Assaulting the Storm of Skulls – Inscryption

Assaulting the Storm of Skulls – Inscryption 1 -
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls – Inscryption 1 -

A step-by-step description of tactics and strategies for obtaining the desired achievement (after the world’s first steam achievement).

First cycle

To begin with, where you end up will depend on the way you start.
Preparation requires reboots.
Loadzzz of reboots.
Well, now briefly, one by one:



Choose Mantis God deck


You can only restart by breaking on the enemy. Under no circumstances reload the game in the first act (any other way). Death in battle does not bring a penalty in the form of a decrease in the pool of skins, but the second option replaces the skins with garbage. But even more, it comes with a nasty debuff.


It is advisable to knock out the first pool with something useful, preferably winged. For instance, with a Magpie (dig up a Thing) or a Cuckoo (this is generally the best card in the game. Although the chance not to break an egg is annoying). But you can get it around since you still have to do a lot of restarts. Keep it simple – we just need a bird.


We model the map so that at the very beginning there is a Campfire. Right away. This is the most important condition. And here we meet two options:
A)This is a Bonfire for ATTACK – then we pray to the God of Hexapods and boost it twice. That’s all. Until the third act, his ATTACK is not important to us. Now you can play other priorities. See the guide further.
B) This is a Balefire for HEALTH. In this case, we put one of the two caterpillars on the brazier and pray to the Larvas’ God to destroy it. This is necessary so that the following story happens next (from the second visited Bonfire onwards):
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - First cycle - C265DB942
All other Campfires are already safe.


The most potentially painless way is to get the right amount of ATTACK on the first Fireplace. The second method leads to an options dwindle of pa*sing the first boss, as it will force you to choose a Stake instead of something more necessary (for example, a Backpack, or a Deck Challenge), something that may never meet. Yes, and flying MG can burn out. Moreover, add the cost of time for battles with the first opponents to this.
(Therefore, path number B is a way to improve your Distance and get rid of the dumb garbage in the hand pool. But for the first chapter, it has less potential. Better to burn the tracks from the first Campfire on HEALTH after the right one).

Pimping our mister Flying Creature is the top priority of Bonfires so that he can take down one wave of bears, if everything goes totally not at all as it should. In fact, HEALTH (as it may seem) is not needed for him at all. This will not be useful on the last boss (See the end of the first bar).

Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - First cycle - EBE2DBF0D

P.S. If the larva survives, there will be only Bonfires for HEALTH, there will be no Backpacks, the Mantis God will not take off – you know what to do.



Our Bug has 3 ATTACKS? Sure about that? Well, fine. The rest of the Fireplaces can be used at your discretion, or simply skipped. Especially if you have a Haversack to choose.

The weapon of victory in the first two cycles is MG’s 3 ATTACKS, he flies, a Magical Bleach full of solvent in his pocket. I won’t joke about it. And the most important rule – our buggie must go into the hand. Randomness is the worst enemy.

The perfect picture looks like this (note that the bears are already marinated):
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - First cycle - BE1AAB288


Backpack and how to prepare for it. At the very first battle we pull our teeth out and kill the squirrel. We need all (2) slots. If the damn Whitewash didn’t work (and it will happen often) – reboot. In the first cycle it is dangerous to take more than 1, since you risk not surviving the boss. (For example, if this is a Hunter, and you do not have a stopper (mechanical hunting stuff blocks the air)).

Let’s recap the First cycle:

We pushed ourselves to a great start, prepared the King of Kings and stocked up on a can of snot. It is best to skip extra cards. Losing a game in the Canvas.

Did you manage to convince the first boss to let you go ahead?
YES – welcome to the second cycle.
NO – re-read all the info about the first one and polish your randomness.


Between the lines.
We need exactly the same tag.
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - First cycle - AC09B3B16

Second cycle

Let’s begin with a very important description of the mechanics of the game.
If you heck up here – you can press ESC and replay the battle. BUT! The entries will be exactly the same.
This also applies to any selections. Whether it’s a Backpack, a Trader, etc. But in the situation with the first card pool (!) it doesn’t work.
That is exactly why we generate the most profitable card for the Second and Third cycles.
In case of the last boss – we play it as nonsense (if in a normal situation the items in the Backpack are not generated in a new way, then in the case of the start of the chapter – hell yeah). This means that Solvent will be 100% in our pool.
Probably, this moment should be fixed by the author of the game.

Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Second cycle - F4F1C7749
Talking about Second cycle:


Our Bug isn’t looking good enough for now. Our task (as mentioned above) is to make his ATTACK equal to 6+. If you succeeded in the Second cycle (it will definitely work if you fed the larva to the fireplace goons) – then congratulations! BUT! We need a second creature, something that will deal the damage we are looking for, which means we need to copy the MG using the drawing Brush. The more, the better. (There is, of course, a very unpleasant moment when Campfires enter + HEALTH. It is better to use it at your own discretion. Ideally, on cards with additional resources (Beehive or Mice, etc.).


Your card pull will grow. Potential builds are what bring the most value. Beavers’ gang + Ant Queen, Beehive, etc. (for example, here is such a Mr. Turtle):
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Second cycle - 6D40D0D2D


Separately, I note that you need to choose cards, taking into account the fact that they will have to be played right there. No tripartism sluts! Our win con is da Buuuug Power. To do this (waiting for your Lightest) you need to scroll (optional), generate resources for survival (rabbits / bees or spam of broken eggs on the opponent’s table) and block (note that squirrels in this version are waterfowl and do not intercept damage in the face).

Once again:

The main task of the player during the Second cycle is to survive (!) until he gets MG (if we are not talking about Bleach etc.). Magpie (and combos with it) will improve the pool. And the Cuckoo will give time.
An example of another excellent Cuckookombo:
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Second cycle - D1BF8546D


Doubled (or even tripled (!)) the population of the Bug Gods? Congratulations! It is the Second cycle that is the saddest point, because you are almost there! And the failure of Whitewash feels like broken hopes.
All the rest – in the Third cycle.

Third cycle

I congratulate all who made their way here – you are on the verge of victory.
Your Big Buggie is already a formidable power (if you have only one, then there may be problems. Then one more piece of advice – do not go to Mycologists (without a plan to remove unnecessary duplicates)! We need several bugs, not one super titan, since 12 damage from three targets can not be survived. Although there are chances here too, because we won’t have the tools to win by the end of the game).

For instance, I didn’t get a can of Bleach here. So what? The Bugs made their job.
For example:

First cycle

Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Third cycle - E95531245

Third cycle

Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Third cycle - EBE2DBF0D

Well, now it’s time to dive into the Refinements.



Some points that should definitely be mentioned, but which did not have a place in the first cycles:



The biggest danger is the boss Hunter (as mentioned above). Better not to meet face to face with him in the first two cycles. This will boost your chances of winning.


Unlike the final boss, the Miner and the Fisherman do not use special abilities during phase transitions. Therefore, you can safely punch in the face (if you have everything ready to go, of course). The pirate will shoot from the cannons between the first and second phases (take care of the Larvas!). The third phase (Ship) is demolished by Whitewash.


A little bit more about the Pirate:
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Refinements - 61A3DB8A8

This is exactly why we need the go ddamn Solvent! Godbugs just won’t pull that much damage due to our initial debuff.
There will be a set-up if the author cancels the reset.

By the way! To open Bleach – you need to complete the first step in the achievement Master of Curiosities:
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Refinements - F9AD941B6



Did everything work out for you? Congrats, Ace! It wasn’t an easy road. But it could have been tougher.


“Optimizer Suggestion Section”:

If the cheat beating out of Bleach is fixed (for example, they force the card to be tied to the save after each boss, or add a spot as on the screen), then one (!) (2 damage from Shipbella) Buglet with indicators of 8/5 (actually 9/5 – this is 5 Bonfires, given that we poisoned the hippies. Although, 8 would be enough in case of right position) will be more than enough. What more can we say about 12+, which demolish two rows of bears. But it is worth considering that if you have more than 2 copies of one card, then Mycologists themselves choose which ones to blind. And here there is a chance to get into a mess, especially if you have a deck spammed with garbage.
(And don’t forget the Pirate’s cannons. A single target is more vulnerable than a distributed wincon).
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Refinements - 8CC36F096
But who am I fu cking kidding – for our SuperBug the Ship is the same as a tattered slipper for a bulldog. Four Campfires in different proportions will be enough. By the end of the game, the pool of useful cards is large, and it will be possible to break through the bottom of the pelvis with any other trash.
We need to add one more achievement – “Without God’s help”, where it will not be possible to use cleave attacks in general and Mantises in particular.

The ending will be freeform.
In this guide, I described the optimally quick and easy pa*sage (on the 6th attempt, after the tactics were formulated). Of course, that it is relevant at the time of writing the guide, or rather, at the time of the first opening of the achievement in this game:
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Refinements - DF35892D0
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Refinements - 435FD5B8B


Potentially, you can try to play in this way (but where to look for Self-Gnaw, I have no idea).
Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Refinements - 292EED065
(With such a game, only the Clock is needed, and we put Self-Gnaw in the second row. Thus, having cleared the first of the bears and inflicting our ramming damage on the boss’s face).


I do not advise making Mantis God using POISON. For several reasons:
1 At a distance, we need (potentially) precise flight. This is the fastest way to pa*s the game (TIME, or rather, REAL TIME is the most valuable resource. Flying reduces the combat time to a minimum). The fan disappears – it occupies a potential place for Whitewash. And I will not store it in the pool, because at the Distance (damn Distance!) it is the one we truly need.
2POISON (to be tested) does not prevent MG from hitting the shield back in the face (and this is a waste of a valuable resource (HEALTH) without maximum profit).
3 Of course, POISON is better than Flight in the sense that it cannot be blocked (well, almost). But this is not damage in the face (imagine that we play for Facehunt (versions of that autumn 2017) in XC. What would he say to this, huh?! «Ewww ewww ewww!»). And as already mentioned above – THE POOL OF THINGS IS LIMITED.
4 The most important thing: to pull out a Snake or a Long Deer (for example, in the first pool of 8 (!) Cards) is go ddamn luck. What can we say about skipping the necessary meetings for the sake of a*sembling a totem for Beetle Poison (generally likely at 0.001% chance (Easier to knock out 3 Invincibles in the CLC in a row or 2 phoenixes from Kael)) under all general conditions. But what can I say, if the tag “Flying” comes across to players not so often. And their population will be slightly larger.
Thus, I chose Flight because of the maximum potentiality at the Distance.
Thank you for your attention!


Assaulting the Storm of Skulls - Inscryption - Refinements - B75449EF1

This is all we can share for Assaulting the Storm of Skulls – Inscryption for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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