Basic Tips and Strategies – Omega Strikers

Basic Tips and Strategies – Omega Strikers 1 -
Basic Tips and Strategies – Omega Strikers 1 -

Here are some tips and strategies to help you succeed in all your roles.


This list of essential strategies and tips that should help new players. I'll update this as I think of it, or if anyone has suggestions. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
Before I start, I believe character can easily be divided into three types. These are the Poker, Bruiser and Controller types. Below the general tips, I will offer tips for each type. But here is a summary about what places a character in each category. Dubu, who is all three categories, is one example of how characters can be divided. (This is a personal a*sessment/categorization and their may be a more official terminology somewhere)



They are also known by the names Hara*sers or Precision Characters. They can often inflict damage on their opponents, usually from a range. They can often hara*s their opponents by redirecting the ball, shocking them to miss a shot, or even finishing them when they are close to the edge. These characters are good at hitting the ball around the goalie and scoring goals. These characters require good goal-taking skills, but they can be very rewarding and make plays from seemingly nowhere.


Bullies and Brawlers. They are quick to inflict severe damage, usually from close range. They can knock anyone who comes within a few inches of them, even if they are fully staggered (). They push the frontline and create huge pressure on the enemy side by hitting both the ball and the enemy team with one shot. They are good at pushing through the goalie and keeping their face in front of them. These characters are quite easy to play but difficult for a skilled player to manage.


PITA's are also known as Supporters. They use buffs and debuffs, AoEs, summoned objects, and items to control the field and their opponents. They attack and defend in many ways, usually using temporarily placed objects. They are complex characters, which can be summarized as stopping the opponent from doing his job. These characters can be complex and varied, allowing a player to score easily against the enemy while a player who is not as good as their opponent will end up ruining their own team.

General Tips

  • Try to aim your shots up or down, as well forward. This can make it difficult for opponents and allow you to help your teammates. This is especially true for goalies.
  • If you are a goalie and must pa*s, it is important to pa*s to your teammate, not an opponent.
  • If you are a goalkeeper, it is important to stand in an open area and not to stand in front of the goal.
  • Attack your enemies if you get close to the edge. It might push them away. This includes attacking the goalie when they get too close for their own goal.
  • You shouldn't put too much emphasis on defeating your enemies.
  • Playing with the ball is a good idea when you're near the goal. Wait until the enemy hits the ball to hit it back. The cooldown states that if they hit the ball first, they won’t be able hit again.
  • Only the goalie can be in the goal. Forwards should be wherever the ball is located. If it's your side, move on your side but not in their goal. If it's on the opposite side, get on your side.
  • Be cautious when approaching the edge, especially around Bruisers and when you are at low stagger. If you're reckless, they can knock you unconscious.
  • Use your abilities when you see the ball in the enemy goal. They can wreak havoc on the goalie, hitting the ball repeatedly, and may even knock him out.
  • You don’t always have the obligation to keep pushing forward in an enemy goal. If you spot an opening and your ally has the ball, pa*s it and let them take the shot. This will almost always catch you off-guard.
  • Strike first and strike harder. Levels are essential in this game. If you can increase your levels quickly while denying your opponent levels you can easily gain a major edge in speed and KO ability as well as cooldown reductions. Although snowballing exists, it ceases once both teams have reached level 10. To win, you can use the early snowball.



  • Keep your movements fluid(spacebar) if you are on one end of the goal and the ball is about go into the other.
  • If the enemy pushes you hard and has a ball in your face, play chess with the ball to aim away from them(, up or down). If you are someone like Asher, Dubu, use the special to push the ball out, defend and damage the enemy all at once.
  • If someone is hara*sing and threatening you in the end goal, don't be afraid of hitting them. However, keep your distance from the goal edge. If you can, try and KO them in the goal.
  • Keep your eyes on your goal. Do not run to chase the ball. The most skilled players can chase the ball and get back in their time. But if they aren't you, keep your eyes on it.



  • Push the ball forward. Follow the ball indirectly). Go to the opposite side of the ball. If it is on your side, you should go to their side. If it is on their side, you should go to their side. Don't be selfish, trust your goalie. However, help them out if the goalie is being pushed very hard and you KNOW HOW to help with their character without hindering them.
  • Keep enemies on the edge of your blade with quick pokes and knockouts. You can control their movements if they are afraid to move near the edge.
  • Forwards can use all the same abilities as a goalie to push the ball past the goalie. You have your own abilities, so make sure you use them when you're in the goal.
  • Keep your distance from any goal. Trust your goalie and push the enemy. Even if your goalie does not do well, you can still trust them and help them improve. Maybe they will surprise you. The enemy is not your goalie so keep pressure off them. It will help them a lot more than dog-guarding the ball and hoping for a lucky strike.



  • Keep the ball away from the opponents' reach. You can knock it out the way if they are about hitting it. If you can't get it out of their way, wait for them and hit again to change the direction.
  • Support your bruisers. If you spot your Bruiser trying to get someone, poke them.
  • Hara*sing the goalie. Pokes on the goalie here and there will frustrate them. If you time your poke, the goal will not be saved.
  • You can still play close even if your ranged. Use your strike and your abilities to knock them in for an easy setup.



  • Any enemy that gets near the edge must be punished. Most Bruisers are able to one-hit KO any player who chases a ball towards the edge or any goalie who gets too far into their goal.
  • You should not chase the ball unless your goal is to score an easy knockout. You must be as strong as possible to keep the ball moving forward.
  • Trades with the goalie are a great way to show your abilities. Bruisers are the best at bullying goalies and can easily win trades compared to non-bruisers.
  • Bully your opponent if they aren't chasing you. Try to damage them or knock them off their feet. Keep them under pressure so that they make mistakes.



  • Know your Controller. Every Controller is unique and plays different. Some should be hara*sing enemies while others should set traps for the ball to be caught and sent back.
  • You can use damage abilities to knock down and push the ball. For example, Era’s Tornado may be randomly sent at any time towards the goalie to keep them out the way and possibly knock them out if they make a mistake.
  • If the ball has reached the goal, the AoE ability of non-damage/light damage should be placed in front. Similar to how a goalie uses these abilities to make saves when the enemy pressurizes them, a forward can also use these abilities to create enormous pressure on the goalie until it is impossible to defend.
  • Be a PITA. Controllers are great at it. AoE damage, knockbacks or catches, KO's and slows down and shrinks and saves are all Controllers' specialties. They have an unstoppable arsenal of tricks that will occur and the enemy must deal with them each time they appear. Do not be afraid, with all your debuffs, to just focus on one forward. PITA is a strategy that causes enemy tilting.



I hope you find it useful. Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions. I am also considering adding tips for particular characters, so let me know if this interests you.


Written by Athrek

Here we come to an end for the Basic Tips and Strategies – Omega Strikers guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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