Basic Guide to understand the game – Kingdom’s Life

Basic Guide to understand the game – Kingdom’s Life 1 -
Basic Guide to understand the game – Kingdom’s Life 1 -

This is a simple, basic guide for people that just bought the game and have no idea what to do. It is meant to explain a bit of every aspect of the game.

1. Clarification

Basic Guide to understand the game - Kingdom's Life - 1. Clarification - 3FDA7634C
This is a guide made by a person that is still grasping the core mechanics of the game. My only goal is to teach you what i’ve been learning until now.
The game is in development, having patches every now and then, so expect the game to have bugs. With that being said, i will try to keep this updated, but if anyone is willing to help in developing this guide, i’ll be more than thankful to have any help.

2. New Game

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When you start a new game you will have an interface wich allows you to customize your game.
Basic Guide to understand the game - Kingdom's Life - 2. New Game - 48FE8ABDE

  • Number of Countries: It determines how many nations wil be dispersed around the map
  • Day and Night efects: It adds an effect that makes the map appear as if it was night, i personally don’t like it, it reduces visibility.
  • Epidemic Power: It allows you to set the difficulty at wich epidemics spread, also how difficult they can be removed, you can also choose “No” and no Epidemics will appear.
  • Crysis: (to be Completed)
  • Sky dominate Invasion: It Spawns a new Civilization with advanced technology and is highly aggresive, starts in war with every other nation.
  • Country names: Determines how will nations be named.
  • Trade Nodes: (to be Completed).
  • Era: Determines in which era nations will start. Mainly changes which technologies you will have unlocked.
  • Fog of War: Changes visibility of the world map.
  • Borders: Creates borders along the countries that units can’t transit (to be completed).
  • Map selection: allows you to toggle between 21 maps, and a player map, that seems to be a couple of maps that are selected from another folder.


3. Game Start

Basic Guide to understand the game - Kingdom's Life - 3. Game Start - 0D3D30AD8
After you have selected your country’s banner and flag color, you will have a settler a*signed in a random part of the map.
Now, most of the interface already has a description that explains well it’s function, so i will talk about some aspects that are not clear from the start.

  • Hunger: Hunger is a factor that appears at the People(1) Tab, the first dissatisfaction factor is Hunger, and one of the main problems it generates is constant population decrease. At the start of the game you begin with 10k Bread, 10k Fish and 10k Beer, and they will be rapidly consumed by your population. To counter this you need to build food Buildings, such as bakery’s, fishing villages, gra*slands and sausage shops, distilery’s and brewery’s.
  • The Foreing Policy Tab can also tell you about the strenght of the country’s military, as well as their population.
  • Religion is not a very concerning factor, it can add some nice bonuses, but you can always convert to another country’s religion.
  • Resources: The resources tab tells you how many resources you have in stock, knowing how much you have is useful to plan building.
  • Buildings: each building you have will have a maintainance cost, and at the start of the game it will decrease the money you have saved, until it becomes stable. So, take this into account if you start building to not go into a deficit, it will cripple your country at least until you research banks at feudalism.
  • Armies:
    Basic Guide to understand the game - Kingdom's Life - 3. Game Start - 5CEA5704F
    Armies need weapons (genius, i know), that need to be save in stock in order to create an army. At the start of the game, weapon’s buildings are the most expensive building you can make, and in order to make weapons, they need materials before hand, thankfully the buildings explain what they need. You can see both how many weapons you have in stock and how much you are creating by pressing the “Production/Warehouse” button.
    After you have the weapons in stock you only need to go to one of your cities, and you will see that the surrounding tiles have a small square that indicates you can build troops there. You only need to select the tile where the army will a*semble and then click “Create”. (bear in mind that the population of the city will be used for the army)
    also, after a certain time pa*ses, mercenary armies wil (theorically) spawn, and if they are in your frontiers, you can hire them, at the price of 3 times their strenght.
  • Parliament: (to be Completed)
  • Technology: technology is very important to develop your country, and to access new stuff, but manualy selecting technologies can make you lose yourself and stagnate a bit, or, if you are like me, you can pa*s 10 turns and forget to research anything, well, you can always go to the top right corner and select auto, it will research by itself everything one by one when it reaches the research points needed for the tech. you can always deselect it and research anything specific if you want to.
  • Economy: this topic is more extense, as i’m figuring it out, but reduced to the smallest scale, at least at the start of the game, most of your economy will depend on taxes, so, the higher your population, the more expensive resources they buy, the higher the wealth of your cities, the higher your taxes.
  • Laws: To be completed, it is extense, and can vary depending on what you choose.


Written by Nooma

Here we come to an end for the Basic Guide to understand the game – Kingdom’s Life guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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