Basic talent guide for Elasmo – Beasts of Bermuda

Basic talent guide for Elasmo – Beasts of Bermuda 1 -
Basic talent guide for Elasmo – Beasts of Bermuda 1 -

Is good for new Elasmo players.


Survival is very good for solo players as it allows you to get the talent “Elusiveness” which allows you to become partially invisible with the more talents you put into it the more mobile you can become while using it.
(the only really good talents in survival are Good parent, Strong bones (makes you take less injury damage),
and Elusiveness. Scavenger (lets you get satiation off of spawn gores) is pretty good for solo players though. constitution (increases max health) is good but is not really worth going into the survival tree for
because if you get hit to the point where it comes in handy you’ll probably have to much injury to escape.


Speed is also a good talent tree for solo and grouped players, if you get speed basically nothing will be able to kill you. apart from other elasmos or giant mosas, itchys and lurds.
some good speed talents are Improved dart, aqua affinity, and sneaky.
Improved dart (improves your dart ability) is amazing and you should get it even if you’re planing on being a combat or suvival build.
Aqua affininty (makes you better at swimming) is good as is makes you more mobile.
Sneaky (decreases noise made by your creature) is really good for not getting caught.


Combat is amazing for group players because in groups you wont be running away as much and wont need as much speed. slippery, persistence, sharp teeth, and healing are really good combat talents.
Slippery (while grabbed, the amount of ability power the opponent sustains is increased. This shortens the amount of time they are able to grab ahold of you. Struggling against a grab also costs less, and inflicts less damage to you.)
is good for obvious reasons.
Persistence (increases the maximum ability power) allowes you to dart a lot more.
Sharp teeth (allows a boost in damage to large prey) is good because as an elasmo you’re the smallest aquatic.
Healing (increases healing rate) is good because when you’re in a pack you’re going to be running in and out trying to hit a mosa or krono you might get bit one time and this allows you to recover faster.

Ending thoughts on talents

The best build for grouped players is probably a mix between speed and combat.
And for solo players is probably a mix between survival and speed or survival and combat.
Or just pure speed.
(Although I highly recommend you experiment with your build and see what you find most fun)


Solo: you can only kill babies or land creatures in water.
group: kinda like Megalosaurus or Megaraptor, you’re going to be darting in and out getting small hits in.
And remember use you’re added reach as Elasmo (the Elasmo has an aimbot of sort with its long neck if a creature is close to you and you attack you will auto aim at them and hit them allowing you to stay out of reach of them will still hitting them.


This was my first guide so sorry if its short or bad
If you didn’t like this guide here’s a reddit thread with some Elasmo guides: reddit post – [] 

Written by deaconng

Here we come to an end for the Basic talent guide for Elasmo – Beasts of Bermuda guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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