Basic Guide – Massage Salon Story: Spring Breeze

Basic Guide – Massage Salon Story: Spring Breeze 1 -
Basic Guide – Massage Salon Story: Spring Breeze 1 -

Basic guide to ma*sages


First things first: turn that sh*t to english!
On the top right corner there’s a cog. Click on it and on the drop-down choose english.
– There’s two types of customer: the ones you f*ck and the ones you don’t, but they all play the same way
– Oils are basically a cheatcode, but they are quite expensive, so use them only once you unlock a good amount of skills and you’re having trouble with the girl.
– Choose a type of ma*sage. Each type has a different rate at which it makes the girl suspicious and erotic, but you can’t repeat the same type twice.
– Once the ma*sage starts you only have two options: to do an erotic ma*sage (red button) or a professional ma*sage (yellow button). Click and hold erotic for a bit.
– You can see her “erotic” bar increase, as well as her “suspicious” bar. If the suspicious bar is filled, you fail the ma*sage
– You can press the professional button to decrease suspicion, but it won’t increase her eroticness.
– You have a limited amount of “click time” for either button, so your clicks matter
Pay attention to her face
– If it’s green go for erotic, her suspicion won’t increase that much.
– If it’s red, go for professional because her suspicion will go too high.
– If it’s white, try to balance her suspicion around the middle, while you wait for a different color
If you managed to fill the erotic bar, you get to f*ck the girl in the position you choose.
If the customer wasn’t f*ckable, you get a bonus for the great service
Upgrading your skills and buying decorations will help you clear the harder customers

Written by redactedSnake

I hope you enjoy the Basic Guide – Ma*sage Salon Story: Spring Breeze guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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