Be Your Own You! The Humble Citizen! A Combine Assault Guide Series – Barotrauma

Be Your Own You! The Humble Citizen! A Combine Assault Guide Series – Barotrauma 1 -
Be Your Own You! The Humble Citizen! A Combine Assault Guide Series – Barotrauma 1 -

This guide is the beginning of a series of guides that will help YOU, the player better understand the cla*ses in Combine Assault.

So you want become a citizen.

So, you’re interested in playing the citizen role in combine attack? You’ve found the right place. Let’s start, shall we?
Each map contains an apartment block, where citizens can spawn. The apartment block can be found either on the left (City-12), at higher ground (City-15), oder on the right (Industrial 23).
There will be a lock in every apartment. Some lockers can contain valuable items like a food ration or an accordion. Others contain useless trinkets, such as harmonicas, or nothing at ALL.
There are two boxes that contain vodka in Industrial-23, City-12, and Industrial-23. Assuming that you’re agile and have been spawned within close proximity to it, it’s a good decision to grab it when you can.

The Basics Of Being a Citizen

Now that we have covered the basics of spawning in, let’s get down and dirty about what you do every day.
After you have left the apartment block, your first stop will be the Fabricator Room. As you may know, this room houses most of those fabricators listed on the map. This is where terasteel will be made.
Terasteel is the heart of any game. It’s required to make any object possible in Combine Assault. As you can probably guess the combine want this Terasteel to increase their power and arsenal. You, the citizen, are going to make this terasteel. (Unless you’re the resistance leader. More later). Don’t think the only ones who can make it are the citizens. YOU the citizen can also make many useful items and destructive weapons.
Now, why would you make Terasteel for the combination? Why not keep it? Let me tell it, you know what? You become hungry. Your vision blurs and you move slower when you are hungry. The combine gives out ration cards to any citizen who gives them eight terasteel. If they have 8 terasteel then they start making ration pa*ses in one the fabricators.
With a ration card in hand, you can go to your nearest Combine Dispenser to redeem the ticket and enjoy a hearty dinner. You’re fine if the apartment you spawned had a food ration in its locker.

Your Main Goal

One key word… Survival
You must try not to piss off or hara*s the resistance in order to survive the round. It’s best to do what each faction wants in order to keep the balance between them. Unless you help the resistance, however, you will want to please both the combine and the resistance more.
Surviving to end the round as civil nets you +10karma. This will help in determining if you are granted a resistance role, as well as other factors such as starvation.
One more note; if you kill another citizen/resistance/combine, you’ll get a debuff, so try and help both sides without killing anyone…or don’t!
Survival can be hard!
Be Your Own You! The Humble Citizen! A Combine Assault Guide Series - Barotrauma - Your Main Goal - AEE9B40

What YOU can Do to Help Our Benefactors

So you want the whole thing to be a success? Let’s get into some useful features to help with that.
1. RewardWire
RewardWire can be used to communicate one-way with the combine. Simply type!rw (your email goes here) You can report any misconduct among the civilian population by using this form.
2. Terrasteel
Terrasteel helps the combine in many ways. Simply giving them a stack can go a long distance. 8 terasteel are needed to make a rifle. Or a stack if health pens.
3. Health Pens
You can help the group by creating health pens. This will give the combination a significant advantage. But beware, this will make you an active target in the resistance!
4. Civilian Arrests
Actively arresting resistance leaders and reporting them to RewardWire are surefire ways to bring down their ranks. If they interrogate them, they will most likely find the name of the spy.

What YOU can Do to Help Our Benefactors

So, you’re now the leader of resistance or have been recruited. Let’s review a few methods to bring down the combined overlords.
1. Radio Communications
Each member can use a special two way resistance “radio” to communicate with the other members of the resistance by saying!comms. (Your message goes here). This is a great way of communicating between all members of resistance. It’s also quiet!
If you’re the leader, civilians can be recruited for your terroristic cause. All you need to do is type in!rq (Name the player). To access this feature, you will need to pay 14.99 for the mod creator’s Patreon. Kidding! You have to make a Resistance Spray Can on a poster in order to recruit someone. A combine fabricator can help you do this. You must be alone with the recruitee.
3. The Leader’s special recipes
The resistance leader has access to a few unique craftables. These items include the Nitroglycerin and HEV suit. You would normally just make the HEV suits, which are insanely strong and allow you to tank entire magazines worth of ammo. But, if you enjoy blowing things up, the Nitroglycerin may be the right choice.
4. Freeman is available to call
Yes, you did read correctly. You can make a Resistance Radio with a multitool and some wiring. Then you can call Gordon Freeman to wire up the radio to a junctionbox and have him arrive in a ship. If he calls the Combine, you’re most likely doomed. Especially if the Resistance has armed and ready for his arrival. It’s likely that you will need to take cover if your civ is involved.
5. Vodka
Remember that vodka I spoke about earlier? This stuff is great to knock down combine and it gives you ample time for taking their valuable gear. It won’t work for combine soldiers and you will be arrested.
Make sure to spell!comms correctly
Be Your Own You! The Humble Citizen! A Combine Assault Guide Series - Barotrauma - What YOU can do to Harm our Benefactors - 0BA3C1C

Getting Work

So, you’ve been recruited by the General Manager of Army. But don’t worry. Here’s the thing:
You will be able to accomplish the gman’s will if you are selected by him. Gman has 3 tasks that he needs to accomplish and will use!gomms (which works exactly the same way as!comms except it is you and gman).
Now that your work for the gman is complete, you are hostile to all factions.

Final words

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the guide.
I want you to know that I appreciate your time reading this and that you are now more informed about your role as a citizen in the Combine Assault Mod.
Terragen has put together this guide. – []
Check out the Combine Assault Mod – []


Written by cliffman499

I hope you enjoy the Be Your Own You! The Humble Citizen! A Combine Assault Guide Series – Barotrauma guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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