Basic lore – ELDEN RING

Basic lore – ELDEN RING 1 -
Basic lore – ELDEN RING 1 -

After like 2 hours of research i will drop sum knowledge on u maiden-less Tarnished to help you understand the lore. Small spoilers.

Pre start of the game.

There is a item so powerful that it created the stars, Its even so powerful that it created the rules of the universe such as death. This item is called the Elden Ring. Anyone who has it can basically shape the world to be whatever they want. The Erdtree (big yellow tree) started to grow from the elden ring almost like a parasite and it used the rings power to bestow blessings to people it saw fit. These are “tears”. In the game its what you put into your flask to gain various buffs. The tree can also exile a person too though. The race called the “Tarnished” are one of them who got exiled. (I’m pretty sure they got exiled because they didn’t like who had the ring). The king named Godfrey the Warrior had a maiden named Marika. She is the goddess of Empyrean (A race of powerful people). People don’t really like Godfrey because he is being a stink bug and causing Chaos for no good reason. prophets who practice sorcery look into the future and grow mad from what they see (My theory is that they see the Erdtree burning) They wear blindfolds and wheels around their neck. They do not need to see if they already know the future and the wheel is put on them so other people know not to listen to their ramblings. war breaks out over the king being a stink bug so the erdtree banishes him. His sons all wish to claim the power of their father so it starts a huge war that is basically like a stalemate because everyone cant hold power for very long. Eventually the elden ring shatters at the base of the entree. This means whoever has the most pieces is the most powerful. This is where the game starts, everyone wants to kill each other. But maybe you can break the stalemate by becoming elden king.

Start of the game

there is two main gods in Elden ring. The two fingered god and the three fingered god. The two fingered god is responsible for bring you back to life and sending you off to become elden lord to bring peace to the world. The Three fingered god is trying to cause a frenzy and make more chaos in the world. It is implied that they where once a whole hand but split due to differences. The maiden that you meet at the 3rd bonfire named Fia. She has a scar on her eye from the spell ” Fire freenzy” and she is now forced to live with internal pain. She wants to go with you to the erdtree so she can find meaning. You will fight the brothers who wish to have the rings power.

Written by lil Moochie

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