Basics Everyone Should Know in HELLDIVERS 2

Basics Everyone Should Know in HELLDIVERS 2 1 -
Basics Everyone Should Know in HELLDIVERS 2 1 -

Basics Everyone Should Know in HELLDIVERS 2

Getting the Hang of the Game’s Goal

In HELLDIVERS, we don’t get clear instructions on achieving our main mission – to bring democracy to the “Xenos.” It’s up to us to get creative and strategic. To pull this off, we’ve got to gain control of all the planets and sectors by earning influence points from missions. Then we pool those points together to take over planets. Our big finale will be defeating the Xenos on their very own turf!

My Top Tips for Rules of Engagement

Here are some key rules I follow in battle:

  1. Focus on finishing the main objective first before evacuating.
  2. Use the map’s markers to coordinate our team’s moves.
  3. Only provoke patrols if absolutely necessary, and be sure to mark them so allies can see.
  4. When a tough enemy is chasing you, mark them with Q so your teammates know who to target.
  5. Stick close together with enough space to shoot effectively.
  6. Never ditch a teammate – we’ve got to support each other.

Getting Familiar with How Things Work

Equipping a one-handed weapon lets me shoot while moving quickly. Different guns have unique animations and quirks to master. For example, with some weapons, I can interrupt reloading if enemies surprise me. I’m still getting the hang of when to reload efficiently and how team reloading works. But the more I play, the more intuitive things become!

Watch Your Back!

My body position impacts how easily enemies spot me. Staying mindful helps me get the drop on them!

Sharing is Caring

I can share ammo with allies that need it by equipping a satchel. Running low mid-fight is no fun, so I try to help out when possible.

Getting to Know My Body in Battle

Specific injuries can throw me off my game. Hurt hands make firing accurately tricky, while damaged legs slow me down. Applying stim ahead of time gives me an energy and health boost when things get hairy!

Getting Used to Enemy Behavior

When I’m being chased, enemies keep shooting at the last spot they see me. Good thing to remember! I’ve learned to use smoke bombs and terrain to my advantage. If I duck behind something, enemies will probably focus their attention in that area for a bit – even if I make a run for it!

Frying Enemy Tech with EMPs

EMP stratagems are so clutch against terminids and automatons. They practically shut down robots in their tracks, buying me precious time to take them out. Love it!

More Tips I’ve Picked Up

– I switched to first-person aiming and my shots got way more accurate. There’s no need to stress about running totally out of ammo – there’s actually a good bit scattered around maps. I just watch my magazine instead. – When loading artillery, I say the shell order out loud to remember it right. No surprises that way! – I use stuff like spores and flowers to my advantage in battle along with the terrain. Luring enemies away from tasks helps me complete other stuff efficiently and then circle back when the coast is clearer. – For tough terminids, I aim for heads and paws first. Once those parts are gone, the terminids lose steam and I just have to avoid them till they kick the bucket! Saves me tons of ammo. – Different stratagems and weapons excel in certain situations, so I test out all the options to get a feel for what works best for me.

Enemy Aircraft – Watch the Engines!

I found I can take down big automaton ships by targeting one of their engines with a rocket. Super helpful for neutralizing a MAJOR threat!

Considering Consequences

If I kill a huge enemy, their body can block my way forward. So I think first – is taking them out right now worth potentially getting stuck?

Experimenting with Stratagems

I used to ignore a lot of stratagems, thinking they weren’t useful. But really, each one can be clutch if used creatively at the right moment! Finding those winning situations just takes some trial and error.

Managing Objectives Under Pressure

It can be tempting to panic with so much on my plate. But staying cool, prioritizing tasks, and checking them off one by one is the ticket to mission success! Even after time expires, I still have 2+ minutes before evac arrives to wrap up.

Distributing Resources in a Pinch

If I’m totally out of time, having one person haul resources to the evac point while everyone else finishes up tasks or collects more stuff ensures we rescue at least a few goodies!

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