Attributes and mechanics – I Am Overburdened

Attributes and mechanics – I Am Overburdened 1 -
Attributes and mechanics – I Am Overburdened 1 -

Descriptions of the game attributes and related mechanics.


Determines the base attack value.
See below for how Attack and Defense interact.


The defense value is subtracted from incoming damage to calculate the final damage. So, attacking a Wererat (2 Def, 4 Vit) with an Attack of 6 is exactly enough to kill it.
However, there is a minimum amount damage dealt, even when the defense is greater than the attack. The minimum damage is 1 + (Attack / 10) (rounded down). So, not counting dodging or items which nullify incoming damage, all monsters will deal at least 1 damage on hit, Orcish Boars and stronger will deal at least 2, etc.
Monsters attacking the player use the same mechanics as the player attacking monsters.


Vitality is exactly the maximum and starting HP of a creature.
HP can be restored by health potions. Vitality does not affect the amount restored; it is always 3-6 HP (small potions) and 8-12 (big potions). The final value is affected by luck.


Speed affects initiative; whichever creature has the highest speed, gets the first attack.
When the speed is equal, the outcome depends on Luck (50% at 0 Luck).


Luck affects almost all random outcomes in the game.
One luck point is equivalent to one percent. Thus, each point of Luck pushes all random outcomes by one percent towards the favorable outcome.
This “pushing” is unconditional. Some examples:

  • At 5+ Luck, Ordinary great helm’s penalty never procs.
  • At 15+ Luck, Goatmen can never deliver a Critical Strike to the player.
  • At 33+ Luck, High collar vampire cloak always procs.
  • At 50+ Luck, all small health potions will heal for at least 5 HP.
  • At 100+ Luck, all random outcomes are as positive as possible.

Negative Luck works similarly in the other direction, guaranteeing that the most positive outcomes become impossible.
Things affecting Luck:

  • The Luck stat, including bonuses granted by items.
  • Being “near death” (<= 10% max HP) grants a +3 Luck boost.
  • There is a luck penalty per level if all monsters in the previous level were slain.
  • There is a small penalty when the Buzzard Wizard has never been defeated yet.

Things affected by Luck:

  • Quality of generated items.
  • Amount of healing done by potions.
  • Amount of gold found on the ground or looted from monsters.
  • Contents of unknown potions.
  • Effects done by items (when the effect is described as having a certain probability of triggering).
  • Effects done by monsters.

Things not affected by Luck:

  • Level generation, including the number of chests generated in levels.


Game Modes

Some details about game modes:

Stash Mode

No gameplay changes other than allowing to select the initial item.
Thus, there are no advantages of NOT playing in Stash mode.

Nightmare Mode

Gameplay changes:

  • Different (worse) starting attributes.
  • Up to one more monster per level.
  • One less pickup per level.
  • Chests are slightly less likely to spawn.
  • Separate set of achievements (trophies).

In most Nightmare mode runs victory is impossible even with perfect play, so many tries may be needed to succeed. Below are some tips.


Some general advice:

  • Luck is a very important stat which affects almost everything, but you may need a lot of it to see noticeable changes.
  • Pick up Luck pickups before opening chests and fighting monsters, whenever possible.
  • Always try to keep one monster alive when leaving every level to avoid the Luck penalty.
    If you accidentally killed it, leaving the level with HP below max HP will incur a less severe penalty.
  • Try to keep your Defense and Speed above the current level’s monsters’ Attack and Speed.
    Consult the book of monsters in the inn to see the attributes of the unlocked monsters.
  • Having an Attack equal or higher to monsters’ Defense + Vitality allows killing them in one hit.
  • Always take an item from the Stash once it’s unlocked.
    Good choices are Fortune-teller’s orb (+Luck) and Frenzied policeman’s biker gloves (allows reliably killing Wererats in one hit).


Written by CyberShadow

Here we come to an end for the Attributes and mechanics – I Am Overburdened guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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