: 9mm Ammo
Type of Firing: Automatic
Clip Size: 10
Max Reserve Ammo:150
Damage: 2 damage per shot (Rick deals 3 damage).
Strategy: Ammo is abundant and can do decent damage if you have a good trigger finger. It can be used to hunt animals or set off explosives, but it is not effective against Bigfoot.
Rick, Thomas (as detonator) are the best users

Remington 700

Description: A reliable hunting rifle. Good against wildlife, but not for Sasquatches.
Ammo type: 7.62 Ammo
Firing Type: Single Shot
Clip Size: 5
Max Reserve Ammo:255
Damage: 5 damage per shot (Rick deals 6 damage).
Strategy: This is the best strategy to use against any animal you see in the park, including Moose and Deer, Raccoons and Foxes, as well as Wolves (but not Bears). It’s not a good weapon, but it can be used against Bigfoot. This weapon will take you days to defeat Bigfoot.
Use it best: Anyone.

Remington 870

Description: A reliable shotgun that can be used as an alternative hunting weapon. It is extremely effective against larger animals and can be used to protect yourself from threats up close.
Ammo type: 12 Gauge Shells
Firing Type: Single Shot
Clip Size: 5
Max Reserve Ammo:50
Average damage at close range is 45 (Body shot, all shots hit). At longer range, damage drops ma*sively. (Rick will cause additional damage).
Strategy: The R870 is found in some villages and small camps. It’s going to be your best chance of taking down Bigfoot because of its high damage. Although the damage output is inconsistent due to the pellets, if you get close enough to slug Bigfoot, it’s well worth the risk.
Best used by All


Description: Large scope Sniper for precision hunting at long distances. You should use caution when hunting large game. But, you must be careful not to pull the trigger on other campers.
Ammo type: 7.62 Ammo
Firing Type: Single Shot
Clip Size: 10
Max Reserve Ammo:255
Damage: 9 damage per shot (Rick deals 10 damage).
Strategy: Rick is the most destructive because of its low fire rate, reload speed and reload speed. It’s best to give it to Jessica or William so that Bigfoot can take extra chip damage. It’s also good for wildlife.
Use it best by: Jessica, William


Description: The American Army’s reliable rifle, the M4 is the best weapon for Bigfoot and other game animals. However, it should be used with care, as ammo is limited.
Ammo Type: 5.56 Ammo
Type of Firing: Automatic
Clip Size: 25
Max Reserve Ammo:255
Damage: 5 damage per shot (Rick deals 6 damage).
Strategy: This is the weapon that you need to eliminate Bigfoot. This will be your primary source for damage output, other than explosives. Use it well and he will fall in no time. It is recommended that you give it Rick or Thomas.
Best used by All (Rick).

Flare Gun

Description: The Flare Gun is a weapon that can be used to launch Signal Flares to attract helicopters and people to your location. It can also be used as an emergency weapon but it won’t cause much damage because it wasn’t made to be shot at people.
Ammo Type: Flare Shot
Firing Type: Single Shot
Clip Size: 1
Max Reserve Ammo: 11.
Damage: 1 damage per shot
Stun Duration: 4 Seconds
Strategy: The Flare Gun deals trash for damage, so why would you ever want to use it? The bright flash of the flare can blind Bigfoot for several seconds. A well-placed shot in his face will render him immobile for approximately 4-5 seconds. This gives you plenty of time to load your weapons onto him with your teammates. Although William will get extra stun time, it is a good idea to give the Flare Gun. However, it can be useful in the hands all players.
Notice: Bigfoot’s vulnerability can sometimes be difficult to deal with. If he is roaring at players, charging at them or slamming them, he will not be stunned. It’s best to use it when the player is following you or finishing an animation. Otherwise, your flair will be wasted.
Best for: All (William).

Choose your weapon – Explosives or Traps

A good impression

Explosive weapons do a lot of damage and can be used to stun Bigfoot. However, their range is limited by the number of maps, so you only have a few chances to use them. They can quickly drop Bigfoot’s huge HP if used correctly.


Description: A large camera mounted on a stick that is used to survey the environment. It can be combined with the Tablet. You can use them to cover a large area in the park to prevent Bigfoot from surprising. They will not function if they come in contact with water.
Strategy: 6 Cameras are provided to you to place around the Park. It’s best to position them at a good distance from the terrain and with a clear view of it. If they sense movement, the camera will flash red on the map. If used correctly, the ) can be used to protect Bigfoot from harm or to hunt him down during Day.


Description: A flying drone with four propellers. Remote control via the Tablet is possible. It must be kept out of water as it can cause malfunctions.
Damage Output: 1 damage to shock.
Stun Duration: 4 Seconds.
Strategy: The Drone can also be remotely controlled. However, it won’t work if it is too far from the Tablet holder. The drone can fly and can look around for Bigfoot. The downside is that the drone can be easily broken if it crashes or Bigfoot spots it. Although the Drone has a spark ability that can temporarily stun Bigfoot it is not very practical.

Bear Trap

Description: These traps are large and heavy and can be used to trap Bears.
Damage Output: 40 (Bigfoot is lured in), 50 (Bigfoot is trapped by it).
Stun Duration: 4 Seconds
Strategy: Bigfoot will roam the streets looking for food during the day. You can hear Bigfoot screaming if you place Bear traps around and arm them in Meat. This is because Bigfoot wandered into your Bear Trap. This is the best use of them, as it will do more harm than simply luring him onto them.
Bear traps can be used directly by placing them in a route and getting Bigfoot over them. However, these will often do less damage. You should also know that Bigfoot can sometimes destroy traps after they have been trapped. It cannot be reused in this instance. Bigfoot will often destroy traps that he finds, but he will usually run away from traps that he is tricked into.


Description: Toilet crackers and Sky candy are reliable for their incredible visual spectacles. They might be useful in capturing Bigfoot.
Damage Output: 0
Stun Duration: 6 Seconds
Strategy: Although the Fireworks bright colours, loud audio, and loud sound won’t cause any harm to Bigfoot they will stun him for several second, giving you the opportunity to load your explosives and weapons into him. These should be used in conjunction with other weapons.

Gas Canister

Description: A Red Gasoline Jerry Can is used to provide vehicles with spare fuel.
Damage Output: 32 (Thomas will deal 34).
Stun Duration: 4 Seconds
Strategy: Decent damage and a stagger. If Bigfoot is following you, it’s an excellent alternative to the Bear Traps. It’s best used to stun Bigfoot for damage and get him off your tail temporarily, as he will often flee after the blast.

Car Battery

Description: A large, metal box that is used to power a motorized vehicle.
Damage Output: 38 (Thomas will deal with 40)
Stun Duration: 10 Seconds
Strategy: Although the Car battery does not cause as much damage than other explosives, it will stun Bigfoot for the longest time after being detonated. It’s therefore the best choice for the last stand to stun Bigfoot for the takedown.

Propane Tank

Description: Propane Tanks are usually attached to BBQs. They are large metal canisters that contain flammable gas.
Damage Output: 45 damage (Thomas will deal with 48).
Stun Duration: 6 Seconds
Strategy: The Propane Tank is second only to the dynamite to Big blasts. It can be used to trap Bigfoot and punish him for following you. Alternately you could place it next to a trash can or body to trap Bigfoot. Then, use a sniper as a trigger in case Bigfoot walks by.


Description: TNT is the best friend of Prospectors. You can either throw it or use it as a trap to detonate it.
Damage Output: 90 Damage (Point Blank, Timer used), 85 damage (Manual detonation). Distance from blast reduces damage. (Thomas will deal 95 or 90 respectively).
Stun Duration: 6 Seconds
Strategy: This weapon is the most powerful for raw damage. However, it’s only a one-use weapon so make sure you don’t miss. This weapon should be used to follow up on a Bear Trap or to stagger from a flare to ensure that he doesn’t run away from the blast.

Capturing Bigfoot Daytime

You should be moving when the sun is up

Bigfoot will have a fast day and Bigfoot’s AI pattern will change depending on the time of the day. Bigfoot is pa*sive during the Day and will not attack you unless he is running straight up to you. Even if he shoots at you, he will usually flee rather than fight you.
Daytime is your time to get to work. You’ll need as many inventory items as possible to fight Bigfoot.
If you are playing solo, you can use the Day to quickly move about and start looking for new gear. Try to find combinations if you find Safes. There are three Safes on most Maps. The combinations for them are often in another key location close to the location.
Each Park will have safes in different locations (usually villages). The layouts of all three parks are different so you’ll be more familiar with them. You will find items in the same places, though they can be moved around (e.g. you might find 1 med*kit or ammo in cupboards).
It is also a good idea to set up cameras or bear traps throughout the day. These can be used to monitor Bigfoot and do some additional damage. Bear in mind that Bigfoot can get 50 damage from a Bear Trap containing meat. He’ll often run away, but the traps can still be used again as long as he can find them.
You can also hunt animals to get more meat for traps, if necessary. This is a wise move, as Bigfoot will ALSO hunt animals during the day, and if he catches them and eats them, it can bring back a lot of his health.
You should be cautious about exploring beyond the first day. Bigfoot may have set traps in areas you haven’t yet explored. You can escape these traps by pressing the prompt key that flashes on screen. Failure will result in you taking around 25 damage. Success will allow you to deal 1 damage.
It’s a good idea to look out for evidence of Bigfoot during the day. This could include slash marks on rocks and trees, large footprints, and torn bodies.
The primary goal is to obtain the Remington 870, Remington M4, and Remington AWM. Also, you need explosive/stun sources to combat Bigfoot. Once you have the M4, AWM, Remington 870, and other explosive/stun sources, Daytime can be used to hunt for Bigfoot. He will not follow you, so you should instead pursue him. This will stop him from healing and make it easier to do damage.
If you are looking for Bigfoot, you can use the Cameras to instantly check if one glows red. If it is Bigfoot, you will now know where he is. Go there and try to find him. Bigfoot will hunt for food and garbage, so it is common to see him there. It’s a good idea to first lob a GTS tracker at Bigfoot if you see him; this will make it easier to follow his trail until Nightfall.

Capturing Bigfoot at Night

Hunter becomes hunted

Be aware that things will get serious when the sun sets and the prompt for “Night” appears. It’s going to be dark, so it will be harder to see what’s around you. This will make it easier to miss evidence and supplies. And to top it off…
Bigfoot will begin actively pursuing the Players when Night strikes. His method of tracking down the players is likely noise dependent. However, he will find you no matter where you hide. It’s best to hide in a place that makes him come to you. This will allow you to control the engagement and not be at his mercy.
Locations with doors or towers that only have one pa*sage up are the best for engagement. This allows you to force Bigfoot down the narrow pa*sage. You can shoot Bigfoot as he approaches the door or works on it. Or, you can set an explosive on the opposite side of the door and detonate that to deal additional damage and stun him.
Bigfoot will rely heavily on melee combat and is extremely fast. He can easily keep up with the player while sprinting, so running away from him is not an option. If he charges, he will catch you. He can punch you (from 10 to 15 damage), throw a shovel or sign (20-20 damage), or grab you and pummel. (30-35 damage). These numbers will rise so it is important to avoid engaging directly.
Unless you have a way to stun Bigfoot, he will likely run if he is inflicted with too much damage. The best way to deal Bigfoot at night is to hide somewhere, lure him in, then stagger him. Parkour through a window or off a ledge to get away from Bigfoot.
As long as you have enough Med*kits, taking damage is not an urgent matter. If you are knocked down and don’t have any health packs, Bigfoot will most likely kill you. This is why it is important to stick together when playing online with other players. Jessica can offer more healing so it is recommended that she keep her teammates hydrated.

Final words

Online gaming is a different experience. Bigfoot control is especially important. However, this helps newer players who are curious about their primary goal or tired of being beaten over by Bigfoot and not knowing what they are doing wrong.
I would like to thank you

Cyberlight Game Studio

Thank you for this amazing game idea.
Thank you to everyone who has read this guide. Get out there and capture the vicious beast.


Written by Kohchu

I hope you enjoy the An Introduction Guide – BIGFOOT guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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