Beginner’s Game Guide – Mist Legacy

Beginner’s Game Guide – Mist Legacy 1 -
Beginner’s Game Guide – Mist Legacy 1 -

A guide I made that is aimed to those starting the game, also might be useful for veterans.
Feel free to take a look 🙂


Hello everyone!
I just started playing this game before Christmas 2021 and I loved it so much, I decided to make a guide to store my notes and hopefully help those that can get a little bit overwhelmed by the game.
This grind-craft turned based RPG really got my attention because of its mechanics and its free-ness.
A lot of people give it a bad rap in the reviews because of its pay-to-win mechanics, but I assure you, its mostly conveniences to speed your completion of the game and besides, PVP is super rare and completely optional, so who are you winning over anyway?
You can get to the endgame on a free account, although it will take you longer, but whats the rush?
In the next sections I will talk about game mechanics and also note down some useful things that might hopefully help you along as well!
That said, let me know if you have tips you want to share and I’ll add them to the guide, I will also update the guide if I see it fit, as I discover new areas and other things to do while exploring the Mist legacy.
That said, this will be a work in progress.
Alright, here we go!


Ok, so what’s the game about?
You are a mistwalker and are gonna explore other dimensions while fortifying your domain, battling monsters, doing quests, harvesting resources, recruiting companions and making money along the way.
I also would strongly advise you to bookmark this super useful site, which has tons of information that you will need in the game: – [] 


You move around using the mouse or the WASD keyboard keys.
The movement speed in this game is one of the few things I dont like, it feels super sluggish but you gotta recreate the sense of time somehow.
As you move around, time will turn from day to night and at night, your movement speed will plummet, you can use a Blanket Camp from your inventory or an Inn/Relay location to pass the night quicker and also heal a little bit.
You also have Stamina which helps “Sprint” while on the world map, the more items you are carrying, the more encumbered and the faster the stamina depletes, the slower you generally go.
You can see your stamina as a little blue bar under your avatar picture on the world map.
Moving on roads will also move you faster than plains or forests or mountains.
You can upgrade your stamina by finding potions that look like this on the map:
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Basics - 32646D683

You will be able to get them as you unlock your mistwalker powers.
To sprint using the mouse, while moving, put the cursor far away from your character’s location and move with your right mouse button.
To sprint using the WASD.. idk.. let me know if you figure it out.
Also at night, you might encounter different monsters out in the field and also quests, so look around sometime.
Monsters pop out from time to time but if you are higher level than you, they wont ambush you, however, if they are, they like to stop you to fight!


So, initially, you will be alone to fight but early on, you can recruit a Terrier pop to help you out.
Following the tutorial, you will get to your Domain where you can group with your dog.
As you get higher levels, you get better fighters (See companions section of this guide).
The battles are turned based and there are up to six slots for allies and six slots for enemies, however, you can only have up to 3 slots initially, the rest you need to buy with Blue Crowns which are bought with real world money or gotten through PVP challenges in the Arena.
You can also group a cart or a trolley that you can make after you get the recipes, those things limit the places you can go somewhat but give you 1000 space.
A fight looks like this:
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Basics - CD0090F62
Dont worry, most battles dont have these many enemies.
Each round, you can use stamina to trigger your talents or do the default attack, if you hover your cursor over the enemy, you can see its attack power and its armor.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Basics - 01B17517E
In your character sheet you can see your own armor and attack values which are determined by the gear you have equipped, you can get better gear through crafting or buying in town or even from other player’s using the player market available through the coffers inside your domain.
The combat value determines your bonuses to hit and to deal a critical strike, this value goes up as you grind combats with your type of weapon and level up.
When you lose a combat, you will drop your recently acquired items and have 24hrs to go back and get them from the position where you died, if you die twice or more, a chest will be dropped in place everytime, dont worry about losing stuff unless it gets removed by the timer.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Basics - 6EC9E6256
You can see where your stuff dropped if you check out the world map (M)
After combat, the only ways to heal yourself is by resting at a Blanket or Inn/Relay or using Bandages/Potions or going back to your domain, of course.
When a companion dies, you can only resurrect him by going back to your domain.
Now let’s talk about Talents, by pressing the (T) key on your keyboard or the book button in the bottom right menu, you go to your Talents interface, you wont have any talents at the start but as you do quests, you will acquire some and others, you can buy from NPCs.
Unfortunately, you can only equip 3 talents and the rest of the slots, you need to buy with blue crowns, again, having lots of talents available in a battle is not required to win but it helps.

Harvesting and Encumbrance

So, out in the world you will start harvesting materials but you can only harvest so much before having to get back to your domain to store them.
You can see how much space you have left by looking at the number above your backpack in the bottom right menu, here:
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Basics - 66230B90E
In the picture, I have 1407 space left.
Each material uses up space, even your armor and wearable items.
Thankfully, most armors are very lightweight, so you can carry around armor that helps you with the different situations the game challenges you with (See section items).
Sacrificing a combatant slot for a donkey/mule AND grouping a cart will give you way more space so you have to juggle between a harvesting run or a combat one.
if your space goes to zero or below, you wont be able to move and will be forced to either use your lantern to drop your recently acquired items or throw away some of them to get your space back to above 0.

Skills, Items and Equipment

Mist Legacy is a skill base game, you might be a little overwhelmed with all the stuff, so Im gonna try and explain it as best I can.
Skills and Equipment can be divided into five categories:
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Skills, Items and Equipment - 3940EA816
1) Land Skills/Gear
These help you get into forests, mountains, swamps, etc.
You need these to reach resources nodes out in the world and get to new areas.
2) Adventuring Skills/Gear
These help you with quests and some events, sometimes you need these to get to new areas.
The exploration skill is of great importance to get ahead into the game.
3) Gathering Skills/Gear
These help you harvest the resources you find, since you need a certain level to grab better and better resources.
4) Crafting Skills/Gear
These help you craft better equipment to upgrade your other skills temporarily.
If you need 10 more Swamp skill to get into a swamp, crafting adventuring gear with the right materials will get you there.
For all crafting, you will need several things, see the How crafting works section for more info but the quick explanation, you need a workshop, a tool and your own skill.
You will also need materials you harvest and grind for in the world AND buy recipes to have the options to craft inside your domain.
5)Weapons Skills/Gear
These help you stay alive and kill things, you cannot equip your companions, however which makes me very sad.
Some weapons have special effects and some enemies are weak to certain weapons, you can only get weapon XP by using a weapon so its important to choose one from the beginning to cut down on the grind, most popular choices are swords, war hammers and halberds.


You can buy the starting base version of most items in local town shops, but you will always be able to make better versions using materials IF you can find the recipe for them.
So sometimes, you need to buy the item rather than crafting it, like for example, an Adventurer’s Torso in the first town just until you can find the recipe.
I highly recommend using this tool to find the recipes you need, however, you might not be able to get them as fast as you want since they might be in high level areas that you need high adventuring gear to get to. ( – [] 
It is very useful to just buy all the recipes you find, unfortunately, the item’s name doesnt really give you a huge clue of what type of item it is. Most recipes need reputation to buy them, so just do the town’s quests as much as you can so you can buy them recipes.
You can also get fighting equipment in Chests dropped by Bosses or Quests.
Check the Bosses section for more info.
Items also have durability which get used over time, as you harvest or move through though terrain, durability goes down. You can recraft an item to get the quickly make the item again, instead of browsing through the menus, the old item will be put into your coffer, so make sure to grab it next time you go to town to sell things.
You can sell most things in the Town’s Market and whatever you cant, sell it at the Barracks.
You could also repair it using Mistglasses but I dont really understand its use.

Player’s Market

You can also try the player’s market to get items but the listings only last 48 hours and most players dont bother with them but you might get lucky.
One thing to note about the market is skill requirements, specially for weapons.
If you see a weapon’s skill in red, you cant use it.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Skills, Items and Equipment - EFD19EED0
You can mouseover the weapon icon to see more details on it.
It might be a good idea to buy a Level 1 required weapon to start grinding with it.
A superior weapon will have an extra quality to it that you will find useful.
Check my weapons section to see more info.

Skills and Quests

Now, let’s talk about skill levels.
There are two ways to view your skills and their levels, one is by going to your character sheet and the other is in the world map and to your left, they will be displayed.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Skills, Items and Equipment - 83F9DA413
If the number shows in red, it means you have more skill but something is limiting you.
If you are using a cart or trolley, that might be limiting your Land skills.
But you cant just grind at a level 1 Botany resource for months and get your Botany level to 99, as you get higher levels, lower level challenges will no longer give you XP. In the picture above, I wont get any XP in Botany unless I harvest Botany materials that require level 8 or above.
You can mouseover the skill icon to check and when you get the skill to Level 15 without any boosts (meaning through XP) it will say that you need a skill book, which you need to raise your maximum training level, these books can be found or bought in certain places in the world, check the app for more info: – [] 
To get XP for weapons, you need to fight enemies, the higher the level, the more XP you get, for Land skills, you need to Harvest or Fight in those lands (for example, to raise your Underground skill, harvest or fight Underground) and for crafting skills, you need to craft.
For Adventure skill XP you need to use them on quests or on training events, for example here, this Academy repeatable training event no longer gives me XP because its just too low.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Skills, Items and Equipment - D3851987C
To see if the action you are going to perform during a quest or event will give you XP, you need to look for this icon(red arrow):
If it doesnt show up, the action wont give you XP, always try to complete quests that give you XP.
That said, some quests have progress markers, if it doesnt show progress, then you will complete the quest by choosing only one option, so choose carefully! But most times, you can choose more than one to complete it which means more options to get XP for those.
If you dont see any way to get XP from a quest, it might be because you hit the skill cap and you need a book to raise it, so leave the quest for now and go find a book or two.
In the end, dont worry, I guess there are plenty of places to train your skills, you wont run out soon.

How Crafting works

Ok, so you finally got some recipes and want to start crafting.
Remember that the only way to get recipes is by doing quests or buying them from NPCs.
So, keep doing those yellow ! quests to get your reputation up and get access to those recipes.
The first thing you need to do is build an outdoor workshop, the startup workshop cant be upgraded so you can only use tools up to Level 10 and thus, can only use materials/crafts that need your craft skills to be 10 or lower.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - How Crafting works - DD9708946
On the left, you will see that all kind of craft skills are at 10, these are the craft cap of the building which will determine everything, as thus, it is important to build the outdoor workshop to go beyond 10. You will notice, my saw is level 12, but it doesn’t matter because my cap is 10.
You can see on the right, it says: value 12, Cap 10.
You own skill value will also come to play when crafting, but it will come third behind the others.
So, for higher crafting, it goes like this: Building Cap > Tool Cap > Your skill value
Do note, that you can make tools that can give you beyond level 10 skill but you wont be able to use them, for example, having level 13 woodworking skill and making a level 12 saw in the starter workshop.
Once you have gotten your building blueprints to make the outdoor workshop from completing the forgemaster quest in the first town, you will need space in your domain.
To do it, you will need to chop down some trees, in my example, I need 22 lumberjack (and an 22+ axe tool to chop it down), but there should be lower leveled areas. You can also free space with a mining tool too. So find one that is like level 10 or 12 and open the space.
In case you are wondering, The forgemaster also sells tool recipes that you can use in your starting workshop to create your own tools which are going to be better than the ones you can buy from him.
Anyway, back to the show.
When building your outdoor workshop, try to have the limits as high as possible, you will be able to upgrade it later, so dont worry too much about it.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - How Crafting works - ACACF69EF
On the left, we have the material selections, normal crafting interface.
You select a material and it will tell you how much skill you need.
In this example, I dont have enough Sewing, the problem is not because of the workshop cap, if you notice, the workshop is ok (its shows 20 green at the bottom), the problem here is the skill.
If the scissors tool would be too low, the workshop would show as red, since the scissors go equipped into the workshop.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - How Crafting works - A1AEEA8BF
Building Cap > Tool Cap > Your skill value
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - How Crafting works - 21B612041
If I go into my skills, I can see I only have 11 in sewing, and thats the problem.
To fix that, I could grind sewing to level up or I can use items to temporarily have the skill higher.
Check out the items explanation section on this guide, for an explanation on crafting equipment, which we will need to equip now in order to upgrade my workshop.
Dont worry about the money value displayed on the right, it wont really cost you any money.
Now that the workshop cap is upgraded and higher, we will need to make higher level tools, as close as to the cap as we can, so we can upgrade the workshop again the the future.
Let’s try another example, you can stop reading here if you already got the idea on crafting 🙂
Oh yeah, remember that different materials make for better items and sometimes, cheaper materials make better items, dont ask me why just remember to check all combinations before crafting an item.
So here I am, trying to make a level 25 hammer on my level 25 cap workshop.
Why cant I do it? Well, its because my tools are not high enough.
I have the skill (Green shields), I have the workshop cap but the tools is the problem.
So, my first thought is: How the hell Im going to make tools then, if I need tools to make tools?!
The answer is: You need to make tools, little by little, pushing your limits.
So for this, I need 19 Forge and 17 Woodworking, so the workshop is fine, I just need to upgrade those tools. So I click around doing the combinations and find these ones, which are just right to make the next upgrade.
Then equipping the tools onto the workshop, I can finally make L 25 tools.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - How Crafting works - A8096566F
So there you have it, you do this with the new materials you get, going higher and higher.


Companions also boost your skills when recruited, some boost your crafting skills and the boost applies even if they are not in your group, others like land skills from the donkey, only apply when its in your party.
Same mechanics apply as in workshops, the buildings will determine the limit of the convenience (for animals) and Comfort (for humans), then, you will need to build beds or drinkers, or even mattresses for your allies, these work like tools in the sense that they also limit the value.
Your mansion has a cap of 21 but can only house a couple of allies, you will need to build barracks or pastures if you want to get more. Its a generally good idea to recruit everyone you can, as their crafting bonuses apply regardless if they are in your party or not.
You can buy beds to start recruiting human companions and its recipe in the town of Larcen.
Since building beds cost a lot of materials (40 fibers and 40 wood), it might be best just to buy one, each companion needs a certain level of comfort/convenience, so managing them is something you can do to save money.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Companions - C52C8DC96
You can see this guy needs 16 Comfort, its easy to get this guy if you buy a bed in Larcen and put it in your mansion for him. He is one of the best fighters.
Check out this handy link for a list of companions and their requirements, you can buy beds for 9,12 and 17 comfort. – [] 
You cant equip most companions with items and they have a level limit, so sorry if you need to leave your pet behind so you can get stronger ones as you get to harder places.
Some companions can be equipped with weapons, like Finn above, it might be a good idea to buy him a good weapon in the player’s market. Getting him early in the game will be a boon.
When doing quests, you can use companions like items, to boost that strategy stat enough to complete quests and events by bringing them with you or to get through some ridiculous cliffs that need 30 Mountain land skill, the list above tells you the bonuses each one gives.
You can house 2 humans and 1 animal in your mansion, for more, you need to build pastures/barracks.
Remember that furniture need to be in your coffer to be able to be seen in the building equip menu, it wont show up if its still in your inventory.
The first ally you can get is a lovely pup named Ovie which is found here:
You will need to craft a straw mattress and equip it in your mansion in order to recruit him.
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Companions - 3C57B430D
You will need a value of 3 in exploration and get near the place to discover him.
The second ally you might want is the mule being sold by this guy east of town:
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Companions - 1789FEA15
You can get him by following the quests which will force you to build a pasture building and a drinker for him.
In any case, once you follow the questline and get to build a barracks, you can get more people into your domain as long as you have enough beds and enough comfort level for them.

Fighting Party

At the start of the game you can only have 2 more members in your party + a cart/trolley.
You can unlock party slots using Blue crowns that is bought with real world money, however, you can get blue crows in certain events and on PVP challenges which can be found in some ruins NW of the Leviathan portal here:
Beginner's Game Guide - Mist Legacy - Companions - 1507FC22F
You can also buy blue crowns in the player’s market using currency but its very rare some player would put them for sale.
Each companion also has its unique talents, so choose the ones that can support your fight the best, most of them are very squishy though, unfortunately.
If a companion is wiped out, the only way to bring it back is to go to your domain.
You can finish the game without having to buy party slots but they will certainly help.

Portal Quests

Started this guide after completing some portals, sorry if Im missing some info, let me know if you have the data Im missing!
Kortombe Portal
Leviathan Portal
1) 18 Strategy
Corinna Portal
2)Build -> 50 Aciel + 50 Marbrane + 100 Diorite [Skills: 26 Stone, 20 Forge]
Whisper Portal
2)Fight 2 tough mosquitos.
Prettybard Portal
2)Fight (very tough fight against 5 bunnies)
3)15 Mists
Enorwen Portal
1) Academy 20

Written by Shindragan

Here we come to an end for the Beginner’s Game Guide – Mist Legacy guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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