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Back to basics – AQtion 1 -
Back to basics – AQtion 1 -

Having trouble opening that damned door or putting a bandaid over that flesh wound? Look no further!

The basics

Starting a new game, or coming back to an old one, always presents a challenge in understanding (or remembering) some of the absolute basics in game play that a lot of us take for granted. This short guide is written to provide info on the simple, but important, elements of AQtion. In here you’ll find info on joining a team, choosing weapons/items, bandaging, opening doors and climbable objects.
Joining a team
When you initially join a teamplay (TP), or team deathmatch (TDM) server, you will be required to join a team. You do this by pressing TAB, using the ARROW keys to navigate, and pressing ENTER to select your team. These are the default keys in AQtion.
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Choosing weapons
Once you join a team, the weapons menu will appear immediately and automatically. Once you select a weapon the items menu will automatically appear in succession. As before, you use the same ARROW keys to navigate, and ENTER to select. After you’ve chosen your team, the TAB key now becomes your weapon and item inventory. Simply press TAB, and you will be able to select weapons and items again.
Every time you want to change items you will be required to go through the weapons screen. If you want to change weapons, but not the item you’ve previously selected, you can press ‘TAB’ after selecting a weapon and the item screen will close.
Mp5 and the Kevlar Vest are the default combo if nil weapon/item is selected by the player.
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One of the most important elements of the game.
To avoid bleeding out on your team, make sure Bandage is bound in the menu. To do so, go to General Bindings and make sure Bandage is bound to a key within easy reach (i.e. something a finger can easily get to that won’t inhibit movement).
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It is impossible to bandage anything below 5HP. Instead, accept you’re going to die and attempt to go out in style.
Dropping items and weapons
The typical settings on AQtion servers are for one weapon and one item limits. This means that you have to be prepared to fight only with the weapons you have. Every player spawns with a pistol and one knife. Your main weapon has finite ammunition, so make sure you’re using it wisely. To pick up another weapon, or item, you need to ‘discard’ it before picking up a new one. You can find this bind in the menu.
Most weapons dropped by dead bodies have full clips, so keep your eyes out and remember where bodies are throughout the round. This becomes extremely important if you’re the last person standing and you’re in dire need of ammo. Another helpful tip: If you’re using a weapon low on ammunition and you spy another weapon dropped by a dead player, instead of reloading, drop your current weapon and pick up the other. This can help greatly in the midst of a gunfight. You’ll see that it’s often quicker than reloading – or better than giving your position away with the reload sound.
Opening doors
It seems simple enough, but some doors aren’t too obvious. Make sure you bind a key to ‘opendoor’ through the menu. This also opens windows in buildings.
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Some doors are clearly marked, some aren’t. Like this hidden door on the map ‘Aggression’. You need to damage it to open it. This can be done with your weapon or by kicking it.
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Plenty of maps have underground pa*sages and trapdoors that lead to them.
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Closing doors on enemies can be a great way to buy yourself time. Be aware, sometimes enemies can kick you through a door if you’re trying to open/close at the same time.
Climbable ‘ladders’
Although made with ‘realism’ in mind, AQ2 was all about the unrealistic elements of Hollywood – climbing a light pole? a drain pipe? an invisible ladder? No problem. All of these are possible pending the map makers wishes.
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As I mentioned in the prelude, a lot of these basic elements seem like simple parts of the game. However, incorporating some of these additional tricks into your play style can help turn you from a decent player, into a good one.
As always, any questions, please feel free to ask!

Written by td

I hope you enjoy the Back to basics – AQtion guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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