Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member – LISA

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member – LISA 1 -
Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member – LISA 1 -

A quick guide on the fellow man you hire to your party, explaining their strengths, weakness, and how to best utilize them.


LISA has a lot of party members, some good, others bad, and a couple in between, how good they are? Let’s see!
Ranking Merits:

  • Strenght and Weakness.
  • Role in the Party and Synergies.
  • How easy or hard is it to get the character in your party.

S – Tier: Characters that are amazing and perform well in literally all situations, some may call them borderline broken.
A – Tier: Strong characters with a lot of uses, only slightly held back by only one or two weakness
B – Tier: Good characters that fit very well on most teams and are generally very solid and reliable.
C – Tier: Useful characters with notable strengths and weaknesses, tend to fit more specific roles than characters in the tiers above.
D – Tier: Characters with specific niches or that have something really holding their utility back, can perform well but generally only in specific teams.
F – Tier: Characters that are just… bad.

Terry Hints

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Terry Hints - 6CDCD0D3F
Rank: A – TIER
How to Obtain: Story Related
Despite being basically the joke character of the game, Terry is a very unique and useful party member, he is mostly a supporting character who can learn some disgustingly strong offensive moves in the late game.
Terry’s healing is very solid and his Weather Alert is one of the most reliable stun moves you can hope to get, he also has the Hype up!skill, one of the only two moves capable of enraging your allies which increases their critical hit chance by 30%, if paired with any character with multi-hit moves, Terry can effectively double or even triple their DPS depending on your luck, and to warp all this off, Terry’s final move is Hottest Dance and is, with no exaggeration, the most powerful single-target moves in the entire game and can obliterate even the toughest foe if used correctly.
Unfortunately, Terry is still, well… Terry, not only he is almost useless in the early game, but some of his flaws don’t go away after that, Terry is very squishy and can’t take damage very well, his speed is mediocre at best and his SP Pool do leave something to be desired, especially because his normal attacks never stop being weak which leaves him relying solely on his Hints to be useful, while Cool Pose and the Knuckle Drops help alleviate that to an extent, strategy and resource management is very important if you plan to make the most of our beloved Hint Lord.

  • Like previously said, any character with multi-hitting moves works great with Terry, characters with Combo Dials have a natural synergy.
  • Always have some Perfume in hand to revive Terry as he is very prone to be knocked out in battle, especially against mutants.
  • Leveling up Terry quickly is a good strategy to bypa*s his initial lack of use, you can try to grind the Shadowed Figures in Area 1.


Nern Guan

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Nern Guan - 63FFAE9DB Rank: B – TIER
How to Obtain: Talk with him in Area 1
Olathe’s Mercenary Tao is a very solid support character, Nern’s most interesting skill is his ability to regenerate his allies TP and SP, including his own, not only this makes him very self-reliant but facilitates the use of many other characters as Nern quickly replenishes their special bar so that they can keep causing havoc, Nern is also very useful to stall opponents during a battle with Sleep, Pissed and Fear in order to give your team time to recover or set up combos, and he does all this while still keeping a decent offensive presence in the fight with Finger Beam which really distinguishes him for other support characters who tend to be more pa*sive.
As you would expect for someone who only works out 40 minutes a week, Nern is not very durable and while he is an all-around solid character on his own, Nern only truly shines when he is paired up with the right characters, who can make the most of use his abilities, if your team doesn’t have them, you may want to look for another support as Nern lacks stat buffing moves.

  • Characters that struggle with SP pair very well with Nern.
  • You can mostly skip buying new weapons for Nern as his Finger Beams use special attack.


Olan Hoyt

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Olan Hoyt - B9EAFE910
Rank: S – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 1 Bar, buy him a drink for 20 mags
Olan is your bread and butter character, yes he is really good, yes you are going to be performing well and yes, you can fit him on practically any team.
Olan is one of the most consistent damage dealers and arguably the best TP user of the game with great all-around solid stats across the board and great speed, his arrow arsenal is varied and reliable, he is capable of dealing fire damage, poisoning the adversary, or just brute-strength his way thought with Multi-Shot which gets particularly devasting when he is Drunk or Enraged, Olan can also hide himself using Vantage Pointwhich greatly increases his longevity.
Unlike other characters, Olan doesn’t really have a real weakness other than having slightly longer Hangover time, and his TP playstyle can sometimes leave him unable to use his strongest skill from the start but all this is minimal for the huge amount of advantages Olan has, there’s no situation where Olan is a bad idea, even when you are only using him temporally just to fill the slot while you look for more party members, he is just really damn good and all this for measly 20 mags.

  • Like previously said, Olan pairs well with characters who can boost his critical hit chance like Terry, he also pairs decently with Nern as he facilitates the use of Nern’s more expensive skills.
  • Avoid using Deep Poison Arrow, the Deep Poison status is glitched and actually deals less damage than standard Poison.


Rage Ironhead

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Rage Ironhead - EEA7CCD7D
Rank: C – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 1 Bar, pay him 70 mags and he will join.
Ironhead is this game’s most bonafide Gla*s Canon, he is strong, fast but frail and that’s pretty much it.
Rage is the most straightforward and simple character of the game, he is a speedy damage dealer who can’t take hits, he specializes only in dishing out huge bursts of damage and nothing more, which is both good and bad as while his damage output is great, he lacks versatility, almost all his skills are stronger versions of the last one and while he has a Stun and Fire move they are pretty mediocre compared to other companions.
This doesn’t make Rage a bad character though, because despite only doing one thing, he is really good at what he does.

  • Like all Combo Dial characters, Rage benefits immensely for being Critic boosted.
  • Stunning foes to protect Rage is a good strategy and can buy him time to dish out even more damage.



Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Beastborn - B97607DF6
Rank: C – TIER
How to Obtain: In the first cave of Area 1.
If Rage Ironhead is your bonafide gla*s canon, Beastborn is your typical tank: high bulk, high attack but slow as sh!t.
Beastborn is REALLY STRONG, his normal attack can deal over 300 damage just in the beginning and when you take into account his special skills, he can reach over 1.000 damage easy in a single unboosted move, his AOE’s attacks are really powerful and he can also cause Weirdness, Paralysis, and Poison although he is not the best in the latter two, finally, his natural bulk and high target rate also combo well with him being a TP user as he can absorb a lot of attacks for the team while he charges his TP bar.
Beastborn main downside is his speed, he is undoubtedly the slowest party member in the entire game and is almost guaranteed to always attack last even against Joy Mutants, while this may not look bad it can really hinder you in battle especially against multiple enemies who can pile up and overwhelm Beastborn before he even has a chance to do anything, Beastborn skillset is also rather expensive and he without items or party support, he heavily relies on getting hit to use them.

  • Beastborn pairs exceptionally well with any character that has access to speed control, especially one that can buff Beast’s own speed, a fast Beastborn is an absolute MONSTER.
  • Characters who are naturally fast are also a very good choice.
  • Nern in specific is a great pair for Beastborn as he can take care of his TP problems and increase his longevity with healing.
  • Beastborn skills deal animal damage which is strong against certain enemies.
  • Critter Clamp does nothing useful, do not use it.


Mad Dog

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Mad Dog - E92F7BE2F
Rank: A – TIER
How to Obtain: Factory Town on Area 1, give him a Spiked Club, one can be found in a secret cave before you reach the town.
Mad Dog can best be seen as a more balanced version of Beastborn, while both have practically the same amount of bulk, Mad Dog trades a bit of power for significantly better speed, he is also much more self-reliant and requires less support to work well, he can gain TP very easily with his Taunt ability enabling him to unleash his most powerful moves more frequently.
Mad Dog main problem is that he is a rather simple character, his skillset is shallow and outside of Taunt, everything he learns are just stronger versions of Fireball and Rake Comb so he doesn’t have the same support potential as Beast, he also lacks his powerful AOE’s attacks, but don’t let this turn you down, Mad Dog is a great and reliable character who adds power and defense to any team he is.

  • Mad Dog taunt was not coded properly and doesn’t actually attract the attention of the enemies, it is still a great source of TP thought.
  • Watch out for The Road Scholars as they will kill the unhired Mad Dog if you let them destroy the town.
  • If you don’t want to take 500 damage getting the Spiked Club of Mad Dog. Jr corpse or don’t want to use Mad Dog early, you can wait till the torture section with Rick to get one.


Fardy Hernandez

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Fardy Hernandez - ABE4CD381
Rank: D – TIER
How to Obtain: Story Related
Fardy is basically the real joke character of the game but surprisingly enough, he is not completely useless and you can actually get good use out of him.
Fardy is a one-trick pony, his signature and only real move is Truck Slam, a ridiculously strong AOE move with a very high chance of causing Fallen, Truck Slam is an absolutely deadly move that decimates crowd of enemies and is so strong that it works even against single targets, this move is the sole reason to use Fardy, especially in the early game where AOE moves are rare to come by, but the sheer power and stun chance of Truck Slam also comes handy in the late game, Fardy also has Weep guaranteeing him infinite SP at the cost of crying.
And this is where the good things end for Fardy, while Truck Slam is awesome, Fardy has some severe drawbacks, he has very below-average stats along with his Depression which reduces them even further, he also severely lacks versatility as everything Fardy learns is Weepand stronger versions of his AOE move, Truck Slam is also not the most reliable move in the world and gets less accurate with each version, starting at 80% hit chance in Rank 1 and going down to around 64% with the strongest versions which can make Fardy a bit of a chance character.
To summarize, Fardy excels at crowd control but sucks at everything else, should you want to use him, it’s really important to pick Teammates who can cover up his weakness.

  • To best use Fardy is recommended for you to unequip his Dry Stick and not equip any other weapon on him again, Sticks in this game have a hidden stat where they decrease the user’s accuracy, while it makes Truck Slam slightly weaker, it vastly increases its reliability.
  • In Area 3 you can find Gla*ses in a cave which increases the user’s accuracy, Fardy is one of the best characters to use that item and I think even the game hints at this because they imply he is near-sighted in one of his quotes.


Rooster Coleman

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Rooster Coleman - 0CFE509B9
Rank: C – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 1 Crossroads, get the Golden Chicken near to the area where you fought the Hair Presidents and give it to him.
Rooster has well-balanced stats all-around along with great speed and luck, he is an offensive fast character who doesn’t mind taking a hit. His skill set is also very interesting as he is the only character in the game who has access to priority moves, his skills also have the advantage of generally being just as cheap as chicken meat and easily spammable thought battle with little thought, later on, he also unlocks a quite powerful AOE attack giving Rooster some decent crowd control capabilities.
Rooster’s main drawback is that his damage overall is rather lackluster, not bad by any means, but not powerful either, is pretty average for an offensive character, Rooster’s stuns are also some of the worsts in the game, with the strongest version capping out at max 40% stun chance not counting if the enemy has any resistance to it, although this is probably for game balance reasons because if someone as fast as Rooster could reliably stun foes it probably would be pretty overpowered.

  • To make up for Rooster’s average attack, you could try pairing him up with strong damage dealers like Mad Dog, Beastborn, or Olan.
  • Despite the fireball icon, ♥♥♥♥ Blast doesn’t actually count as fire damage.
  • You can try to take advantage of Rooster’s high Luck by boosting his Critical hit chance.


Percy Mosoon

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Percy Mosoon - AEDAC6157
Rank: C – TIER
How to Obtain: Story Related.
Being the world’s most average man, Percy is a Jack of all Trades, master of none that can be slapped on practically any team and work on it, despite his averageness Percy is more useful than he seems, he has average but balanced stats across the board and works both as a healer and an attacker which makes him quite versatile, hisFire Balls and Body Splashes do good damage and he is a surprisingly competent healer, while he lacks the other helpful moves of more dedicated support characters, Percy is actually capable of taking a hit and do damage in return which is something that most supports can’t boast about, he also has a weird trait of leveling up faster than other party members so if you are particularly bloodthirsty, Percy can reach level 25 by the end of Area 2.
Percy doesn’t really have any drawback other than the very own nature of being a Jack of all Trades, he deals good damage but others do more, he is a solid healer but other support characters can do more, and he can take a hit but is not tanky by any means, Percy is better used as a generalist fighter, one that can add decent damage to the battle while keeping his teammates alive with heals.

  • As I said, Percy works decently with basically anyone, although you may prefer using characters who can cause status effects.
  • Some people use Percy as a temporary party member which is not a bad strategy actually, even if the game is perfectly beatable with him.


Geese Thompson

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Geese Thompson - A020F8800
Rank: B – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, inside the hotel in Construction Site, sleep four times and talk with him.
Like his mind, Geese is a simple character that hovers between B and C tiers but I ultimately decided to rank him as a Low B, for a variety of reasons.
Geese is a balanced fighter with nice Speed and Luck, he is primarily a damage dealer who can inflict Poison and has a pretty good Paralyzsis move, his moves also deal animal damage and he is probably the best user of that kind, Geese damage is very solid and his moves are not the more expensive things in the world.
Geese’s problem is that, as I said, he is quite a simple character who in some ways resembles El Rage. Geese relies mostly on raw offense, almost all his skills are stronger versions of the last and there’s not much depth or strategy going with him, but this also makes him very consistent as while you can’t go nuts with Geese, you will never underperform either, both his damage and status are very reliable, he is a very beginner’s friendly character as you can’t really go wrong with mister birb.

  • All of Geese’s skills use his special attack for some reason, so buying new Wristbands for him is worthless.
  • Geese is a good choice for the Tiger Man fight.


♥♥♥♥ Dickson

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - ♥♥♥♥ Dickson - C5937B96E
Rank: F – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Construction Site, once on the second screen, head down to the bottom left down a rope, and you will meet the Rangers.
♥♥♥♥ is a character that looks like he has a lot of potential, he is fast, has good stun moves including AOE’s, a very strong attack that can deal over 1.000+ damage in a single turn, TP recovering moves, and a unique buff in Party Mode which only him can cause. Unfortunately, ♥♥♥♥ is held back by two big drawbacks that completely ruin the character, first: He is a Joy Addict and one of the worst cases of the game when under the effects of withdrawing ♥♥♥♥ becomes a sitting duck, he loses his speed and all his attacks either miss frequently or do not deal damage at all since ALL OF THEM ARE PHYSICAL, the miss rate and lowered speed also means that ♥♥♥♥ can’t reliably stun foes anymore and becomes limited to only giving Party Mode to allies, which leads to the second problem.
For some reason, Party Mode doesn’t work quite right, what it’s supposed to do is increase ATK, SP. ATK, Speed, and Luck by 10% for 1-8 turns, but apparently due to an error in the game’s code it only really seems to increase Luck, not only that, it seems to actually DECREASE your attack power if you don’t score a critical hit, I wish I could show you guys the game files but my trial with RPG Maker expired :/
Despite all his good upsides, his Joy Addiction and the glitchy Party Mode REALLY bring ♥♥♥♥ down, while he can still be useful when not addicted(the main reason why he is probably the “best” F tier character), ♥♥♥♥ is unreliable and will let you down constantly, there’s nothing worse than suddenly having a character become literally useless due to a dice roll.

  • If you plan to use ♥♥♥♥, I highly recommend you to throw honor out the window and use Joy, the game only gives you a specific amount of it so micromanage it carefully.
  • Like Olan, ♥♥♥♥ has slightly more Hungover time.
  • If you pair ♥♥♥♥ with Nern, you can constantly regen his TIP and spam his machine gun attack to do a lot of damage, although this only works when ♥♥♥♥ is not under withdrawal.


Bo Wyatt

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Bo Wyatt - 9EE8CDD7C
Rank: C – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Muddy Waters, get the old record in a cave and give it to him.
Bo Wyatt is a simple but great support character and one of the two characters capable of using AOE healing, heals has a plethora of status effects varying from Bleed, Fear, Weird, and Sleep, he also has one of the best status alignment cure moves and is the only party member capable of giving Ironbody to allies.
Bo weakness lies in his unimpressive defenses and the fact that he is EXTREMELY pa*sive, his combo dials are worthless and he has virtually NO damage output other than his Bleed song, while he is great at keeping everyone alive and debuffing foes, Bo contributes little to damage and can slow you down sometimes.

  • Bo’s Combo dials are not worth using, each one takes 5 SP and contributes to nothing, is better to just use his skill direct from the select screen.
  • Bo’s Hell’s Call has the same combo input of Siren’s Call, performing it always will lead to this move so here you have another reason to never use combos with Bo.
  • To compensate for Bo’s lack of power, bring heavy hitters with you.


Harvey Alibastor

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Harvey Alibastor - 9F11AE9E8
Rank: B – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Muddy Waters, there’s a safe pitfall where you can fall and it leads you to a secret town, steal the map and Harvey will be your lawyer.
Harvey is one of the most balanced and all-rounded good party members of the game, his stats are all good across the board and he is quite bulky, Harvey’s Water Gun does a generous amount of damage along with his normal attack, but where Harvey really shines is in utility, Harvey law attacks can cause a huge amount of status effects at the same time, he also can do support teammates with Soak, which heals a good amount of status effects.
Harvey doesn’t have any noticeable weakness other than some of his skills being a bit costly and Water Gun extinguishes enemies who are fire so Harvey will have to hold up his offense if paired with Fire characters, although this is not all-bad due to Harvey utility, overall, Harvey is a great addition to many teams, he’s a generalist and a darn good one.

  • Havery despite being a fish, does not deal any Animal damage, only Water.
  • While not absolutely necessary, having some Cocolas can help you with Harvey.


Queen Roger

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Queen Roger - 5E1240B57
Rank: F – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Muddy Waters, talk with him in the Beehive and prostitute yourself plenty of times.
Queen’s popularity in the fandom sadly doesn’t translate to his usefulness in-game. Queen is quite bulky and can do a huge amount of damage with Beatdown, this skill also has the advantage of taking the special properties of whatever weapon Roger is using so if you pair it with a certain bat that causes his normal attack to have a chance of stunning foe’s, Beatdown will also have this chance for each successful hit which somewhat compensates for Queen’s mediocre build-in stun move.
This is where his upsides end because like Brad, Roger suffers from Joy addiction, and much like Dickson, this brings his whole character down due to all of Roger’s moves being physical, and also like ♥♥♥♥, Roger signature skill Threaten is glitched and do not increase the number of magazines you get by the end of the battle. Queen Roger is in a similar position as ♥♥♥♥, they are both characters with interesting upsides that are knocked down by their addiction and spaghetti code, but unlike ♥♥♥♥, Queen is not that useful even when sober, the high damage and stun gimmick may look appealing but he only really have that and can’t do it often not only due to his addiction gimping his power and accuracy but also because the later versions of Beatdown are very expensive, so as it stands currently, Queen Roger is a strong but extremely unreliable damage dealer who requires heavy support to perform decently and only really worth to use if you really like the character.

  • Like Fardy, Queen benefits from using Gla*ses and if you are REALLY sick of missing constantly, you can also attempt unequipping his bat to increase his accuracy.
  • A Joyed Roger is absolutely BRUTAL if you can micromanage your Joy, and are willing to throw your dignity out of the window.



Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Carp - BDE0D915B
Rank: A – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Construction Site, get the Green Paste in Fish Town and give it to him.
Carp is a great and unique party member, he is a fast gla*s canon capable of dishing out really strong damage and provides a great amount of utility with his other moves. Carp most notable upside is his capacity of decreasing the opponent’s Attack and Speed with Wrist Slash and Ankle Slash which is HUGE, Carp ability to cripple enemies can take A LOT of pressure out of the team and enable slower characters while protecting frail ones which itself helps mitigate Carp’s own frailty, Carp also has a generous amount of SP which also helps soften up the fact that his normal attack cost 5 SP to use.
Carp is, unfortunately, a Joy addict but is one of the most capable junkies in the game, while he loses his trademark speed his damage stays largely the same since most of Carp’s damage moves are special and are unaffected by Withdrawl, Carp REAL weakness is against enemy groups, he is great at gimping big strong adversaries but since he is frail and all his moves are single target Carp struggles against crowds who can easily prey on his low defenses, the loss of speed caused by Withdrawl certainly doesn’t help, it’s also important to notice that Carp is not exactly a support character and more of a Pivot, someone that helps his team get momentum by dragging the enemy down and hara*sing important targets, in some ways you can sorta see him as the Spy from TF2 but with a lot more of firepower.

  • Most of Carp’s skills are special so he doesn’t get many benefits from equipping new Knives.
  • A Critic Boosted Carp is scary.
  • Carp pairs well with tanky characters like Mad Dog or Beastborn who can take blows for him, his ability to reduce the enemy attack also means they can take more blows than usual.
  • Running Carp with other frail characters can be a High-Risk High-Reward strategy, don’t forget that Carp can only gimp one enemy at a time.


Yazan Barghouti

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Yazan Barghouti - 7ECEA4ADC
Rank: D – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Bob’s Dojo Village, to the West.
Yazan is an interesting party member, he is a fast damage dealer that can deal pretty good damage whilst causing bleeding and paralysis, his most appealing quality lies in the fact that Yazan has access to two of the rarest types of moves in the whole game: Speed Control and the Fear status, the first one being an AOE, Yazan ability to immobilize the enemy while speeding up his team and slowing down the enemy is absolutely invaluable, all this backed up by good damage and HP and SP recovery skills can make Yazan one of the most useful members of your team.
Notice that I said CAN because Yazan is still in D – Tier for a very good reason. The Cat Shephard is frail, and I mean REALLY frail, Yazan HP and defenses are absolutely pathetic and probably the worst in the entire game, is not uncommon for Yazan to take loads of damage or just get plain one-shooted even by weak enemies, his HP recovery move helps reduce this penalty a little bit but it doesn’t change the fact that Yazan can be a really hard character to play especially because he starts at a rather low-level and only learn his best skills later on.
Despite all his good upsides, Yazan struggles to find places on teams due to his gla*s bones and paper skin, I don’t recommend him for newer players unless you feel confident or have someone to help you, Yazan also faces competition with characters like Carp who also has speed control, although Yazan still retains the advantage of his ones being AOE’s.

  • Yazan thrives in teams with slow bulky characters like Beastborn and Mad Dog and even Brad, he only needs one turn to speed all of them up so that they can wreak havoc.
  • Despite having animal damage, Yazan is not a very good option for the Tiger Man fight as he will die in literally one hit every time.
  • Bad Mews is glitched, don’t use it.
  • Make sure to have some spare Perfumes to revive Yazan.


Tiger Man

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Tiger Man - 93237957D
Rank: F – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Bob’s Dojo Village, you need to defeat him in a fight.
You know that old joke about having beaten a boss in a video game, they join your party and they are a lot weaker than the time you fought them? Tiger Man is that joke INCARNATED, what was once one of the hardest bosses of the game is now a disappointing party member.
Tiger Man is a fast gla*s canon with a Combo Dial that can cause bleeding, while this looks good on paper, you would be quickly proven wrong the moment you start playing with him because, for some unknown reason, Tiger Man dial moves deal very below-average damage and against stronger foes, they may not even cause damage AT ALL, almost all of Tiger Man damage output will come from his limited skill set, which is significantly stronger but still nothing to brag about especially because Tiger Man skills are costly and drain thought his SP pool quickly, limiting even more the damage he can cause.
And as if all this wasn’t bad enough, this last one genuinely made me think Tiger Man being this pathetic was some sort of joke of the developer to mock the player, because guess what? Our Feline Boy is A F*KING JOY ADDICT, so if you think his damage output is already disappointing, wait till his speed gets destroyed and all of his jabs cause literally 0 damage, limiting him to only using his skills.
As sad as this makes me feel, Tiger Man just sucks, he is completely outcla*sed by El Rage as a gla*s cannon and by many other characters as a damage dealer, he is an offensive character who fails to deal damage and this is where you know you have failed.

  • If you REALLY want to use Tiger Man, forget your honor and use Joy, it’s the only way to make him a halfway decent character.
  • Stock up some Cocolas, you are going to need it if you want to keep dishing out damage with Tiger.



Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Jack - B032C8980 Rank: B – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Bob’s Dojo Village, give him a set of Playing Cards, they can be brought on the same village.
Jack is a bit expensive but totally worth it, not only he is a very useful party member but probably one of the most fun characters to play as. Jack is a simple character, he is frail but has strong AOE moves in Juggle and an effective scary move, but his main skill lies in Magical Hat which applies a random effect on the enemy or in Jack himself, the list of effect are:

  • Giving himself the stink status effect.
  • Making an enemy wary.
  • A strong attack.
  • Scaring an enemy.
  • Confusing an enemy.
  • Nothing.
  • Putting an enemy to sleep.
  • Poisoning an enemy.
  • A strong and paralyzing attack.
  • Making an enemy blind.
  • Giving an enemy depression.
  • Shooting the enemy for high damage.

All this makes Jack a great character at dishing out damage but gives him great utility by debilitating foes with Scary and whatever comes out of his hat, it’s worth mentioning that Magical Hat is not the most reliable move in the world due to its random effects although it can also save you in a pinch if by some miracle of god you get EXACTLY the right result.

  • Jack can pair well with characters who can protect him like Beastborn or Mad Dog, his AOE moves also solve their problem of being overwhelmed, it’s also wise to try to use Fallen or Stunned on enemies to stop them from attacking poor sweet Jack.


Birdie Hall

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Birdie Hall - 97BF1F3B0
Rank: S – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, in the Cave leading to Bob’s Dojo Village, give him Olathian Whiskey.
Bird is rather infamous in the LISA community for being the most broken character in the entire game, but why is this? How this silly drunkard can have so much power? Simple: Alcohol.
In all seriousness, Birdie owns his infamy for one move really, but let’s talk about his other attributes first because there’s a lot of good stuff on it. Birdie is a balanced and diverse character, he is a support character who can take a hit and fight back decently, while he doesn’t have a normal attack, having a TP recovering move that also makes him drunk instead, Bird can still cause decent damage with his Drunkward Tumble, Birdie also has decent longevity not only due to his respectable bulk but also due to Pa*s Out which recovers all his HP at the cost of putting him to sleep.
In terms of support, Birdie is no slouch either, he has the ability to cause Drunkenness on other party members vastly increasing their critical hit chance, and his Lil Didy is a great status curing move and Secret Stash is an amazing AOE healing move works just like Bo’s Wyatt’s one, although Birdie’s reliance on TP may make it a bit unreliable at times.
Now let’s go for the moment you all were waiting for and it’s called Gasoline Spit and it’s a strong contender to literally the best skill of the entire game, it’s a status move that causes the opponent to become Oiled up and has a chance of causing Blindness too. When the opponent is covered in Oil they will take 350% more damage from fire, a whopping 3.5X multiplier! If you can’t picture quite hard how insane this is, Percy, the most average man on earth, can deal upwards of 7.000 DAMAGE WITH HIS FIRE MOVES, so you can already imagine what will happen if you use Gasoline Spit with Fire Bombs and stronger Fire moves likes Brad’s Fire Ball, or Terry’s Hottest Dance., it’s absolutely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ nuts and can single-handle carry even the worst LISA player to the end of the game.
Overall, the only reason why you shouldn’t use Birdie is if you want a more balanced experience since this character literally burns the game in half.

  • Any character with Fire moves pairs well with Birdie, Mad Dog, Jack, and Terry are particularly great choices.
  • Even if Birdie is a great healer, getting some healing items is still recommended, on the occasion, his TP gauge stops him from healing the party in a pinch.



Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Garth - 5823EE51F
Rank: D – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, in the Cave, give him 150 Mags.
Garth is generally seen as the weakest support member of the game but this doesn’t exactly make him bad, although he is quite expensive for what he does.
Garth’s main niche is his ability to buff a party’s member attack or defense for 4 Turns, the buff starts at 1.5X and stacks up until 3X the normal stat, it’s a very useful skill and can both make a fragile ally last longer and significantly increase their DPS, especially if paired with other buffs. Garth is also no slouch when comes to status effects and can cause a vast array of debuffs to the opponent, including a great Stun and Fear move, even his normal attack has a decent chance of causing Poison.
Garth’s drawbacks come from his fragility and virtually non-existent offensive presence, one of his skills is also glitched and HELPS THE ENEMY instead. Garth also lacks healing moves for a supporting character and faces a lot of competition with other support characters especially because they aren’t as expensive as Garth, overall, Garth has some good attributes but struggles to find real niches on teams.

  • Garth works well with Dial Combo characters.
  • If you are willing to not give your items, you can spend all your Mags buying Garth since they will be taken anyway.


Clint Olympic

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Clint Olympic - 0049FFC43
Rank: C – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, in the desert town, give him 500 Mags.
Clint is a really hard character to rate, on one hand, he has an amazing move-set with lots of useful moves, on the other hand, he is extremely expensive and has some very noticeable weaknesses.
Clint is a mix between offense and utility, while his dial moves don’t deal much damage, the special moves are significantly stronger and pack a variety of statuses like Paralysis, Burning, Blind, and Fallen, Clint is one of the few characters in the game that has access to AOE’s stuns and this gives him an unvaluable niche and many people in the community call him as a weaker version of Brad, which, despite the name, is actually a good thing, since Brad is one of the best characters in the game.
Now for his weakness, to start, Clint is a Joy Addict and when it hits, he loses pretty much all his utility, which also adds to the fact that, unlike Brad, Clint is frail and can’t take hits very well, while he has a chance of getting Cool Pose before the fight which helps to slightly midgate this downside, his 200% target rate means he will be taking more hits than normal, also, for some weird reason, Clint always spends 5 more SP when performing his special moves, so a move that costs 15 SP will actually cost 20 instead, I’m not sure why this happens it is a glitch or intentional, but it means Clint will burn thought his SP pool fast faster than normal.
Overall, Clint is a character of extremes, his move-set is extremely useful with lots of good moves but he is also extremely expensive and has some strong drawbacks, using Clint requires some strategy but if done correctly, he is a really good character.

  • In all areas of the game there’s a spot where you can grind for mags in order to get Clint.
  • Due to his Joy Addiction, Clint pairs well with characters that deal solid reliable damage to cover him up when is suffering from Withdraw.


Ajeet Mandeep

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Ajeet Mandeep - 01BC96951
Rank: A – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, in the desert town, talk with him and he will join your party if you haven’t taken Joy.
Ajeet is a strong party member with a lot going for and there’s even an argument to put him in S – Tier.
Ajeet’s gimmick is his “Punjabi Pokes” which he has instead of normal attacks, he has a total of four, they cost zero SP and each one can inflict different status effects, these being:
>Blind: Reduces the Hit Rate to -70%.
>Weirdness: Reduces Attack to -20% and Defense to -30%.
>Waryness: Reduces Defense to -70%.
>Burning: Deals 5% of your Max Health per turn.
The ability to easily inflict these status effects and at literally no cost is HUGE and can make even the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ team get the upper hand in battle, but this is not the only thing Ajeet has going for, Ajeet is bulky and has great stats all-around, he backs all this up with some devastatingly strong attacks coming from his Finger Beams andElbow attacks that decimate enemies.
With all this being said, Ajeet has some drawbacks, and it all comes to his Punjabi Fingers. Due to Ajeet’s lack of a normal attack, he is forced to rely on his special moves, which, while powerful, are VERY expensive and can quickly drain through Ajeet’s SP reserves, his Punjabi Fingers also means he often will need to switch between gimping the enemy and attacking which requires some strategy to be performed optimally, especially against crowds, but don’t let this discourage you, Ajeet is a great party member and works well in practically any team.

  • Ajeet Joy count is glitched, he is supposed to not join you if you take two or more joy, but if you took more than two Joy, the game still counts as less than two(probably used the “=” instead of “<=” in the game code).
  • Ajeet can pair well with Nern, due to the latter’s ability to regenerate SP. He also pairs well with other frail characters due to being able to cause Blind and reduce the enemy’s offenses with Weird.



Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - RT - F024F7713
Rank: A – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, The Beehive, talk with him in the Beehive after getting his Duffle Bag nearby the desert.
RT can best be seen as a variant to Ajeet, both sport high HP and defenses and can cause a lot of status effects using Duffie, but unlike Ajeet, RT moves actually deal damage at the cost of not being free, he also has a bigger variety of debuffs under his arsenal and probably one of the best Sleep inducing moves in the game in Nightmare Hold,
Mr. Hobo damage output also shouldn’t be underestimated, he is not as strong as Ajeet but still deals very respectable damage and can keep putting pressure on the enemy without needing to stop debuffing him, this, coupled with his sleep-inducing moves, makes RT easier to play and overall better at dealing with crowds as he can temporarily neutralize adversaries by putting them to Sleep, RT is also great at stalling fights for his team, either to set up a big combo or to give them time to recover, a well-timed RT can completely change the tide of the battle.
Overall, while he does face competition with Ajeet, RT has unique qualities of his own to stand up and make it a very useful character, just don’t forget to hire him before something happens with your items, and poor sweet Duffie is gone forever.



  • Against single-targets, one of the best ways to play RT is simply to keep stacking debuffs on the adversary with each turn and watch as they pathetically try to get their ♥♥♥♥ together under the imposing and overwhelming power of the Homeless.


Fly Minetti

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Fly Minetti - 510361753
Rank: A – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Garbage Island, win the Cart Race four times and talk with him.
Fly has good stats across the table coupled with high speed, his Cart Slam moves are basically a weaker but more accurate version of Fardy’s Truck Slams which gives Fly some decent crowd control capabilities.
Now I want you to forget everything I said because it’s all garbage(pun intended) compared to Fly’s second signature move: Puke. Fly’s Puke is one of the most busted moves in the entire game, up there with Birdie’s Gasoline Spit, what it does is apply a bunch of random negative status effects on the enemy all at once, which includes Blind, Poison, Paralysis, Scared, Rage and Stink, words can hardly explain how much this move absolutely ♥♥♥♥♥ with the adversary which is why you often see Fly being used to defeat the overpowered unbeatable bosses of the game like Buzzo and Demon X, this is how nuts Puke is and it single-handle elevates what already would be a decent character to Top-Tier status.
Despite this insanity, Fly does has some drawbacks, the first one is that Pukeis a bit unreliable due to its random nature, and two of the status it causes can actually help the enemy, Pukealso looses some of its usefulness against enemies that have resistance to debuffs which means Fly will be forced to rely on his own damage to be useful, which, while decent, it’s nothing to write home about and in theses fights you may want to use RT or Ajeet instead.
With that being said, Fly is still a great character and can carry the ♥♥♥♥ out of you through the game.

  • Have some Cocolas in hand so that you can keep spamming Fly’s Pukeand Cart Slam.
  • Fly can absolutely demolish some bosses like Satan.


Ollie Nickels

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Ollie Nickels - 2131A6740
Rank: B – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Garbage Island, go to Ollie’s and pay his HUGE debt.
Ollie is an interesting character, like the party members I just covered he excels at stacking debuffs on the adversary, what differentiates Ollie from the others is that he specializes in AOE moves, Ollie is capable of causing Fallen, Fear, and Bleed toward entire groups of enemies all while dishing out decent damage, and single-target moves are nothing to scoff at, with his last one, Sister Kiss, causing Depression, Crying and a chance of Fear too, making it great against big strong targets… if you can get over the incestuous implications.
Ollie’s drawbacks, however, are quite noticeable, to start, he suffers from Depression which lowers his status considerably, and worst of all, he has a VERY SMALL SP BAR, topping out at two digits even at level 25, this means Ollie needs to recharge constantly and good resource management to get the most out of him, but even with this, Ollie is still quite useful and worth a spot on your team.

  • Ollie pairs very well with Nern, who can constantly refill his SP pool.
  • You gonna need a decent supply of Cocolas to get the most out of Ollie, nearby Bob’s Dojo, there’s a guy who sells Diet Cocolas for 5 mags, the cheapest you can get.
  • Make sure to have some hard hitters on your team to capitalize on Ollie’s debuffs.



Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Buckets - 7BB089C49
Rank: B – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, Win all rounds in the Russian Roulette.
There’s a good reason why the achievement you get by unlocking Buckets has less than 8% in the Game Global Statistics, but the question is: Was it worth it?
The short answer is: Yes! Buckets is a really good party member, he is a gla*s cannon that can dish out a lot of damage, and I mean, a lot of damage – [] , seriously, A L O T O F FU*K I N G D A M A G E! This is due to his strong moves and the unique ability to equip two weapons at the same time, vastly increasing his attack stat, this is further augmented by the Sunsetter, a weapon you get by beating the Russian Roulette which just happens to be the type of weapon Buckets uses.
However, as you probably already learned by playing the Roulette minigame, there’s no Reward without Risk, and Buckets is that incarnated(hell, he even has a move that has 50/50 of failing or dealing ma*sive damage), I already mentioned his fragility but Buckets is also a Joy Addict which greatly hinders his attack power(although his damage his so high he likely will still be able to do something) and unlike other junkies, Buckets actually don’t gets a boost for consuming Joy, which is probably a glitch or for balance reasons, this makes Buckets a character that can be hard to use and require a decent amount of strategy to be used effectively, but hey! If you came this far to get him, might as well go to it.


  • Characters who can debuff adversaries to protect Buckets work great with him, like Ajeet, Garth, and RT.
  • Making Buckets Drunk or giving him Rage makes him an unstoppable force of destruction.



Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Shocklord - 081D04374
Rank: B – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, win the EWC Tag Team Championship.
Remember when I said that El Rage was the most one-note character in the game? Well, I was wrong, this honour belongs to Shocklord, at first glance, this may seem bad but he is actually a pretty good character.
Shocklord only does one thing, and I mean this literally this time. His signature move is Big Shock!, a really powerful AOE move that costs 20 MP, this makes Shocklord great at crowd control and even against single targets as the move is powerful enough to stand on its own, one may compare him with Fardy but Shocklord is far better as he has much better bulk and his attack stat is quite high.
Shocklord drawback is obviously his simplicity and Big Shock! doesn’t have the best accuracy in the world, but this is not enough to discredit our beloved fighter, Shocklord shouldn’t be underestimated and can prove to be a valuable a*set to many teams.


  • While not absolutely necessary, having some Cocolas in hand can help, the bartender in Bob’s Dojo has the cheapest Cocolas in the game.
  • In the cave leading to the Snow Area, you can find Gla*ses, equip them on Shocklord to make his move connect more reliably.


Sonny Backluwitz

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Sonny Backluwitz - DC01B28FA
Rank: B – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 2, in the camp-side nearby the EWC, get the Champion Belt at EWC, and show it to him.
Sonny is similar to Mad Dog, both are simple powerful TP fighters with a generous amount of Bulk, while Mad Dog is a tanker and has Fire moves, Sonny focuses more on the offense and utility with his cheap but strong TP skills and the ability to debuff the adversary with Scary, Crying and Stun, and despite the similarities, he can actually pair really well with Mad Dog to become a devasting due of destruction.
Sonny doesn’t have a real weakness other than his simplicity, although is worth mentioning all his attacks are linked with his base hit rate, so if he gets afflicted with accuracy debuffs, all the moves will be affected but that’s minor. If you need to add some POWER! to your team, Sonny got you covered.

  • Pairing Sonny with a Support character who can keep him alive during the fight is a great idea, like all TP characters, he pairs well with Nern.
  • Before hiring Sonny, you should know that getting the Champion Belt will get you kicked out of the EWC, make sure to have gotten Shocklord and a stable party before doing it, as you will also lose the Dystopian Rumble, one of the few places in the game where you can grind.


Buffalo Van ♥♥♥♥

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Buffalo Van ♥♥♥♥ - E1223AB8E
Rank: D – TIER
How to Obtain: Story Related
Buffalo just makes me sad, he has so many good attributes that would make him a great party it wasn’t for the fact he shows up so late in the game.
Buffalo is a warlord and it shows, he has amazing stats and a nice speed tier, his moves deal good damage and while his normal attack cost TP, it has a chance of making the enemy Fall, he also has some very decent Stun and Burning moves on his special skill set.
However, all this is gone to waste due to Buffalo showing SO LATE in the game, and depending on how you do Area 3, you may not even get the opportunity to unlock all his skills without grinding or worse, just plain not being able to use him outside of sidequests, along with the fact that, by this point of the game, you likely already have an established team and Buffalo will have no chance to fit in, especially because he is a kind of a simple character.
It pains me to say this but Buffalo is simply not worth using most of the time and you are better off sticking up with your current team instead of trying to open room for him, it’s such a weird case because it wasn’t by his location, Buffalo would easily be a B – Tier character, maybe even an A.

  • If you reallywant to use Buffalo, make sure to head to Snow Moutain first so you can get the most out of him, I also recommend saving up Sidequests so you can get more playtime.


Crisp Ladaddy

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - Crisp Ladaddy - 449FBE90E
Rank: F – TIER
How to Obtain: Area 3, rescue Toby from the Bathhouse and give to him in the Stone Village.
Saving up the trash for last, Crisp is a strong contender for literally the WORST character in the entire game, not only his personality is basically just being g*y, he sucks from a gameplay standpoint.
Why Crisp is so bad? Well, many reasons. Let’s start with the positives tho: Crisp is a fast gla*s canon that deals good damage along with Bleed and Fire, and that’s it, now let’s talk about why he is so ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
1- For some reason(possibly h*m*phobia), Crisp has the HIGHEST target rate of the entire game, with a whopping 300%. While this doesn’t seem so bad, don’t forget that Crisp is FRAIL and the high target rate makes enemies pile up on him constantly which means he is likely to get knocked out really fast, maybe even faster than Yazan.
2- Crisp Laddady’s move set is really limited with only three skills + his normal attack, again, this doesn’t seem so bad until you realize how expensive these skills are for their cost and how other characters can deal similar damage using much less SP.
3- Speaking of SP, Crisp normal attack not only costs 10 SP to use but one of his skills: Wet Cutter is LITERALLY his normal attack but it costs 20 SP instead, I’m not kidding, it has exactly the same base power and elemental property, the only difference is on the cost.
4- Crisp starts out at a really low level for his area, which AGAIN, wouldn’t be so bad if wasn’t literally at the last area of the game, this also means if you want to use Crisp, you will not get to play with him for very long.
Overall, Crisp sucks, he is not worth using and it will be nothing more than a hindrance, honestly, Crisp just feels like an incomplete character, someone a sort of last-minute inclusion, which probably explains why he only has four skills and one of them is just his base move again, is that, or Austin ran out of ideas.

  • Fun Fact: You can sell Toby for 150 mags even after hiring Crisp to your team, if you don’t want to feel like a lying piece of ♥♥♥♥, just sell him and do not hire his monobrow boyfriend.
  • Crisp high target rate makes him a great character to use in the Satan fight or against any other character with a high chance of using a Perma-Kill move, he is taking it for the team and protecting the actually useful party members, good job!
  • Crisp may actually be the strongest character in the game according to this – [] Reddit theory.
  • In all seriousness, if Crisp has any niche, is in the Hawk Hollywood fight, since he is weak to Water, but other than that, bleh.



The Tier List

Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member - LISA - The Tier List - 025FCA897
And that’s it, thanks for reading everything, hope ya enjoy the game, anything I got wrong please comment.

Written by Valde

I hope you enjoy the Analyzing and Ranking Every LISA Party Member – LISA guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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