Approaching World Ascension without fear – Incremental Epic Hero 2

Approaching World Ascension without fear – Incremental Epic Hero 2 1 -
Approaching World Ascension without fear – Incremental Epic Hero 2 1 -

World Ascension can be intimidating and frustrating for many players. It doesn’t have to be. This guide will help ensure that you have a plan for World Ascension. You will actually be better off as you'll be able to move faster and more robust.

How to plan World Ascension

Let's first look at the information tip about World Ascension.
Approaching World Ascension without fear - Incremental Epic Hero 2 - Approach to planning World Ascension - 8233FFC
The good news: We get some stuff. Prestige abilities allow you to access areas and dungeons and guild abilities. We don't know their names (, so I won't spoil them). The developers have said that these abilities are worth the effort and we're going with them.
Many things are going to get reset. We will be starting over in many ways.
Many things cannot be reset. We get to keep anything we invest into the stuff that won’t be reset.
You can see this list by hovering over the Accomplishments button.
Approaching World Ascension without fear - Incremental Epic Hero 2 - Approach to planning World Ascension - 622A810
So, we can see that the more we earn Accomplishments, the more stuff we get. The first two unlock (unique products, and the catalyst levels) are important when we think about our first World Ascension.
This information provides three strategic principles.

  • Maximize your return on investment by ensuring you have enough to keep the things you love.
  • Minimize your investment in things you won't keep.
  • Put off investing in things you might not be able to keep next year.


List of easy decisions: Things you can keep

Do your global searches and your diaries
You get to keep your global adventures. Daily quests will give you Epic Coins (. You can keep) or Portal Orbs (. These should be completed and turned in.
Claim your titles
You keep your titles. This means that you can keep all your skills and damage upgrades, as well as completion bonus and damage reduction bonus increases. You should push to get titles as often as possible.
Equipment mastery effects
Getting a cla*s up to level 10 on an item of equipment is always worthwhile. Partly, because Apprentice titles are based upon how many pieces of equipment you have raised to level 10 It unlocks the mastery effects for that piece of equipment, and you can keep it after World Ascension. (If you limit your gear to level 9, you'll lose any progress. I'll go into more detail in the timing' section.)
Talisman progress
It's wonderful that you can keep your talismans and your talisman levels and fragments, due to the slow pace of talisman progression. Treat it like it's going around for a long, long time.
Upgrades and potion levels in alchemy
Level 0 potions are appropriately scaled when you don’t have much to lose and you don’t face any serious threats. However, if you need something that can help you fight a level 250 monster you will need potions at level 50 or greater.
So do it! Because you will be able to complete the low-level content once you have completed a World Ascension.
Alchemy essences and materials
Although this may not seem like an important thing, it is important to remember how it will propel you forward. Do you remember how long it took to get 50 slimeballs? You can see that you have now a thousand slimeballs. That's three days worth of waiting that you can now skip.
You also remember how hard it was to find money when you were just starting out. It's not so hard now that you have level 75 potions and a huge stash of slime essence. 1 point of slime extract will grant you 1 health potion. These health potions are worth more than 100 gold when you reach level 75. You can build a huge gold stash by doing a little research and planning. (The most important.)
Research progress and unlocking town building
Do you remember what that was like to have 10K slime money and not be allowed to spend it? (you won't have to face that problem again, provided you solve it before World Ascension).
There are also really nice potential researchable effects of buildings. Getting all your building levels back may be impossible, but it will be much easier to get (particularly the low levels). This is because you have all the information you need to make the high-level levels affordable.
Bestiary progress
Traps and therefore taming point (make the best long-term investments in the entire game. Therefore, bestiary progres) is possibly the best investment in the whole game. Because you can keep that progression after World Ascension.
Expedition levels, XP
You cannot keep an expedition that is still in progress. However, you get to keep all the XP rewards you earned from completing the expeditions and the Expedition Screen content.
Epic coin purchases
These items can't be taken away by the devs. (- The best items in epic store are Improving minimum daily hunt rarity' or equipment strength'. The rarity upgrades eventually pay for themselves in increased epic coin revenue, but the real benefit lies in the extra portal items. Equipment tenacity lets you equip any piece of gear you wish, even if the stats are not available. This makes it easy to gain equipment mastery or related titles.)

Investments to delay

Don't get serious about collecting unique equipment until you've got a successful strategy for keeping unique equipment. (Refer to the equipment' section.)
You can keep the materials that you used to upgrade a catalytic converter when you ascend. The catalyst upgrades you use to upgrade a catalyst are not yours until you have attained 10 accomplishment points. You should look at how many of each ingredient you have, and consider whether you want to make catalyst products before, or after, you ascend. (We're not referring to the slime catalyst, as slime oil is extremely easy to obtain.)
And that's it.
Because everything else is consuming resources which you're going lose when doing world ascension anyway. It's pointless to hold onto Mysterious Water rather than increasing the Mysterious Water Cap. In either case, the Mysterious Water will be consumed, so you might as well enjoy the increase water income due to increasing the cap.
Also, you should be rebirthing all your heroes (, tier 1 and 2, rebirth) whenever that makes sense for the development that hero. It contributes towards reaching ascension milestones.
Things that you can spend gold money on will disappear. But the gold will never go away.
You won't have potions after you ascend if you convert potions to money. However, you can keep the alchemy research point that you generate from this process.
Don't see resources that disappear as being wasted. These resources should be considered investments in achieving milestones or unlocks to strengthen the next round.


When it comes down to world ascension equipment is the most important problem. While losing your equipment is one thing, losing the gear is a very daunting prospect. There are three ways to minimize equipment losses.

  • Find gear with enchantments and/or slots
  • Use the thief's enchant slots to add enchantment slots to your gear
  • 5 points worth of World Ascension accomplishments

You can keep any gear with an enchantment or slot. Once you have the blacksmith, it is time to level it up until level 5. Also, "Unlock an upgrade to your Dictionary." This upgrade is called "Treasure of Fortune 1" which increases the chance that items found will have enchantable slots. Combine this with "Treasure Hunting" and you can build up a large collection of enchanted equipment that you can use to equip all members of your guild when you complete world ascension. . (Click the spoiler but don't click it if you want to learn about hidden unlocks inside-game.)
You can also view the mouse-over for any gear in the game, and you will notice that the Thief Mastery ability adds Enchantment Slots. This means that (you can unlock the thief) within a few days and gain Thief mastery for all of your Common Gear. This will allow you to ensure your Common gear survives World Ascension. (You should do it anyway, as Common gear mastery can be done quickly and your Thief will get the extra equipment slots from mastering many gear pieces.) Purchasing 'equipment persistence' from the Epic Coin Store makes this easy – if one item is purchased from the Epic Coin Store then you can then purchase 'equipment perseverance'. (Not meant to be confused or misunderstood with other game marketplaces.)
You can keep all the high-priority stuff if you prioritize the essential items over the more uncommon items. (But hey, if your high-priority list is long, you might need to spend a little more before ascending. There will be many benefits.)
Unique equipment
This brings us up to the problem with unique equipment. It takes a lot of time to master a piece if unique gear. Most people will not wait that long.
The problem is that the name of the gear isn’t unique, as you might think. I have 4 slimeponchos and 3 disa*sembled because I needed the inventory slot. At the moment, my mage wears a spider skirt. There is another one in my inventory.
Each piece is unique and can only be found in the one place it was found. The gear itself is not original. You can find it again and then until you have enough (copies or grind for as many as you like, or you decide to disa*semble them since they keep popping up in your favorite grinding spot).
Unique gear is very rare and) drops with an enchantment. It means you can keep it.
After you have achieved five World Ascension accomplishments your unique gear can be kept even if its not enchanted. It's impossible that you can achieve these accomplishments before world ascension. This means you will have to go through the cleaning process at least once. The question is whether or not you are focused on five accomplishments by your first ascension. If you do, you will need to plan and study hard).

When to ascend

There are times you don't want to climb, and there are other times when it is more difficult. The easiest situation to avoid is when you can't climb, so don't! It's not necessary to start thinking about timing the first ascension until four milestone points have been reached. If you are anything like me, then you will be spending a few more days on four milestones points. That gives you plenty time to decide if five is enough or if you want even more.
A bonus is awarded for each milestone you reach above the previous milestone. You don’t have to move up as soon you have reached 5 milestone points. You could wait until you have reached a higher maximum level for one or more milestones. You might decide that you want to complete all milestones to level 1, so you can get all the milestone bonuses. You might decide to try harder next time, and get a bonus.
As you near the goal of being able to ascend, take a closer look at your guild level. Consider what you would like to unlock before ascending. It might be easier to unlock if there are guild XP bonus and rebirth bonuses.
When not to Ascend
Do not ascend when you are in the middle a process that is going to be reset. Waiting until it finishes would be a benefit to you that lasts ascension.
Don't attempt to ascend with an active expedition. You could just wait for it finished and keep the expedition and pet XP. (And, depending on which type of expedition it's, the reward.)
Don't ascend without completing your daily tasks for the day. Instead, claim the epic coins and the portal orbs before ascending. (This is especially important because your heroes will be reset to level 1. They might not even be able to complete the quest once they've ascended.)
If you're less than 80% of the guild level's end with 4 or 9, don’t ascend. Once you have completed the guild level, unlock the content and make it available to you after ascending.
If you're less than 80% through a Title Quest that's been in progress for two weeks, don’t climb. While you wait for the title quest to end, spend a few hours building up a inventory of Portal Orbs.
Don't attempt to ascend if you're about be called out of the game. You might not be able to win any of those timed challenges using your current stats but you still want to try.
Unless it's not your concern. It's your decision.
Reasons to delay ascension
Do you have any pets or rank-ups you want to capture before losing access to those areas?
Are there any general quests close to ranking up that would be helpful to you in getting a quick start after ascension.
Are there any titles you can get that require a powerful, high level character to claim? (Look at Monster Study, Proof of Rebirth, and Cla*s Master.)
Do you want to unlock any quests so that you can complete them after ascension. (Consider Survival, Quester and Equipment Master.)
Are you looking for equipment that you can keep? In this case, you will need either to wait until the thief is mastery (, or to get a lucky fall).
Reasons to ascend earlier than later
Do you want the 'area/dungeon fame' feature and the additional guild abilities?
Are your milestones'maximum level achieved' bonuses worth the effort?
Would you be willing to pay for nice ascension upgrade?
Are you ready to put your skills to the test?

Further reading

Hopefully, you have found this guide helpful in helping you create a plan of action for world ascension. I recommend you to also read
Cryts Guide on How to Prepare for World Ascension – []
. Crit will tell you how many slime balls and other ingredients) it takes to rank up your buildings. Additionally, Crit has some great suggestions on which equipment to bring to make your achievements more exciting.
It's much more spoilery-laden than this guide, and a*sumes that players are familiar with the game's mechanics and underlying issues. It's also prescriptive. This guide is not about how you should develop your own strategy but rather how to follow Cryt’s strategy. (Cryt's strategy is good, but I prefer to be able to answer the questions, no matter how much someone else has done.)


Written by BlueOrange

We can share this all for Approaching World Ascension without fear – Incremental Epic Hero 2 for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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